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CNNMoney’s new app puts you at the center ofthe business news whirlwind. CNN MoneyStream gives you the power topersonalize your news. You can follow the people, companies,business topics and market data that matter to you. It’s thateasy.· YOUR FAVORITE BUSINESS TOPICS AT A GLANCE - Uncover tradinginformation and the latest news from CNNMoney and other leadingsources.· PERSONALIZE YOUR NEWS - Follow streams to discover news about topcompanies, business leaders, the economy and markets.· NEVER MISS A STORY - Get real-time notifications sent directly toyour phone for the biggest breaking business news.· KEEP UP WITH THE MARKETS - Find market data on more than 13,000companies, 5,400 indexes and 30,000 ETFs and mutual funds -- alwaysone tap away.· THE BEST OF CNNMONEY - Explore award-winning videos and storiesfrom CNNMoney, delivered right to your phone.And this is just the start. Our editorial and development teams areworking hard to roll out new features. Stay tuned!We’re eager to hear what you think. Got feedback? Email us