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Caller Screen-HD Call Screen Theme Changer App
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Caller Screen is a love call screen app for incoming calling screenwith love theme HD caller ID. Customize your love call screendialer with stylish Caller Screen themes. Do you get bored withdefault call screening without stunning HD caller screen displayand love call screen themes? The full Caller Screen is areplacement calling screen. Using this love call screening app,don’t let your phone to look like any other and customize yourcalls as you desire now! The love call screen app is customizationapplication due to which user can replace old call screening withnew fully love call screen themes.When the party on, this callscreening makes you the focus. Make your phone calling screen lookincredible. Personalize your calling screen and make them fancylike an Phone i calling display now.★Call Screen - Features● lovecaller screen app with dynamic call screen lights notification●Colorful love calling screen themes flash lights on incoming calls●LED flash notification light for android calls bright callerflashlight● Automatic number location any number in your contactlist● Make full use of fake caller id for awkward situations★ CallScreening - Highlights♥Screen Flash on CallsAre you getting boredwith old call screening themes? Customize Love Call Screeningdialer change your call screen dialer to rich and user-friendlyinterface, and offered for incoming full love Call screening andoutgoing screen dialer. The popular love caller screen themes willmake your phone calls different & attractive. Also, CallScreening helps you never miss any phone calls even the phone is onthe silence mode. Download full Caller Screen app for free and makeyour android phone looks awesome. Love call screen theme slideshows full screen call theme for your contact when you get a call.Love call screening theme slide offered several free themes andpopular love caller screen theme to let you choose, Enjoy this HDlove theme caller id app with love caller theme & merryChristmas themes.💡Flashing LED Light for Calls When you haveincoming calls, the dialer screen display will light up, like superbright LED light for incoming call and color screen light. Whenit's dark or your phone on silent, you'll still know who's tryingto get in touch with you, all thanks to flash alerts LED. You mustneed LED flashlight alert for calling, especially when you don’twant to miss any phone calls. It’s very easy to let you know who'scalling without turning.🌟Clever Use of Fake Caller IDCaller Screenid faker is like Simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself froman awkward situation, like boring meeting, annoying conversation,meaningless interview... You can set a real name or number of yourfake call, even if they aren’t saved in your phonebook. It’s likeReal call blocker, and true caller design for android.This Callerscreening is the whenever you are dial a call at that time fillingare love because in your smart phone screen has love theme callerid or dial a call to your love or any other friend. ⚠Identify theCallerCaller Screen is not only a app of screen call themes, butalso helps you Identify the caller. You can see call location ofunknown numbers in the call detail of call history.Not like otherlove call screen apps, customize Caller Screen has love callingscreen themes and amazing call screen dialer. You can havedifferent experience by using this love calling screen themes.
Grim Reaper - Skull Themes for Caller Screen 1.0.4
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Scary prank calling themes. If you love the character Grim Reaper,love similar app, like Grim Reaper live wallpaper/keyboard, youmust love this real call scary people theme. We provide 3D skulltheme, you can through a call scary people. The Grim Reaper is theright reaper HD Video Call simulator that allows you to get FakeVideo Call or fake call from dead Grim Reaper and talk to dead thereaper in a video call or chat video call from Grim Reaper.GrimReaper is just the fun 3D skull theme you make fun with yourfriends. You use the fire skull 3D themes application through youchoose the different reaper and you talk your Grim Reaper friendalso she calls. It’s also a real call scary people, you can savephone numbers with different names and photos. You can set time forcalling from particular number. You can pretend like you talk withyour reaper in real, and have fun by call scary people.Features:•You select different skull Grim Reaper.• Add number and photo foryour device.• Give different timer to call.• Making scary fakecall.• Enjoy with this reaper themes.Using this reaper scary prankcalling application you can make your friends fool easily.Set skulltheme 3D call screen for your android devices. Customize screenwith fire skull 3D theme. Grim Reaper for Android free gives youthe possibility to set caller screen themes for your calls insteadof a default caller screen.
Flashlight App - LED Flash Light & Caller Screen 1.0.7
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Flashlight App is a bright LED flashlight widget with funny callerscreen lights. It is an easy to use LED flashlight app thatprovides you with super bright LED light, adjustable strobe light,beautiful & funny caller screen lights, and SOS light foremergency. It’s a very useful flashlight app.--- Main Features ofLED Flashlight App ---* Used as torch light for darkness: twoavailable light sources, LED flashlight and screen light* Colorflash alert lights on screen for incoming calls: offer many LEDreminder notification themes* Strobe light with speed control: usedfor fun, adjusting from low to high frequency* SOS flash light(Morse Code): used as emergency light, asking for help* Easy to useLED brightness controller: allow fast screen light adjust* Fastflashlight call screen notification for SMS: never miss animportant message* Keep bright light on the locked screen: alwayslight up your way* Built-in battery saver widget for power savingindication--- Detail Functions of LED Flashlight App ---1. Easy touse & bright LED flashlightWhenever you need a real torch, thisflash camera light can be used by simple switch(on/off), just likeyou are using a real mobile torch light. Flashlight App uses cameraLED flash on Android device as a light source. Moreover, flashlight brightness can be controlled easily, lighter or darker.2.Colorful LED light for incoming calls & messageYou will nevermiss any important calls and messages by using call screen lightreminder function of Flashlight App. Flashlight App can be used asa LED reminder for incoming calls or when there's a text message onphone. It will timely remind you with color flashlight alertlights, like super bright LED light for incoming call and colorscreen light for message. Several colorful call screen notificationeffects of ring light flash are available to choose from.3. UsefulCamera LED lightIn addition to camera LED light controller, thistiny flashlight app uses phone screen as a light sourceautomatically when fail to open camera LED or camera LED is notpresent. Certainly, screen flashlight is adjustable.4. Funny strobelight & helpful SOS lightFlashlight App's strobe light can beused for fun and rescue yourself from danger. It has speedcontroller that allows you to adjust flashlight from low to highfrequency. This funny strobe light can be used for personal danceparty or disco ball. And its SOS light mode can be used to ask forhelp for emergency.5. Detect battery draining appUse battery widgetto automatically detect and indicate apps that cause battery energydraining. To help battery save power, you are not suggested tocontinue using the flash in case of decreasing battery lifedramatically.6. Convenient Torch LightBesides above functions,Flashlight App has well-designed wallpapers which can be displayedon the lock screen. It’s quite easy to turn on this free flashlightapp on the lock screen, switch on/off flash light and use all itspowerful functions. It will give you a wonderful and real torchexperience.--- Daily Use of LDE Flashlight App ---* Funnynotification screen light on incoming calls* Use strobe light forfun at the ball or party* Used as a torch light for power cuts*Used as a torch light in the dark* Light your way when hiking* Helpto open the door at night* Used as a light source for reading onbed* Send out an SOS if necessary* Check on the little stuff withstable light