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Piano Tiles 6 (Don't Tap 6) 1.0.3
CPU Studio
Piano Tiles 6 (the sequel to the hugelypopular game Piano Tiles (Don't Tap the White Tile) is a collectionof simple Android arcade and puzzle games.66 game modes (classic Don't tap the white tiles mode, Flappy mode,Frozen mode ...) for you to try including (but not limited to), newgameplay, a global competition mode give your fingers a fast pacedthrill with the elegance of piano playing.* What's new in Piano Tiles 6 (Don't Tap The White Tile 6):- Many awesome game modes so you never bored.- Classic Piano Tile: Get 20/50/100/200/ tiles as fast aspossible.- Flappy Mode: Don't die and don't be crazy.- Piano Arcade Mode: Do not miss any tiles and go fast as youcan.- Frozen Mode: You must break the ice first, then keep going.- Running Mode: Run for your life! Run like crazy! Go.- Fire Mode: Ready Aim Fire! Shoot them all...- Turning Mode: Watch your tap, it's turning around.- Candle Mode: Don't let the candle burn out.- Stick Mode: Watch out! If the stick is not long enough, you willfall down!- Circle Mode: Cross the circle.- Shake Mode: Watch out! The Earthquake is happening.- Tower Mode: Make the tower higher and higher.- Spikes Mode: Make the dot fly! Don't touch the spikes!- Doodle Mode: How high can you jump?- Crossy Mode: Cross roads, endlessly hop forever.- Surfer Mode:- Multicolored themes & dozens of color options- Smooth gameplay- Optimized for high resolution screens.* How to Play Classic Mode;The rules of Piano Tiles 6 are clear: just tap the black tiles tothe music and avoid tapping anywhere else. Try it out, enjoy thepiano music, train your fingers to be faster, and see if you canbeat your friends!All games in Piano Tiles 6 are free to playAvoid the white tiles, control the bird, don't touch the spikes, becareful while crossing the road, don't touch the geometrydash...Get ready to beat your own record!There are also versus Mode so you can play with your friend(multiplayer game).Let's play and became a virtuoso, just tapping and tappingIf you like Piano Tiles 6, please write a review for it.
Free DS Emulator pb1.0.0.1
CPU Studio
Enjoy playing your Nintendo DS game on your Android device athighest speed. Features:- Play Nintendo DS games- Save game states-Load game states- Control buttons and game screen editable- Andmore ... download and discover yourself!- Believe or not: all thiscool features are FREE.ATTENTION: This emulator is only to playprivate backups of legal Nintendo DS games. This product is notaffiliate with or endorsed by Nintendo!. Please DO NOT ask for ROM,those requests are to be ignored.
NDS Emulator - For Android 6 pb1.0.0.1
CPU Studio
Enjoy playing your Nintendo DS game on your Android device athighest speed. Features: - Play Nintendo DS games, support NDSfiles (.nds, .zip ..) - Save game states - Load game states -Control buttons and game screen editable - Supports Android 6.0+and External Controller - And more ... download and discoveryourself! - Believe or not: all this cool features are FREE.ATTENTION: This emulator is only to play private backups of legalNintendo DS games. This product is not affiliate with or endorsedby Nintendo!. Please DO NOT ask for ROM, those requests are to beignored.
Fast Piano Tiles: Become a pianist 1.1.6
CPU Studio
Fast Piano Tiles: Become a pianist - a new game for winterchristmas 2018. Play for Free! Are you the piano master who nevermiss the fastest piano tiles? It's show time! Have you ever dreamedof becoming a professional pianist like Beethoven, Chopin orMozart? Have you ever dreamed of playing classical songs likeLittle Star, Canon or Jingle Bells on piano? Your dream can cometrue with Fast Piano Tiles: Become a pianist, with this piano appeven a child can play classical songs like a real piano master.It's easy to learn and incredibly fun to play! By tapping on thepiano black tiles, you can play your favorite songs like the bestpianists! Game rule: Fast Piano Tiles: is very easy to play. Tap onthe piano black tiles continuously to play the music. Watch out forthe white tiles and never miss any piano black tiles to completeevery song! Download Fast Piano Tiles now and play forever for FREEwhile improving your reaction speed and musical skill! Magichappends. You are now a Pianist.