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Rune Dungeon Adventure 1.06
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4.5 stars on Google Play!!"Just completed the game best rpg puzzlegame i ever played" - David Reaves"Awesome" - David Collier"Playingthis one more than I thought!" JBH"The battle system is easy andintuitive but also can be challenging." - Eli Eisen"Had a Blast!" -Demian ServinRune Dungeon Adventure is the ultimate and fastestfantasy puzzle RPG adventure game where you encounter dragons,puzzles, and fast enemies, and defeat them using your sword andrune magic attacks! Rune Dungeon Adventure is the only fantasyadventure game to use the featured fast puzzle battle system whichis simple yet deep. Unleash your magic attacks by matching 4touching magical runes. Certain spells are super effective versusother spells, but you and your enemy play off the same set of runesso choose your runes carefully! Rune Dungeon is the fastest rpg andthe ultimate puzzle game!Features:Learn new Elemental MagicalAttacks, Quest to find unique armor and weapons, and improve yourskills.There is also an epic rune story about a dark dragon who istrying to summon a monster army and has stolen the book ofrunes.Battle Unique Monster types with their own Magical Attacksand unique runes.Challenge your friends with your personal hero andunique loot.Explore all the dungeons and unlock Tons of UniqueAchievements.Complete your puzzles fast or take your time and playthe game at your own pace.Rune Dungeon Adventure is the best fastultimate Puzzle RPG experience!~ Burnt Games~https://www.youtube.com/user/cmrobers1https://twitter.com/_BurntGames
Crystal Encounter RTS 1.5
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If you have played the best RTS games then Crystal Encounter RTS isthe best new RTS game for you!Crystal Encounter RTS is a Real TimeStrategy ( RTS ) Hero Defense RPG game where you control powerfulheroes and use spells to guard the Crystal from the unstoppableundead enemies. Crystal Encounter is the best RTS game to takeaspects of Real Time Strategy, Tower Defense, and RPG games tocreate a unique RTS experience!Is it your fate to protect theCrystal and survive the Crystal Encounter?CHOOSE YOUR HEROES- Pickfrom four classic RPG heroes: Warrior, Ranger, Mage, andNecromancer !GROW IN STRENGTH- Skirmish unstoppable minions,leveling up your heroes and unlocking powerful spells !- As aWarrior, taunt your nearby minions with a battle cry, slash allnearby minions with a blade whirlwind, or transform into a wolf toenhance your senses. - As a Ranger, call down a barrage of firefrom the sky, shoot every surrounding enemy with blazing speed, orignite them with a searing projectile. - As a Mage, use your spellsto call down bolts of lightning from the sky, summon deadly ballsof electricity, or time a blizzard to freeze your foes- As aNecromancer, summon undead minions to fight for you, lift yourenemies into the air with telekinesis, or summon a giant skeletonto deal massive damage to your enemies SKIRMISH INTENSE MINIONS-Skirmish Skeletons, Giant Spiders, and Necromancers- Skirmishpowerful minions with different properties such as super speed,increased strength, magic and physical immunity, and more- Skirmisheven more unstoppable and powerful bosses who make the groundtremble and deal devastating damageSKIRMISH IN DIFFERENTENVIRONMENTS- Battle on the plains, in the rain forest, in thedesert, the snow, or the sacred ruins!- Skirmish minions near astationary sacred crystal or one that travels around the mapSHAREYOUR RTS GAMING MOMENTS- Take Screenshots and share them onfacebook, twitter, or other supported socialmediahttp://www.burnt-games.com/FOLLOW USTwitter: @_BurntGames