Cute Run 1.1.5
Enjoy addictive game just touch thescreen!Various and cute characters in the square shape!"Cute Run" Features:- Choose from two modes of play (Normal Mode, Challenge Mode)- Normal Mode: play in order from the first stage to the laststage- Challenge Mode: Play without ending the stage in ordermixed- Various Characters- Can not be played without the internet- 16: 9 aspect ratio is optimized.
Positioning Shapes 1.0
Awesome block puzzle for killing time.The rule of the game is pretty simple.Just remember the location of blocks which appear by random.Next, bring them back to the original location.▶ How to play- Remember the location of block viewed by dotted line whichwilldisappear in a second.- If there shows the block of same shape, then move it totheoriginal location.- With the level grows, the size and volume of block varies.- If you can't remember the original location of block well, usethehint chance.