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CASINO TOWN - BlackJack 1.0
Play BlackJack for free!Experience the popular casino game on your mobile phone.* Features:- Quick, simple and easy to play.- High quality game graphics.- Intuitive controls and design.- User friendly for beginners and step-by-stepinstructionsavailable.- Check status for past achievements and records.- Play freely anywhere without network connection.* Game Rules:The dealer will deal each card to the player.Win if your hand value of cards is closer to 21 thanthedealer.If you exceed 21, or the dealer’s total is greater, you lose.* How to Play:(1) Choose your BET amount.(2) Make your BET by selecting the OK button and cards willbedealt.(3) Cards are dealt to the player first. The dealer will ask ifyouwant to play a third card.(4) Press HIT when you ask the dealer for another card to bedealt.Press STAND to hold your total and end your turn.(5) The dealer’s cards will show after the player’s STANDorBUST.(6) Winners can payout winnings and Losers lose their bet.* Recommend Android version 2.1 or higher.(C)Butterfly