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Ringtone Maker Ringtone Edit Mp3 Cut Mp3 Cutter 1.23
Cache Cleaner
Ringtone Maker Mp3 Cutter is the easiest mp3 cutter tool which helpyou cut music file , create ringtone and manage ringtone. Mp3Cutter use the easiest way to cut music , you just need play themusic , and click "set as start / set as end" when music play tothe position you want to cut. Features: 1. Mp3 Cutter is very easyto use , one click to set start position / end position. 2. Mp3Cutter support multiple file type : mp3 / ogg / wav / 3gp / amr /m4a 3. Mp3 Cutter has an optimized ringtone encode and decodeengine 4. Mp3 Cutter can save ringtone with one click 5. Mp3 Cutterhas ringtone management function , one click set music file asringtone / notification sound / alarm sound 6. Mp3 Cutter support0.5-seconds level quick adjustment and preview ringtone 7. Mp3Cutter contains contacts ringtone management function , support setdifferent ringtone for each contact 8. Mp3 Cutter has a 20 secondsanimation tutorial , teach you cut ringtone 9. Mp3 Cutter can sortringtones by ringtone name or ringtone length 10. Mp3 Cuttercontains search function help you quickly find ringtone which youwant to cut 11. Mp3 Cutter listing music by types(ringtone /notification sound / alarm sound) If you like this app , pleasegive us a 5 star rating , thank you very much! We highly respectuser's privacy , all access to user data is for app function need ,app won't collect , and share user's data to third party.permission explanation : READ_CONTACTS & WRITE_CONTACTS Thispermission is necessary because app can help you manage ringtone ofcontacts , assign different ringtone to each contact.WRITE_SETTINGS This permission is necessary because app can helpyou set music file as your phone ringtone , notification sound andalarm sound. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThis permission is necessary because app need read your music fileand save ringtone file on sd card NetWork App need access networkto display ad in app. Thank you for your trust. [About AD Policy]
Cache Cleaner Super clear cache & optimize 1.4
Cache Cleaner
Cache Cleaner Super can help you clean useless cache files , itcanfree up your phone space and speed up your phone. ★ What AreCacheFiles Cache Files are temporary files created by applications.Forexample, when browser visit a web page, browser save theimagefiles as cache files. When app exits , cache files are useless,you can save phone space and speed up your phone via cleanthesejunk cache files. So you need a easy app help you cleancachefiles. ★ Features Support android 4.1-7.1 devices One clickcleancache Fastest scan speed Reminder you clean cache every 6hoursEasy to use This app uses Accessibility services.
Lemon Cleaner - clear cache & optimize 1.31
Cache Cleaner
Lemon cleaner is an powerful android cleaner tool , it cancleanmore than twenty kinds of phone garbage , boost your phone ,savestorage space. What it can do: ✔ Clean App Cache &TemporaryFiles Cache Files are temporary files created byapplications. Forexample, when browser visit a web page, browsersave the imagefiles as cache files. When app exits , cache filesare useless ,you can save phone space and speed up your phone viaclean thesejunk cache files. Third party may create temporary filesfor acertain work , these files are useless after work complete,however , not every app remember delete these temporary files ,ifthird party app forget deleting temporary files , these fileswillbe junk files and waste phone storage. ✔ Clean log filesThirdparty may create log files for analyze and debug , for example,when an app crashes , developers need analyze log files tolocatethe problem. These files are not useful to app users , deletethemwill save phone storage space. ✔ Clean empty folders Emptyfoldersare useless because they does not contain any file , deletethemwill save phone storage space. ✔ Clean System Downloaddirectory ✔Clean download files created by apps ✔ Clean filesreceived bybluetooth ✔ Audio files management ✔ Video filesmanagement Besidesvideo taken by camera , lemon cleaner also scanvideo files createdby apps , for example downloaded movie , videofiles receive insocial app ✔ Archive files (.zip .rar) management ✔Document files(.doc .xls .pdf .ppt) management ✔ Screenshotsmanagement ✔ CleanDuplicated Photos Lemon cleaner use smart imagecompare algorithmto scan duplicated and similar photos ✔ CleanBlurry Photos Lemoncleaner use smart image analyze algorithm toscan blurry and dimphotos ✔ Clean thumbnails ✔ Clean Obsolete Apk ✔Scan not installedApk ✔ Clean Large Files Scan large files on yourphone which size> 10m Sort large files by file type Sort largefiles bydirectory Sort large files by file extension ✔ AppManagement Batchuninstall apps you don’t need Sort by app name /app size / installdate Search by app name ✔ Plugin ManagementPlugin is a kind of appwith not icon , so it’s hidden and doesn’tshow in the desktop ,it’s usually exist as plugin of another mainapp , however , whenthe main app uninstalled , user usually forgetuninstalling pluginsof main app , because they’re hidden. Uselessplugin may wastephone storage , lemon cleaner offer plugin scanfunction , help youfind plugins installed on your phone. This appuses Accessibilityservices.
Big File Cleaner 1.01
Cache Cleaner
Big File Cleaner is an android app help you cleaning unnecessarybigsize files. It can list big size filesbytype(image/audio/video/others) , by file directory and byfileextensions. With this app , you can find big files whichwastephone storage easily , and save phone storage. Features:fastestscanning speed list big size files by type list big sizefiles byfile directory list big size files by extensions list newbig sizefiles
Gallery 1.0
Cache Cleaner
A fast , simple , beautiful gallery app for your Android Phone.Keyfeatures: 1.High-Definition photo viewing 2.View by date 3.Viewbyalbums 4.Photo cleaner function , help you clean duplicatedphotos, blur photos and useless screenshots , save storage of yourdevice5.Photo information 6.Share photo 7.Add to favorite 8.Setphoto aswallpaper 9.delete photo