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Spellunk is about forming words of four letters or more. Therearefour tiers of standard tiles and five special tiles. Therearethree types of moves: swaps, stamps and jumps. Moves are accruedasyou score points. Words that have more and higher tiers oflettersscore more points. Forming multiple words and cascadingwords isalso rewarded with higher scores. Tier 1: A, E, I, O, UTier 2: D,N, L, R, S, T Tier 3: B, C, F, G, H, K, M, P, W, Y Tier4: J, Q, V,X, Z Wooden - these are blanks that can have a letter'stamped' onthem. Broken - doesn't 'fall' down, it's stuck. Molten- too hot tohandle, can't be touched. Double Score (Yellow) TripleScore (Blue)Swap moves are used to exchange two adjacent tiles, butnotdiagonally. Stamp moves can only be used on blank wooden tiles.Tapon a blank tile twice to open the A-Z letter selection menu.Jumpmoves can be used to exchange two non-adjacent tiles.Emailmailto:hodgskin.callan@gmail.comTwitter Made withInvention
Pathos: Nethack Codex 6.7
Pathos is a roguelike adventure game inspired by the rule set fromNethack. Choose from 13 classes and journey deep into the dungeon.Descend to hell to defeat your nemesis before escaping the dungeonwith all the loot you can carry! Twitter Reddit Discord Made with Invention
Invention Manual 1.5
Invention is an open source library for C# native mobileapps/gamestargeting Windows, iOS and Android platforms. This app isaninteractive manual for learning how to develop inInvention.Benefits of Invention: - Code-first API with no XML files- Layoutis arrangeable and composable - Compiles to a native app -Rapiddevelopment on Windows Write your app code in .NET Standardclasslibraries using the Invention API. Android and iOS are builtonXamarin technology. Write your app once and deliver to thethreemajor app stores: - Apple iTunes (iOS) - Google Play (Android)-Windows Store (UWP) Microsoft Visual Studio Community EditionwithXamarin and the open-source Invention Library makes mobileapp/gamedevelopment in C# both free and easy.Emailmailto:hodgskin.callan@gmail.comTwitter