CEEK VR - Virtual Reality Apps

CEEK Virtual Reality 3.0.6
CEEK VR magnifies the excitement of any video by transforming yourphone into the most engulfing mega theater. From 360 VR Videos toTrue 3D and VR Games, CEEK delivers compelling experiencesintensified by our award winning patented 4D virtual reality audioand visual technologies. Don't just watch it. CEEK – A new Reality!Download CEEK Virtual Reality and immerse yourself in theexperience. CEEK also works in 360 mode on your phone without a VRheadset. For optimal experience, use a headphone, we recommend theCEEKARS 4D Headphones for directional audio.
Zombie Chase Virtual Reality 1.4
Game action unfolds in an apocalyptic city and its suburbs. Thegameis a dynamic first person virtual reality runner. The maincharacterruns away from the insidious monsters who strive toattack. Monstersare everywhere, running behind you, they jump fromthe side andabove, jumping from buildings and everything. Inaddition, you willencounter various obstacles such as fallingrubble, cracked asphalt,holes in the ground, burning cars and muchmore. The goal of thegame is to reach the end of the level. Duringthe game, players cancollect various bonuses such as runacceleration, super jumps, livesand coins. Zombie Chase is anaction packed first person VRadventure endless runner thatchallenges the player from start tofinish. You start off as eitherone of the main characters where youmust escape the zombieinfested apocalyptic city in search of thequarantined safe zone.From the city to the country and everywherein between run, dodgeand shoot your way to the safe zone away fromthe brain-eatingzombies!!! Join in the fun with Zombie Chase - jumpover burningcars, shoot flesh eating zombie dogs and run as fast asyou canfrom the monster zombie pigs that will crush you and eatyourbones. Scenes • Day time scene. City center. Tall buildings.•Day time scene. Surrounding countryside. Average size buildings.•Sunset. The surrounding countryside. Private sector. • Nightscene.– Tall Buildings Controls • First-person view. Automaticforwardmovement of the character. • Gamepad should be used to movele  orright and jump, to avoid the obstacles and also for shooting.•Rotate character left  / right, jump • VR technology
Space Kids 1.2.8
Space Kids will take you on an exciting adventure into the worldofaugmented reality. Explore the outer space and discoveranentertaining way to study science and math. Take a photo ofanytarget* and dive into the world of augmented reality. *Targetisany 2D image. Follow instructions on your screen. Don’tworry!You’re not alone. Our smart guide will help you choose therighttarget. Pay attention to emojis in the upper part of yourscreen.Here are some rules for choosing the right target: - Yourimagemust be rich in detail - Your image must be good contrast -Avoidrecurring patterns Have a great time in the world ofaugmentedreality! *** The game is augmented reality and requires anadult byyour side. If you are a child.