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Cami Calculator 1.9.0
Cami & Jun
Cami Calculator performs the same function as the Casio Calculator.Cami Calculator is easy to use, because size of button is designedlarger. Support the buttons on a variety of themes, so depending onpersonal taste or mood, try changing the theme of a button. Pleaseuse it habitually.
Cami Calculator Pro 1.9.0
Cami & Jun
[No advert in pro. version.] Cami Calculator performs the samefunction as the Casio Calculator. Cami Calculator is easy to use,because size of button is designed larger. Support the buttons on avariety of themes, so depending on personal taste or mood, trychanging the theme of a button. In pro. version, TAX buttons areadded. Please use it habitually.
Cami Counter 1.2.5
Cami & Jun
Cami Counter is very simple and easy to use app. Count isincremented by touching the counter view. To reset the counter,press and hold the counter view. Counter is maintained even if theapp is terminated. Also, the hardware volume key allows the counterto be increased or decreased. The timer is used to record time whencounter is incremented. When you touch the timer view, the timer isrunning. Touch again, the timer is stopped. To reset the timer,press and hold the timer. The timer is running even if app isterminated. The timer is work up to 100 hours. When you press therecord button, you can check the records of each time. This featurecan be used as a substitute for the stopwatch.
Cami Slide (Puzzle) 1.5.5
Cami & Jun
This is a photo puzzle game. Creating your own puzzles by addingphotos and enjoy the sliding puzzle. You can play 3 X 3, 4 X 4, 5 X5, 6 X 6 pieces. Try to challenge record highs. When running theapp for the first time, you must add a photo by pressing + button.You can add up to 30 photos. Fun game. Keyword : Photo Puzzle,Picture Puzzle, Sliding Puzzle