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Tier 4 Work Hours calculator 1.0
Students in the UK on a Tier 4 visa may be permitted to findemployment whilst they study, but will be limited to a maximum of10 or 20 hours per week.This app allows you to input the number ofhours you worked for the 6 days before today's date, and the hoursyou will work in the 6 days afterwards. When these numbers areentered, the app will calculate how many hours you will work forthe next 7 days, starting with today.If you will work more thanyour permitted hours, the app will tell you. You can then speak toyour employer and ask for a reduction in hours, or for them to bespread across a greater number of days.This app is not created orendorsed by the UK Government. I have no influence over UKGovernment policy or decisions. This app is designed to helpstudents who are employed whilst studying in the UK on a Tier 4visa. Please do not complain to me about the restriction on hours;talk to your University/College and local MP!If you have anysuggestions for the app, or find any bugs, please let me know.Don't forget to rate the app and tell your friends if you find ituseful!
Tap Tap Tap 1.1
The shorter (but still fun!) and always AD-FREE version of the TapTap Tap Plus game, featuring two of the available themes! Downloadto help your little one discover:- Items around the home- Food anddrink in the supermarketThis app contains 2 themes made up from 40+fun and recognisable pictures! Keep your child happy and busy byusing the app around the house as well as when you are out, helpingthem discover and recognise new things in the world!This app isnow, and forever shall be, ad-free, because adults find advertsannoying enough let alone children having to put up with them!Havea suggestion for a theme or pictures to add? Let us know!Like theapp or have something to feedback? Leave a review!****If you likethe app and want to see more, consider buying Tap Tap Tap Plus! Inthe premium version you will also get:- Playtime in the park-Nature in the woods- Animals at the zooBuying the 'Plus' versionalso allows you to get new themes as they're added. Planned themesin the future include seasonal such as Winter/Christmas, Halloweenand Summer at the beach.****
Mersey Tunnel closures 3.2
Plan your journey across the Mersey before you set off!A simple appwith a simple mission: to let you know whether the tunnel you planto travel through is open! One quick click and you'll know if theWallasey and Birkenhead tunnels are open or if they're due to closethat day. No more searching online or waiting until you're at thetunnel to find out if your tunnel is closed. Latest update: nowI've included the journey times through each tunnel to help youplan your route!If you find any bugs, please let me know and I'llendeavour to fix them as quickly as possible.Please note: this appis not created by, affiliated with, supported or endorsed byMerseytravel. All information is taken from their website and so isas accurate as their website is. Please do not complain to me aboutthe tunnels being closed or any issues with Merseytravel, I cannothelp you with this! Any questions or issues with the tunnels beingclosed should be sent directly to them. Please also do not leave anegative review because the tunnel is closed - I have no influenceover this and I am not Merseytravel! Thanks.