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Backup 3.4.00001
***FREE BACKUP*** Backup and restore tool help you to keep safeyour contacts and sms. You will never lose your data again!✔Storage Dashboard- Monitor device storage. ✔Offline Backup - Norequired any connection. Contacts and sms will be save internally.✔BACK UP All- One Click to backup all personal information easly.✔Self Service- You can select your contacts and sms one by one orall of them. Google+: Our Google+Beta community:
Battery Saver - Free 1.2.3
Comodo Battery Saver makes your phone/tablet battery last a wholelot longer and slashes how often you need to put it on charge.Through it's intelligent optimization feature, energy saving tweaksare automatically applied as your battery moves towards exhaustion.The application lets you quickly switch between power saving modesand to disable power-hungry applications with a single tap. ComodoBattery Saver also generates alerts when, for example, the batteryneeds to be unplugged from charge and gives you a detailedbreakdown of exactly which applications are using the most power.Features:* Intelligent Save - Automatically switches from normal mode toeconomy modes when the battery power reaches low levels* Power Profiles – Easily create custom profiles that suit theprecise needs of your device usage patterns* Advanced Battery Notifications - Reminds you when your batteryhas reached full charge and should be disconnected from the powersupply* Quick Actions – Enable or disable features with a single touchto quickly extend the life of your battery* Utilization Stats- At-a-glance statistics tell you which appsand features are drawing the most power
Comodo Anti Theft 3.1.3001
★★★Find My Device - Anti Theft★★★ Where is my Phone? – Don’t worryabout your phone even if it’s lost or stolen. You can control yourdevices remotely from any place, any time. ✔Control ALL yourdevices - Manage and view multiple devices through a single webinterface ✔G+ Sign In - Easily register with your Google+ account.✔Mobile Map - See the location of your devices on a map ✔ActivityLog - Monitor device activity and see when it was last online✔Uninstall Protection - Activate "Device Administrator" and make itimpossible to uninstall Anti-Theft without the account password✔Remote Protection - Send commands to your missing devices fromyour account: •Remote Locate – Reveals your device location on amap •Remote Lock – Locks your device and shows a customizedon-screen message •Remote Alarm – Sounds an alarm at the highestvolume even if your device is in silent mode •Remote Wipe – Erasesall or part of your personal data from the device •Remote Take aPicture – Lets you see who holds your device ✔Return Device toOwner - Send a customized on-screen message e.g. "I lost thisdevice. Please contact with me at my email@address". ✔Guest Mode -Quickly track your device by logging in to Anti-Theft system fromany smartphone or tablet under Guest Login. ►All communications areSSL-encrypted Google+: Our Google+Beta community:
Endpoint Manager - MDM Client
Endpoint Manager - MDM Client is the client application for ITarianEndpoint Manager. Endpoint Manager by ITarian automates theenrollment, provisioning, configuration, and management options tosave your enterprise time and money. Endpoint Manager enablesremote and seamless control over devices, giving enterprises thepower to enforce security restrictions to secure thecorporate-owned data regardless of the device that holds it. Toknow more about Endpoint Manager by ITarian, check out thefollowing page: MobileDevice Management, MDM, Endpoint Management, EM, Mobile SecurityManagement, MSM, Mobile Application Management, MAM This app usesthe Device Administrator permission
App Lock 3.3.3001
★★★COMODO App Lock★★★ App Lock is great for protecting informationon shared devices and provides a strong layer of data security ifyour device is ever lost or stolen. ★Sneak Peek: Take a photo ofsomeone who entered the wrong password 3 times -Email Alert - AppLock will noticed that an attemp to unlock your locked application-Picture Gallery - If you would like to see who tried to open yourlocked app, see on Sneak Peek Gallery ★Lock Profile: Create an AppLock profile to manage apps as you like ★Trusted Location: With thetrusted location locked apps will be disabled when you are indesignated location ★Trusted WiFi: Add a trusted WiFi network toauto disable lock function. ★Trusted Device: App Lock disabled whenbeing connected to a trusted bluetooth device or any Android WearIt is helping protect from prying eyes and nosy friends. Preventyour children from buying unwanted apps/games with applock.☆☆☆Features☆☆☆ ►PIN & Pattern Lock- Protects any apps usingpassword or pattern ►Quick Lock- You may lock app immediately whenyou install [by Enabling in settings] ►Uninstall Protection- AppLock can be prevented from being uninstall [Device Admin] ►ManageApp List- Set sorting options of your application list to 'A-Z' or'locked-at-the-top' ►Reset Pattern- Tap 'Forgot Password' toreceive a security code for password resetting ►Switch On/Off- Usestatus bar's 'quick switch' button to easly on/off App Lockfunctions ►Search App- Easy to find your apps by using the searchbar in App Lock TOTALLY FREE Google+: Our Google+Beta community:
Here's an easy way to track your customer requests even when youare mobile via Comodo One (C1) Mobile! C1 Mobile is a mobileversion of Comodo One platform. With Service Desk (ticketmanagement) which is part of C1 platform, it allows you to view,create, track, manage tickets, update ticket info and more whereveryou are and whenever you want. C1 Mobile application enablesoverall view on tickets by categorization and provides easy way tosupport customer request. All these amazing features are nowavailable for mobile and FREE. Features: - Create new tickets -Edit info and details of tickets - Total view on open, assigned toyou, overdue and unassigned tickets - Get ticket updates and alertsas notifications on your mobile device To know more about ComodoOne, if you would like to find out more or schedule a product demovisit following pages:
Comodo Security & Antivirus 2.8.2
COMODO Mobile Security providesAdvancedProtection for your devices✔Real-time protection:Always-on protection against known and emerging threats.✔Privacy Protection:Lock your apps easily to protect your privacy.✔System optimizer:You can use your device as much as efficent.CMS combines a mobile-optimized antivirus scanner with amobilesecurity manager to safeguard you against viruses, unsafeapps andpotentially risky settings. You can filter out annoyingcalls andtext messages by configuring white and black contact listsorsimply block messages by certain keywords. CMS also givesyou"Private Space" - private calls, text messages and contactsthatare for your eyes only. Anti-theft protection allows youtoremotely locate, lock, take photograph of the possessor or wipeoffyour personal data and files if the device is mislaidorstolen.★Antivirus"Always on" virus protection and an on-demand scanner helpkeepyour device clear of viruses and unsafe apps. One touch scansandscheduled scans are provided as well as a system “HealthCheck”feature that quickly identifies viruses, unsafe appsandpotentially risky settings.★Software ManagerCMS makes it easy to manage all the apps in your device. Youcanview the installed apps, take a backup or uninstall them. Withasingle tap restore uninstalled apps back to your device. Viewfulllist of apps in your device and you can choose either toinstallthem or delete them.★System OptimizerCMS gives you full visibility and control over runningprocesses.You can see how many are running, how much memory eachuses and canquickly close down the ones you don’t want. SoftwareManager helpsyou kill apps and clean temporary files in cachememory which may beslowing down your phone down.★Task SchedulerTask Scheduler allows you to automate regular taskslikeantivirus scans. You can choose to run the scan on any day oralldays at a preset time.★SMS and Call BlockingInstantly filter out annoying SMS messages and phone callsbyconfiguring black/white contact lists. Alternatively, simplyblockall text messages containing certain keywords.★Privacy ProtectionPrivate Space is where you store contacts, phone numbers andtxtmessages that are for your eyes only. Once added, only you willbeable to view those communications. App Protector also enablesyouto lock your apps from access by unauthorized users.★Privacy AdvisorPrivacy Advisor identifies those apps on your devicewhosepermissions could allow them to compromise your privacy orcost youmoney in outgoing calls/texts.★Anti-theft ProtectionRecover your device easily if it is mislaid, lost or stolen.Givecommands remotely to locate it and get a photograph of thepossessorvia email, even if SIM is changed. Lock your phone anderase alldata from device, memory and SD card just by sending amessage fromyour buddy's phone.Anti-Theft Text Codes(txt to your missing device)locate#yourpasswordalarm#yourpasswordlock#yourpasswordwipe#yourpasswordtakephoto#yourpasswordNote: Replace 'yourpassword' with your ownanti-theftpasswordBackupBackup and restore important data such as contact lists,textmessages and private space to a memory card.Traffic Monitoring and FirewallKeep track of your mobile broadband usage and blockinternetaccess to selected apps to avoid exceeding your datausageplan.Tags: Anti-virus, Antivirus, Mobile Privacy, VirusProtection,Smartphone Security, Mobile protection, Security,Backup, Find MyAndroid, Find My Phone, Lost Phone, Phone Finder,Phone Locator,Phone Tracker, Virus Protection, Trojan, Malware,Spyware, AntiTheft, Theft Protection, Stolen Phone, Anti-theft,Adware
Comodo One Home 1.3.4900
★Manage & Monitor all device in ONE Place.★Comodo One Homeadvanced solution for device management allows you to simplymonitor all family members devices.It provides multiple layers ofprotection and control for everything users do online and offline,whether they use a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or amobile phone.It can be used at home, at school, at work, oranywhere else. There is no hardware required, no complicated setup.Comodo One Home's simple web-based dashboard reports allinformation from device protected. Comodo One Home technology is sopowerful, it collects in real-time data from all devices where itis installed and enforces the rules set immediately across alldevices.★★★FEATURES★★★Manage All Devices -Add your mobile device,PC and even MacOS device easily! To start manage all devices onSingle Platform. Monitor All Activities-Como One Home smartdashboard allows you to Monitor all activities in ONE Place. ★Battery Status ★Storage Status ★RAM UsageAnti Theft - Where is mydevice?-You can send remote command (Lock,Alarm or Wipe) when yourdevice stolen or lost.Create Rules and Limits-One Home lets youmanage security rules and app usage time limits for each specificdeviceAlerts and Notification-Receive automatic alerts ornotfication when suspicious or unsafe activities are detected.SafeZone-You may know when any specific device when they reached orexit a destination safelyDevice Administrator-This app uses theDevice Administrator permission.
Cloud Based Web Filtering by Comodo SIG 1.3
Quickly sign up for free to Comodo Secure Internet Gateway Portalto start using Secure Internet Gateway App! Comodo Secure InternetGateway Portal: Comodo SecureInternet Gateway Mobile App is a part of a cloud based DNS securitysolution that enables protection against web based attacks anddomain filtering. From advanced targeted attacks to fraudulentemails and websites, Comodo Secure Internet Gateway has what ittakes to protect your system against high-level security risks andthreats wherever you are connected to the internet from. Websecurity and secure VPN connection provided by Comodo SecureInternet Gateway Mobile App works seamlessly across 2G, 3G, 4G, LTEcellular networks and Wi-Fi. Comodo Secure Internet Gateway Appoffers: ● Secure VPN Connection ● Advanced Threat Protection ● WebFiltering in Your Mobile Browser ● Mobile Activity Monitoring ● 80+Content Categories ● 20+ Threat Categories Sign up for free toComodo Secure Internet Gateway Portal to start using SecureInternet Gateway App and get other features Comodo Secure InternetGateway offers! Comodo Secure Internet Gateway Portal: Comodo Secure InternetGateway offers: ● Web Filtering ● Advanced Threat Protection ●Off-Network Protection ● Guest Wi-Fi Protection ● Granular Policies● Internal IP based Reporting ● Local DNS Resolvers Integration ●Windows Agent ● MacOS Agent ● 80+ Content Categories ● 20+ ThreatCategories
Comodo cWatch Office 1.0.1
cWatch Office is a DNS-based web security solution to protect userson and off company, office, etc. networks against advanced threatslike phishing, botnet, malicious domains and more. cWatch OfficeMobile App, on the other hand, is the tool to enable thisprotection for mobile devices.cWatch Office Mobile App can protectall Android based devices including Android tablets using VPNservices.This app will secure your device against all advancedthreats regardless of the place you are connecting to the Internetfrom. This service will work seamlessly across 2G, 3G, 4G, LTEcellular Networks and Wi-Fi.