CJSC "Computing Forces" Apps

RunPay 1.0.240
Access Runpay payment solutions directly from your smartphone.Control your e-wallet balance and cash flows. Payment of utilitybills, mobile operators, internet providers, online games and otherdigital goods and services. P2P transfers to other Runpay wallets.Pay for goods and services or withdraw cash from your Runpayaccount in any store that supports Qpay technology(https://myrunpay.com/maps) Your service provider will depend onyour region. Currently, application supports Runpay issuers walletsin the following countries (currencies) Moldova (MDL - Moldovanleu) Tunisia (TND - Tunisian Dinar) You can register your walletvia mobile application or on the website https://myrunpay.com.
WebMoney Keeper Pro 1.0.603
WebMoney Keeper WebPro/WinPro is now on your mobile! Version forprofessional use with advanced features. Pro Version • For keeperWebPro/WinPro users • No restrictions on the number of purses ofthe same type • Availability of C/D purses and credit transactions• The option of managing a number of WMIDs simultaneously • Historyof messages, transactions and invoices Payments and transfers •Keep track of balances on your purses, send and receive WebMoney •Fast fund transfers with a QR code to other WebMoney users •Transfer funds via a mobile number to WebMoney users and Sberbankcustomers • Transfer WebMoney to bank cards • Issue invoices,including invoices for credit payments • Top-up a linkedcard/account from your purse and vice versa • Exchange WM online atany time Payment for services • Conveniently make payments fortelephone, the Internet, utilities and many more • Create templatesfor faster payments • Scan payment receipts without enteringpayment details Your Correspondents • Manage your list ofcorrespondents • Communicate in a secured chat • Exchange photo,audio and other files Management • Access with a PIN code,fingerprint or FaceID • The option of managing a number of WMIDssimultaneously • Notifications of new outstanding payments andunpaid invoices • History of transactions, payments for servicesmade, invoices and messages • Confirmation of transactions withPush notifications Integration with services • WebMoney.Files –upload files and exchange them with your correspondents •WebMoney.Events – view your feed and events in your groups •WebMoney.Debt – your issued and received loans and opened trustlimits • WebMoney.Bonus – receive cash back by paying with WebMoney