Homo Evolution: Human Origins 1.4.7
Create your own little world and drive on human evolution. Mergetwo people and get a new, more modern life form populating theplanet with different creatures: from simple animals to diverse andunpredictable personalities. There are 4 ways to shape the world ashumanity emerges: ▪ BEGINNING Animal evolution, from spores tomodern individuals! ▪ FIRST PEOPLE The path from the ancient worldto the first citizens! ▪ SPECTACLE A creative Bohemia, from poetsto crazy party people! ▪ BREAD Civilization with the degradationfrom natural to modified products! There are also 8 stages of theworld evolution: ▪ TELEVISION ▪ INTERNET ▪ SPORTS ▪ SCIENCE ▪TELEUNITY ▪ VIRTUALIZATION ▪ TRANSFORMATION ▪ POWER CULT Exploreeach branch to open the next. By tapping the last two life forms atthis stage, you get access to a new, previously unknown world!Discover all the planets in this fun evolution game! You start inthe BEGINNING world with a small lizard. By combining twocreatures, you create a new, more perfect being. You don’t needlittle alchemy or magic to evolve faster. Just click on thecreatures to earn coins and buy more species to merge. Offlineautoclicker included in this the game of life and planet evolution!Start creating your own world right now! =====================COMPANY COMMUNITY: ===================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Choose your worm, eat shiny dots, grow and battle other slithers onthe arena! An original game is now available on yourdevice. A fan of online multiplayer snake games and arcades? We betyou’ll love it! Play online against other peopleworldwide in multiplayer mode or against the computer in thesandbox mode! Invite friends to slither together. Upgrade your wormand compete with other players in the rating. Use active skills andgame boosts! Simple mechanics In the mobile version of youcontrol a snake. The goal of the game is to eat dots, make yoursnake grow and gain the largest mass. That’s how you take the firstplace and become the champion on the server. Try not to bump intoother snakes! Grand online multiplayer Play online with hundreds ofother people from all over the world & friends! Training modeWanna try the controls first? Then play against the computer andtrain your snake skills. Use active skills Gain your first 100points in, which will unlock the instant stop skill. Upongaining 500 points, you will get a temporary option of crossingother worms without being afraid of running into any of them. Stayalert as the cooldown of the snake skills takes some time. Boostit! Use various boosts that increase the worm's mass, grow &get more food, provide acceleration without losing points or makethe worm's mass toxic and dangerous for your snake rivals. Competewith other players Practice your snake game skills! Grow bigger.Build up your account rating and receive essence for passing toanother League. Upgrade your worm Use essence to buy artifacts inthe shop and upgrade your worm. Feel free to play The game providesa few modes, among those worm control with an accelerometer.Welcome to the warzone of worms!
Stack Ball - Blast through platforms 1.0.87
Stack Ball is a 3d arcade game where players smash, bump and bouncethrough revolving helix platforms to reach the end. Sound easy? Youwish!! Your ball smashes like a brick through colorful platformsthat block its descent, but if you hit a black one, it's all over!Your ball shatters to pieces and you have to start your fall allover again. But even black platforms are no match for a fireballfalling at full speed! Choose your strategy: speed up like a madmanor stop and wait for your next chance to roll and jump. Other ballgames wish they were this fun! Why Stack Ball rules: - Crazy fastspeed - Fun gameplay - Bright vibrant graphics - Simple and easy toplay - Great time killer ======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY: ======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Jelly Jam: 2 Block Match Puzzle Star Retreat 2020 4.91
Play new addictive & offline king of puzzle games free! Havefun with the fantastic pastimes of Dr. Block & Jewel Star - afast funny color puzzler game where you match 3 dual jelly blocksfor gems. Match three in a row classic glow jellies, solve fast funpuzzles! Simple color tiles matching on wood board retreat. Dropcrazy jelly to relax! Addictive line puzzle game! Simple slideygameplay! Matching colors blocks puzzles together with Dr. Block& Jewel Star! • Play Fun Games Free & RELAX! • Best fromfree games no wifi! • New woody board PUZZLE BLAST! • King ofpuzzles classic - fun old game PLUS! • Two colored pieces matchingpazel • New addictive free block puzle game better than solitaire!• New style game! • Enjoyable Brick Game - Full Version! • Playeasy games free!
Worms Zone .io - Voracious Snake 1.7.3
You love games with tons of real fun and dynamic action? Thenwelcome to the Worms, an awesome arcade, where you canbecome the great champion of the arena! Collect yummies anddifferent powerups, defeat enemies, and become the biggest worm ofthem all! You think it's hard? Relax, the rules are simple -explore the arena, collect all the food you see, and grow yourworms as big as you can imagine - there are no limits! Stand outfrom the other players, choose a skin from the wardrobe, or createyour own unique style. The further you go, the more skins youunlock. Worms Zone is also a PVP action game! Watch out for otherplayers and try not to bump into them, otherwise you’ll have tostart from scratch. However, if you manage to sneak and encirclethem, you’ll get more points and all the food they had. It is soyummy! There are several tactics for becoming a champion:“fighter”, “trickster” or “builder”. Which one will you be? WormsZone also has unique graphics! We keep it minimalistic and simpleand you'll love it! We are happy when our players are happy, so ifyou have any thoughts, complaints, or cool ideas - feel free toshare them and contact us at Join ourcommunity! Follow our official Facebook page to get all the latestnews and updates: Start growingyour worm now! Slither into this crazy arcade and enjoy!
Fisher Dash 1.125
Fisher Dash is a simple and fun fishing clicker! Be thebestfisherman by upgrading your skills and gear! Tons of boat, gearandbait upgrades. Hire crew members to hook even more fish!FisherDash is just a tap away to help you when: - You want to gofishing,but the weather is bad - You’ve got the gear, but you’dneed to goto the store for bait - Your weekend fishing trip isstill far awayEnjoy your favorite pastime and hook a big oneanywhere, any time!Why you’ll love Fisher Dash: - Simple controls -Awesome graphics -Fun gameplay - Lots of upgrades - Wheel offortune full of prizes -Make a catch every time!======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY: ========================Facebook:
Car Flip: Parking Heroes 1.17
You think need to park your car carefully, right? You wish! Welcometo Car Flip - a game where you have to perform crazy stunts andjumps from trampolines in a car – all in order to park your car inthe most original and unusual way! Do a triple flip and land parkedwith your wheels up? Excellent! Can you make a crazy jump throughrings of fire? Fantastic, this will net you a lot of points! Themain thing is to land in the parking lot via the most epic andinsane methods! GAME FEATURES: - Realistic physics - Beautifulgraphics - Lots of levels - Tons of obstacles and jumps - Skins andcustom colour options for your car - Easy controls - Intuitiveinterface Car Flip is a free game that will bring you heaps of fun!So what are you waiting for? Join in and become the craziest driverin the world! ======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
WorldShop 1.0.18-google
Welcome to World Shop, a unique place where you can shape yourownbeautiful planet and furnish it with fancy elements from aspecialTV shop! With the help of two amusing hosts, Mr Fire and MsWater,and a bit of alchemy, you can choose the way your planetlooks.Build snowy mountains, fiery volcanoes or peaceful ponds:createyour own world with unique scenery! Unleash your fantasyrightaway: start connecting magical elements in chains, usevariousbonuses and boosters and receive coins to unlock newlandmarks andupgrade your existing ones! FEATURES: - Make chains ofelements anddiscover new areas to design your planet! - Completelevels in theExpert mode to double your coin rewards! - Claim yourdaily bonus:the longer you play, the more you get! - Invite yourFacebookfriends to play together!
Snake Arena 2.7.0
Beat all the rivals on the island! Eat tasty apples, race withother players and try to survive in a colorful arcade Snake Arenain 3D! Guide the snake, encircle smaller enemies, and don’t stopgrowing. Discover various boosters on your way to increase yourslug speed and improve other skills. You may even enter a ghostmode and go through obstacles! Keep eating and competing in thearena to open new islands! Every level has an achievement scale tokeep you up with your progress. And don’t forget about tons of cuteand funny skins that will unlock as you progress the game! Whyyou’ll love Snake Arena in 3D: - Simple and addictive gameplay -Various islands to discover - Cute animal skins - Cool boosters tofind and use against other snakes - A relaxing way to pass the timeTry to beat all opponents, grow the biggest slither, dominate theio leaderboard in this fun MMO game. Download now!======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Draconius GO: Catch a Dragon!
Train your dragon to fight against other people! Go and catch yourvery own monster collection: winged horses, cool vampires, unicornsand other fun magical creatures. If your online adventure provessuccessful, you will ultimately be able to tame even the superiorbeasts - the Dragons of Elements! If you’re looking for the bestmobile dragon games to play – this is exactly what you were lookingfor! Go find an adventure or an epic quest in this free-to-playmobile game. Draconius GO is a popular free mobile game in AR thatwill make you addicted more than any other popular GPS games. Haveyou ever dreamed to catch mighty dragons? Can you picture yourselftaming a dragon? It might be a huge dragon or a small drake — noone knows, since all of the creatures in the game evolve andchange, and it’s up to you whether your pet will be a cute littlecreature, a frightening monster, or something completely new. Thegame offers you a collection of about 200 interesting creatures,each of which can evolve. No other popular dragon games can makeyou this addicted! Go outside, find a cool egg, hatch it, and finda monster inside. You never know who will hatch from the mysteriousegg. Evolve and upgrade your mighty dragon to become the bestmonster and fight your enemies online! Various quests to keep youradventure fresh and exciting · Regular quest will allow you to findscrolls for new spells and start your fun quest for the Golden Egg!· Portals to the AR world of Arcana will unlock a new element ofcreatures for you, and help you find the path to the Mother ofDragons. Only she can hatch a cool ancient egg in augmentedreality. · Most spells are unlocked after your character reacheslevel 5. You will be able to enhance your creatures or throw otherpeople out of the arena by using the most powerful spells, togetherwith your best friends! · After level 5 upgrade, you will be ableto fight other people in duels. But you’ll need to catch up andmake sure you’re well prepared. · The Ancient Libraries will allowyou to change and upgrade the skills of your creatures, but beforeyou can do that, you’ll have to fight the opposite faction. · Fightmighty wild monsters online at all times! The winner will get bestrunes for cool spells that you can play. · Catch up what GPS gamesyour friends have been up to! Go on a fun adventure to completeyour collection by finding a rare dragon or some other monster inaugmented reality. Become addicted to the best of all free dragongames online! · Discover all of the treasure chests in augmentedreality (AR). If you’re lucky enough, you might find in theminteresting artifacts that will unlock new options for yourcharacter. Video game or weight loss regimen? GPS navigation and aninteractive map allowing you to meet new people, explore your cityand see it under a completely different light. Ordinary places thatyou’ve walked through thousands of times will now hold magical andwondrous secrets. People on the streets might be your enemies! Thisfree game will make you go outside and enjoy the outdoors, getaddicted, have fun, and interact with your friends a lot more,which is far more exciting and fun than going to the gym. What toplay it on? You can play Draconius GO for free online on yourfavorite mobile device, but you will need mobile phone or otherdevice with Android 4.4 or higher.
Tile Connect 1.2.24
Help the image find their pairs! Tile Connect is a type of abstractstrategy game in which players attempt to complete a specific typeof connection with their pieces. This could involve forming a pathbetween two or more goals, completing a closed loop, or connectingall of one's pieces so they are adjacent to each other. Connectiongames typically have simple rules, but complex strategies. Helpimage find their pairs by connecting them together. The game mayhave simple rules, but it's more challenging than you can imagine.It's a fast-paced action puzzle game that puts you to the test. Canyou manage to save all the animals before time runs out? In-gameinstructions with detailed descriptions of rules are included.Connect 2 Same image in a path with no more than 3 lines to bringthem happily together forever and clear them from the board. Toplay this game: First, click on an emoji to select it. Then findanother image of the same type that has a path to the first emoji.If that path has no more than 3 lines, both emojis will disappearfrom the board. You are challenged to clear as many emojis aspossible in the constrain of time. Tile Connect - Funny,challenging, this is Onet game! Quickly recognize and Match 2 imageof the same type in a path with no more than 3 turns. Have fun ofplaying Tile Connect! ======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
TapTap Match - Connect Tiles 2.2
TapTap Match is a matching game where you need to pair tiles withidentical pics. The task is simple - find identical images and linkthem together with three lines max. Try to solve each puzzle beforethe time runs out! How to play Tap one time to select a tile. Thenfind an alike tile to link it with. Try to imagine a future pathbetween them. The puzzle allows to draw three lines maximumconnected at a 90 degree angle. Can you link tiles like that? Ifyes, you're good to tap for the second time. By the way, the longerthe path - more bonuses you'll get. Use your brain and logic!Doesn't sound challenging enough? Well, try the bomb mode, wherecertain tiles are blocked and very explosive! Or check out thesliding mode, where each row slides aside as you crush a pair ofblocks. Why we love TapTap Match: - Colorful collections of tileswith sweets, fruits and other cute images on them! - More than 1000levels - Challenging extra modes - Various hints - Progress savingpuzzle game Such a simple and cool application to relax and trainthe brain! What else is needed? Try to download and play now! - Fun io games 0.9.1
Smash the players on the battlefield and absorb their power! Becomebigger and stronger! Win the round, becoming the last fighter wholived in this battle royal! is a new fun io game whereyou enter the battle arena, armed with a HUGE hammer. Smash allyour enemies! Win and take part in the next more difficult and morepowerful battles! The rules have never been so simple: just smashother fighters and don't get hit! The last io survivor becomes thewinner! Handle it? Game features: - Quick & exciting gamesessions - Funny and addictive gameplay - Super easy controls -Variety of cool skins for your smash heroes .io games are simpleonline fighting games where you battle other players on- andoffline to survive as long as possible. It’s super fun! BattleRoyale is a fun game mode where players fight to survive in alimited space and be the last man standing. Our battle royale gamesare especially fast and fun to play! Be the best smash hero! iooffline mode is also available if you don’t have an Internetconnection. Play wifi free games! Run, smash & avoid othersmash heroes and be the last alive! Only one fighter will stay inthis arena. So be this fighter!
Do Not Fall .io 1.19.1
You like fun arcades and endurance races? Like playing online withother players? Then welcome to Do Not Fall .io! Here you will finda lot of fun and a huge devastating arena! Your task is to stay aslong as possible and not fall. But you're not the only one in thisarena. You have 20 enemies and you have to beat them all! To becomea champion, you need to be the last one in the arena that's alwaysdestroying right under your feet! Stay as long as you can and don'tfall! The rules have never been so simple: just jump on theplatforms and don't fall down. The one who fell – lost. The lastsurvivor becomes the winner! Handle it? GAME FEATURES: - Simple andfun game - Interesting gameplay - Easy controls - Beautifulgraphics - Realistic object physics - Intuitive interface Do NotFall .io will give you many exciting moments together with a ton ofvivid impressions. And all of this is completely free! So what areyou waiting for? Install the app and join the game!======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Clash of Dots - 1v1 RTS 0.6.12
Clash of Dots is a quick and addictive real-time strategy. Yourultimate goal is to capture all enemy’s cells in the arena. Upgradebuildings, gather the army of dots & send the troops to seizethe neutral or rival cells. Believe that’s won’t be that easy! 🟢USE MULTIPLE TACTICS 🟢 Start a level with launching a full-scaleattack or provoke your enemy to waste cells by making the firstmove. Defend your dots & fight back to take control of theexhausted cells. There are numerous ways to win in thisminimalistic strategy game. 🔵 BEAT TOUGH OPPONENTS 🔵 You need to bereally smart and react quickly to battle the foes. Use stronglogic, advanced strategy & tactics to win the cell expansionwars. The smart AI won’t give you a second’s respite. 🟠 UPGRADEYOUR ARMY 🟠 Wanna look cool in the battle arena? Spend coins to buybright skins for your defence buildings, attacking towers &fearless fighters. 🟣 DON’T LOSE 🟣 Try to win PvP battles & passlevels at one dash to get increased rewards. Don’t give up or lose,or all the coins you’ve earned in the previous cell expansion warswill be lost! Solve challenging puzzles and win tough 1v1 battlesin one of the best offline casual war games!======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY ========================Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Tower Craft 3D - Idle Block Building Game 1.8.12
Do you like easy construction games and development? Welcome to theidle construction game! How high can you get? Idle constructiongame is about blocks stacking, construction business and buildingthe highest skyscrapers in the world! Start the game by building atiny tower, build on it, grow to great landmarks and even higher!Be the best idle builder, build a tower in clouds, in space and onMars! In this idle builder game you will manage many things: -Decide what parts to buy for your tiny tower? - Choose whatmaterials to use in your construction? - Plan which upgrade isbetter for your skyscraper? - Manage cash and make decisions asbuilding tycoon and with every tap your skyscraper will improve!And it's up to you to decide what your tower will look like! Eachfloor of your skyscraper can have its own design! Stack blocks andbuild unique, incredible, fantastic skyscraper from a tiny tower!Build the highest idle tower and earn as much money as possible inthis best idle tycoon game. Various improvements will help youbuild faster and improve your tap effect for idle tower building.The higher you construct your tower, the higher your game score!It’s not like other city builder games! Enjoy idle clicker gameplayand cool 3D graphics! Build something incredible and become therichest idle building tycoon!
Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test 1.5.2
Are you a fan of various brain puzzle games and love to challengeyourself? You think you have a genius and non-trivial brain? ThenBrain Blow is the game you need! Brain Blow is a completely freebrain teaser in which many completely different levels await you.On the exciting path of brain training and creativity, you willfind puzzles, unusual exercises with numbers, logical & trickyquests, classic riddles, and much more. Here you will find thinkinggames, quiz games, and classic brain games – all in one place. Youcan have fun and train your creativity, memory, wit, and logicskills, and learn how to solve & complete non-standard tasks.And what is more, have a great time! Brain Blow features: - Greatbrain testing - Solving complex and creative puzzles - Unusual andtricky answers - Various levels to pass - Beautiful puzzle graphics- Hints option in case something doesn't work out - Game for thewhole family – Brain Blow is perfect for all ages; you can have funtogether! Download Brain Blow now and test your IQ and mind powerin this funny & challenging mind riddle game! Here you’lldefinitely not get bored! – Farming Arcade in 3D 1.9.0
Try out Harvest .io – a new farming simulator in io style. You candrive the tractor all over the field to harvest crops! Watch thetrailer with haystack behind you grow as you cut & plow it allup! But be careful, the trailer might get too big: don't bump intoyourself or others. 🌾Harvest .io features:🌾 - Simple, snake likemechanics of a farming simulator - A farming arcade in io style! -Satisfying game sessions: drive as long as you want, but watch outfor obstacles! - Circle the enemy and steal resources - Race withyour competitors! - Colourful 3D graphics & different crops toharvest Become the fastest farmer in the village!======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Idle Zoo Island 0.7
Run the best idle zoo ever! Manage your the most adorable zooandbecome the richest park manager! You will start with a smallzoo,and will grow it by work. One day you will be zoo tycoon! Opennewenclosures with cute wild animals to create an amazingatmospherewhere visitors will watch lions, gazelles, elephants,rhinos andmany more animals! Care about visitors needs and fun too,managefood services, safari rides, and more.. Expand the zoo togive mostamazing experience to your customers. Improve the zooenclosureswith new enrichments and toys. Run marketing campaigns toattractmore visitors to your park, and earn more money. Hirenewemployees, improve the services and control almost every aspectofyour park business. You will be pleasantly enjoyed bymanagementand idle game mechanics. Features: *Fun and easy to playforeveryone *Many interesting challenges and missions *Amazinganimalsand cute graphics *Hard but fun business decisions *Earnmoney evenif you not playing!
I, The One - Action Fighting Game 1.6.2
Kick enemies & knock them out of the arena in the onlinefighting simulator! You’re on the top of the roof. What will youdo? Kick, punch, knockout — fight for the survival of course!There's only room for one boxer in this ring. So take it! I, TheOne is an accurate fighting simulator, where you choose your minicity fighter and enter the battle arena. Defeat enemies with epicboxing moves, use karate skills and give deadly MMA punches! Thegoal is to push rivals out of the battlefield. For each punch,you’ll get points that will make the next one more powerful! 🥊 Topfeatures 🥊 • Join online PvP fights against players from all acrossthe globe • Kick harder & get points for more powerful punches• Choose from a variety of battle arenas and modes with real action• Use boxing and MMA moves to defeat other players in the fightingring • Unlock new skins, boxing gloves, boosts and other featuresto upgrade your street fighter • Play in both portrait andlandscape modes 🥊 How to play 🥊 • In landscape mode use a joystickand attack button • In portrait mode move by turning a virtualjoystick in the required direction and release it to perform anattack Ready to be the champion of this boxing arena? Unleash yourfighting rage and beat ‘em up! ======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY ======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: 2.7.2
⚔ is a mobile battle royale where you toss axes like yourlife depends on it to be the last player standing. Winner takesall! - Play online and offline - Battle against realplayers - Super easy controls - 2-minute battles - 40+ weapon types- 20+ unique heroes - Different game modes - Lots of maps withunique gameplay You’ll love if you already love other ioand battle royale games. io online games are simple multiplayergames where you battle other players on and offline to try andsurvive as long as possible. It’s super fun! Battle royale is a fungame mode where players fight to survive in a limited space and bethe last man standing. Our battle royale games are especially fastand fun to play! Check it out! io games offline are also availableif you don’t have an internet connection. ========================COMPANY COMMUNITY: ======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Emoji Digger 1.0.5
Tap and dig your path in the sand in Emoji Digger! Combine ballsofthe same color, explode them and pave your way to finish.Anaddictive puzzle arcade will enchant you with realisticphysics,colourful ball skins and challenging obstacles. EmojiDiggerfeatures: - You can match at least 2 balls of the same color- Getcloser to the sand to explode it - Collect special keys togetbonuses! - Explore new skins - The amount of balls is notlimited======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Balls Out 3D 0.80
Rotate maze to move balls into another maze. The cooler you are,themore balls you have! Game features: - One finger control -Differentdifficulty levels - Bright gameplay - Сan be kind ofaddictive. Goodluck! ======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Bottle Jump 3D 1.11.3
Everyone’s favorite challenge Bottle Jump 3D is now available onyour phone! Toss your bottle just right so it lands standing up.Tap the screen and watch it flip! Make it to the end and advance tothe next room. The more levels you beat, the cooler your rewards!Why you’ll love Bottle Jump 3D: • 120+ fun & challenginglevels. Can you complete them all? • Simple, exciting gameplay! Youwon’t want to stop! • Beautiful and interactive decorations! Usethe items around to complete the missions • Tons of skins! Collectall the bottles! The bottle challenge has never been so fun! Testyour reaction and coordination – flip the bottle right now!======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY ========================Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
City Gangs: San Andreas 1.44
How to play Your goal is to destroy your opponents' armies and havemore followers than anyone else! - Recruit from anywhere on thecity map - Steal away followers from other players to reduce theirnumbers - Become the head of an army of hundreds Gameplay: - Adynamic virtual world - Tons of skins - Super simple controlsRemember! No matter how big your army, never break from the crowd,or you'll lose every last followers you've got!======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Block Hit - Classic Block Puzzle Game 1.0.50
Block Hit Puzzle is a free classic block puzzle game that won’t letyour brain get bored! It's also addictive: once you play it, you'llnever want to give it up! Game rules are very easy – the Block HitPuzzle goal is complete each level by filling the game field withmany-colored blocks. Drag the colorful block of various shapes tofill up all free space. Blocks can't be rotated. It is simple toplay and fun to keep challenging yourself. So, are you ready totest your wits and smarts? The game has 16 stages – Novice,Skilled, Master, Expert, and others. You can think it's not a bigdeal, but don't jump to conclusions! There are endless variationsof block shapes and game field shapes – try to complete them all!The game has a hint system. If you get stuck you can use hints atany time – they will show you the possible block placements. Gamefeatures: ➜ Free fun game ➜ No time limits ➜ Simple rules ➜ Greatlyaddictive and relaxing ➜ Tests your logic ➜ 4 game modes If youlike block and hex puzzles, Tetris, and Sudoku, then Block HitPuzzle is a perfect option for you! Relax and train your brainanywhere and anytime! Block Hit Puzzle combines simple gameplay andbrain-teasers of any difficulty and scale, so be smart, try hard,and complete lots of tricky levels! Play our game and develop yourlogic and imagination! Questions? Contact our Tech Support
Chain Cube: 2048 3D merge game 1.39.08
Don't try and hide it, we know you can't get enough fun 2048 games!So don't be shy, do yourself a favor and download Chain Cube! Awhole new take on the famous brainteaser game! Now in 3D with crazyfun physics! The blocks don't stay in place — they fallrealistically and bounce off each other if you don't land right!Gameplay is simple: 1. Aim with your 3D die! 2. Shoot and hit theblock with the same color and number! 3. Group together blocks toreach 2048! But why stop there? Keep racking up points and beatyour own record! Get ready for awesome graphics, an easy interface,intuitive controls, and fun 3D physics! Plus, Chain Cube isabsolutely free! Download the game right now! What're you waitingfor? ======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Taxi Run - Crazy Driver 1.28.1
Breakneck speed to get your adrenaline pumping! Hop in the driver'sseat and floor it! In Taxi Run your mission is to get yourpassenger from point A to point B. Sounds simple, right? Realsimple. If only there weren't obstacles all over the place! Youhave to share the road and dodge railway crossings with speedingtrains, semi trucks loaded down with ice cream, annoyingly longlimousines, huge trucks and cars of all sizes. Dodge vehicles, dartbetween trains, and maneuver your way out of all kinds of stickysituations! Choose your car from tiny trucks to race cars, andspeed through all sorts of different maps! Got a need for speed?It's pedal to the metal in Taxi Run! Why you'll love Taxi Run: -Easy controls - Fun objectives - Cool graphics - Simple interface -Heart-pumping action Are you ready to become the best taxi driver?Then download Taxi Run for free NOW! ========================COMPANY COMMUNITY: ======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Merge Beep 0.49
Unlock new cars and become a car tycoon. Construct and purchasenewcars to increase your wealth! Enhance your garage, combinecars,and deploy them to earn some cash. - Combine cars and unlockdozensof new models! - Earn money for transporting cargo! - Claimgiftsto speed up the process! - Complete quests to receive nicebonuses!- Spin the wheel and earn prizes! ========================COMPANYCOMMUNITY: ========================Facebook:
Color Adventure: Draw the Path 1.6.7
Try to pass over all tricky obstacles in this fun line-coloring andbrain training 3D game. Tap and hold to make your cube slide alongthe path – watch your cube surfing to the finish line! Unlock newcountries, earn coins and open cool cubes! Why you’ll love ColorAdventure: • Dozens of challenging levels • Simple & intuitivecontrols • Multiple cool cube skins • Beautiful minimalistic 3Dgraphics Be careful! This offline game is dangerously addictive!You won’t stop until you color all the levels. Test your reactionand paint the road with your cube sliding at the first attempt.Good luck on your travels! ======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY ======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
HeadHunters io 3.1.103
Look out! Brutes on the warpath! HeadHunters io is amobilebattle royale where only the last man standing wins. Battleotherplayers in multiplayer mode and prove who owns the arena!Thebeastliest butchers of all time have come together to prove whoisthe deadliest! A one-legged pirate, wild West cowboy, wiseking,agile ninja and even the devil himself can't wait to takeeachother down. Choose your hero and try not to die! Why you'llloveHeadHunters io: 🗡 10+ melee weapons, including swords, knivesandaxes. Choose your own combat style! 🗡 15+ unique characters.Playas a knight or viking, and check out all the skins! 🗡 Multiplegamemodes: Death Match & Battle Royale. Where will you shine?🗡Quick, fun brawls: level up your skills and climb the ratingboard🗡 Cool gameplay and lots of maps 🗡 Easy, intuitive controls🗡Online and offline PvP battles Can't get enough io games andbattleroyales? HeadHunters io is for you! Play &survive!======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Crazy Alien Wars 2.19
Alert! Alert! The alien invasion has begun! Earth is underattack!Ever wanted to take over planet Earth? Feel what it’s liketo be analien invader? Abduct people for secret experiments ordestroycities to show the world who really rules the universe?Thenwelcome to Crazy Spaceship! Destroy buildings, abduct alllivingbeings, and spread chaos in your UFO! The more you abduct,thebigger you grow. And the bigger you are, the bigger the objectsyoucan abduct! But watch out! Never trust a fellow alien! Theyalsowant to rule the earth, and if they get bigger than you,they’llswallow you whole! Be careful! Don’t get abducted! Soundeasy? Toobad you’re almost out of time! Invasions only last 2minutes, sohurry! The clock is ticking! Download Crazy Spaceship.ionowabsolutely free! Start playing and take over the worldtoday!======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Crafty Town - Merge City Kingdom Builder 0.8.470
🌳🏘️New city building & strategy games! 🏡🌲 The newest strategyishere! If you want to build a town or rule your own kingdom, doitright now! Here you can build a house and turn it into thelargestcastle in your kingdom! If you like building, medieval andstrategygames – and I guess you do – you'll have fun playing it!Play newkingdom builder absolutely for free! Make your Empiregreat!Features: 🏰 City Games | Juegos de ciudad | Build anddevelop yourfirst city, construct more houses. Earn money todevelop yourvillage and build new cities. Turn the smallest housein yourvillage into the largest castle of your kingdom! Enjoy citybuildingplaying one of the best city games right now! 💰 StrategyGames |Juegos de estrategia | Each house brings you revenue. Yourincomedepends on size of your construction. Large castles give youmoremoney. Upgrade your buildings to get more money. Earn moneyandbuild cities, become a king and try to rule the whole kingdom!Ifyou like strategy games, you will like this new strategy! 🏡KingdomBuilder | Juegos de construir ciudades | Help your citizensbuild atown. Think how to place houses strategically to keep yourvillagegrowing. There are no limits to the imagination! Upgradeyourbuildings, extend the city boundaries, merge cities intothekingdom. Build a town! Make your kingdom great! The newestkingdombuilder is here! ⚔️ Manage Economy | Estrategia | Do youlikestrategy? Become the real strategist! Upgrade houses andcastles toget gold! Manage resources strategically, upgradeyourconstructions, earn money. Create homes for your citizens,placemarkets and sawmills, explore new lands and regions, and turnyourtown into the largest kingdom on the planet! Try to managetheeconomy of your medieval cities and of the whole kingdom! 👑EmpireGames | Juegos de Imperio | Expand your country and unlockmorecities. Discover and develop new lands, send caravanswithresources, construct castles, earn money. Expand yourempireoverland. Enjoy house building and medieval games! ☝️ IdleClicker| Incremental Do you like idle incremental games? Tap housestomake money, tap over and over! Just tap and grow your empire!YourEmpire keeps growing up even when you are offline. Try thebestidle clicker right now! 🆓 FREE Medieval Games | JuegosMedievales |Are you ready to make something special? Enjoy buildingandstrategy games FOR FREE! Build a town and rule your empire! 🏰Playthe new idle clicker and city building game, craft and build acityof your dreams and rule your own empire! Upgrade your castle!Oneof the best medieval games is waiting for you! Free to play!Enjoycity games 2018! Free Idle Clicker! Craft and build!Intuitivegameplay with challenging tasks, rewards and achievements!Manyhours of free fun! More events are coming soon! Please contactusif you have any suggestion.
Idle EcoClicker: Save the Earth 3.70
EcoClicker is not just a game, it is an occasion to think abouttime to save our planet has come! Save nature, our forests andfields. Start your mission by simply clicking and tapping thescreen! Each click clears the space, every click is important.Build facilities for the processing of various garbage and theproduction of pure energy, which is the most valuable currency inour game. Collecting coins - the last century. Time requires modernsolutions. Game Features: Colorful game - a pure and eco friendlyworld of the future can really become bright and saturated withcolors; Play offline - resources accumulate when you are notplaying a game! Life hack: enter the game several times a day toachieve success faster; Play with one hand - yes, it’s true, youcan play the game in the subway, on the bus and even in the toilet;Without annoying ads, EcoСlicker is about the environment, notabout advertising that flies right in the face. Small app size -you can download it right now with mobile internet (without Wi-Fi)!
Merge Ship: Idle Tycoon 1.20
Head your own shipping company and never stop growing your dock!Bethe next big ship tycoon! Build and buy new ships to boostyourcapital! Merge Ship: Ship tycoon rule your empire bybuying,building and managing your own fleet of ships! ⛴ Merge shipsandunlock dozens of new models! ⛴ Make money shipping cargo! ⛴Getgifts to speed your progress! ⛴ Climb the level ladder andexpandyour fleet! Rule your empire and take over the shippingmarket!======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Tap Tap Monsters: Evolution Clicker 1.6.3
In Tap Tap Monsters you can be the engine of evolution forfantastic monsters. By combining two identical monsters, you get anew, more advanced creature, thus passing the path from thesimplest magic and astral creatures to magnificent giant dragons.Before you is the opportunity to choose the evolutionary path: fireor water, nature or chaos - everything is in your hands. Acompletely populated world is not the end, because in the game oflife you can discover many new worlds, populate them with mutantsand test out other means of evolution! There are 8 biome-worlds inthe monster game that are built according to the origin of theuniverse and the elements: ▪ ENERGY It personifies the primevalmagical energy of the universe, from which all beings originate!The creatures here are magical and astral, like Sunny Dragon andMagical Slug. ▪ STORM It is a world inhabited by creaturespersonifying natural cataclysms: Thunderhorn, Electroray, DarkCloud and more! ▪ FIRE A very hot biome, where only the moststalwart monsters live, such as Fiery Giant and Hothead! ▪ WATER Anunexplored biome, where various oceanic aliens like Octobrain andSea Star develop! ▪ CHAOS In the gloomy world the unexpectedcreatures like Darktail and Wanderer evolve! ▪ METAL A robot biome,where there's no place for the living! iBot, Roboboy, Smarty and ahost of other cyborgs live here! ▪ ICE A chilling world in whichancient creatures originate! There you will be met by the SnowySnake and Ice Cube in the company of the Snow Yeti! ▪ NATURE Themost lively and flourishing biome of all! This is where theunpredictable elements of development live, for example, thebeautiful Lily or the impenetrable Stone! There are also 4 secretbiomes: ▪ DEATH ▪ STEEL ▪ CRYSTAL ▪ LIFE Study each biomeseparately to discover them! The taps game begins with the firstmonster in the "ENERGY" biome. Merge two identical organisms tocreate new monster species. By combining the last two monsters inthe level, you receive access to a new, previously unexplored,biome! Study all the worlds in Tap Tap Monsters! Turn the universein your private lab! Thanks to this scientific and educational idleclicker, you can go through all the stages, mixing different cells;from minute spore to real monsters! Go through one of the bestmerging games several times and learn the different stages of theplanet evolution! The more monster creatures you have, the morecoins are earned by the auto clicker. Start creating your worldright now! ==================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:==================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
BIG BANG Evolution 1.3.2
So you think the atom bomb is the most wicked weapon out there?Play BIG BANG Evolution and you'll see how the simplest explosivesevolve into weapons beyond what you thought technologicallypossible! You're in control of how they develop, so choose anevolutionary path wisely! A new bomb in a certain stage doesn'tmean the end, it means you're ready to open new worlds and try outnew branches of evolution! Play through 12 worlds based on theevolution of the universe and nukes: FIRST BOMBS MODERNITY TAMINGOF THE ATOM CHEMISTRY SQUARED FUTURE BOMBS ANCIENT ARTIFACTSELEMENTAL FORCE ESOTERICS GALACTIC WARS ENDLESS POWER PRIMITIVEENERGY MERCILESS ENTROPY Journey through the epochs, mergeelements, and learn about the secret weapons hidden in time andspace! Click on the rockets & missiles to earn coins and buymore advanced explosives! Don’t get tired of clicking as the autoclicker works in offline mode. The merge game starts in the FIRSTBOMBS era with the simple POWDER explosive capable of evolving into50 new forms! You need no alchemy or magic, just combine bombs tomake a new scientific discovery. Play through multiple times to getthe full picture of the universe's evolution! Start your journeythrough the world of weapons now! Download one of the best idleclickers and science games for kids & adults!===================== COMPANY COMMUNITY: =====================Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Bike Hop: Crazy BMX Bike Jump 3D 1.0.62
Hop as far as you can go on your bike, then go further! Bike Hop:speed up and jump over hills, cows, motorcycles, carts and more.The further your dude flies, the more points you earn! Gameplay: -Speed up as fast as you can - Learn to hop far and fast - Trainyour reaction speed - Beat records - Tap, tap, tap!======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Zoopolis: Animal Evolution Clicker 1.1.3
Click away to bring new animals to life and travel across funislands in Zoopolis: Animal Adventures! Merge together 2 animals tocreate a new, bigger creature and populate your islands witheverything from tiny hedgehogs to furry foxes! Travel acrossdifferent islands, each with 6 new animals to unlock before yousail to the next: - Ocean - Seaside - Lowland island - Forestisland - Snow island - Savanna - Jungle - Mountain island - River -Desert island - Farm island - City Research every animal to unlockthem all! Zoopolis is a fun, entertaining game for animal loversthat the whole family can play! Beautiful graphics and simplegameplay will help time fly for you and your friends no matterwhere you are! ======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: - Battle Royale Action 5.83 is a thrilling multiplayer battle royale with belovedtiny troopers fighting for victory! Battle for survival usingdifferent weapons and win the match! 💣Reasons to💣 - Nimble mini warriors - Quick & exciting gamesessions - 68 brawlers to unlock - Up to 50 weapons: guns, axes andmore - Nice boosts: collect them on the battlefield - Cool skins -Solo PvE battles & other modes - Authentic map & graphics -Pocket format of mobile multiplayer action Climb to the top of theleaderboard. Create your own tiny army – and win in!======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Slingshot Smash: Shooting Range 1.2.7
Slingshot Smash isn't the kind of game where you have to be carefulor worry about wrecking something! No, just the opposite! You HAVEto smash everything because the whole point is to shoot from a hugeslingshot and destroy all you see in front of you! Buildings,fences, towers, walls... It's all got to go! Don't leave anythingbehind! Shoot for the max number of points to get the best rewardand be the slingshot master! Prove to the world that no one canshoot better than you! WHY YOU'LL LOVE SLINGSHOT SMASH: - Beautiful3D graphics - Wacky physics - Easy controls - Lots of levels withvarying difficulty - Intuitive interface Slingshot Smash is packedwith all kinds of fun and... destruction, of course! You won't bebored for a second! Install for free now and start reigning chaos!======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Space Pinball: Classic game 1.0.29
You know the rules! Use your flippers to send the ball flyingandrack up as many points as possible! Your goal is to not lettheball get past your flippers and try and last as long aspossible.The longer your ball stays in, the more points you canget! Whyyou’ll love SpacePinball: - Simple classic design like howwe allplayed back in the day - Straightforward two-button control-Intuitive gameplay - A great time killer whenever you needit!======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Pictocross: Picture Crossword Game 0.3.4
Pictocross is a new kind of crossword puzzle. Each puzzle includesapicture. Every word in each puzzle can be deduced from thepicture.Features: · Simple and easy gameplay - the clues are inthe pictures· Hundreds of beautiful photos - people, places,animals and more ·If you get stuck on a question, use the power-upto reveal the nextletter in a clue or ask your friends · Playcrossword levels offlineif you don’t have internet connection Havefun while you learn!Challenge your brain! ========================COMPANY COMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Idle Mechanics Manager – Car Factory Tycoon Game 1.34
Visit the best car factory in the town – Melon Dusk and idlemechanics are waiting for you to start building car empire! IdleMechanics Manager is an idle clicker game where you start small andwork hard with more cars each level. Grow your factory by earningmore cash with every car unlocked and leveling up your garage! Youare responsible to hire employees, build and expand the factory,sell cars and, of course, earn money! Your main challenge is tomanage your car factory and build a car empire! What will you haveto do? Hire employees, car mechanics, and car builders who willautomate the production in your car factory. Increase speed of youridle car mechanics to maximize profits. Develop your car factory byconstructing new workstations and buildings. Upgrade parking to getmore workers and expand your car business. Get money frominvestors. Invest money in buildings and mechanics to get morepossibilities. Automate your car factory and collect profits!Upgrade your factory to the next level and start building planes,manage your own idle airport! The most addictive factory tycoongame. In this idle business tycoon game you can be the greatest carfactory manager and become a millionaire, billionaire or more. Inother words: create your car empire! FEATURES of Idle MechanicsManager 🚗48 unique cars – build TESLA CYBERTRUCK! 🚗Easy-to-playgamy with idle clicker mechanics! 🚗Amazing animations and 3Dgraphics 🚗Offline earnings – no internet connection needed! 🚗Idleairport – take production to the next level 🚗Investors who bringyou money, it only remains to use it wisely! Don’t wait anymore –download our car tycoon game now and start building your dream carfactory! Build the cars of your dream in this new Idle Car TycoonGame. ======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Homo Evolution: Human Origins 1.4.8
Create your own little world and drive on human evolution. Mergetwo people and get a new, more modern life form populating theplanet with different creatures: from simple animals to diverse andunpredictable personalities. There are 4 ways to shape the world ashumanity emerges: ▪ BEGINNING Animal evolution, from spores tomodern individuals! ▪ FIRST PEOPLE The path from the ancient worldto the first citizens! ▪ SPECTACLE A creative Bohemia, from poetsto crazy party people! ▪ BREAD Civilization with the degradationfrom natural to modified products! There are also 8 stages of theworld evolution: ▪ TELEVISION ▪ INTERNET ▪ SPORTS ▪ SCIENCE ▪TELEUNITY ▪ VIRTUALIZATION ▪ TRANSFORMATION ▪ POWER CULT Exploreeach branch to open the next. By tapping the last two life forms atthis stage, you get access to a new, previously unknown world!Discover all the planets in this fun evolution game! You start inthe BEGINNING world with a small lizard. By combining twocreatures, you create a new, more perfect being. You don’t needlittle alchemy or magic to evolve faster. Just click on thecreatures to earn coins and buy more species to merge. Offlineautoclicker included in this the game of life and planet evolution!Start creating your own world right now! =====================COMPANY COMMUNITY: ===================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Hidden Objects - Photo Puzzle 1.3.19
Start hunting for hidden objects! Hidden Objects: Photo Puzzle is anew kind of seek-and-find casual game where you'll be searching forobjects! On each level, you'll have to solve a photo puzzle quest:search for highlighted items and complete hidden object challenges.Get ready for an incredible adventure in the mystery hidden world!Sounds quite casual and easy, hah? Will you dare to find allmissing items and pass all quests? If you're looking for the bestadventure games for both adults and children, you reached the rightplace! Hidden Objects: Photo Puzzle is a free mystery game andthrilling adventure with a stunning soundtrack, awesome graphics,and a real hidden objects' environment. Hidden Objects: PhotoPuzzle features: - Online & offline modes – enjoy the casualgame anywhere you go! - Up to 3 hints available - Lots of levels toexplore - Challenging tasks: those objects are not that easy tospot! - Incredible adventure suits both adults and children -Authentic graphics scenes Try it out and enjoy quests if you adorehidden object casual games!
Tricky Castle 1.4.3
Escape from the castle, full of tricks and mysterious puzzles. Thisescape room game will challenge your ability to solve puzzles! TheTerrible Villain grabbed the Princess and set traps on the way toher rescue. A brave knight can save the princess hidden in thetower of the castle! Forward to adventure! Wander the mysteriouscorridors of the castle, solve puzzles and avoid traps to find thefaraway tower. There'll be hundreds and hundreds doors, spikes,platforms to jump on and all this in order to find the treasuredkey. Take a close look at the room and read the clues (or riddles?)to figure out how to escape the room. • 120 unique levels, packedwith escape puzzles • unusual ways to escape the room • hundredsdoors you'll have to open in your way to save the princess •excellent combination of logic games and relaxing 2d platformergames • light humor will make you smile :) You won't want to stopsolving puzzles! Explore the castle that holds more tricks andsecrets than it appears on the surface and enjoy this fun puzzlegame!
Spot the Difference - Insta Vogue 1.3.13
Welcome to the Spot the Difference fashion edition! Get readytolook for hidden changes on stylish photos in Spot the Difference-Insta Vogue. Beautiful pics, new challenges & levels await!Therules are the same: 👒 Tricky puzzles & beautifulfashionpictures 👜 5 differences to spot in every pair of pictures 💄Lotsof levels to enjoy with fashion and beauty images 🔍 Hintsandhighlights to help you find the differences if time is runningout👠 Simple interface Focus and train your mind instyle!======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Spot the Difference - Find Them All 1.8.7
Spot the Difference - Find Them All is a fun brain teaser gamewhereyou have to find what's different between two near-identicalrealphotographs! Each pair has 5 differing details, and your jobis tofind them all. So get focused and keep your eyes peeled, SpottheDifference - Find Them All has tons of levels to beat! Justdon'tforget that each one is timed. But don't worry! If you'rejust astep away from victory but time is running out fast, justuse aspecial hint! That's what they're there for! Why you'll lovethisgame: - Beautiful pictures - Timed gameplay - Helpful hints -Loadsof levels - Simple, intuitive interface========================COMPANY COMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Number Blocks - Merge Puzzle 1.17.11
You will fall in love with this innovative puzzle game immediatelyHOW TO PLAY • Merge blocks in a line with the same number • Gethigher number and challenge high score • Easy to learn, hard tomaster • Free to play, WIFI is not a must FEATURES • Addictive andinnovative game play • Easy to learn, hard to master • The woodenart design is simple but beautiful. It's a game for all ages. •Playing the game with your FRIENDS Enjoy the game with your family;)