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Quid Bid Peterlee 1.1
Quid Bid Peterlee Sunderland, add youritemsand check up to date with the latest items added to our FBgroupQuid Bid Peterlee on the move and place your bids. OurGroupRules:Every Auction Starts at £1Bids to increase minimum 50pYou must state where pickup is from and the time/day it ends. Max48hours auction time. Seller may end early if auction reaches apricethey are happy with.Please give 30 mins notice if you are doing this.Make sure you describe the item condition as best you can.Bids need to be placed under auction posts.No reserve – If you are not willing to sell from £1 don’t put itonthe group SIMPLE !When item ends seller/ buyer to communicate within 24hours.Afterthis time seller has the right to re-list if no communicationfrombuyer.If buyer gets no communication from seller please reporttoadmin.No Shill Bidding. Anyone caught doing this will be removedfromgroup.Once listed on the group auction you are expected to sell it onhereonce bids are placed. Anyone removing and selling elsewherewill beremoved.Messers and timewasters are extremely annoying. Please reporttheseto admin.*** Please note Admin are not responsible for the conditions ofanyitems sold on the page. It is the buyers responsibility tocheckall goods they are purchasing ***Anyone who refuses to sell an item or deletes it from the pagewhenthe price reached is not what they expected will be removed asthisseems to be annoying a lot of people.Any local Businesses wishing to advertise on this grouppleasemessage admin for details.99% of the buyers/sellers on the group play by the rules andmakethe site work. Report the people who dont and help keep thegroupworking well !!***To clarify auctions that for instance say end at 9pm allbidswill be valid until the clocks says 9.01pm. This is to make upforany bid lag that occurs and is easier for admins to decidewinnersin close auctions SO BIDS THAT SHOW 9.00 ARE VALID IF A BIDSHOWS9.01 THESE ARE INVALD !!! OH AND THE TIMES ARE BY THEFACEBOOKCLOCK NOT BY THE GENUINE ROLEX YOU WON ON QUID BID ORTHETELETEXT.***
CP0 Mail 1.2
Login in to your email on the move,fastreliable, Secure, you can login with multiple email account oraddmore in your emaill account, this app is multilanguage/