Calford Apps

Revolver 1.33
Revolver is a realistic revolver simulator for Android. Load thechamber and pull the trigger to fire! Also you can also play"Russian roulette" with your friends:Easy to play: tap the bulletsto load and tap the trigger to fire! Also you can tap the cylinderto spin.Update: Install to SD for Android 2.2 Have fun!
Pinote 1.1
Welcome to Pinote! Write your note/diary anytime, anywhere and ableto organize them by location.Make your note/diary awesome withimages/videos/audios. You can also share to others viaFacebook/Twitter/Google plus/email/others apps.It is very easy touse:In the main page:- Add entry: click on "Add Entry", you canstart adding an entry.- Edit/share/delete entry: just long tap anexisting entry to do so.- See previous entry near you: click on"Sort by distance"In the detailed entry page, you can:-Record/choose images/videos/audios: click on the icon in the titlebar.- Edit time: click on the time text and choose the time for theentry.- Edit location: click on the location text and choose thelocation for the entry.- Edit/share/delete: just long tap anexisting item to do so.Enjoy!
Guns 1.120
Guns is a realistic simulator with shooting range experience, whichhas most popular guns/weapons and their information, includingHandguns, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, SniperRifles, Machine Guns, Grenades, Knives. Tap the screen or shake tofire, tap menu for settings. Camera permission is only for camerapreview in target mode, won't actually take pictures.