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BuzzFeed Video 1.1.10
Never miss a video from your BuzzFeedfavorites including The Try Guys, Violet, Broke, Tasty, andmore.* Binge watch the latest and greatest BuzzFeed videos!* Discover new shows and never be bored again in your entirelife!* Subscribe to your favorite shows and get alerts when new videoscome out!--Galaxy S3/S4 owners: Please make sure you're running the latestversion of Android!
QuizChat 1.1.0
QuizChat is a new way to take BuzzFeed quizzeswith your friends. Start a quiz, send your answers to your friends,and get special results made for two! Find out who is the Kendalland who is the Kylie in your friendship, discover which world cityyou and your bestie should visit, or finally settle which of you isactually more basic. It’s BuzzFeed, but together! Get the app. Takea quiz. Start chatting.------Android Marshmallow Users: In order to use this app with FacebookMessenger, please make sure that Facebook Messenger is set upcorrectly and storage permission has been granted. You can do thatby going into the App Drawer > Settings > Apps > Messenger(with Facebook Messenger logo) > Permissions and make sure theStorage option is checked.