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Ghost Land Game 1.0.3
In this game, you should hunt and killtheghosts by moving your device and press the shoot button.this game consist of 21 level, you will be the winner if youpassedthem all.but you should be aware that ghosts become faster and strongerineach higher level.try to kill more ghosts to get the high score.
English For Kids 1.0.2
English For Kids lets your kid gainknowledgeabout some objects of life likeEnglish animals namesEnglish food namesEnglish furniture namesEnglish computer components namesEnglish transport namesEnglish jobs namesEnglish sports namesEnglish For Kids can introduce that objects in EnglishLanguageperfectly to your kid using the Text To Speechfeature.this application consists of two stages,the first stage is the objects preview stage, in this stage,thekid can take a look to the objects and listen to theapplicationwhile it's reading some information about the objects,the kid cannavigate between objects easily.the second stage is the exercise stage, in this stage,theapplication shows some objects on the screen and asks the kidaquestion, the question is about one object of the shownobjects,the kid should listen to the application while it's readingthequestion and answer it, he can pick the correct object byhisfinger or his voice using the Voice Recognition feature. iftheanswer is wrong, the application lets the kid try again, butshouldanswer before the time is over. if the answer is correcttheapplication should show the next question.English For Kids is funny and interactive
Universal Flash Light & Alert 1.0.1
Universal Flash Light and Alert applicationisa powerful tool that supports both back camera flash andfrontcamera flash.this application contains many useful features :1- Work with the back camera flash and the front cameraflash.2- Turn flash alert when you have missing call.3- Turn flash alert when you receive SMS.4- Contains flash timer that allow the user to turn flash on andoffon a specific time.5- Auto Flash turn off when the device battery reach aspecificlevel.6- Battery level indicator.