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Tiny Craft 1.10.9
Game called "Tiny Craft" - this is the original adventure with atouch of craft strategy. It will be possible to travel tolocations, is engaged in mining resources, hunting, construction,crafting. Naturally, with the original storyline, more modern andinteresting solutions, easy gameplay. The game has a characteristicpixel graphics, which, nevertheless, it does not spoil and make aspectacular and interesting.The main character, getting to the island, has to learn to survive,to use all the material things and objects that surround it, toadjust for the environment and more - to start to adapt it forthemselves.World mystical island and ambiguous. There are not only wildanimals and villains of all colors and shades, but also ghosts,evil spirits. Therefore, at first there will be oh how unfavorably.Drops kareprost how to use them and the composition, however, tolearn new skills, the protagonist will adapt to the new conditionsof life, to learn to survive.By the way, in addition to the easy and familiar game graphics willappreciate the funny sound design, the presence of changing thetime of day, the opportunity for the player to build, wereselected, grown and produced all that it needs.
Poky Craft - Jolly Edition 1.0.0
The game Poky Craft is something for everyone.If you play it then you just have to smile. Because wherever yousee, you're going to smile, smiles at you when you look up even thesky. It's so nice to walk in this world around. Or what to create.Searching for a new smile. Comes with beautiful graphics and a bigfree world you can fully relax here. With the waterfalls, the greatforests or in the sea, everywhere you can find something positive.You can hunt. Fishing. Your dream world built / created. Come on,now. Have fun in our new game.