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Dominoes! 3.1.2
Match wits against 2-4 computer players in the five dominogames:•All Fives - Score by 5s with a spinner•Muggins - Score by 5swith no spinner•Blocking Game - Play your tiles and score by havingthe fewest points left •Draw game - Like blocking but tiles aredrawn when you are blocked•5&3s - points earned for multiplesof 5's and 3'sWith clean graphics, smooth animation and intuitiveUI, Dominoes provides hours of entertainment.Version 3.0 addsonline support. Either play against your friends or be matchedagainst opponents across the internet. If you have any problemswith online play, please report them. Thank you
Play the card game Spades on your phone. This new version features•Intuitive click or drag interface •Support 5 Game variations:Partner,Solo, Suicide, Mirror and Whiz •Options for Jokers and 2'shigh deck •Option for passing cards on nil and blind nil bids•Customize display with 3 decks, 2 trick orientations, and multiplebackgrounds •improved AI and score summary •Support for optionslike blind nil bidding, scoring of nil bids, scoring of bags,initial lead card,requiring spades to be broken, and more. 1.7contains online play. It is still in beta testing and the serverwill be up and down and the games might be a bid flakey for thenext couple of weeks. Please email me any issues that you have.Thank you UPGRADE NOTE: There is a pref to turn off autoplayingwhen you have 1 legal move if you don't like it If your shortcutstops working, either move the app from the SDCard to main memoryor delete the shortcut and make a new one. Android doesn't seem toupdate the shortcut when an app is updated from the market. FAQ Q)Why did I just lose 100 points? A) In standard spades if you get 10over tricks, you lose 100 points. You can turn the bag penalty offin the settings. Q) The game is bidding for me? A) Please doublecheck that you are not playing Mirror spades Q) Why does the appneed the accounts permission A) To allow the user to login withtheir google Plus account Q) Why does the game have a gamblingrating? A) because google thinks card games are gambling games.
Hearts! 2.2.6
Play the classic card game Hearts where the goal is to avoid takinghearts and the queen of spades. With quick play against either 3challenging AI opponents or live play, hearts can provide hours ofentertainment.•normal and omnibus rules•easy intuitive touchinterface •smooth animations•invite google+ friends to play against
Pinochle 1.1.1
Play Pinochle on your android phone. Place abid, show your meld, and capture the counters in this fast pacedcard game.1.0.3 fixes pass bug1.0.1 has fixes for droid and nexus onePlease provide any feedback to [email protected]
A Solitaire Suite 1.0.2
A collection of popular soliataire games-Klondike-Freecell-Golf-Tripeaks-Tritowerfeaturing-Smooth animation-Large cards-Legal Move detection
Euchre! 2.0.4
Play the card game Euchre on yourandroidphone. Compete with your partner to make your bid or euchreyouropponent.Version 2.0 adds online play, new look, and improvedcomputerplay.Please send any feedback of this [email protected]
Bubble Popper 3.0.1
Pop connected bubbles of the same color toearnpoints in the style of Bubble Breaker. The more balloons youpop themore points you earn.Featuring four game modes•Normal•Continuous•Shifter•Super Shifterfor hours of enjoyment.Add support for multiple screen sizes