Fitness Trax 1.1
Fitness Trax was designed to help our users live a healthy, happy,balanced lifestyle.This application was designed by students atHofstra University (Christopher Guagliano, George Roussis, MarvinDizon, and Michael Fung Quee) for CSC190 - Software Engineering,taught by Professor Scott Jeffreys.
CEELO - 3 dice-roll game 1.2
For anyone that likes to play ceelo with dice at any given moment,just take out your phone!No need for dice. Dont worry if you donthave dice!Shake to roll.Tap to roll.Sound during the roll.Diceactually roll!!Just as good as having real dice!Change the color toANY COLOR using "Select Background"If you like it, please leave agood review! Any problems, just email me or post below.