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com.dexatek.airdtv.wifi.player 1.0.182
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Tune your Andoid device into a mobile TV! Use this App with Air DTVdevice to enjoy live broadcast anywhere you go! App Features *Watch, pause, rewind, record over 3 hours of live TV on yourandroid device. * No internet connection required. * Support HDchannel(need to select Hardware decode) * Support EPG and SubtitlesAbout Air DTV WiFi Device Tuner. This App requires an Air DTV WiFidevice. Air DTV WiFi device connects directly to the WiFi andreceives the TV signal from a miniature telescopic aerial. Itdoesn't require an internet connection and gives you unlimited TVwithout touching your data plan. Requirement * android version4.1.2 or later * android device with four core GPU and NEONImportant Notes * Air DTV WiFi supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/H.264standard definition video and High definition DVB-T radio wherebroadcast.
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Description: Turn your Android device into a portable television!Use this app with Air DTV II android TV to enjoy live TV anywhereyou go. About the Air DTV II : Air DTV II can receive digitalsignal and support features such as channel scanning, channelswitching, play/pause, EPG, hardware decoder and program recording.Plug in the Air DTV android TV and turn on the app to scanchannels. Then you can select your favorite channel and watch itanywhere. Features: 1. Mobility TV 2. Support hardware decorder towatch HD channels(need Quad core or above) 3. Support DVB-T andDVB-T2 signal 4. EPG function 5. Record function 6. Support multichannel audio 7. Support subtitle System Requirement: 1. Androiddevice with a dual-core CPU(MTK6582, Samsung Exynos 5410, Qualcommsnapdragon S4Pro, Qualcomm MSM8228 or above) 2. Android 4.0.2 orlater 3. DTT/ Freeview/ DVB-T/ DVB-T2 coverage 4. Android deviceneed support USB OTG 5. Android phone or tablet Support list:Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S4LTE-Advanced Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (HD) Samsung Galaxy S5 (HD) Samsung GalaxyJ HTC Desire 310 HTC Desire 816 HTC One Max HTC Butterfly s HTCButterfly HTC Desire 601 ASUS Nexus 7 II ASUS Nexus 7 2013(HD) ASUSNew PadFoner Infinity Sony Xperia Z Ultra Sony Xperia T2 Ultra SonyXperia Z1 Sony Xperia Z2 (HD) Sony Xperia Z3 (HD) Mi redmi note MiRedmi 1S (HD) Mi Mi 3 (HD) LG G2 LG G Pro 2 Important note: Air DTVMobile supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/H.264 video in standarddefinition as well as DVB-T/ DVB-T2 radio. We only guarantee thatthe support list can be used normally. If your Android device isnot in this list, please download and launch the free android appfrom Google Play to check whether you’ll be able to enjoy live TVwith Android TV.
Air DTV 1.0.177
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Description: Turn your Android device into a portabletelevision!Usethis app with Air DTV Mobile TV tuner to enjoy liveTV anywhereyougo. About the Air DTV Mobile TV tuner : This apprequires theAir DTVMobile device. The compact TV tuner connectsdirectly toyour Androiddevice and receives digital TV(DTT/Freeview) via itssuppliedminiature telescopic antenna. AirDTV Mobile doesn’t needan internetconnection so you can enjoy liveTV as long as youwant, withouttouching your data plan. Feature : -support free toair DVB-T -support EPG - support record - supportmulti channelsaudio - supportsubtitle - support HD (4 core cpumust) SystemRequirements :1.Android device with a dual-core CPUand NEONsupport (e.g. Tegra3)2.Android 4.0.3 (“Ice CreamSandwich”) orlater 3.DTT/Freeview/DVB-Tcoverage 4.High definitionchannels,encrypted programs and DVB-T2broadcasts are notsupported.5.Android device need support USB OTG6.One of theseAndroiddevices: -Samsung Galaxy Nexus -Samsung GalaxySII -SamsungGalaxySIII -Samsung Galaxy Note -Samsung Galaxy Note2-SamsungGALAXYNote 8.0 -Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1(adapter required)-AsusNexus 7-Asus EeePad2 (TF201) -Asus MEMO Pad -Acer ICONIA TabA510-HTC ONEX(OS 4.1.1 above) -HTC ONE X Plus (OS 4.1.1above)-RockChip RK3066device(OS 4.1.1 above) -Modecom FreeTAB 9701HD-TrekStor SurfTabbreeze 7.0 -TrekStor SurfTab ventos 7.0-TrekStorSurfTab ventos7.0 HD -TrekStor SurfTab ventos 8.0-TrekStor SurfTabventos 9.7-TrekStor SurfTab ventos 10.1 -TrekStorSurfTab xiron 7.0HD-TrekStor SurfTab xiron 10.1 -TrekStorVolks-Tablet -tolino tab7"-tolino tab 8,9" Important note: Air DTVMobile supports MPEG-2andMPEG-4/H.264 video in standard definitionas well as DVB-Tradio,if available. High definition channels,encrypted programsand/orDVB-T2 broadcasts are not supported. Weonly guarantee thatthesupport list can be used normally. If yourAndroid device is notinthis list, please download and launch thefree android appfromGoogle Play to check whether you’ll be able toenjoy live TVwithAndroid TV.
Air DTV WiFi II 1.1.428
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Tune your Android device into a mobile TV! Use this App with AirDTV WiFi II device to enjoy live broadcast anywhere you go!AppFeatures➤ Mobile television on your smartphone➤ Support DVB-T/T2➤Support Android➤ Record your favorite program ➤ No additionalinternet connection needed➤ Free app available➤ Support HD channel➤ Support EPG and SubtitlesTune your Android device into a mobileTV! Use this App with Air DTV WiFi II device to enjoy livebroadcast anywhere you go!App Features➤ Mobile television on yoursmartphone➤ Support DVB-T / T2➤ Support Android➤ Record yourfavorite program➤ No additional internet connection needed➤ Freeapp available➤ Support HD channel➤ Support EPG and Subtitles
Smart Casa -SmartHome Solution 3.5.80
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SmartCasa is design to access and manage various devices such asweather sensor, door sensor, power plug, LED light and so on. Anyplace and any time, you are able to make your home as cozy as youare at home with SmartCasa system.SmartCasa system work locally orremotely (via Bluetooth Low Energy from iOS devices), peripheralcan be purchase individually without the need of Bridge/Gateway.That to said, if remote access is required at later stage Smart Hubcan be purchase to act as bridge/gateway of supportedperipherals.Supported Peripheral Product:Smart Weather - LocalWeather Station Smart Plug - Power Control And MonitoringSmartLight - Lightning ControlSmart Door - Security and Monitoring
Easy Fong 3.22.000
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翊豐通風雲端整合控制 Fufeng ventilation cloud integration control