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yesHEis: Life On Mission 79.0.0
Make a difference by reaching your friends for Jesus. We knowsharing your faith can sometimes feel difficult, so we're here tohelp! Join 3 million other Christians today by following these 3simple steps: 1. Get the app, 2. Think of a friend or family memberyou'd like to reach for Jesus, 3. Allow us to inspire, stretch andchallenge you to take action and make a difference in that person'slife! — App Features — Gain Confidence Our weekly faith sharingtips will help you go from scared & awkward to brave &confident! Learn From Others Be inspired by stories of how others,like you, have helped their friends come to know Jesus. Share YourExperience Help other Christians in our community. Share, react, orcomment on blogs. Contribute your thoughts and experiences to ourweekly conversation topics. Challenge Yourself Start a personalchallenge. Choose a friend you'd like to reach and customise yourplan of action. Receive daily reminders to pray for that friend andcheck off each day as you go. Search For A Video Share a videoabout Jesus with a friend who doesn't know Him yet. Search videosby category and theme, and stay up to date with regular newreleases. Preview Our ‘Who Is Jesus?’ Bot If your friend would liketo know more about Jesus after watching a video, our friendly chatbot can help. Share a video from the app to experience this bot foryourself! Chat With Our Team For help getting out of a faithsharing rut, or advice on how to reach a specific person in yourworld, chat with our team! Just send us a message through ourin-app chat feature and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.Find And Follow Friends Inspire one another to live life onmission. See friends' app activities and encourage them in theirfaith sharing journeys. So what are you waiting for? It's time tomake a difference. Get the app today!
SharekOnline 2.0.24
تتطبيق sharekonline هو أداة قوية لمساعدتكمشاركة رسالة الكتاب المقدس على الإنترنت، نحن نبحث في كل الميدياالمسيحية لنوفر لك أفضل و أكثر عدد من المحتوى المسيحي المتميز، ثمنقوم بربط هذا المحتوى بعرض شيق لرسالة الإنجيل لكي يمكن للمشاهد أنيصبح تابعاً حقيقياً ليسوع المسيح.و بذلك عندما تشارك أي فيلم أو صورة من sharek online مع عائلتك أوأصدقائك، لا يكون مجرد فيديو أو قصة ذات مغزى كبير، لكنك أتحت فرصةلهم أن يكونوا جزءاً من أعظم قصة على الأرض.كيف يعمل app sharek ؟1. ابحث، اكتشف، شاركاشترك بحساب جديد على "شارك" و ابحث عن أفلام و صور لتشاركها علىالصفحة الخاصة بك، أو كمجال للمناقشة مع أصدقائك، أو عن طريق البريدالإلكتروني لترسلها إلى أحد أصدقائك.2. الأخبار السارةسيقدم "شارك أونلاين" لكل مشاهد فرصة لمشاركة رسالة الإنجيل منخلال فيديو شيق و قصير، وبالتالي فرصة لكي يتبع يسوع.3. الخطوات التاليةسنبدأ محادثة عن ما معنى أن تكون تابعاً ليسوع من خلال "الخطواتالتالية" وإذا كان من المناسب سنجعل المشاهد يرتبط بكنيستك أو بأيكنيسة أخرى قريبة له.Taattbaiq sharekonline isa powerful tool to help you share the Bible message on theInternet, we are looking at all the Christian media to provide youwith the best and the most number of Christian content outstanding,then we link this content presentation interesting to the Gospelmessage to the viewer can become a true follower of Jesus Christ.And so when it involved any film or image of sharek online withyour family or friends, do not just be a video or a verysignificant story, but you Otan opportunity for them to be part ofthe greatest story on earth.How does the app sharek?1. Search, Discover, ShareSubscribe to the new account on the "participated" and searchfor movies and photos to share on your page, or as an area fordiscussion with your friends, or via e-mail to send it to afriend.2. Good NewsWill present "Online participated" each viewer the opportunityto share the Gospel message through an interesting video and short,and thus a chance to follow Jesus.3. The following stepsWe will start a conversation about what it means to be afollower of Jesus through the "next steps" and if it isappropriate, we will make the viewer associated Pkinacetk or anyother church close to him.