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Kristina Dress Up 1.0.139
Buratino Labs
Kristina’s Dress Up is a unique gameof Kristina Pimenova, a world famous young model recognized as “themost beautiful girl in the world”.Three game modes are available: “Fashion journey”, “Make up” and“Studio”.Journey is the most extensive and challenging mode, where eachof you can try on the role of personal stylist of Kristina,assisting her in choosing suitable clothes and accessories forvarious events. As soon as a variant produced by you is similar tothe maximum with a variant chosen by Kristina herself, you go tothe next level. But please be aware that every time Kristina candress in a different way depending upon her mood.Gain crowns and go from one level to another one, enjoy fantasticimaginative locations.“Make up” mode provides each of you with opportunity to helpKristina to do her make up, you can use various types of powder andlipsticks, as well as all sorts of pretty-pretties, such as:earrings, pendants, hairpins and other items.“Studio” is a special section for those who think clothesavailable in the game are not sufficient, here you can style anyvariants of clothes – select forms, sizes, styles, colors, etc.Ready variants can be tried on Kristina herself.The game made in the eye-catching water-color style. More than 1000 elements of brand-name clothes are rendered exclusively, forthe first time ever in the history of mobile games these elementsof clothes can be truly bought in the best world famous web shop ofbrand-name clothes.-       “Fashion journey” mode –go through all episodes and become Kristina’s best stylist!-       Over 50 unique locations andbackgrounds;-       Enchanting water-colortechnique of the game rendering;-       “Studio” mode: create yourown clothes, share it with your friends and click the “like”button! Who will be the best stylist of Kristina?
Poker2Joker 1.0
Buratino Labs
Poker2Joker - a unique game for all those who are tired of TexasHold'em that is seized the poker world.Poker2Joker - a classic five-card poker, where you need to thinkfrom the very first hand. Two jokers in our poker allow you tocollect the rare combination and build your own unique playstyle. Abeautiful, well-crafted interface, easy gameplay, the ability toplay with your friends and with other users, daily bonuses, specialtournament mode and much more - in poker, that will make you forgetabout Texas Hold'em!Key features:- Rules of the classic Five Card Poker + two jokers in thedeck.- Daily bonuses, convenient entry through the socialnetworks.- Tournament mode with two to six people at the table.- Tournament ranking system.
Dragon Stones 1.055
Buratino Labs
Dragon Stones is a remake of originalAirworld. New features, quests, heroes, buildings and adventures iswaiting for you! Let's build the new world of flying creatures andislands together!Download the Dragon Stones game fo free .The game is a fusion offarming and adventure games.You need to find all stones for the Sun Amulet and open thesecret of Dragon Island. You will have to work hard to complete aquests, starting from simple collecting tasks and taming ofadorable creatures to uncovering hidden magic treasures in unusualareas and repairing broken items. Also you can decorate your flyingislands with the cutest buildings and craft a lot of items.Stunning graphics, a fairy soundtrack, an addictive gameplayalong the way help you enjoy the fantastic journey! Attention: nointernet connection is required!We add extra challenging quests, achievements, artifacts oritems with each update.Get the latest news and free offers of the Dragon StonesgameLike us: https://www.facebook.com/magisterion.airworld‎Support: support@magisterion.com
My Atelier 0.1.8
Buratino Labs
My Atelier - is a unique game where each ofyoucan create and try on yourself more than 9 000 000 variantsofcombinations of clothing. The improved system will allow youtocreate your own realistic portrait and try all the clothesonyourself!- Creating and editing 9 000 000 variations of clothing;- Face constructor - Create your own Portrait!- Save images on your device and share them with yourfriends