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What's the Logo? 1.5.0
Do you think you know pop culture? Are you ashopping expert? You see company logos and icons everywhere andeveryday, but how well do you know them? Prove that you are a savvyconsumer by beating all 700 high quality levels in “What’s theLogo?”. The top ranked iOS trivia game finally arrives on Androidto quiz your knowledge of popular logos and icons.Features:• 700 hand picked icons and logos to guess• International and domestic brands• A one player trivia quiz, enjoy and guess at your own pace• Lifelines to help crack the tough ones• One logo after another, enough to drive you to mania!What’s the Logo? is the ultimate pop culture logo and iconquiz!
Odd 1 Out! 1.5.0
Odd 1 Out! Find the pic that is slightlydifferent than the others! New from the makers of What's theDifference!Find the odd one out in this unique hidden object game, wherethe hidden object is hidden in plain sight! Forget finding a needlein a haystack, its like trying to find a needle in a stack ofneedles! Other games try to test your reflexes, but how fast areyour eyes? The object is simple, but the challenge is hard. Can youspot the slightly different pic, emoji, or logo hidden among onesjust like it?With over a thousand high quality pics, logos, emojis, and more,Odd 1 Out! provides endless hours of brain teasing fun!
What's the Emoji? 1.5.0
Know your emojis and emoticons? Can you beatall of the puzzles in “What’s the Emoji?”OMG emojis! It’s emoji madness! “What’s the Emoji?” is a uniquepuzzle game where you have to guess a puzzle written in only thosefun little pictures, emojis. Take your best guess as to what commonsaying, catch phrase, or title is being displayed in thepuzzle.Each emoticon riddle will quiz you on your knowledge of popculture, celebrity, and popular phrases. With hundreds of puzzlesto enjoy, “What’s the Emoji?” will keep you guessing for hours.
Unscramble the Pic! 1.5.0
Unscramble the pics before the clock runsout!Unscramble the Pic is the latest smash hit from What’s thePicGames!Jigsaw puzzles are sooo 90’s. We’ve taken the jigsaw out ofthepuzzle, and modernized it for your touch screen! Peoplehaveenjoyed jigsaw puzzles for generations. Unscramble the Picputshundred of high quality quick (but challenging) photo puzzlesrightin your pocket. Newly added pop culture puzzles will haveyouunscrambling celebrity faces, guessing who it is until theveryend!