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City Samurai Warrior 4.8
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CITY SAMURAI WARRIOR RESCUE is afast-pacedninja fighting action game. Stealth warrior Yurei has tofight forhis love and other innocent peoples against trainedwarriors,Japanese warriors, Otoku samurai Siege and evil ninjamaster in acity.CITY SAMURAI WARRIOR RESCUE is an action game whichisabout a clash between Ninja Assassin and Samurai warriors inacity. Remember the movies in which the hero fights the villainandagainst Destiny for his love. Experience the same story in thisnewCity Samurai Warrior Rescue action flick. Complete yourultimatefantasy of becoming an ultimate Samurai warrior and kickingbuttsof evil samurai warriors. Assume the role of a samurai andfightthe evil ninja warriors for justice and love.Play this fast paced highly attractive and addictive game“CitySamurai Warrior Rescue. This story is about a samurai warriorwhois very skilled and powerful. No one stood a chance against himinthe Battlefield .No one could defeat him in the battlefield hewasout of their League .He was a master of advance ninja warfare.Butthe samurai warrior had only one weakness "LOVE". The ninjawarriorlove a beautiful girl but some evil assassins ninjaskidnapped thegirl and now assassin warrior is outraged and on arampage to savehis love.Now this outraged ninja warrior has only one goal and that istokill every assassin ninja in his sight and save his love.Butsaving her won’t be an easy task. The assassin warrior has tokillevery Assassin in his way.In this shadow fight game, attack hitman like shinobi ninjawithhis shuriken and katana sword. Samurai ninja is famous forslashingenemy with super fast agility in combats with his bladeandshuriken. In such feudal times use your ninjutsu skills andmasterthe art of stealth. You are trained in modern hand to handassassincombat and guerrilla warfare techniques along with martialarts.Rise as barbarian swordsman, feel the rage-filled insideyou;destroy your enemy clan with katana sword. Rise asbarbarianswordsman, feel the rage-filled inside you; destroy yourenemy clanwith katana sword. Attack bowmaster from behind, slashkunoichininja kill her with katana blade.CITY SAMURAI WARRIOR RESCUE STORY BASEDMISSIONS:• MISSION 1: Liberate your love from evil Samurai warriors.• MISSION 2: Take your girlfriend to Samurai Master to gethertrained.• MISSION 3: Train her with your secret skills like ninjutsubykilling evil samurai and Japanese warriors.• MISSION 4: Now your companion is a warrior, you both candojustice to innocent peoples.• MISSION 5: You can clear only this mission with yourcompanionpowerful skills, be aware from these Otoku samurai Siegeand evilninja masters.______________________________________________CITY SAMURAI WARRIOR RESCUE FEATURES:★ 6 unique story based mission to get your love back.★ Rescue innocent peoples with your powerful katana sword.★ Super HD graphics in this City samurai warrior rescue game.★ Fight against lethal weapons including katana, shuriken,swords,arrow, bullets★ Powerful BOSSES to beat★ Fast and Brutal Ninja Actions!★ Samurai warrior uses special Abilities to kill ninja Assassinonone shotPlay action packed thrilling missions in yourandroidsmartphone and tablets. Download and enjoy free actionpacked 3Dsimulation game City Samurai Warrior Rescue. 
Ninja vs Zombies Assassin 3D 4.5.1
CTL Gamez
Ninja vs Zombies Assassin 3D :Ninja vs Zombies is one of the entertaining game available onGoogle Play, one Ninja assassin, one Sword and lots of crazyzombies in a shadow fight, defend your life by killing comingzombies with different types of weapons and become a ninja assassinwarrior, a tense and interesting endless gameplay, kill as many aszombies to set a high score.Ninja sword Features :Use your Samurai sword wisely in this shadow fight, use Spear tokill the all zombies in single Kill shot the zombies using ninjablades to prevent zombies to come closer to you. Be a ninja legendin zombie war by using weapon of revenge. Be aware if the monsterstrike and try to kill shot it because it is a survival game. It’sa game of war and you are a contract killer. Become a ninja hero inthis zombie war and defend yourself with a fast ninja run.Ninja vs Zombies Assassin 3D: A ninja LegendNinja vs Zombies is a game of a ninja legend who is in a zombiewar. This Ninja hero has to play a game of war with his weapon ofrevenge. This ninja hero has to kill shot all the zombies in azombie war using his great weapon of revenge. It’s a survival gameand you have to shadow fight the zombies and show that you are agreat ninja assassin. Be very careful when the monster strike andkill shot the zombies in a ninja run. Just like a contract killershadow fight to be a great ninja assassin in this game ofwar.Ninja War against zombie monsters :Be a Ninja assassin warrior when the monster strikes in thissurvival game of war. Ninja vs Zombies is a survival game and youwould be in a zombie war in this Shadow fight. You have to be agood ninja assassin warrior to defeat the zombies in this game ofwar. Just like a contract killer kill shot all the zombies comingin your way. Show that you are a Ninja hero by using your weapon ofrevenge in this game of war. Be a great Ninja legend by defendingyourself with your weapon of revenge.Ninja run when the monster strike or use your weapon of revenge andkill shot all the zombies in this shadow fight. Ninja assassinwarrior is a ninja hero and is brave like a contract killer in thisgame of war. Ninja vs Zombies is a great game in which a Ninjalegend plays like a survival game to become a ninja hero and showhis skills to be a great ninja assassin warrior. Ninja vs Zombiesis a game of a Ninja legend who plays like a contract killer whenthe monster strike.So download this Ninja vs Zombies Assassin 3D game and play like acontract killer in a ninja run because it is a survival game. Justshow that you are a good Ninja assassin warrior and that you can bea ninja legend in this Ninja vs Zombies game.Ninja vs Zombies war Cautions:Be aware these wild bloody zombies in this zombie town. It’s achallenge between ninja vs zombies. Use your sword to kill thisblood zombies. Remember you also have a samurai sword, so you cansay it’s a challenge between sword samurai vs zombies. You havenever seen this type of sword samurai vs zombies game.Ninja vs Zombies War Features:◆ Experience this ninja assassin zombies war game as your hero isthird person controller◆ A crowd of wild bloody zombies like melty zombie and a lot moredangerous zombies◆ Intuitive touchscreen controls with play of amazing animations ofninja warrior◆Thrilling warfare gameplay with full of action and strategy◆HD graphics in zombie town and highly rigged ninja warrior◆Realistic sounds effects of zombies and ninja swordattacksWHY YOU ARE WAITING?DOWNLOAD IT NOW FREE AND ENJOY>>>REMEMBER TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE, YOUR REVIEWS ARE MOST VALUEABLEFOR US. PLEASE RATE AND WRITE A REVIEW.
New York Crime City: Gangster 3.4
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What you are thinking about Mafia in NewYork and California Compton!. Lets download and enjoy this Mafiawar game.New York Crime City: Gangster Story:Its a big deal to go to the industry area of California which mostfamous called California Compton. And destroy whole industry withtime bombs. Be aware from highly security of Tombs gang. He is verydangerous and can kill you in seconds. Actually he have rivals thatare every time prepare for war.Take ammo from gangster boss and go to the police station. Getescape prisoner Jacob your old friend. This is actually a smalldeal but you can make a mafia of criminals with deal of Jacob.Actually Jacob is very clever in USA, he make small gangs and killthe leader of that small gangster, so one day he may kill you tobecome godfather of your mafia. You should be very sharp minded tokill him in USA crime city. New York is very famous city in USAafter California and Los Angeles. Gangsters deal to each other inthis crime city to become the godfather of all criminals.New York is big vendetta crime city after Miamis criminals. Get agun AK47 from Jacob and kill only gangsters, There is somecivilians in New York getaway them, and some time do some deals forthe justice of criminal cases of civilians. You are thinking aboutthe uncertainty of this gangster game actually it is uncertain gamein category of straight action games.New York Crime City: Gangster Features:◆ Ganster in most famous city of USA.◆ A popular criminal will be awarded by bundle of coins.◆ HD graphics and most effecient game play in action games.◆ Most interesting sounds used in game.WHY YOU ARE WAITING?DOWNLOAD IT NOW FREE AND ENJOY>>>REMEMBER TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE, YOUR REVIEWS ARE MOST VALUEABLEFOR US. PLEASE RATE AND WRITE A REVIEW.
Naval Gunship Warfare 3 3.1
CTL Gamez
Naval Gunship Warfare 3 is a 3dshootinggame with several types of military ships, paratroopersoldiers,gunship helicopters, war jets and battle copters. Here alegendarywarship battle has begun! An open war between the twohighlyspecialized military force you as a military commandorepresentingthe air war to destroy the enemy warship and navalvessels with thebullets and missiles.Your Military helicopter is equipped with weapons and armory toshowdown enemy battleships. It’s an ultimate air combat and agunshipwar between you and enemy fleets. You are required toprovide acareful missile command to win this naval battle. You area crazypilot surrounded by fleets of enemy, turn your enemy intopieces byyour single missile command. In this naval warfare enemyships maytry to hide behind rocks in deep seas track them downwith youprecise missile command and unleash hell on your enemywith an aircombat. Your sole duty is to destroy enemy boats inthis helicontest otherwise you will be failed. Dominant the piratewar andmaster the worlds advanced fighting game.The Military helicopter has its unique realistic combinationoffirepower, speed, armor, and endurance. Your mission is totakecharge of a helicopter warfare taking to the rough seas to seekoutand destroy your enemies in this sea battle the war hasstarted.Get your battleship and join the naval fight! They needyou. War isgoing on air and water. Your task will be on water. Killthe enemy,make sure you will survive. This sea battle is yours!Follow theenemy on the radar and turn into attacking mode when it’scloseenough. Shoot on it until it explodes, BOOM!Naval Gunship Warfare 3 Features :◆ Fly gunship helicopter and stealth helicopter.◆ Shoot navy warships, patrol boats and other militaryforces.◆ Enjoy 5 different levels.◆ Realist missiles blast and water splash effects.◆ Stunning and HD graphics.◆ Shoot with different bullets and powered missiles.What you are waiting for :You will be challenged different shapes and devastating barrages.Italso makes the game more interesting, more colorful picture.Easygame operation will enable you to calmly face thechallenges.Everything will show you a perfect Mega gamer.Download this new game created by CTL Gamez and Rockstheworld!
Sand Excavator Simulator 4.5
CTL Gamez
It is a complete treat for the loversofenvironment of city construction. In this parking game you havetooperate different machinery to transport sand .This game willgiveyou an opportunity to work on the environment of city with thehelpof bulldoze, forklift and dump truck. This is the high time toputthat hat on and act as a heavy excavator operator to in thisloadersimulator game to fulfill your dream job.Sand Excavator Simulator Game :In this crane game you have a proposal to construct the cityhereyou can enjoy the job as a crane and dump truck driver.Youcanexperience forklift, bulldozer, dump trucks while liftingloadingand unloading the sand. This city environment is full ofdust onthe side of factory area so you have a duty to be carefulwhiledriving this heavy machinery in this proposal assignedgame.Meanwhile heavy loading machinery is moving there so becareful toother vechicles.You have to drive the crane and followthe arrowsto complete the given tasks. Your help is required inthissimulator game. Being a heavy loader worker you have totransportbuilding material and sand from one place to another bydrivingdump truck. Show some crane operator skills bycontrolling,digging, lifting, loading and unloading. Some loritrucks areworking with you too as this is construction site.Sand Excavator Simulator Features:5 different missions to get your love back!Four construction vehicles to drive to build city!Super HD graphics in this Sand Excavator simulator game!Load and unload truck with sand!Challenging driving skillsLet’s start fun with heavy excavator crane simulator
Snow Plow Truck Excavator 1.0.1
CTL Gamez
There is an emergency in the city afterheavy snow storm. The roads are block and people are stuck in theirhouses and on the roads. They are fed up due to this situation.These people want to celebrate this first snow of the season atMontverde. Roads are too slippery citizens are in mood to enjoy theambient environment. Your duty starts now. Take the charge of thistruck excavator and start dumping the roads with thedumper.Your main mission is to break and clear road blockage of snow onthe roads so traffic can mobilize smooth and safe. Snowy weatherand slippery roads are dangerous your task is to driver the heavymachinery with care and enjoy this 3d truck driving.You have toaccept all the challenging situations in this simulator game.You must play role as a helper for the citizens and bring them outof this blower environment. Spend your time to clear the road andtake their best wishes with you and enjoy this season with yourfamily. Take the control of all the heavy vehicles and enjoy theirride while clearing the roads. It’s up to you how effortlessly youdo the assigned the task and bring happiness at their faces.Features: Realistic controls with real physics Manual excavator handling Different challenging missions to enhance your driver your driverskills Realistic snowy weather Impeccable excavator simulator graphics