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Trick Nat 3.1.0
Facing the best artificial intelligence oftrick for more than 30 levels that will challenge your skills inthis card game. Whether you're a beginner or professional, NatSensei will guide you along the way for you to become a master ofTruco.Choose your ideal companion, each character has a uniquepersonality that adapts to the way you play.Items 2 to 4 players per tableLocal wireless multiplayer so you can play with your friends atthe University or elsewhere and not have to worry about a warningor lack of cards.Save your games and continúalos anytime, with service in theGoogle cloud your progress will always exist in thisapplication.Try to complete all the challenges Sensei offers you Nat, withmore than 15 interesting achievements should complete alltrickster.Available languages: Spanish, English and PortugueseWhat do you expect to play? Do not forget that takes to win "atrick".Note: The multiplayer experience can vary to a player.Any problems or suggestions please write to or comments on our social networks
Space Impact
Turn on your engine, prepare your missiles andtravels through the galaxy facing asteroids, enemy ships and manyobstacles.Space impact is inspired by the classic shooting games, where youare the pilot of a ship plying the galaxy and battlingenemies.If you love hardcore games you can not miss this game, with morethan 20 levels that will test your reflexes and shootingskills.Simple in appearance but really fun. Take action in your hands,flies over space and get ready to win this arcade game.If you liked this space adventure not forget to follow us on ourfacebook ""
Trick Nat Elite 1.4.2
Pits the best players in the world on thepopular game of trick cards in his Venezuelan variant.Trick is not just a card game where dominates luck, but you needto acquire certain skills to know your opponent, know deceive himinto believing that luck is on your side.We can assure you that in our virtual room will have a very realexperience when you play with your colleagues or acquaintances withphysical cards because Truco Nat Elite has all the songs that hasthe Venezuelan variant and also have a matching system for betting,where he or she will not want to lose a game.Our room Truco has 3 types of ranking, so you can positionyourself among the best players as they win games (1v1, 2v2 andtournaments).To avoid advantages in games 2vs2 matches the system with randomplayers, thus preventing the player all the cards conosca ally,since as in the formal Truco only must know a single letter. Tobalance the strategy is the tool has predefined phrases, which area recompilation of the best quotes in the game.TOURNAMENTS: We have hundreds of tournaments that you can getgreat rewards and compete for global glory of this great game.Automatic Search: Select the mode (1v1 / 2v2), the value of thebet, press search and voila, you'll be playing at a table.Follow us on our social networks to stay abreast of furtherdevelopments and participate in the community The bets are not made with real money, only with virtualsheets which can not be redeemed for real money.