Audio Video Rocket - LiteTube - Float Video Player 2.5
Audio Video Rocket is a simple and easy to use free applicationthat turns any one of your favourite videos into audio that isstreamed directly on your device.Audio Video Rocket does not useany Google framework libraries, or the YouTube API.It only parsesthe website in order to gain the information it needs.*** Searchvideos*** Display general information about a video*** WatchYouTube videos*** Listen to YouTube videos*** Popup mode (floatingplayer)*** Select the streaming player to watch the video with***Show Next/Related videos*** Search YouTube in a specificlanguage*** Watch/Block age restricted material*** Display generalinformation about channels*** Search channels*** Watch videos froma channel*** Orbot/Tor support (not yet directly)*** 1080p/2k/4ksupport*** View history*** Subscribe to channels*** Searchhistory*** Search/Watch Playlists*** Watch as queues Playlists***Queuing videos*** Local playlists*** Subtitles*** Multi-servicesupport*** With YouTube Lite there is no need to watch the video(20+ mb) when you can just listen to it (4-5mb) without renderingthe video saving your data, money and battery.This app is FreeSoftware: - an other brand of NEWPIPE - disable some function tofollow Google policy. You can use, study share and improve it atyour will. Specifically you can redistribute and / or modify theterms of the GNU General Public License as published by the FreeSoftware Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at youroption) any later version.source code availableat: would like to sayTHANK YOU for NEW PIPE team for your approve to use your sourcecode.Thank you very muchhttps://newpipe.schabi.orgThank and bestregard!
Lite Messenger for Facebook Lite 3.1
lightweight alternative for both FB messenger and FB which allowsyou to call, chat, video call with your FB friends, send image,video , emoticon, gift, browse newsfeed, comments, etc... andprotect your privacy. The application including FB and Messenger,only using FB account which allows you to chat, call, video callwith your FB friends, send emoticon, videos, images, gift, browseNew Feed, comments, etc... You are looking for One applicationincluding both FB and FB messenger, working well even when internetconnection is very low, your device have not enough memory. SAVESTORAGE & BATTERY- Only 2.65MB and 18 MB after installing.-Save data than other FB lite app. We cached some static resource tohelp you save data connection.- Messenger Lite with customize themewill help change and Optimal your FB messeger.- A light alternativeclient for FB based on the web with a modern look.MANY USEFULFUNCTIONS- Background connection to FB server is optimized to savebattery life.- Simplify FB lite layout to save your battery.- Loginmulti accounts.- Share and post file, videos, images.- Downloadphotos and videos easily.- Change classic mode when slow conNecton.- Included FB and Messenger, do not require you to install separateMessenger.- Simple, Faster & Faster FB chat office.- MessengerFor FB help you filtering friends fastest, store your chat historyor recent chat conversations, notification in status bar forincoming message or changed statuses. Vibrating and soundnotification when selected friends coming online.- Intergrated newsfeed, chat (messenger)... all in one Messenger For FB for FB apps.-Material Design UI- Work well with slow network.- Easy downloadphotos and videos.- Chat with Emoticons - Lock or unlock when useapps (Coming soon)- 100% free, it only uses your internet dataconnection (2G/3G/4G) or WiFi.- Login and chat instantly using FBaccount- Friends on FB cannot know whether you read their messageor not- Receive notification from FB or new message coming-Requires only handful of permissionsPROTECT YOUR PRIVACY- Login andchat instantly using FB account with public profile (we don't needthis but it's default by FB).- Requires only handful of permissionsto let you send and receive images downloaded from FB.- Pushnotifications to make sure that you never miss a message.**We arein no way officially sponsored by or associated with Facebook inc.The name Facebook it's logos SDK, and other proprietary softwareare copyright Facebook Inc.
Amazing Girls Wallpaper 1.0
This application is a collection of all the hot girl, beauty girl,cute girl, school beauty girl, university beauty, school girl,university girlThe main features: - Display, upload photos withstunning speed. - HD image quality. - Take the hot girl image aswallpaper with one click. - Multi-touch input. - upload photosbeautiful girl on a memory card for offline viewing. - photo hotgirl is updated daily.- download photo.- share with friends viafacebook, twitter, skype...In Amazing Girls Wallpaper has a lot ofbeautiful girl, divided into 24 pages. each page including 20amazing girls image
Faster Messenger for Facebook Lite 2.5
Instantly reach the people in your life for free with FasterMessenger for Facebook Lite.SAVE STORAGE & BATTERY - FasterMessenger for Facebook Lite only use 2.5MB and 18 MB afterinstalling.- Faster Messenger for Facebook Lite help user save datathan other facebook lite app. We cached some static resource tohelp you save data connection.- Faster Messenger for Facebook Litewith customize theme will help change and Optimal your facebookmesseger.MANY USEFUL FUNCTIONS- Background connection to Facebookserver is optimized to save battery.- Simplify Facebook lite layoutto save your battery.- Faster Messenger for Facebook Lite supportlogin multiple accounts.- Share and post file, videos, images.-Download photos and videos easily.- Change classic mode when slowconnection. PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY- Login and chat instantly usingFacebook account with public profile (we don't need this but it'sdefault by Facebook).- Requires only handful of permissions to letyou send and receive images downloaded from Facebook.- BothFacebook lite and Messenger in a small app.- Push notifications tomake sure that you never miss a message.**Faster Messenger forFacebook Lite also not uses the Facebook SDK, We are in no wayofficially sponsored by or associated with Facebook inc. The nameFacebook it's logos SDK, and other proprietary software arecopyright Facebook Inc.