Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH Apps

ComfortTouch 1.0.3
Install the KNX operating functions of yourBusch-ComfortTouch® on your Android device!Attention: This App only works together with a ComfortTouchFirmware Version before Version 1.1, for newer versions of thefirmware there is a new App ComfortTouch 1.1Switch or dim the lights, operate your blinds or switch scenes froma combination of the listed functions - everythingremote-controlled via the ComfortTouch App. Please note that onlythe new Busch-ComfortTouch® 9/12.1 can be remote controlled incombination with the App. There is the option of programmingseveral Busch-ComfortTouch® devices. The ComfortTouch App can befreely configured. This allows you to integrate your own roomimages for example. Information on how to configure yourComfortTouch App is available at:http://www.busch-jaeger-catalogue.com/8136-0-0024,artikel.html
Welcome for myBUSCH-JAEGER 3.9.11_rc1_05200959
Experience the door communication of your Welcome system on yoursmartphone or tablet! Never miss a door call. With the Welcome appall calls are transferred directly to your mobile device. You cansee and hear who is at your door. Simply connect the app to yourWelcome system via the myBUSCH-JAEGER/myABB-LivingSpace account.Information about the configuration and registration of yourIP-Gateway can be found at:http://www.busch-jaeger-catalogue.com/8300-0-0336,artikel.htmlFunctions: - Audio and video communication - Door-opening -Switching lights Preconditions: Welcome door communication systemwith configured IP-Gateway 83341 or 83341-500, SW version 1.16 orhigher. Registration at https://my.busch-jaeger.de orhttps://my.abb-livingspace.com. For usage via internet: IP-Gatewayis connected via DSL 6000 or better. For usage via internet: Mobiledevice is connected via 3G/UMTS or WLAN, data plan (e.g. flatrate)allows voice over IP (VoIP). NOTE: In order to receive door callsthe app has to run in the background. WARNING: Not compatible withIP-Gateway 83340-500 for the Busch-ComfortTouch®.
Welcome Door Opener V1.2
With the ABB-Welcome transponder module and the suitable ABB dooropener app it is possible to open the door directly with anNFC-enabled smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system(4.x or higher).
Busch-ControlTouch 1.0 1.3.2
The ControlTouch app is a client for the Busch-ControlTouch device.Controlling your home or office was never so fast and easy. Buildyour own scenes and time programs for your home and change themwhen ever you want. Lighting control, blind control, temperaturecontrol, timers, IP cameras, alarm notifications, charts and muchmore. A selection of the features: - change scenes directly fromwithin the app - optional "live preview" of the scenes - add newtime programms, change them or remove them - pan, tilt and zoomsupport for IP cameras - multiple accounts support - multipleprofiles support  - alarm messages with support for pushmessages and email - protect pages with a PIN
Smart Home Explorer 1.0.2
Mit dieser virtuellen 3D Anwendung erfahrenSiemehr über unsere realen Smart Home Lösungen. Starten Sie dieApp undlassen sich durch die innovativen Szenarien im SmartHomeinspirieren.Für die echte 3D Ansicht ist eine VR Cardboard* erforderlich.VRCardboards sind in vielen Shops online erhältlich oder Sienutzendie Variante aus unseremShop:http://www.abb.com/buildings/vrcardboardDie App startet mit ihrer Sprache, sollte dies nicht der Fallsein,können Sie eine passende Sprache über das GlobusSymbolauswählen.*Brille für 3D AnwendungenThis virtual3Dapplication to learn more about our real smart homesolutions.Start the app and get inspired by the innovativescenarios in theSmart Home.For true 3D view of a VR Cardboard is * required. VR Cardboardsareonline available in many stores or use the variant from ourshop:http://www.abb.com/buildings/vrcardboardThe app starts with their own language, should this not be thecase,you can select an appropriate language on the globe.* Glasses for 3D applications
Remote Busch-Radio iNet 1.0
General: The app serves to easily operate a Busch-iNet Radio viayour mobile device. The app makes available the following optionsfor operating: - Selection of the radio to be operated - Operatingthe radio ON/OFF, setting the volume, mute, changing the station(favourites) Selection of the music source: Favourites / tunnelling/ UPnP / AUX Specifying favourites (stars) within tunnelling -Managing the alarm clock: Selecting 5 different alarm timesSwitching the alarm clock ON/OFF Selecting the alarm signal (beep /radio) - Setting the device: Renaming favourites (station names)Editing the URL of the radio station Resorting favouritesRequirements for the use of the remote iNet-App: The Busch-RadioiNet must be integrated via the WLAN into your home network (WLAN).If the Busch-Radio iNet is located as premium in a different mode,e.g. ECO, the radio must be switched on before it is operated. Theremote iNet app can be used from firmware version 1.52 of the iNetradio on, when you have activated and saved the remote function onthe configuration page of the iNet radio under App-Support. You canaccess the configuration via a browser athttp://here-is-your-radio-ip/app.shtml (e.g. The IPaddress of your radio is displayed in the Information menu of thedevice. An upgrade is required for older firmware versions of theiNet radio. Additional information about the Busch iNetRadio isavailable in the online documentation. If your mobile device withthe installed app is located in the same home network (WLAN) as theBusch-Radio iNet, you can select the radio in the app and use theoperating and setting functions.
ABB-free@home® Next v1.7.2-13
Note: This app only works with a ABB-free@home® Smart Home Systemwith an installed firmware version 2.5.0 or higher.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------The ABB-free@home® Next app was developed from scratch so that youcan operate your ABB-free@home system quickly and intuitively. Itenables the programming and operation of your free@home system.Whether blinds, lights, heating, air conditioning, scenes, timeprograms, Philips Hue or Sonos devices: All functions of yourfree@home system can be controlled via this app. With themyBuildings remote access, you can connect the app to yourfree@home system via the Internet and conveniently control yourhouse from anywhere in the world or simply call up the "housestatus". New functions of the Next app:---------------------------------------------------------------------The ABB-free@home® Next app offers 4 different pages to control allaspects of your free@home system. The pages can be accessed via thelower control bar: HOME This page offers a quick overview of what'sgoing on in your home: - The "Status" tiles show you how manylights are on, how many shutters are open, whether windows are openand whether the alarm system is switched on. A short tab on a tilecan e.g. the light can be turned off directly. - The "Weather"window tile shows you the weather data of your free@home weatherstation. - The "Next switching times" window tile shows the twofunctions that are to be switched next using an automated timeprogram. The event can be suspended once using the slider. A tab onthe switching times overview shows all switching events for thenext 24 hours. - The "favoritesFavorites" are a collection ofindividually selected functions. The selection is made by settingthe "star" symbol. The function can be carried out directly via atab on the small blue symbol in the top right corner of thefavorites tile. The function in full screen view is called up via atab on the main area of the tile, which offers even more settingoptions. The order of the functional areas can be changed using thebubble at the bottom of the home page. EQUIPMENT Here you canaccess all devices of your free@home installation. Optionallysorted by trades or by installation location (the switch is madeusing the symbol at the top right of the page). Trades All devicesare displayed sorted according to their device class (light,blinds, temperature, others). Installation location All devices aredisplayed according to the configured installation location.AUTOMATION All of the automated processes you have created, such astimers, scenes and actions, are listed here. Timer Existing timeprograms can be activated / deactivated. Scenes Scenes can bestarted with a tab on the blue symbol. The scene is called up infull screen view via a tab on the main area of the tile. ActionsActions can be activated / deactivated and edited. In combinationwith a myBuildings remote access, geofencing actions can becreated, with which actions can be triggered based on entering orleaving a previously configured location. The data is sent directlyto the connected System Access Point via the end-to-end encryptedchannel and can therefore not be evaluated by Busch-Jaeger. …MORENotification center All system messages are saved here. MyBuildingsHere you can connect your free@home system and your smart phone tothe myBuildings portal. Minimum Requirements: The app only workswith a free@home system installed in your home (from firmwareversion 2.5.0). The free@home system must be integrated into yourhome network. A WIFI network is needed to access the system viayour mobile devices and the app.
Busch-Wächter® Remote control 1.5.1
This ABB presence detector App was developed for comfortableremotecontrol and adjustment of the new generation of ABBpresencedetectors with integrated Bluetooth interface viasmartphones ortablets. You can choose and adjust followingfunctions: - Selectionof the presence detector to be controlled viaa list of deviceswithin a reach - Change the operation mode betweeninstaller andend user - Direct switching on and dimming of theconnected load(e.g. a light) - Energy consumption monitoring (roughoverview ofenergy cost with / without presence detectors) -Activation of apresence simulation at a house (if you are not athome), the sameway to set a basic brightness and nightlight (starttime and endtime, illumination level) - Switching the light topermanent on orpermanent off (adjustable time) - Setting the device(Bluetooth)name and parameters - Release of specific functions touser -Adjustment of the sensitivity of each PIR sensor - Managingdataand profiles offline and backup / synchronizing data
3D LiveView 1.1.0
Entdecken Sie die Produktwelt von Busch-Jaeger! Das Sortimentreichtvom Elektroinstallationsprogramm mit Schaltern, SteckdosenundBewegungsmeldern über Türkommunikation bis hin zuelektronischenHighend-Produkten für die Gebäudeautomation im SmartHome und SmartBuilding. Mit dem 3D-LiveView können alle Produktedirektdreidimensional im eigenen Ambiente betrachtet werden. WennSie sichentschieden haben, welche Designlinie zu IhrerInneneinrichtungpasst, können Sie den nächstgelegenenHandelspartner kontaktieren.Außerdem bietet diese App eineVorschau auf Ihre individuellenBusch-tacteo® Designs, die Sie mitdem Busch-tacteo® Konfiguratorerstellt haben. Das Trackingmotivfür den 3D-LiveView finden Siehier:https://www.busch-jaeger.de/fileadmin/de.buschjaeger/content_de/content/pdfs/Lichtschalter_3D_tracking.pdf