Filters for Snapchat 2018 1.0.1
Filters for Snapchat let you easy share your photo on musical.lyand any other social network. You can find everything you need inFilters for Snapchat us as cat face, doggy face, face filters formusically, funny styles.How to use Filters for Snapchat 2018- Takea picture or select a photo from gallery- Edit photo: eye makeup,lips makeup, eyelashes makeup, eyebrow makeup, remove blemishes,white teeth and white face- Crop, rotate, fit 1:1 Instagram, zoomin – out photo by easy touch- Add over 1000 stickers on your photo-Puss your face on snap photo with fantastic effects photo filters-Unique filter, overlays an typography to your photo- Add text onphoto- Set wallpaper and share on Snapchat or social networkEnjoyFilters for Snapchat 2018
Filters for Selfie 2018 1.0.0
Filters for Selfie let you create your beautiful with cat face,cute doggy face, emoji, monster, glasses, hat, heart effect, flowercrown, snap face, face filers for snapchat, funny style and makeupcamera. After edit photo, you can easy share your photo on snapchatand any social network.Filters for Selfie with features- Uniquefilter, overlays an typography to your photo- Puss your face onsnap photo with fantastic effects photo filters- Edit photo: eyemakeup, lips makeup, eyelashes makeup, eyebrow makeup, removeblemishes, white teeth and white face- Add over 5000 sticker oneyour photo- Add text on image and overlay on your photo- Adjust,crop, fit 1:1 Instagram, rotate, zoom in out by simple touch- Setwallpaper and share on Snapchat or social networkIf you loveFilters for Selfie, please rate 5 stars for us and don’t forgetshare to your friends.Thank you
Filters for Tumblr 1.0.0
Filters for Tumblr let you create your beautiful with cat face,cute doggy face, emoji, monster, glasses, hat, heart effect, flowercrown, snap face, face filers for snapchat, funny style and makeupcamera. After edit photo, you can easy share your photo on snapchatand any social network.Filters for Tumblr with features- Uniquefilter, overlays an typography to your photo- Puss your face onsnap photo with fantastic effects photo filters- Edit photo: eyemakeup, lips makeup, eyelashes makeup, eyebrow makeup, removeblemishes, white teeth and white face- Add over 5000 sticker oneyour photo- Add text on image and overlay on your photo- Adjust,crop, fit 1:1 Instagram, rotate, zoom in out by simple touch- Setwallpaper and share on Snapchat, Tumblr or social networkIf youlove Filters for Tumblr, please rate 5 stars for us and don’tforget share to your friends.Thank you 2.10.0
Heart Crown Filter has given you the chance to look super kawaiiwith hundreds of heart crown effect, flower crown, dog face camera,cat stickers... Crown heart stickers are simple to add: Take a picor choose one from gallery, then select your favorite heart crown /cat sticker or dog sticker / flowers crown, place them in yourphoto & done. Want to look beautiful like a princess now withPhoto Booth Flower Crown Heart Effect application you can add heartcrown and flower crown How to use Heart Crown Photo Editor ★ Openthe image from your gallery ★ Select your favorite photos ★ Add andselect Sticker Heart Crown ★ Drag to your picture ★ Resize and playwith multitouch ★ Touch next to preview mode ★ Share your greatFunny Heart Crown stickers photo to your friends ★ Or save to yourdevice Feature of Crown Heart Effect ★ Easy to use with a simpleinterface ★ More than 50++ Flower Crown sticker, Heart Crownsticker, cat face sticker, dog face sticker and heart/bird effect ★Easily add text and change font, style to text ★ Amazing photo fxfilter ★ Save your photos with Full HD quality ★ Share yourphotographer with friends through social networking Heart CrownPhoto Editor is the perfect choice to look super kawaii.
Edit Face Camera 2.9.0
Selfie Camera is a free, feature-rich selfie camera for Androidusers in 2018. Funny sticker, beauty, amazing filters and otheruseful features are all in Selfie Camera. Selfie Camera pushed theLatest features - Make up, come and try it! Download Selfie Camerato beautify pictures. It is the best camera of Sefie system andwill meet your unique needs. The best beauty & makeup function,make your skin tone great, selfie colorful. Selfie Camera not onlymake you beautiful but also turn you pictures to artwork. It is afree powerful photo collage maker & photo editor and easy touse, just kids can use it easily.  More amazing filters,posters and stickers are on the way Selfie Camera record all greatmoments in life! Use Selfie Camera to make fashion posters andpictures and images exceedingly stylish and gorgeous. 🌟 MassiveFilters   150+ realistic photo effects for your photoediting selection. Apply lens flare effects or create light leakedphotos. Photoshop your own images. Photoshop your own images. 🌟Collage Maker  Turn your photo collection into amazingcollage, more than 50 photo frames to be selected. One click to getPhotoshop effects. 🌟 Private Gallery  Lock your private photosand videos. Feel free to make up your own photo collections. 🌟Funny Sticker  Have fun editing with Emotion, Animal Face andmore… 🌟Fashion Magazine Another style of collage, publish your ownmagazine now! 🌟Mirror Effect  Double yourself, double fun.Just one touch to make a copy of you in the photo. Funnier photoediting to be found. 🌟Pic-in-pic Photo  The coolest pic-in-picphoto effect ever. Glasses, Polaroid, Bubble, Drops and other photoediting effects. 🌟Dynamic Photo  Apply live photo effects withone touch, have your photos moving and fancy on your Instagram andFacebook! Show your outstanding photos now! 🌟Photo Editor Funnyemoji, doodle, tilt-shift and more…
Girls Hairstyles 2018 1.0.0
Your hairstyle speaks a lot about you. Hence, it is of utmostimportance that you choose the right hairstyle to suit yourpersonality as well as to match your attire. But, how to choose theright hairstyle that would suit you and ensure that you make headsturn?In this app, we have different types of hairstyles for girlsand serial hairstyle tutorial for girls. With Girls Hairstyles2018, you will become your own hairdresser and play with modernhaircuts or amazing hair colors.Experience the virtual and try outnumerous realistic hair stickers! Browse our gallery and make aselection among long hair, short hairstyle, braided hairstyles andmany others...Welcome to the world of super cute and popular hairtrend! Discover best collection of ‘‘hairstyles for women’’ withthis trending app! Features.- Girls Hairstyles 2018 is the bestphoto app to add new hairstyle on your photo and the best way toknow how do you look with the new hairstyle!- Simple, easy andelegant.- Awesome filters- Excellent performance - the photos arecreated in 1-2 seconds- You can zoom in and out the images. Zoom inand Zoom out option for clear image- Find your perfect hairstyle bychanging photo!- Add Text on photo- Lot of magic art effects,Brightness, Contrast, Saturation...- Awesome Blouse Designsphotos!- High Quality Image.- Has the best Girls sticker collectionfor girls!- Your best hair style guide for any hair types!- SaveHair style designs to your favourites list- Images can be save andshared to your friend and family via social application, email orsms.- Very easy to use and absolutely FREE!- All kind of mobilesand tablets are supported.Thank you for using Girls Hairstyles2018!
Christmas Santa Cap Photo Editor 2.7.0
Hello guys! Let's celebrate Christmas with Christmas Santa CapPhoto Editor by turning your boring pictures into happy Christmasparty theme! Christmas Cap Photo Editor is an awesome app whichedit your photo with latest collection of Christmas caps. Santaclaus cap photo editor is really unique and very easy to use. WithChristmas New Year hats 2018, converts any image, photo into anunforgettable memory with many frames specially designed forChristmas. “Christmas Cap Sticker" are a great way to displayphotos of happy memories. This is awesome way to say ‘MarryChristmas’. Its crazy for you Christmas Santa Cap photo Editor,With this Christmas magic camera photo montage, you will enjoyDecorate your images into beautiful stylish happy Christmas cap byadding photo frames and stickers of Santa Claus caps,cap photoeditor, reindeer, Christmas Cap photo Editor, Christmas cap formen, Christmas cap for women, Christmas cap for boys and christmascap photo editor for girls and much more in with christmas photobooth. Create special Christmas gift using your photos and frames!Numerous “Christmas frames” are specially designed to beautify yourpictures and create awesome Christmas photos! Just imagine theendless possibilities it offers. You can take a family photo, putit in a nice frame and put some Christmas stickers and Caps. It isvery easy, in this santa claus photo editor just taking a newpicture or choose old photo from your mobile device and startediting using our user friendly photo editing tools include photocollage and photo frame, photo editor. Easy editing app Christmascap photo editor you can edit your photo,snap,selfie and share iton Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, with your friends and family. Hugeselection of amazing Christmas cap, christmas hat, frame andsticker collections are waiting for you to use. Christmas Cap PhotoStikers Editor is an awesome app which edit your photo with latestcollection of Christmas caps. Santa claus cap photo editor isreally unique and very easy to use. This Stylish “Christmas CapSticker” free photo editor offers you Christmas frames, trees,bells, Santa’s cap n beard & various categories of stickersalso you can draw Christmas patterns and colors over on yourspicture. Christmas is really special time of the year. Both kidsand adults are looking forward to the time celebrated with familyand friends, the most favorite holiday around the world. Features:- No internet connections are requiring. - Select your photo fromcamera and gallery. - Zoom in Zoom Out or rotate your photo. -Provide huge collection of Christmas cap with different shape. -Provide advance editing tool. - Apply Diffrent Christmas Caps andhats on your photo. - Save your creation on SD card on your deviceor other folder on your choice. - Share your photo on social mediawith friends and family members. Download now and have fun createunique Christmas photo theme and share it with your friends orfamily with Christmas Cap Photo Editor!
Animal Photo Frames 2019 2.9.0
If you like nature and animals, smart wildlife photo frame this isthe right app for you! You will be thrilled when you see yourimages surrounded with wildlife animal photo frames lions, tigers,elephants, giraffes, bears and many others. Photo editor withanimal effect are so beautiful. Have a safari trip, watching almostevery kind of animals on your phone. You can see tigers, lions,pandas, zebras, kangaroos, and what is even better you can put yourimages in cool “animal backgrounds photo editor” from Wild AnimalPhoto Frames collection. Wild animal photo editor is best animalphoto editor and also animal photo frames ,animal photo maker youcan create photo with lion photo editor and lion photo frame thebest app like lion photo frame 2017, elephant photo editor, allanimal photo editor, wild life photo frame. This is the rightmoment to make your pictures look selfie with animals wild. Addextraordinary photo effects and photo filters to your pictures. Youcan find everything in this amazing photo manipulation animal bodyphoto editor software and animal 3d wallpaper.It offers you acollection of amazing borders, inspired with all animal photoeditor. Download “wild life photo frame” and apply nice wild photoframe for photos. Nature Photo Editor has a collection of wonderfulnature photo backgrounds and nature photo frames.Water Photo Editorhas a collection of awesome water photo backgrounds and water photoframes. Love Photo Editor has a collection of Romantic love PhotoBackgrounds, love photo frames and love stickers. Stickers: mentattoo, women tattoo, women wedding flower crown, girls flowercrown, Emoji stickers, Smiley Stickers, Women hair style, Manhairstyle, men mustache, mustache and beard, man beard, mensunglass, women sunglass, Doggy face, animal face, Candy sticker,Cartoon mouth, Cartoon Tongue, Man hat, Woman Hat, Birthday Cake,Snap Dog Stickers, Dog ears mouth Tongue stickers, Cat ears mouthstickers etc. Features Wild Animal Photo Editor: - Pick images fromgallery or take photo from camera. - Adjust your photo, drag,rotate, pinch zoom in, zoom out. - Add text on frames withdifferent colors and styles. - Many 20+ Different types Of AmazingAnd Unique wild animal photo editor. - Effective user interface. -Use wide range of smiley and stickers to make your pic classic. -You can choose from multiple creative Sticker - Give Awesomeeffects to make your photo more beautiful and realistic. - Givephoto effect like grey scale, hue, contrast, many color effects andmore.. - Diwali photo editor. - Diwali photo frame is special WildAnimal Used. - Save images with high resolution. - Share your photowith social media. 2.11.0
Waterfall Photo Editor has a collection of beautiful waterfallphoto backgrounds and waterfall photo frames. Waterfalls are beautyof nature. Water is in the form of waterfall, rivers, sea, beachetc. there are different types of waterfalls are in the world. Itis small or big, waterfall is really beautiful and taking selfiewith waterfall is a great experience. All people may not get chanceto take selfie with waterfall. This waterfall photo editor has manybeautiful waterfall photos which will help you to set waterfallbackground to your photos. Selfie with waterfall like name you cangive name to your selfie. Waterfall photo backgrounds and waterphoto frames will make your photos more beautiful. Stickers:
SmileyStickers, Emoji stickers, Snap Dog Stickers, doggy face stickers,Man hairstyle, Women hair style, men mustache, mustache and beard,man beard, men tattoo, women tattoo, men sunglass, women sunglass,Man hat, Woman Hat, women wedding flower crown, girls flower crown,Dog ears mouth Tongue, Cat ears mouth stickers, animal face, Candysticker, Cartoon mouth, Cartoon Tongue, Birthday Cake etc.Features: - Select your photo from gallery or Take a selfie orCapture a picture with Camera. - You can erase unwanted Background.- Undo and redo options to correct the mistakes while erasing orediting your pictures. - Add text on your photos with differentstyle fonts and colors. - Add photo backgrounds to your photos orset any photo from your gallery as background to your photo. - Youcan create none background or single color background. - Applycolor effects on the pic to make it more beautiful. - Save thefinal image and set as a wallpaper. - You can save and share thepics with your friends on all social media networks like whatsapp,face book, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Picasa, flicker,Snapchat, LinkedIn and use whatsapp profile pic or face bookprofile pic.
Desert Photo Frames 1.0.1
Do you want to make the amazing and stylish look with Most popularDesert frame and effect? Desert Frames Photo Editor is a great andideal app. These frames are romantic,lovely and fantastic. The mostbeautiful deserts around the world can be a part of your pics now!!You can purely get a natural effect of the Desert with theseembellish Photo Frames. By using this "Desert Photo Editor - DesertPhoto Frames" app you can get good pictures of the desert withfriends and loved ones. You can decorate your image with Desertphoto frames and make your memories pictures in collage templates,photo in photo and magazine PIP style, collage maker, photo gridand make them unforgettable... Desert Photo Frame is powerful photoediting software tool to make your photos beautiful by decoratingthem with fantastic free Desert photo frame and effects. In thisdigital photo booth will take you in the magical world ofphotography art and show you that everything is possible.Feature:-Beautiful design for both phones and tablets- Select picture fromgallery, camera or selfie.- Choose Desert frame you like from Widerange of Latest fashioned, and Stylish collection- Edit photo withtwo finger gestures Scale, zoom and move your Picture to Fitperfect within the template.- Adjust your photo with Contrast,Brightness, Saturation, provide Perspective, red-eye, white balanceand backlight corrections with this perfect. Also, make Blendphotos.- 20+ amazing magical effects and photo filters with PhotoEditorLike boost, brightness, color, contrast, emboss, engrave,flea, gaussian, gamma, greyscale, sharpen, sepia, hue, invert,saturation and many others.- Internet Connection required for theonly first time then you can use all app offline.- Interface isVery easily and user-friendly.- Prank photo editor for kids andadults!- HD quality templates with vivid colors.- Pictures can befiltered, by using the vignette option, of this pic editing tool.-Save your Photo in sd card.- Photo Designer and FB Cover PageCreator- Set your new insta pic as wallpaper on your home screen,Profile DP or screen lock background!- Share your Creations withfriend and family Via WhatsApp, Flickr, Facebook, Pinterest,Picasa, Line, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and other socialnetworks.Make my Photo stylish Instatly: You must have this photoframe app make your birthday photo, anniversary photo, Valentinephotos, love photos and wedding photos, beautiful picnic or collegegroup more beautiful with frames and save in your albums.PhotoEditor:You will get best photography art and make color effectphoto with frame and create beautiful photos.
Happy New Year Photo Frames 2018 1.0.1
We offer you awesome "photo effects" and "photo stickers" that willhelp you decorate your old pics and turn them into pretty "freeecards" and make your holiday memories last forever! "Happy NewYear Photo Frames 2018" is an all-in-one photo studio and photobooth where you can find the most amazing layouts, patterns andtemplates to "edit photos" into a masterpiece. So be inspired andlet you imagination create loads of funny pictures and personalizedcards!Now you can make perfect greeting cards and personalizedecards in the blink of an eye – easily and totally free of charge!Edit photos your own way, add cute stickers, choose your favoritetemplates and layouts. Explore all the options of this selfiecamera app and the best photo editor on the app market. You arejust a few clicks away from the best photo montage ever, so set outon a neverending journey through the winter wonderland and enjoythe ride! Put your face in the hole of some of our beautiful picframes, adjust it, merge and blend and have whole little fun fordays! Utilize all the photo filters that are at your disposal, makea collage with your favorite pictures and wish a happy new year ina unique way! Forget about complicated photoshop programs with lotsof useless options. Let your imagination run wild and in a fewswipes of a finger your ordinary images will be embellished withawesome photo effects and will be ready to convey your best wishesto your loved ones. Send your season's greetings wrapped up inbeautiful colors and shapes! The time has come to startcelebrating! Gather your old pictures and start making the mostbeautiful "greeting cards" to send to all your friends on yourAndroid™ device. Happy New Year Photo Frames 2018 is a new "photoeditor" with the cutest "photo frames" available that will make"photo editing" a memorable experience. Create plenty of "Christmascards" and spread the fun all around!The best ecard maker is infront of you, so start photo editing right now and let this festiveseason be the happiest ever! Write your favorite quotation, puttext on pics, add amazing photo effects – make perfection andsharpen your photo editing skills at the same time! Convert yourimage of the year 2017 into a handmade greeting card with the bestwishes for the new year 2018! Share your photo montage on socialnetworks and brag about your works of art!Features:- Easy and funto use image editor and funny photo studio!- Use a picture fromyour gallery or take a picture with your instant camera.- Zoom inand out, rotate, adjust.- Choose among cute stickers with New Yearand Christmas symbols: ornaments, Christmas trees, stockings,gifts, shiny stars, gingerbread men, snowmen, fireworks, snowflakes and many more..- The best "selfie camera" app with plenty ofcute stickers and frames for photo editing.- Edit photos like a prowith the best photo editor and selfie camera Happy New Year PhotoFrames!- Save your "photo montage" and virtual greeting cards inyour gallery!- Set your new photo montage and funny pics aswallpaper background on your phone or tablet!- Share your postcardswith all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram..Take atour of this unique photo studio and what you find there will leaveyou breathless! This best free pic editing program will make allyour wishes come true, so start playing with cute filters andeffects and make a perfect collage with no waste of time! Downloadthis best of free apps and an awesome pic card maker and lots offun is guaranteed! Add a few ornaments to your old selfies and thebest pic collage is ready to put a smile on your face! So let the"Happy New Year Photo Frames 2018" guide you through a magicalworld of various designs and shapes that will paint your pictureswith the brightest colors imaginable!
Nature Photo Frames 2018 1.0.1
Would you like your pictures to be appearing in the beautifulNature frame? These fantasy frames are ideal for you to frame yourmemories and make them unforgettable. Using this app you can makephotos more beautiful by decorating them with fantastic free naturephoto frame,effects, text and stickers.Nature Photo Editor has acollection of wonderful nature photo backgrounds and Nautre PhotoFrames. Nature has green trees, colorful flowers, Green Hill,Mountain, Water, Waterfall, Ocean, Sea, Seashore, beach, Mountains,Forests, Rivers and Pure Nature Themed Photo frames. Everyone likesnature very much. Nature is always beautiful. Nature gives peace ofmind. Nature is God’s gift to all. In other way we can say love isNature, Friendship is Nature. Day and Night is Nature. Sunrise andSunset is nature. Rain is Nature. Water is Nature. Snowfall isnature. People in city and village like Nature. Nautre photo Framesare in this Nautre Photo Editor. Nautre Photo Editor has NautrePhoto Frames and nature photo backgrounds.Awesome Filters:- We giveyou 50+ best filter effect for your photo.- There are lots upfilter that you try like: Lomo, Hefe, Toaster ,Earlybird, Hudsun,etc.- Make your image stylish by many filter effect.Stylish Text:-Of ready made Nature Photo Frame..- Add cool and stylish font toyour Download this photo editor app to find more features andlots-Give your text to Color, Shadow, metal backgroundetc.StickersWomen hair style, Man hairstyle, men mustache, mustacheand beard, man beard, men sunglass, women sunglass, men tattoo,women tattoo, women wedding flower crown, girls flower crown, Emojistickers, Smiley Stickers, Doggy face, Snap Dog Stickers, Dog earsmouth Tongue stickers, Cat ears mouth stickers, animal face, Candysticker, Cartoon mouth, Cartoon Tongue, Man hat, Woman Hat,Birthday Cake etc.Features:- This photo editor app is completelyfree download.- Take Selfie or Take pics with your camera or selectgallery photos.- Erase unwanted background. Leave it with nonebackground or create any single color background.- Add anybackground slide from the list with your photo. More than 30 photoNature frame designs are provided.- Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoomout or drag the photo to fit the frame as you like.- Add colorfultext with stylish text fonts.- Select and apply hairstyle,sunglass, Tattoo, flower crown, animal face stickers on your photoby drag it to the right position, rotate it, multi touch to resizeit and fit it on your photo face.- Make your pic colorful &Beautiful with Photo color effects.- This photo editor applicationsupports all screen resolutions of mobile and tablet devices.-Final image can be set us a wallpaper.- You can save the finalimage and share with your friends or girlfriends on all socialmedia networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp,Instagram, Snapchat, Flicker, Pinterest, Picasa and use Whatsappprofile pic, Facebook profile pic, etc.
2018 Calendar Photo Frames 1.0.1
2018 Calendar with Various Photo Calendar themes including PhotoCalendar, Scenic Calendar, Hindu Calendar, Christian Calendar,Islamic Calendar.2018 Calendars lets you create Photo Calendars forany month of the year 2018. Calendars comes in various stylesincluding Nature Calendars, Scenic Calendars and religiouscalendars.2018 Calendars comes in 6 different styles:Photo Calendar- Photo calendars comes in style with various textures for calendarand embed photo on top of calendar. Photo Calendar is best way tocreate Photo Calendar 2018. Create Stylish photo calendar 2018 withyour gorgeous photos.Calendar on Photo - Calendar on photo is bestway to create custom photo calendars. You can select a photo andembed the monthly calendar anywhere on the photo. Calendar on photois best way to create gorgeous photo calendar.Christian Calendar -Create christian calendars with gorgeous calendar styles. Jesuscalendars are here to create 2018 Jesus calendars. Christmascalendars and christian calendars are the best religiouscalendars.Hindu Calendar - Hindu Calendars comes with Hindu GodCalendars. Embed Monthly calendars on Hindu God Photos. Create bestHindu Calendars with Hindu God Photos created by our artists. HinduCalendar include Ganesh Calendar, Shiva Calendar, LaxmiCalendar.Islamic Calendar - Islamic Calendar is best way to have areligious calendar if you are a muslim. Muslim Calendar 2018 isbest islamic calendar.Scenic Calendar - Create scenic calendarswith Calendar styles.Create best looking Monthly calendars with our2018 Photo Calendar app.
Eye Color Changer 2018 1.0.0
Eye Color Changer 2018 is a smart app for you to try out hundredsof exotic eye colors and effects on your photo. Don't need applyingmakeup or lenses, you can try all of these.Try out many differenteye colors and eye effects on your own photos. You can have blueeyes, green eyes, even cat eyes. Try out all of these effects andmany more for FREE with this easy to use photo editor. Its verysimple simulation app for changing eye color of your choice.EyeColor Changer 2018 lets you to change the color of your eyes! Usinga unique blending technique creates an effect that looks verynatural on the eyes. It works equally well for both dark and lightcolored eyes.Feature:- Many realistic and natural eye colors tochoose from.- Eye color changer that makes your eyes look real.-Select your photo from Phone Gallery, New Photo from Camera,Facebook photos from your account, Instagram photos from youraccount or anyone you follow.- Change the size of your eyes to makethem bigger and more beautiful. You can Zoom in and adjust fancyeyes on photo eyes to make it fit perfectly. - Create photo gridsand photo collages.- Tens of fancy borders and frames.- Brightness,Saturation adjustments, unique effects, add text and caption tophotos.- Try on new colored eye contacts and colored eye lenses.-Create your own eye color from photo gallery- Adjust Eye opacity tomerge with pic- Save and share eyed photos with friends andfamily.We added following new Features: Funny Eyes, Animal Eyes,Add Emoji's to Photos - Add to your photos and turn your photosinto funny photo.It works on everyone - babies, kids and adults alike. Enjoy hours of entertainment testing the app on your friends,family and your favorite celebrities!Thank you for using Eye ColorChanger 2018.
Butterfly Photo Frames 1.0.0
Would you like your pictures to be appearing in the beautifulButterfly Photo Frames allows you to frame your memories withbutterfly and make them unforgettable also this photo frame to makeyour own live wallpaper. Look like a real Princess in just fewseconds with fantastic Butterfly Photo Frames App.Butterfly PhotoFrame, App framework butterfly photo frame and beautiful framedelivery to you, with a customization photo frame butterfly prettyrich that a frame free popular and frame your photos are the best.You can depict your picture more beautiful, attractive, fantastic,amazing, wonderful, fabulous, tremendous, great, remarkable, anddecorate with the help of this app. You can have fun with yourfriends by using this photo editing application.This Butterflyphoto frames is a fantastic photo editor tool that helps you tocreate top photo album instantly by altering with unique andinnovative Photo makeup! Photo editing tools sharpness, shadow andhighlight adjustment, tilt shift Photo filters, Great photo editortools. Unique photo effects: use them as collage templates formaking unique photo collage, Auto photo editing tools, auto colorand auto contrast, 200+ background patterns, Stickers, tags,emojis, texts, and photo frames, light special effects and textureeffect for making unique photo collages, Rotate, mirror, flipimages, drag or swap them, pinch to zoom in or out.You will loveyour new photo, picture grid making and photo editing skills!Become a pro in making awesome Butterfly Photo Frames. Easily shareyour edited images on any social networking platform. PerfectButterfly Photo Frames app for your android phone.Select any photo/ picture from gallery or take a picture using camera and embed thephoto of your choice into beautiful Butterfly Photo Frames. You caneasily apply different color, photo effects or fonts to yourpictures with Butterfly Photo Frames.Gorgeous features forButterfly Photo Frames :- Easy to use.- Butterfly Photo Frames iscompletely free download.- Butterfly Photo Frames does not requireinternet connection.- Butterfly Photo Frames Makes you acelebrity.- Multiple Butterfly Photo Frames available.- You have avast collection of frames to adorn your Butterfly photos withButterfly Photo Frames app.- Select a photo or picture from galleryor capture it with your camera phone in real time.- You can addtext to the frame, Can change the size, color and font of the textat any time.- You can Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag thephoto to fit the frame as you like- Give different effects to yourphotos with more than 30 Butterfly HD Framesapp.- Butterfly PhotoFrames app supports all screen resolutions of mobile andtabletdevices.- Stitch pics together within a few taps!- Make blurbackground to your photos.- Add tilt shift to your photos.- Makecreative photo grids.- Enjoy making unique photo collages, re-mixphoto grids and edit your photos with Collage Photo Maker PicGrid!- This application supports all screen resolutions of mobileand tablet devices.- Save your image to SD card.- Save your newedited Butterfly Photo Frames images and share it instantlyWhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Facebook, Twitter, email and other socialnetworks.Download this Butterfly Photo Frames app to experience thereal magic of Photo mania by original and fun compositions of yourfavorite photos and also impress others with this beautiful designsof butterflies!If you like this appShare App via WhatsApp,Telegram, Line, Facebook, Tw
Beauty Makeup - Magic Selfie Makeovers 1.0.0
You Makeup, makeup photo editor pro & face editor with manyamazing makeup effects. Photo effect edited by You Makeup canachieve the professional level of studio.You Makeup, makeup editor& selfie editor, contains more than 100+ makeup styles. Becauseof the makeups, stickers, art filters and many other amazingfeatures. You can easily get selfie in studio level with perfectphoto effect.FEATURE☆Beautify & Make upYou Makeup offers thefunction of snapshots beautifying and make up in one tap! So easyto be beautiful.☆SnapshotsOne tap to take a lot of self-snapshots,Change different poses and snap away until you get desired finished in seconds.☆Auto-RecognitionThe advanced Smart FaceRecognition System adopted helps to detect facial features fasterand makes your makeup precisely and naturally fit.☆Numerous makeupeffects & DIY makeup100+ makeups effects under tens of makeupthemes, keeps your makeup of everyday special.MAIN FUNCTIONS►BeautyCamera Not only could it be used as a makeover app, but also amust-have or selfie camera. Beauty Camera has the same effects asanother apps, but easier to use.Take a selfie with our camera orchoose a photo, then you can start to beautify.※Face-framing: Getdark eyes, straight nose and V-shaped face in seconds!※Teethwhitening: Gorgeous smile seems go better with whiten-teeth※Eyesbeautify: widen your eyes and reinforce the contour, it makes youreyes more beautiful.※Smile: Click Smile, then mouth slightly upwardto show more charming smile.► Beauty Makeups※various makeupsYoumakeup has four default makeups: Natural EastStyle, West Style,Men. Each one of them has more than 100+ makeup looks. It alsoregularly rolls out other makeup looks, such as Summer, OL,Foreign, Macarons, Halloween etc. All makeups can be localdownloaded for off-line makeups.※defined makeupscomplexion, blush,eyeshadow, lip color, Over 20 kinds of color system were offered tokeep your makeup of everyday special.※fun makeupsNew and popularmakeup effects added! Rose , Caribbean , lace .... Can’t wait totry! Be the shiniest queen in seconds. What’s more, we havelaunched a special eye roll makeup effect.►Share YourBeauty! Get You Makeup today and create great makeup selfie,Share it to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, makes your selfie tobe the hottest photo!►PaintLab※One-tap to turn photos intoartworks.Variety of photo art filters are ready! You can use photoeditor pro to make your selfie or snapshot an artwork, retouchphotos with photo art filters to make different photo effect. Justturn photos into artworks.How to take a selfie with YouMakeup? Step 1. Tap “Camera”, smile and take a selfie, orselect a photo from Gallery.Step 2. Try your favorite makeup fromnumerous makeup effects.Step 3. Tap “Makeup” to better your makeupeffect. Create the most suitable and charming looks!
Hair Styles - Mens Hair Cut Pro 1.0.0
HairStyles - Mens Hair Cut Pro is a collection of beauty hair andstyles. Mens Hair Cut Pro is an amazing hair style app allow you tochange hair cut and style.For men this hairstyles app is the bestface changer ever . You can also apply lot of photo effects andhair styles. Find modern, trendy hair styles for men and royal lookmustaches, you could find a proper hair style which suits to yourface . You will look handsome, smart and stylish moreelegant.HairStyles - Mens Hair Cut Pro is make fantastic ManHairstyle maker enables you to convert your beauty selfies intoextraordinary pics with picture effect in a matter of seconds.There are many styles for you to choose from: good guy hairstyles,fashionable hairstyles for guys, hairstyles for men according toface shape, for men, boys trendy haircuts, best hairstyles,celebrity styles, wavy, curly, straight, short, classic, trendy,wild, virtual men hairstyles show great variety.HairStyles - MensHair Cut Pro will give you a new hottest look and surely you willlook handsome hunk. It is specially for you which are regularlyinterested in stylish look. It is easy use and you can also eraseunwanted portions from your photo with very simple steps.Features:- Collection of Cute hairstyle and style.- All styles designed tofit to any face .- Allow to erase unwanted portion.- Powerful flipoption to fit hair style into your face.- Easy rotation and zoom .-Easy to use and share in Social mediaHow to use:- Just Choose yourphoto from your gallery or you can capture from camera.- Selectyour hair style - Scale and rotate to fit hair style to your face.-Erase unwanted portion .- Flip left and right.- Apply effects tothe final output.- You can save your design to gallery or set it towallpaper.- Share your photo withSocial media like : Face-book,Instagram...
Baby Story Camera 2.9.0
Baby Story Camera the best photo editor to create your pregnancyand baby's born story. Baby Story makes your pregnancy time &baby milestones into cute photo stories with professional stickers& fonts. Capture your pregnancy moments and turn them into yourphoto memories. Baby Story application is very easy to use: 1. Takea new photo or select one from your gallery on which you want toadd to your baby story. 2. Select the sticker and filter using BabyStory photo editor tool 3. Select other wonderful Baby Storystickers which you want to add to the photo 4. Zoom in, Zoom out,rotate baby stickers to make photo perfect 5. Share your photoswith hat with your friends and family in Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, WatsApp and other social networks. Baby Story allows you:★ Create your pregnancy stats and baby week by week photos, savethem and share.  ★ Create beautiful photo memories ★ Add cutephrases and text on photo ★ Personalize the look and feel of yourphoto with elegant and professional 15 filters ★ Create babymilestone photos ★ Add baby's name, baby's weight, baby's height,add important date on photo... ★ Apply amazing filters for babies& kids photo to make Baby Story look even more beautiful ★Create sweet newborn photo with cute stickers ★ Categories forbaby's stickers: Birthday, Surprise, Every Day, Dates, Due &Weeks, Status, Christmas and Deco. ★ Select font style from awonderful collection of fonts from the best designers in the world.You can easily personalize your texts for your special moments.Also you can adjust every hats photo aspect using Baby Storyapplication ★ Lot of customized magic mirror effects. ★ Awesomefilters ★ Brightness ★ Contrast ★ Saturation ★ Blur ★ Temperature ★Shadows/Highlights ★ Crop ★ HDR effect ★ Text on photo ★ FocusEnjoy your life moments with Baby Story application!
Galaxy Overlay Photo App 1.0.0
Make your normal daily photos more interesting with GalaxyOverlay Photo App, just select a picture from your gallery orcapture from camera and mix this picture with our existing stunningpicture collection and blend them together to get an amazingresult. Photo Blender provides a simplest and easiest way toblend two or more pictures together with advance photo editing anddouble exposure effect.Overlay PhotoApp create professional photo effects with advancedtools like double exposure, multi exposure, blending, mixing,effects, overlays and many more. With the Photo Mixer you cancreate an amazing poster of your photo by blending them intoone.Features of Overlay- Photo Blender/Mixer: Mix and blendtwo or images with advanced blending tools.- Photo Editor: Editpictures like professionals with many editing tools.- PhotoEffects: Apply effects to make pictures even more beautiful.-Overlays: Apply overlay to give double exposure.- Crop Photo: Cropphotos to square size for Instagram or other use.- Art Frame:Decorate photos with beautiful photo frame.- Text on Pictures: Addtext on photo and custom typography using a wide variety of fontsand colors.- Sticker, Text, Quote and many more: To give photo yourpersonal touch.This Galaxy Overlay will letyou unleash your creativity so you can make your ownmasterpiece. Try Now! 2.11.0
We are special and unique since the day we are born. Everyone hastheir own special day in every year. Not only we alone and alsoeveryone surrounding us, they must be happy received on birthdayfor greetings. Make your most important day more beautiful andfestive with this “Happy Birthday Photo Frames 2019”! Birthdays areimportant days in our lives which comes only once in a Year. It iswonderful to celebrate life with your friends and family. This is aunique opportunity to be a host and at the same time the mostimportant guest for Your Birthday Party. The photos in that momentwill save the beautiful and sweet memories of you and your lovedones. What do you think if we can make them feel like special one?This will be the memorable moment in life on every year. The feelof happy on birthday to received such lovely greetings. To makelovely and memorable photo to put a smile on their face. Also sendthem a sweet greeting cards to melt their heart. Happy BirthdayPhoto Frames 2018 could help you to do the special thing. Easy todecorate the beautiful pictures with many wonderful frame and textup to your imaginary and dream. We are sure your love one feelhappy and sweet when they received the surprise from you. We loveto see everyone laughing and showing their picture to others. Makethis a perfect greeting cards for you and people surrounding you.This is an easy used application and you will in love with it onceyou try it. It brings you so much convenience and by simply justfew clicks. You will be happy using this app as you do not seecomplicated steps. Features: - Many amazing filters with artisticeffects. - You will have the most beautiful words, happy birthday,happy birthday poem - Picture frames high quality. - Completelyfree application - User friendly interface and easy to use. - Usethe camera to capture or select images from your mobile gallery anduse cute photo editor to decorate. - Choose a lot of image filterslike Black and White, Sepia, Gray, Retro - Choose from HD qualitygreeting card frames, birthday photos. - Photos can be adjusted tofit the frame by zooming out, rotating by moving with your twohands. - Flip horizontal & Vertical your photo to set eachblock of birthday photo collage pic. - Choose from a great varietyof modern fonts and print text over photos. - Want them with yourown text? You can change the font style, color and size. - You cansave and share birthday greetings with your mobile socialnetworking apps. - When finished to save the image, you can selectit in the image gallery folder. share your most wonderful birthdayphoto frame with greeting your friends via Facebook, Twitter,Whatsapp, email, line or save it on your phone Gallery and with HDstunning photos you have stored in the family album. Let's make alovely photo frame like greeting cards with Happy Birthday Frames2018 now! Thank you!
Hijab Fashion Suit Photo Editor 1.0.0
Want to know how you look in Hijab? Download this app and see inyourself in Hijab suit.Feature:-☆ Easy to use☆Select a photo fromthe gallery or take photos using the phone's camera.☆ Take cameraphoto and fit your face fit to the hijab frames.☆ Scale up/down.zoom in/zoom out  and rotate the photo to fit the frame☆ Savephoto into phone's gallery☆ All frame are in high quality (HD)picture, make your photo look real and nice ☆ Save the image inparticular folder related to application name.☆ Share your photo toyour friend via facebook,twitter,line,e-mail
Heart Photo Frames 1.0.0
This is a love photo collage application, with main object isheart, figurine of love. With this application, you can create foryourself many lovely photos with heart frames and cute stickers.Areyou in love? Or you like everything that is romantic! These pictureframes are designed to beautify your loving photographs. Decorateyour photos with these incredible heart frames, pick a photo, thenapply the effects on photo that you like and set the photo on theframe. After you can save the photo, share with friends or uploadto social networks Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger,Twitter , email etc ... How to use:- Click START- Click camera iconto choose your favorite photo from gallery and camera.- Crop &Edit your your photo and Click on done.- Choose heart frameaccording to your photo.- Save and share your creation.Features:-Easy to use.- User friendly interface- Many beautiful heart shapeframes and styles.- Many attractive backgrounds.- Many cutestickers.- Flexible photo cropping.- Choose a photo from thegallery or take photos with camera.- Good variety of heart photoframes for any photo.- Crop, rotate and flip of your photo beforeadd to frame.- Apply multiple effects to your images.- Adjustposition, size, angle of your photo by just finger gestures.- Saveyour image to Gallery.- Share your creations via Facebook,Instagram , Twitter, Flickr, email, and other social networks.Thisis amazing love heart frame app. Set your beautiful photo on heartframes. Live the romantic life!
Woman Day Photo Frames 2019 2.9.0
"Women Day Photo Frames 2019" is a app that contains all new framesof 2019 and it allows you to make your photo effective you caneasily edit your photo with one touch. This is a new app for all ofyou people free and you can easily use it without WiFi. CelebrateInternational Women’s Day every 8th March by using our Women DayPhoto Frames 2019 apps for free. It’s an app cards with photo frameand lovely quotes in it. It’s a latest way for everybody to showtheir appreciation by sharing your selfie photo and enhance it byusing our ready made flowery frames in it. International Women'sDay (8/3) is a global day celebrating the social, economic,cultural and political achievements of women. Traditionally menshow respect to their mother, wife, girlfriend, colleague, etc.with flowers and small gifts. with flowers and small gifts. So whydo not you use this app to celebrate the women of your life thisyear using the Photo Frames application for women. Take pictureswith your colleagues, associates, love ones, your husband, wife,father, mother, sisters, brothers, siblings, relatives and manymore friends and companions that you have. Take those happy momentsand capture beautiful woman and frame them for life. You will nowbe able to cherish memorable moments you have spent with your lovedones for ever. You can take picture / images of your Womens Daycelebration and remembrance of the celebration with your familymembers and also send sms to them. This "Womens Day Photo Frames2019" free app is the easiest way to create a positive womensimpression photos. You can even used this photo frames for alloccasions including happy birthday photo frames, celebrations photoframes, flowers photo frames and many more. Womens Day Photo FramesFeatures: - Download and send Womens Day Photo Frames 2019 wishesto your loved ones. - Very easy to use and be a pic professionalediting frames photographer. - Womens Day frames is ready to beused anytime. - Lots of photo frames are carefully selected. -Select a photo or picture from gallery or capture it with yourcamera phone in real time. - You can add text to the frame, Canchange the size, color and font of the text at any time. - You canRotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the frameas you like. - Add color effect and special effects to your photoframes. - Add nice message on frame. - Add smileys, sticker, style(glass, hat, beard, hair),... - And much more... - Save to sd-cardeasy and quickly. - Share your photos / pictures with facebook,instagram, twitter, Flickr, Picasa, email, sms, mms, whatsaap, bbm,weechat, sms, mms and also you can save to your app. Just enjoy anddownload it! Thanks!
Man Suit Photo Editor 2.9.0
Dear men and gentlemen, if you follow latest fashion trends andwant to look stylish modern without leaving room, then download ManSuit Photo Editor app for free. Thanks to this app you can createso realistic photo montages and adjust photos on billboards inpopular fashion places such as Paris, New York, London, Milano.Suit photo on the front cover of the most famous man fashionmagazines and become the main fashion star. Thanks to this latestphoto editing app you can try top man suits from prestigious brandsand look like you have just left the most expensive fashion salon.You do not need to buy expensive clothes if you want to see how youlook in the suit, just open your new fashion closet on yoursmartphone, edit photos and try all offered modern man suits.Editor photos, make them so realistic thanks to this popular photoediting app and give yourself brand new look worth of red carpet,neon lights and fashion runway. Men Suit Photo Frame Editor is alatest android suit editor application which turns your photo intoa professional look. Try different men fashion attire and get thebest collection of suits for men. Just capture photo with yourphone and try different costume and share it with your friendsinstead of going to shopping malls. Edit photos as you wish, moveor rotate them or use zoom or resize options to fit perfectly intoselected man suit photo frame. Apply photo effects and makeupphotos in the best way. Try different font size, type and color andadd photo text on image and personalize your pictures. With thispopular photo editing app you can look like celebrity on the redcarpet in a second. Create your new style and impress your friendsand family with your pictures in a suit and always look elegant andmodern. Open this popular photo editor and select picture from yourimage gallery or take a new one using phone`s camera and start withamazing photo editing. Features: - Easy to use and Free - Userfriendly interface, natural, HD quality images. - 30 fashionablephoto frames and multiple templates for picture editing! - Retrieveany picture from your image gallery or take a new one. - Select thebest photo montage frame. - Adjust your image to any frame byrotating, moving and zooming it in or out, suit and montage yourimage in selected photo montage frame. - Decorate your home screenswith images you made in out man suit photo editor! - Save image,use as wallpaper and share with friends - Use the 'share' option topost images to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! - Send these pics toyour friends and family via Skype, Messenger, Viber, etc! "Man SuitPhoto Editor " lets you try on different suits made from highquality materials, colorful. Just a single click and you can chooseamong wide variety of suits for you. Get our photo changer veryfast and create unique photo montages! Try out all the suit stylesfrom this sticker photo booth and choose the one that suits youbest. Don't hesitate! A better way of shopping: "Man Suit PhotoEditor" App Thank you!
Girl Wedding Dress 1.0.0
Have you ever dreamed of a romantic wedding and a fairy-taleprincess dress as a child? You are not alone. Of course, all womenwant to look the most beautiful on their special day. In additionto finding a life partner or prince charming, beautiful weddingdress is also an important element. However, luxurious andexpensive wedding dresses are not always the answer. The mostimportant thing is to choose a dress model that suits your bodyshape & accentuate the beauty of every curve. Bạn sẽ có trảinghiệm tuyệt vời với "". Girl Wedding Dress is the specially photocollage editor that helps you collage your photos with variouslovely wedding gown, then share them with your friends at a time!It provides a simple and attractive user interface. With the use ofthis application you can easily edit your photo. You can set yourphoto in any wedding dress. It is perfect choice, help to save yourtime and personalise the style of wedding gown and dresses so thatyou have an idea of what type of the wedding gown that suit youmost.Features:- Everything is FREE to use- Easy to use this weddingdress suits.- Friendly interface.- No need internet connectionrequired.- More multiple templates, fancy dresses available.- Takecamera photo and fit your face fit to the montage frames.- Can takeCamera photo from cameras or can Select a Photo from the gallery toedit.- Can Edit the Capture image & apply any dress effect.-Choose your favorite fancy and bridesmaids dress from all over 30+Wedding frames.- Scale up/down. zoom in/zoom out and rotate thephoto to fit the wedding frame.- Easy to add funny sticker orstatus text.- Amazing photo filters.- Save photo into phone'sgallery & external Storage.- Share photos via social networksas Facebook, Twitter...- Set photo as live wallpaper with fallingstars and meteor shower effects- The HD quality bridal dress app iscompletely free for your android phone.- All frame are in highquality (HD) picture, make your photo look real and nice.Imagineyour wedding day is today. Imagine your perfect wedding dress. Youare the most beautiful bride and everyone is looking only at youand your amazing wedding dress! ..
Braces Camera Editor 1.0.0
Each tooth arrangement is different, some are good and some are notgoodPeople who have poor teeth, tend to want to make a nicearrangement of their teethBy installing braces then the teeth willbe goodFrom time to time the model of braces always follows thetimes, from simple braces to bracesThere are also braces that havea funny color, cute braces are perfect for the young at heartNowwith Braces Camera Editor app you can edit your favorite photos, byadding a braces sticker on your photoKEY FEATURE Braces CameraEditor★ Easy to use with a simple interface★ More than 100++ bracesstickers, Funny braces stickers, Gold braces stickers, Man bracesstickers, Women braces stickers, Glamor braces stickers, Hipsterbraces stickers★ Easily add text and change font, style to text★Amazing photo fx filter★ Save your photos with Full HD quality★Share your photographer with friends through social networkingHOWTO USE Braces Photo Editor★ Open the image from your gallery★Select your favorite photos★ Add and select Sticker Braces★ Drag toyour picture★ Resize and play with multitouch★ Touch next topreview mode★ Share your great Funny braces stickers photo to yourfriends★ Or save to your deviceLet's make a beautiful and beautifulSelfie with Braces Camera Editor!
3D Water Photo Effect - Water Photo Editor 1.0.0
3D Water Effect Photo Maker is an awesome photo editor with watermirror reflection effects that feel you like mirror effect withbeautiful water ripples. Water Effect is application which is goingto give an unexpected surprise for your beloved ones. 3D watereffects app contains lots of cool water effects with natural sealook. Just like whole beautiful sea world under your feet. Watereffect photo editor is ideal for you to frame your memories andmake them unforgettable photo frames with water effect photo editorimages. We have created many water effect photo editor, those youcan use for create awesome photo with photo frame.  WaterReflection Photo Effect is a wonderful photo makeover, cool andeasy to use, beautify and share gorgeous photos to your Friends orFamilies. Features of Water Effect: - Water reflection photoeffect: recent 100 Rain Photo Frame and 3D Water Effect PhotoEditor gives a beautiful photo. - Adjust saturation, brightness,contrast or sharpen of your reflector images. - Add 3D WaterLighting Sticker & Text with different colors and styles. -Photo Editor Effects Download this 3D Water Effect Photo Editor appfor FREE now and create beautiful Water Effect Photo and share withfriends and family for best occasions in life.
Chinese Tattoo Photo Editor 1.0.0
Chinese tattoo photo editor app is one of the best tattooapps. This tattoo my photo editor of name works as a tattoomaker to create tattoos on my photo. Tattoo stickers contain alots of new charming ideas for all generations like tattoodesign apps for girls, boys and kids.Are you desiring look yourbody with a tattoo maker of name?Your searching will be endingwith the use of tattoo my photo app, without anypain! Tattoo design apps provide tattoo stickers tocreate tattoo yourself on your own pictures. We areincluding 1000+ new latest tattoo design and 100+ stylist tattoofonts which enhance your body look.Tattoo design apps focus onLove, Dragon, Quotes & fonts, Beautiful Butterfly, Black &Gray, Horoscope and design ideas for girls & boys which canmake prettier and more elegant.Chinese Tattoo My Photo Editor is asimple and easy to use. Just follow few steps as listed below.1)Choose a photo from gallery or take one using camera.2) ChooseTattoo design and set it on your photo.3) Easy to use and fits toyour resize, rotate, style, save and share it.Key Featuresof Chinese tattoo my photo editor:- One tap auto enhance.-1000+ latest tattoo design.- 250+ tattoo stickers for photos.-Photo with filter effect.- Zoom in and Zoom out available.- Easy toresize, rotate and save it in your memory card.- Share your photovia social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc...
Woman Fashtion Suit Photo Editor 1.0.0
Women get tempted by stylish and fashionable dresses. It is naturalthing they want to look different, nice and attractive whilechoosing their dresses. So our "Woman Fashtion Suit Photo Editor"app is providing the full chance of new fashion dresses.Magnificent news for every one of the young ladies who are presentday and are into most recent form patterns! Now, a days the trendof fashion got attraction of every women. Maybe She will have toattend many parties, Social meetings, presentations, weddinganniversary, birthday party, collage/school/university farewellparties or also with their foreign delegates.. For all of theseinvitation you want to make your look as fashionable women, but youhad no time to go to visit to stores to buy some fashionable suitsand you are in hurry, no need to visit store for outfits, here webrought you some "women suit fashion".This application will givesyou a huge opportunity to try out different outfits without anycost than choose the best fit suits with your photo simply go toyour camera or gallery for pictures and set it with desiredfashionable photo suit, after that adjust it by using your fingergesture to apply zoom in zoom out for best fit quality of photoediting to create nice and attractive design for fashion dresseswith main focus coloring combination design.This app will give youmany women suit selection opportunity. Girls can choose their mostlikely fashion dresses. Party dress, stylish, causal wardrobe areavailable here. Feel fabulous all time wearing some of most stylishsuit from this app. Here available full of fancy dresses for girlsand women.Woman fashion shows are now in trends now a days wherewomen fashion suits and designers dresses be represent on behalf ofelite class mostly most of the people attend this and enjoy andappreciate these woman suits.How to Use:- Open the Women FashionSuit Photo Edit- Choose your favorite dress which you want towear.- Select your face from picture gallery or take it new usingcamera.- Crop the faces according to dress and fit properly.- Nowsave it clicking the save button.- You can share it using socialmedia.FEATURES:- Easy to use with free photo suits.- Select yourphoto from mobile gallery or capture using camera.- Camera andGallery support to get and capture your image.- Select your desiredwomen fashion suit frames and add your photo to it- Pinch zoom inZoom out support to best fit your image.- Scale Down and rotate thepictures.- Dress and suits variety on the basis of category likeDiwali, Eid, Party andwedding/Honeymoon collections.- Quick accessfor camera picture like Selfie Support.- Can erase your existingphoto background and set new stylish background to your photo- Savethe images and share image on social media with friends and familymembers.
Beauty Photo 1.0.1
Photo Editor - Photo Effects & Sticker & Filter is a beautyphoto editing makeup camera creates photos with makeup filters,effects, stickers and emoji. This magic makeup Photo Editor -Selfie Camera creates photos with creative photoeffects.  Photo Editor - Selfie Camera has the bestmakeup features with beauty camera with picture editingeffects. Take a selfie, enjoy creative photo effects of beautymakeup selfie camera! Makeup Photo Editor & SelfieCameraMakeup feature of Photo Editor Selfie Camera helps you gainbeauty face photos with beautification tools. Change your lipscolor, reshape your eyelashes and eyebrow. Whiten your teeth for ashining smile. -----KEY FEATURES-----☆Powerful yet Easy PhotoEditing Tools- Quick Warmth correction for improved color accuracy-Balance out color in one easy click with Contrast- Adjust photos,pictures, images brightness, contrast ☆Collage maker lets youtell even more stories with your photos- Edit, adjust and thencombine your favorite photos to create fantastic collages!- Createphoto collages with a variety of choices for layout, background,and spacing.- Choose Templates to create themed collages easily☆Addphoto effects, filters and fun stickers!- Tons of stickers, frames,backgrounds, filters.- 200+ different stickers and cute emoji, letyou make and share custom stickers for everyone to use. ☆Keepthings fresh- with our growing catalog of additional effects,overlays, and border packs.☆SAVE & SHARE- Save to maximumresolution of your device. - Photo Sharing to Instagram,WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc
Book Photo Frame 1.0.0
Create book with photos of yourself by uploading images from yourpersonal photo galleries or capturing new photos! With Book PhotoFrame app all your photos will look great! You know how hard it isto find a good photo editing software that can make your imageslook sophisticated & elegant, so if you are looking for apicture editor that can do this you are in the right place!Download this pic lab with Book Photo Frames that will make you soproud of images from your personal photo book album!You canDecorate your photos with lovely books photo frames and make photoalbum or photobook. Applied Books Photo Frames is a photo editingapplication and grafting frames with the books are very beautifuland creative.These colorful frames with books theme became sopopular on the market that there is no photo that cannot look goodwhen edited with this photo frame maker. This app veryprofessional, total FREE 100%.Imagine that you could transform yourold pictures into something that will attract the attention of allof your friends on Facebook or Instagram? Photo effects &design of our newest book frames will do the magic trick and makeyou famous! You are just a few steps away from it with a friendlyinterface, simple design, easy to use: with just a few simple stepsas select frame, select images, rotate, zoom in, zoom out, move,save that you have a extremely artistic photographs. Get Book PhotoFrame image editor, add book photo frames & effects to yourdearest pics and start sharing! Once you feel the joy that comeswith photo editing you won't go anywhere without this best freephoto editing software!You can have your own personalised pictureof a book with your face on the cover now! Become a photomanipulation expert who creates only the best photo montage! Whenyou combine books, photography & picture editing you get thisperfect photo lab!Amazing features:- A photo editing software withsimple commands!- Many Colorful photo frames for children &elegant pic frames for adults!- Upload images from your device'sstorage or an SD card!- Capture new photographs you will put in abook frame!- Many book frames with flawless design that will makeyour photos really special!- Photo filter that will make yourpictures even cooler!- Fit your photo into a book photo frame bymoving, rotating or zooming in & out!- Give Awesome effects tomake your photo more beautiful and realistic.- Add text on frameswith different colors and styles.- Use wide range of smiley andstickers to make your pic classic.- You can save edited images toyour devices & keep them forever!- Use these amazing editedphotos as your personal wallpaper images!- Share these creativephotos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Picasa, G+, Email, SMS,Zalo, v.v… and any other social network!Now, Download it andcreating happy, fun, cute and romantic photos, you can choose theframe that best suits your photo, a photo with couple or her firstholidays or you can put your photo in a handmade photo book frames,books, fashion, elegant, with a book as a picture frame, full ofpersonality!
Vietnam Championship Photo Frames 1.0.0
You are Vietnamese or you love Vietnam football, let change youravatar on Facebook or social networks to cheer for U23 Vietnamteam, that are getting closer to the final.
Baby Photo Frames 1.0.0
The happiest moment in our lives is a baby birth. Newborn babybrings a real happiness in our lives. This is a true love! Since achild is born, grandparents, mothers and fathers,.. take the phoneto capture and make a photo collection of the child. "Baby PhotoFrames" will make the collection even better. You will now be ableto cherish memorable moments you have spent with your loved onesfor ever.This is best photo editing appwith plenty of baby photoframes and effects. These cute baby frame effects delight us withtheir pure expressions, unconditional love and peaceful mind.That's why we want to take pictures with them so much and wrap themin the best photo frames for babies.It is suitable for anyone?"Baby Photo Frames" is suitable for everyone, specially for babywant to create wonderful baby photo from their photo. "Baby PhotoFrames" provides effects and design professional will give you thebest photo collage baby photo frames. Create beautiful and funnypictures with multiple templates, flowers, cartoons and more!Lotsof colors and fonts available with this app. You can easily applydifferent color, photo effects or fonts and auto contrast,background patterns, Stickers, tags, emojis, and photo frames: tensborders and frames. Photo editing tools sharpness, shadow andhighlight adjustment, tilt shift Photo filters, Great photo editortools. There are variety of styles and many different frames.Decorate your baby photo with cute frame, add some magical effectsdo make up images; save, share, set as background or wallpaper.Turn your baby photos into art in second. Frame photos with littleangels and make them so so cute. Features:- The powerful photoeditor tools for best photo.- Choose a photo from your gallery ortake it with the camera of your device, select a frame and generateyour photo.- Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo tofit the frame as you like, crop the picture to have a better fit.-Many baby photo frames update daily.- Many beautiful overlay andeffects.- Add message bubbles, and stickers.- Add text with manyunique fonts.- Paint on photo with colorful.- Add mini photo viapick from file or camera.- Photo storage and management easy photoediting functions, delete, share, set as wallpaper, view details.-Save and share with your friends via SMS, mail, social network,etc- No watermark on your photo. - Baby Photo Frames does notrequire internet connection and free download.- and more
Garden Photo Frames 2018 1.0.1
If you love nature and everything green and colourful, you arebound to fall in love with the garden picture frame application.This online app enables selfie-lovers and budding photo editorscreate decorative and eye-catching framing easily and quickly. Ifyou hate the original background of the image, change it using thisPhoto Frame Garden 2018.Do you want to make your picture better orwant a photo Frame collage? With the transparent garden photo frameapplication, photo framing will be done in only a couple ofseconds. You can beautify any of your pictures by placing itagainst a backdrop of green plants and colourful flowers. Thiscustom application allows you to select any image from your phone’sgallery and make it more attractive. Adjust the photographs ofyourself or your loved ones in awe-inspiring transparent gardenpicture frame app. This application allows you to fully expressyour creativity. All nature lovers are going to absolutely love thevibrant garden photo frames. You can use the numerous filters andget the feel of being present amidst a pleasant atmosphere. You canupload the edited picture on your social media accounts or use itas a wallpaper on your devices. The transparent garden photo frameis a free photo editor that allows you to download really strikingpictures that are inspired by nature. The garden photo editoronline is extremely simple to use and you can quickly turn yourordinary pictures to a real work of art. Download free photo editorapp and make your images stand out from the rest. By decoratingyour pictures with transparent garden frames, you will feel thatyou are surrounded by nature’s beauty. Interesting Frames toPrettify Your Pictures.Take a single picture or take multipleimages and make them into a collage. Use this free photo editor appand let the fun begin! Stunning Garden Photo Frame 2018!Best FrameType of your App:- Garden Background- Garden Photo Frames- GardenPhoto- Garden Frames- Garden Photo Frame- Photo Frame Garden-Garden Photo Editor- Succulent Garden Wall Features:- Simple anduser-friendly interface providing amazing editing experience.-Select a picture from your gallery or click one using your cameraand decorate it using this photo editor online.- Simply tap to cropthe photo to the desired size.- Scale, drag, rotate and zoom in-outoptions are available so that you can perfect fit your picture inyour chosen photo frame collage.- Users can add text in any size,font, scale or colour on the frame and they also have the option ofrotating the text.- Images can be adjusted within the free photoframes.- Dozens of special photo filters are available to bring outthe perfect moment, ranging from the dramatic to the romantic.-This online Garden photo app allows users to change the pattern andcolor of the picture, along with resizing the border.- Multiplevisual effects to choose from.- All screen resolutions aresupported by this app.- This app offers superior quality framescollection.- The edited picture can be set as an HD wallpaper.-Your most-liked images from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can beexported directly.Download photo editor and start spruce up thebest moments of your life! 2.10.0
Some people believe that they have a guardian angel who is watchingover them and protecting them from harm. This spiritual being isbelieved to be more intelligent and powerful that humans and it isdescribed as benevolent. An angel has the same look as humanbeings, but it has extraordinary beauty. It is recognizable for itswings, halo and a white gown and where they reign are calledparadise. "Heaven Photos Frames" has wonderful Heaven frames foryour pictures, it suitable for everyone who want to createwonderful heaven photos frames from their photo gallery. This apphas all lovely tools which make your images with more beautifullook. You can edit your picture and give it a perfect photo effectswith auto focus feature. “Heaven Photo Frames” is an amazing photoeditor app. You will find endless editing options in this app. Justtake photos from the camera or gallery and select your favoriteframe. You may easily adjust photos in frames. There are so manybeautiful photo frames to choose from. It has many options withlatest features like overlays,zooom inout,autoadjustable,sharpness,orientation,text,blur,whiten Etc... How to useHeaven Photo Frames: - Choose from one of best frames in differentshapes and colors and try them all out. - Capture photo usingcamera or select photo from gallery. - Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoomout or drag the photo to fit the frame as you like with yourmultiple finger touch. - Swap photo direction horizontally. - PlaceText as you want in any style and color. - Add stickers. - Addcolor effects to photo. - Put an attractive overlays with effectsof pinch to zoom. - You can also add whitness in you image. - Saveyour creation in phone gallery. - Share with social networking.Features of Heaven Photo Frames: - Best editing tools. - Perfectphoto editor frames. - Many beautiful overlay and effects - Highquality picture frames. - Adjust image freely with advanced photoediting tool. - Share on social media easily. - Set image aswallpaper instantly - Friendly interface and Easy to use. - No needinternet connection required. - Everything is FREE to use.
Blend Photo Mixer - Overlay Photo Editor 1.0.0
Create amazing mixed pictures by overlaying two or more pictures oneach other.Make your normal daily photos more interesting withease, just select a picture from your gallery or capture fromcamera and mix this picture with our existing stunning picturecollection or choose another picture from camera/gallery and blendthem together to get an amazingresult. Create professional photo effects withadvanced tools like double exposure, multi exposure, blending,mixing, effects, overlays and many more. With the Photo Mixer youcan create an amazing poster of your photo by blending them intoone.You can share your created picture on any social media directlyfrom the app.Features:- Mixer/Blender: Mix and blend two or moreimage with advanced blending tools.- Editor: Edit pictureslike professionals with many editing tools.- Enhancer: Enhancephotos to make then HD.- Effects: Apply effects to makepictures even more beautiful.- Overlays: Apply overlay to givedouble exposure.- Crop: Crop photos in square for social mediaor other use.- Orientation: Adjust orientation to get perfect viewof photos.- Border, Frames, Sticker, Text and many more- Togive photo your personal touch.- Save & Share: Save yourcreation on SD card and Share any social networking platformThismixing photo editor will let you unleash yourcreativity so you can make your own masterpiece. TryNow!!
Flower Photo Frames - Photo Editor 2.11.0
Best App for Flower Photo Frames - Photo Editor - Photo Collage ,Photo Effects. When you want to give gifts to someone, maybe just aflower or a small gift - but sometimes direct gifts that can makeyou a little sheepishly. At that time you can use this software toedit all the photos with the theme of flowers such as romanticflowers, love flowers, cute flowers ... You can delight to choosethe frame desired, the software will help older photos shimmeringand romantic - this is also a very meaningful gift to give to yourloved ones. Flowers Photo Frames - Photo Editor is an applicationto edit and collage with picture frames beautiful, romantic floraltheme, with software compact size and very easy to use. You caneasily apply different color, photo effects or fonts to yourpictures with Flower Photo Frames. Photo editing tools sharpness,shadow and highlight adjustment, tilt shift Photo filters, Greatphoto editor tools. Unique photo effects: use them as collagetemplates for making unique photo collage,Auto photo editing tools,auto color and auto contrast,200+ background patterns, Stickers,tags, emojis, texts, and photo frames: tens borders and frames. Thepicture is not only a gift to give to someone else - but it is alsoused to store the memories of the happy moment of your account andthe gods. Then the software will help to celebrate it becomingincreasingly beautiful and so much more memorable. After you'redone editing the photos you can store images to your phone or sharethat image to multiple social networking sites. Key Features: -Easy to use. - You have a vast collection of frames to adorn yourFlower photos with Flower Photo Frame app. - Select a photo orpicture from gallery or capture it with your camera phone in realtime. - Give different effects to your photos with more than 30Flower Photo Frames app - You can Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom outor drag the photo to fit the frame as you like. - You can add textto the frame, Can change the size, color and font of the text atany time. - Flower Photo Frames app supports all screen resolutionsof mobile and tablet devices. - Give different effects to yourphoto. - Make creative photo grids. - Stitch pics together within afew taps! - Make blur background to your photos. - Add tilt shiftto your photos. - Enjoy making unique photo collages, re-mix photogrids and edit your photos with Collage Photo Maker Pic Grid! -Save your image to SD card. - Share your images via WhatsApp,Telegram, Line, Facebook, Twitter, email and other social networks.- Multiple Water Fall Photo Frames available. - Flower Photo Framesdoes not require internet connection. - Flower Photo Frames Makesyou a celebrity. - Flower Photo Frames is completely free download. 2.11.0
You love rainbow! You want your photo more special with rainbow!Let download Rainbow Camera. Rainbow is a camera & photo editorapp which brought pretty rainbow and shadow stickers & colorfilters to decorate your life moments. Rainbow Photo Editor withfeatures: ★ 20 Lovely Color Filters ★ 100+ Overlay Stickers in 3Special Types ★ 50 Kinds Of Toning Function ★ Real-Time Preview ForSelfies ★ Free Photo Edit and Keep Update ★ High-Definition PicturePreservation Integrated above functions, you could be able to makevariety of beauty effects for your image, like nature light effect,magic rainbow effect, soft & lovely girls style, cool &fashion, even special film & retro style. Variety of styleeffects just waitting for you to explore! ❤ We will do best to makeRainbow photo edit easier and constantly update more rainbow &shadow stickers for your photo. It's appreciated that you sharephotos in Instagram. Thank you for using Rainbow Camera, have anice experience!
Father Day Photo Frames 1.0.0
Let’s celebrate Father’s day together! In order to show yourloveand appreciation towards him, we prepared a collection ofgorgeousphoto frames and effects for you so that you can make acool giftfor your beloved dad! Father’s Day is a day tocelebratefatherhood. Frame up all your special moments and sharemomentswith your family and friends via this app. Express your deeploveby sending Father's day photo cards with quotes or photo cardswithstickers.You can use this app as Fathers day quotes, fathersdaystickers, fathers day messages & final frame can be setaswallpaper. In this day, we show our love and gratefulness toourfathers in many ways: photos, quotes, send messages andbeautifulimages to your beloved father. You can save or share thefinalphoto.Fathers day frames has unique features:- DecorateyourFathers day frames with Fathers day stickers!- Choose Fathersdayframes from gallery!- Good variety of father’s day photo framesforany photo.- Crop, rotate and flip of your photo before addtoframe.- Apply multiple effects to your images, you can changefontstyle, color and size.- You can put your signature in any styleatany place in the greeting card.- Adjust position, size, angleofyour photo by just finger gestures.- You can save yourgreetingcard to your SD card in high quality!- You can save andshareFathers day frames with social media network!- Add quotes toyourgreeting card or you can share on social networks!- Thisuserfriendly app supports all screen resolutions of mobilesandtablets!- Its easy to use and no internet connection needed!-Youcan set final greeting card as Fathers day wallpaper!Wishyourfriend & family with various Fathers day frames!
US Independence Day Photo Frames 1.0.0
Happy 4th of July Photo Frames - July 4th Independence Day USA.USIndependence Day Photo Frames is an app to celebrateHappyIndependence Day USA on July 4th. This year why not celebrateUSAIndependence Day with a difference? Happy 4th of July PhotoFramesare uniquely and exclusively designed July 4th theme for yourphonehome screen, and you can share via your smartphone device.Happy4th July Studio enables you to create, edit, save or sendyourphoto in an instant! Use the camera for selfie or to capturehappymoments with your husband, wife, father, mother, sisters,brothers,siblings, relatives, family and friends.Independence Dayiscommonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecue,carnivals,fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunionsandpolitical speeches & ceremonies, in addition to variousotherpublic and private events celebrating the history, government,andtraditions of the United States. Independence Day is theNationalDay of the United States.You just have to select the imageof 4thJuly and sent to any special person in your life..Regardlessof whothey are, we are sure they will happy once they have readthemessage you have sent. Life is wonderful to live in and tobesurrounded by lovely and a caring people. Itís not too hard toshowyou care for other people and to make them happy. Just sendthem acard - 4th July and make them smile today!Given here is agreatcollection of USA Independence Day greetings/cards 2018,quotes& stickers. Happy US Independence Day!Features:- Manypictureframes for your US Independence Day Photo Frames.- Uploadphotosyou want to edit from your device.- Capture new photos fromthispicture editor.- Rotate, zoom in & out and re-positionimagesto fit them into frames.- 30 amazing 4th of July images foreveryproud citizen of US.- 20 filters to apply over yourIndependenceDay framed photos.- Save images after you edit them toyourdevices- Share edited images in honor of the adoption oftheDeclaration of Independence (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter,etc.)This app can be used as:- US Independence DayGreetings/Cards2017 Maker- US Independence Day Quotes- USIndependence DayMessages- 4 July Greetings- 4 July Cards- PhotoEffects- Wallpaper-Photo Editor- Share photo on social appsmanymore...
Beach Photo Frames 1.0.1
Beach is also known as Seashore. Ocean, Sea and beach are veryniceplace in nature, gift of nature, ... Beach is a place wherepeopletake sunbath and like the beauty of nature. Beautifulseashore is abest place people to relax.Beach Photo Editor hasworld’s famousbeautiful beach collections to set as your photosbackground. Beachis a place where people go for relax themselves.Beach is natureand it is gift of nature. Beach gives peaceful mindto us. Childrenor adults everyone likes beach very much.Somebeaches are busy evenin night time also. Those beaches are havingnight restaurants,bars etc. people to enjoy. Sea water is verybeautiful duringsunset times. Beach village also located near tosome beach areas.Near to beach waterfall is also located veryrarely. If waterfallis located near to any beach that beach is morebeautiful than anyother beach. Every beach is very beautiful whileraining and Rainis beautiful in beach area.City is a place wherepeople live. Beachis a place where they relax themselves. In somebeaches horseriding is conducted. Children are interested in horseriding. Whenpeople come to beach with their family their childrenget chance toride horse. Beach is a favorite place to lovers to getromanticlove. Guys are very much interested to take theirgirlfriend tobeach on their bike. Couple prefer beach to spendtheir weekends.Rich couples come to beach in their car to spendtheir leisuretime. Some beaches are having open theatre and somerestaurantsserve food directly to their cars. Bike learners preferbeach areato learn bike riding. Some beaches are having naturegreen hillbackground which is looking very nice. Friends preferbeach astheir favorite place to meet their friends and chat withthem.Beach is the place to develop their Friendship.Beach PhotoEditorhas an amazing collection of Beautiful beaches. All peoplelikebeach very much, no one dislikes beaches. Beach photo Editorhasbeautiful Beach backgrounds to set with your photos. BikephotoEditor does not have Beach Photo Frames. Since Beach photoFrameswill not give natural effect to your photos, Beach photoEditor isbetter than Beach Photo Frames.Stickers:Snap Dog Stickers,doggyface stickers, Smiley Stickers, Emoji stickers, Candysticker,Cartoon mouth, Cartoon Tongue, Birthday Cake, Manhairstyle, Womenhair style, men mustache, mustache and beard, manbeard, mentattoo, women tattoo, men sunglass, women sunglass, Manhat, WomanHat, women wedding flower crown, girls flower crown, Dogears mouthTongue, Cat ears mouth stickers, animal face,etc.Features:- Take aselfie, Capture a picture with Camera orSelect your photo fromgallery.- Create none background or singlecolor background.- Eraseunwanted Background.- Add Car photobackground to your photos orset any photo from your gallery asbackground to your photo.-Correct the mistakes while erasing orediting your pictures usingUndo and redo options.- You can add texton your photos withdifferent style fonts and colors.- Apply coloreffects on thepicture to make it more beautiful.- Save the finalimage and set asa wallpaper.- Save and share the pics with yourfriends throughsocial media networks like Instagram, Pinterest,Picasa, flicker,Snapchat, LinkedIn, whatsapp, face book, Twitter,and also you canuse it whatsapp profile pic or face book profilepic.
Baby Photo Montage 1.0.0
This app provides you lot of animal costumes as bee, elephant,lion,dinosaur, that you can make a wonderful and amazingphotomontage for your kids. You also can decorate the photowithstickers, text. Let select a photo frame that you like, thenaddthe photo of your kid, zoom in/out, and drag the photo so thatyourkid's face fit into the hole.Photo editing tools sharpness,shadowand highlight adjustment, tilt shift Photo filters, Greatphotoeditor tools.Unique photo effects: use them as collagetemplatesfor making unique photo collage,Auto photo editing tools,autocolor and auto contrast, background patterns, Stickers,tags,emojis, texts and photo frames.You can either edit your photoswithframes and other photo effects, by selecting photos frommobilegallery or you can use to click photo directly along withtheframes. Select any photo / picture from gallery or take apictureusing camera and embed the photo of your choice into" BabyPhotoMontage". You can easily apply different color, photo effectsorfonts to your pictures with this great app.How to use:- Selectaphoto or picture from gallery or capture it with your cameraphonein real time.- Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag thephototo fit the frame as you like.- Stitch pics together within afewtaps!- Make creative photo grids.- Make blur background toyourphotos.- You can add text to the frame, Can change the size,colorand font of the text at. Add message bubbles, and morestickersanytime.- Give different effects to your photos with 30frames BabyPhoto Montage.- Save your image to SD card.- Save yournew editedNature frame images and share your images via WhatsApp,Telegram,Line, Facebook, Twitter, email and other socialnetworks.Features:-Beautiful and amazing baby costumes for yourbaby. Many and manytemplate for you.- Many beautiful overlay andeffects.- Thepowerful photo editor tools for best photo.- Add textwith manyunique fonts.- Add message bubbles, and more stickers.-Paint onphoto with colorful.- Add mini photo via pick from file orcamera.-Photo storage and management easy photo editing functions,delete,share, set as wallpaper, view details.- Easy save and sharewithyour friends via SMS, mail, social network, etc..- No watermarkonyour photo.- Baby Photo Montage does not requireinternetconnection.- Baby Photo Montage Makes you a celebrity.-Baby PhotoMontage is completely free download.- And more. 2.10.0
Family Photo Frame with Gallery Wall Ideas and Inspiration forPicture Frame. We are actively engaged in offering a qualitativerange of Family Photo Frame for catering the diversifiedrequirements of you. We are renowned developers of market forpresenting the optimum soft photo frame and provide a wide range ofquality family photo frames. This Family Picture Frame is good fordecorating walls with family photographs. Family Photo Frames appis collection of beautiful picture frames for your Android Phone.We all know how important family is. Now all your family pictureswill look fantastic. You will be fascinated, as well as your familywill be charmed with this picture frames. Do you have so manyphotos of you and your family and you don't know what to do withthem? These are frames for the entire family. Beautify photos withyour dearest grandparents or cousins. Magnificent frames are readyto decorate pictures with your parents or with your cute children.From modern frames to classic frames display the happiest momentswith loved ones. Display fond memories and moments to remember withbeautifully made frameworks from "Family Photo Frames". Addastonishing photo filters and make your photos stand out. Photos ofyou and your little kids will look amazing with these cute framesaround them. Family Photo Frame is an application with the bestphoto editing tools to keep your memorable photos in the frame.This photo editor makes the best family photos your whole familywill definitely adore! Let select the frame you like best. Then,add your photos from gallery. You can move, zoom, flip, mirror,rotate the photo, add effects and add lovely stickers and TextStyle. Then save, share, feel and enjoy it! Family Photo Framesfeatures: - Choose multiple photos from your photo gallery, Camera.- Resize and rotate photo - Choose your favorite photo frames fromFamily Photo Frames. - Crop unneeded areas from your photos. -Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize photo. - Adjust brightness,contrast, color temperature and saturation. - Adjust level warmth,sharpness and clarity effects from effects. - Many photo gridfilters and effects - Many beautiful different colors and patterns.- High resolution & Application design is very best. - Save newframed family photos to your mobile devices! - Set them aswallpapers & backgrounds to show your family how much you lovethem! - Share these modern family photos with your friends onFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc! It is time to have fun with youfamily & create new family photos with our brand new photoediting software- Family Photo Frames! Thanks you for using!!!
Photo In Hole - Photo Frame, Photo Editor 1.0.0
Put your photo in dream place - TV News, Shopping Center, andmanyplace you want. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!Youchoose!Select your photo and place it on the billboards of themostemblematic places. Become a star and impress your friends withthisamazing Photo In Hole app! Just choose your favorite pictureandthe desired frame to create in seconds a original souvenir.Lotsofcolors and fonts available with this app. You can easilyapplydifferent color, photo effects or fonts to your pictures withPhotoIn Hole - Photo Frame, Photo Editor. Perfect for yourandroidphone, Emojis tags and smileys, add tags and emojis, smilesandmake your photo more stylish.Photo In Hole - Photo Frame,PhotoEditor is designed very simple, for people to easily useandcreative with effects for your photos. Unique photo effects:usethem as collage templates for making unique photo collage,Autophoto editing tools, auto color and auto contrast, manybackgroundpatterns, Stickers, tags, emojis, texts, and photoframes: tensborders and frames.FEATURES :- Free and Easy to use.-User Friendlyinterface.- Many different collage templates, widerange of stylesand different frames for any picture.- Capture photowith camera orselect image from phone gallery. - Apply differenteffects to yourcomposition: Black and White, sepia, grayscale,rotate, zoom andmore!.- No internet connection is required.- Shareyour editedimage to your friends or family members throughWhatsApp, Line,Facebook, Twitter, email and other socialnetworks.Edit your photowith this Awesome powerful Photo In Hole -Photo Frame, PhotoEditor app, which is one of the best photoediting tool in android.Get the best photography art in your photoswith large number ofamazing photo effects. It is designed verysimple, for people toeasily use and creative with effects for yourphotos.PHOTO FRAME-Many different photo frame for you!You can evencustomize templatesto suit your needs!- Provides you with all thetools you need tobring out the best in your photos.SAVE &SHARE- Save to maximumresolution of your device.- Share yourperfect analog photos onsocial media. 2.10.0
This app has splendid nature related photo frames where you may mixyour best pictures with lovely nature photo frames. Besides useadvanced photo editing tools to bring the best out of your picturesin beautiful nature frames and backgrounds. Embed your colorfulphoto in nature frames of multiple colors, designs, shapes andsizes. Add one of the various funny, emotional and latest emoticonsand GIFs to further enrich your photography experience. Write textand express yourself in your mountain, waterfall and forest NaturePhoto Frame using our advanced text tool that allows you to usevarious fonts, colors and text styles. Mountain Photo Frames willhelp you beautify your photo with amazing mountains, waterfalls,forests, rivers, oceans and many other wonderful nature themedphoto frames. Features: - Mountain Photo Frames is completely freedownload. - Capture a picture from phone camera or use images fromthte gallery . - Use one of the hundreds of single and dual nature,mountain, forest and waterfall photo frames and backgrounds tocreate an amazing piece of photographic art. - Add text to theimages with font style, color, alignment, bold, italic and itssize. - Apply effects like sepia, grey scale, sharpen, blur orblack & white. - Rotate, crop, resize easily with simple touchgestures. - Add one of the various emoticons. - Save your HDquality image in your gallery or share it using social sites suchas Facebook, Whatsapp, Google+, Twitter etc. - Mountain PhotoFrames app does not require an active internet connection. Thankyou so much for using Mountain Photo Editor - Mountain PhotoFrames!
Car Photo Editor - Car Photo Frames 1.0.0
Car Photo Editor has world’s best car collections which you cansetyour photo backgrounds. Car Photo Frames and beautiful carstickerscan be stick on your photos and selfies. HD quality Carphotobackgrounds and Car stickers will give natural car effect toyourphotos. World’s leading brand Car photos will give high valuetoyour photos. Your Car photos will impress your friendsandgirlfriend. Car is used by rich and middle class people. Carisused to show status of people. There are many car varietiesareavailable in the market. Race car is used for racing purpose.Othercars are used by people to travel. Besides, this new photoeditorhas HD quality Jeep, Bullet photo frames. People whoever havebikethey buy car. People who have car already want to buy latestcar.Car is a comfortable vehicle to travel. Car is a best vehicletoavoid pollution. Car is suitable for couple, family and itissuitable for long journey. Car photo frames make yourphotosstylish and modern. Car Photo Editor gives natural look toyourphotos with its car photo backgrounds, Car Photo Frames andcarstickers. Download this free Car Photo Editor - Car PhotoFramesapp and let the photo fun started!Stickers: Smiley Stickers,Emojistickers, Snap Dog Stickers, doggy face stickers, Manhairstyle,Women hair style, men mustache, mustache and beard, manbeard, mentattoo, women tattoo, men sunglass, women sunglass, Manhat, WomanHat, women wedding flower crown, girls flower crown, Dogears mouthTongue, Cat ears mouth stickers, animal face, Candysticker,Cartoon mouth, Cartoon Tongue, Birthday Cake etc.Features:-Selectyour photo from gallery or Take a selfie or Capture a picturewithCamera.- You can erase unwanted Background. Undo and redooptionsto correct the mistakes while erasing or editing yourpictures.-Add Car photo backgrounds to your photos or set any photofrom yourgallery as background to your photo. You can create nonebackgroundor single color background.- Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoomout ordrag the photo to fit the frame as you like.- Apply coloreffectson the pic to make it more beautiful.- Add text on yourphotos withdifferent style fonts and colors.- Save the final imageand set asa wallpaper.- Save and share the pics with your friendson allsocial media networks like whatsapp, face book, Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest, Picasa, flicker, Snapchat, LinkedIn and usewhatsappprofile pic or face book profile pic.
Snappy Photo Filters Rabbit Stickers 1.0.0
Snappy Face Photo Filters and Rabbit Stickers is the best freeFancyphoto editor for photos and your face, you can make acreativeselfie using Filters, stickers and emojis in yourphoto!Snappy PhotoFilter Sticker Flower Crown lets you makewonderful photos with manydifferent cool filters & stickersand it includes amazing newlenses.You can add funny smiley doggy,motion stickers, coachellafilter, lovely eyes, crowns, cuterabbit, tears, stickers, animatedstickers, and many snappy faceeffects to your selfie in just a fewsecondsYou will get a greatcollection of selfie stickers such asanimal face swap, lenses eyesand sad tears face etc.Do you want tocreate your own doggy face orfunny picture?Snappy camera can makeyour dream come true. We betyou will enjoy a lot.Add coachellafilters ,swap, text, emojies toyour photos, we have added emoji's -stickers and filters have morefun pictures using this awesomeemoticons. editing your photos withemoticons and stickers will makeyour pictures more beautifulMakewonderful photos with Snappy Facephoto effects & emojis andget more likes and more followers byusing this Fancy snappyapp!Wild collection of stickers, emojis,fancy filters, and fancytexts you can select from it.Finally, youcan save your photo inany directory you like in your android.Now wehave provided youwith all in one photo editor and sharing app atthe same time, youcan now take pictures, edit them and add newfilters & stickersand then share them with your friendsSnappyFancy Photo StickersEditor, life's more fun when you live in themoment happysnapping!For use snappy face fancy effects, get readyto all thecute, pretty, hilarious selfie holics for a heartpounding fun!Ultimate selfie stickers packed with realistic fxeffects and supercute filters.The Snappy Photo Filters is greattool for makingcreative, funny, cute and awesome selfies andprofile pictures forsocial media.The high quality, funny, casualand gorgeous contentyou will make through the app will help youengage yourfollowersAdd funny snappy face effects, puppy doggyface, rainboweffect, cute rabbit, lenses tears, Fancy, tag text,stickers andemojis, 3D masks, flowers crown, Fancy text and yourselfie in just a few seconds!A lightweight app that does nottakeso much space on your deviceNew creative ideas ofLenses,especially for flower crownsSnappy emoji photo editor is anactionof funny snappy photo emoji & stickers maker app loadedwithfun, creative, and expressive 3D mask, special makeup, andspecialeffects.Looks Available Inside Funny Face For Social MediaApps :-Cute Rabbit- Doggy Face- crown flowers- Emoji & Smileys-LovelyEyes- Rainbow Effects- Sad Tears- Stickers- Cool TextWithEmojiSnappy Photo Filters and Fancy Stickers is bestfreealternative to emoji your face, Snappy photo effects &Fancyemojis lets you create amazing selfies.Add emoji and snappyfiltersto your photos and have more fun. Create pictures usingtheseawesome emoticons. Editing your photos with emoticons andsnappystickers will make your pictures more beautiful.★--- SnappyPhotoFilters stickers special features ---★• Select photo fromgalleryto square quick editor.• Funny emoji and snappy Fancystickers toadd.• Make funny picture like snappy face effects, DoggyFace andMore.• Add text and emoji in your photo with differentstyles.•Crop or no-crop photo as your wish.• Add shadow on thephoto andadjust shadow's range of photo• Make your photo fade andadjustfade edges range of photo.• Let photo blurred as background.•ApplySnappy doggy stickers for Fancy Images.You can share yourphotos oninstagram, facebook and whatsapp or just save it to yourown photogallery.
Easter Photo Frames 2.9.0
Easter brings love, Happiness and God’s endless blessings; Easterbrings love and the spring freshness. Happy Easter 2018 to you andyour family! Decorate your holiday pics with Easter Photo Frames2018 free download full of colorful eggs and cute bunnies! This isthe best photo editing software that is something you have alwayswanted for your family pictures in order to make them beautiful.These cute photo frames for girls and boys are here to help youdecorate your pics and make them look so lovely. Enter your newfunny photo booth and experience a new way of photo fun and enjoythe loveliest holiday ever! This app contains lots of lovely framesand wonderful effects. You can give an awesome look to your sweetmemories by applying easter frames with single step. By usingeffects, you can try different effects on your pics. Photos inEaster Frames could be the most thoughtful gift for Happy EasterDay to impress your Kids, friends and family. We've created aperfect app for you! My Easter Photo Frames application presents acollection of beautiful photo frames with Easter theme. Lots offrames with Easter eggs, Easter bunny, beautiful flowers, wreaths,baskets and much more! Celebrate the resurrection of our lord JesusChrist, put your pictures in cute digital photo frames, snap onyour moment cam and share holiday spirit via Facebook, Twitter andInstagram! So easy, in just a few steps, frame your life withsimple “photo editing app” for mobile phone or tablet device.Features: - Easy UI. - Cute photo frames for kids and adults! -Capture an image with your best camera and apply an pic frame! -Select a photo / selfie from your phone gallery and use this coolphoto wrap to decorate it! - Design picture frame and set photo. -Add text on photo. - Add some of the photo filters like sepia,black and white, retro or vintage! - Simple way of Touch to rotate,resize, crop photo, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo tofit the camera frame! - Save and Share your photos instantly viaWhatsApp, Instagram, Line, Face book, Twitter, email and othersocial networks. Happy Easter Day to All....
Woman Traditonal Dresses 1.0.0
Find out how you looks in Traditional Dress withbeautifulcollections of Designer Dress. Numerous designs andstyles!Do youinterested in a stylish pose with standard WomenTraditionalDresses? Women look beautiful in wearing traditionaldresses,sarees, kurthis, ... and it is one of the best ethnic dressandfavorite in trend now! So you can find the most amazingethnicclothing for you in this "Women Traditional Dresses" app.Youcansee yourself in luxurious, expensive clothes without spendinganymoney just edit your photo using this "Women TraditionalDresses"app and get the idea about how you like in all this things.You canfulfill your all the dreams.With this Women'sTraditionapplication, you just cut your picture, put your face inthetraditional women's costume of different styles, put thebackgoundto save and share it.How to use:- Downlode this app tofind morefeatures and redymade Women Traditional Dresses photosuit.- Easyinstalltion.- Crop your image in adjustable area.-Choose one ofthe best stylish Women Traditional Dresses accordingto yourchoice.- Set beautiful natural background.- Erase wastageportionof your image.- Set opacity and contrast according to yourchoice.-You can also give different effects,stickers,and attractivetext.-Save and share with friends via social media.Features:-WomenTraditional Dresses designed in such a way that all suits fittoall kind of person face.- Women Traditional Dresses gives awelldressed and professional look to you.- Create stylish photoswithWomen Traditional Dresses that will make you fashionable! -WomenTraditional Dresses app is just an app which lets you tryondifferent suits and check on yourself.- Very easy to usethis"Women Traditional Dresses".- Select more than 30+differentstylish Women Traditional Dresses.- Adjust yourphoto,drag,rotate,pinch zoom in and zoom out.- You can add textonframes with different styles and colors.- Save and sharewithsocial media etc..With Women traditional Dresses app, try outnewcollections easily in 1 step. Find fashionable ethnic wears,checkout which one will suit you and be a fashionista! Try it forFREE!
Royal Bridal Photo Editor 1.0.0
Royal Bridal photo editor amazing app lets you see yourself inthebest collection of Bridal suites for free. Girls are you readytobe the more modren girl in the world. Look like a real bridalinjust a few seconds with fantastic photography editor app. It isoneof the best photo editor free app for Android is here to helpyoufind the best dress photos for a special occasion.Royal BridalSuitEditor app Prepare yourself to be the most popular bridal onsocialnetworks and show everyone how modern you are.royal bridaldressgallery of the app has great variety of wedding bridal dressesthatwill help you select your favorite bridal suite design. It isthebest women bridal suite changer, best photo suite editor,mostpowerful free photo editor and face changer app for you tocreateamazing fotos that’s make you like a real bridal withdifferentbridle dresses. It is one of the top best photographyphoto frameapp that’s include list of uniforms of bridal, anyonecan changethe suits in couple of second.Royal Bridal Suit Editor isthe bestapp if you are looking for the beautiful bridal dress foryourwedding ceremony. It is one of the best bridal photo suit freefuneditors to give your photos new and funny look. It is the besttopPakistani bridal dress, Indian bridal fashion and othercountriessuite app having suites for bridal for her wedding party.RoyalBridal Suit Editor free app for Android and have a lot of funwithphoto editor app! Try out all the fancy bridal dresses fromthismost fabulous & fation collection and have a photo funforhours. You can have fun with your friends by using this freephotoediting bridal dress changer software. Women bridal suitchangerPhoto Editor Pro will give you the look you want in just fewsec.Try different International bridal dresses with most populargirlsfashion photo suite from all world easily in 1 step.Features:-Everything is FREE to use- Multiple templates, costumes,fancydresses available.- Select a photo from the gallery to edit.-Cantake Camera photo from cameras.- All photos are in highquality(HD) make your photo look real and amazing.- Choose yourfavoritefancy and bridesmaids dress from all over 30+ bridalframes.- Zoomin/zoom out and rotate the photo to fit the nativedress photoframeunique photo effects and frames.- Simply Adjust thephoto tofit in the suit to make a perfect picture.- Save photo intophone'sgallery & external Storage.- Share with your friends,yourlover or your family on all social media networks likeFacebook,Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat,Flicker,Pinterest, Picasa and use Facebook profile pic, Whatsappprofilepic etc.