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Sparks - Meet Singles Near Me 1.0.37
SPARKS is a unique App that changes onlinedating completely, using a gamified solution you will meet singlesnearby using your voice, just like real life! Meet real people inyour area, no more judging by photos. Sparks is a FREE app forAndroid focused to make friends, flirt online, live chat and mostimportantly: find a girlfriend or boyfriend.How do we change dating? We combine Voice Chat and Games. Sparks isall about meeting real people near you, and having perfect firstdates. But before you can meet someone, you need to pass 4 levels,and interact ;)Our app is currently available in Worldwide with a biggest focus onManila & Philippines♥♥♥♥♥Level 1: Pixelated photo of your potential match with an audioattached to it. Listen to the voice and make the best decision tofind a date.Level 2: If you have a match, the pixelated picture will becomeclearer, will you be a couple? It's time to know the person more!Ask and reply to a question. Like what you hear? Head to Level3.Level 3: Here you will see the photo without pixels. Do you have acrush? Become a Contact and find out if love exists!Contacts: You guys like each other, great! Speak privately andarrange a date. Will you be the perfect couple? No more beingsingle.♥♥♥♥♥Features of Sparks Dating App:- The first app in the market that combines dating and games tomeet people around you.- Clean design and user friendly interface. We build apps thateveryone loves so you find the right man or woman easy.- Sparks is 100% FREE, we make it easy to find a boyfriend orgirlfriend.- You can listen to 20 people per day, want more? Become a VIP useror share our app!- Share to your contacts through Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Tinder, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Badoo and many other networks andplatforms.√ Sparks dating app is free to download and use! Listen, Play,Date.♥♥♥♥♥Tips to stand out from the rest to get more matches- Record a powerful voice Message. First impression is based onyour audio clip. Be sexy and charming, be confident and show peopleyou're smart.- Choose a picture that defines who you are. Works best for gettingdates with single women or men.- DO's: Photo with your pet, Keep your shirt on. Be flirty, passionand romance also helps!- DONT's: Pic of You and Your Ex, Party photos, Group pictures,Model shots, Shirtless, photos with friends, Selfies.- Use natural opening lines, Be yourself.♥♥♥♥♥FAQ:- How do I chat with someone using text and not voice?- You can't. We created Sparks to solve the problem that the otherapps have. We want people to use the voice to communicate the sameway as if it was your first date.- How are you any difference to other Dating Apps?- We are a whole new game that changes app dating. In Sparks youmust have real conversations in order to advance. Other apps arepurely text based messengers, and many times people just neverreply back. We use voice and live chat to prevent this.- Why cant I upload more than 1 photo?- This will be added in future versions. You will be able tocomplete your profile- Can I find a husband or wife in Sparks?- We hope you do, there is definately lots of women and men lookingto get married.
Treat - Foros, Chats de Salud y Enfermedades 1.0.29
Treat es una comunidad de Medicina, Salud y Enfermedades Crónicasdonde puedes conocer gente y chatear libremente con usuarios yexpertos sobre tus intereses, así como también leer noticias y verinformación relacionada con todas las enfermedades crónicasexistentes hoy en día.Treat es lugar idóneo para encontrar apoyo,buscar consejos, y conocer a gente para discutir abiertamente tusproblemas de salud, preocupaciones o compartir opiniones! Miles depersonas contribuyen diariamente con una mezcla entre usuarios yexpertos médicos.6 MOTIVOS POR LOS CUALES UNIRSE A TREAT1. 🙌COMUNIDAD: Únete a una comunidad muy activa con gente de todo elmundo. Busca consejos, chatea con expertos y profesionalesespecializados en tu enfermedad crónica o problema de salud. 2. 🏥GUÍA DE SALUD Y BIENESTAR: En Treat puedes consultar los siguientesartículos sobre todas las enfermedades: Definición, Diagnóstico,Síntomas, Causas, Tratamiento y Prevención. Para hombres yMujeres.3. 📰 NOTICIAS: Cuando sigas un tema, puedes optar a recibirlas noticias más importantes sobre él en tu teléfono. No tegustaría saber si existe una cura para el cáncer? ;)4. 🖐️ SIEMPRE AMANO: Chatea en tus grupos y privados fácilmente a través de tuteléfono Android. También tienes a mano un diccionario de salud ymedicina.5. 🆓 GRATIS: Ni cobramos suscripciones, ni hay publicidad,Treat es gratis y libre. Queremos hacer una comunidad a través dechat muy parecidos a los grupos de WhatsApp donde la gente se deconsejo entre si.6. 💬 MENSAJES PRIVADOS: Si en algún momentonecesitas pasar de un chat de grupo a una conversación privada conuna persona, puedes hacerlo fácilmente, todos tus mensajes privadosestán seguros y nadie tiene acceso a ellos.ORGANIZACIÓN DE CHATS YFOROS DE DISCUSIÓN* Tratamientos: Discute sobre medicaciones,remedios, productos y tratamientos relacionados con la enfermedad,obtén tips de otros usuarios.* Estilo de vida: Analiza dietas,efectos físicos y emocionales de la enfermedad en relacion alestilo de vida y bienestar.* Tu historia: Cuenta tu caso con lacomunidad. Mantén un diario personal y encuentra apoyo emocionalcon otros usuarios.* Noticias destacadas: Comenta sobre lasNoticias más destacas sobre medicamentos y avances en tecnología.*General: Escribe cualquier cosa que no encaje en las otrassecciones, chat para hombres y mujeres.COMUNIDADES CON USUARIOS MÁSACTIVOS- Acné y Granos: Nuestra comunidad de acné proporciona laoportunidad de discutir y compartir sus experiencias personales,así como apoyar a otros que están haciendo frente a los problemasfísicos y emocionales muy reales que rodean el acné y los granos.Productos, Pastillas, Mascarillas, Cremas y soluciones para lapiel.- Embarazo en mujeres:Pregunta a nuestra comunidad femeninasobre síntomas, como saber si estas embarazada, fertilidad y más.-Diabetes:Discuta los problemas de diabetes, obtenga ayuda, compartasus experiencias, ofrezca apoyo, conozca a otros diabéticos yaprenda más sobre la diabetes.ENCUENTRA APOYO Y CONSEJOS EN ESTASCOMUNIDADES- Salud y Medicina en General- Remedios y Medicamentos-Dolores musculares en el cuerpo- Molestías y Malestar General-Dolor de Cabeza y Migraña- Enfermedades Crónicas- Gripes,Constipados y Resfriados- Fatiga y Sueño- Alergias y Virus- Cancer-Amnesia e Insomnio- Sobrepeso, Obesidad y Pérdida depesoCOMUNIDAD:El equipo de Treat está constantemente involucrado enconseguir ambiente seguro, amistoso y confiable con nuestro equipode moderadores monitoreando diariamente todas las discusiones. Sicrees que se nos ha pasado por alto, o has visto comportamiento olenguaje inadecuado en nuestra App, por favor comunícanoslo asoporte@treat-app.comTreat is a community of Medicine, Health andChronic Diseases where you can meet people and chat freely withusers and experts about your interests as well as read news andview information related to all existing chronic diseasestoday.Treat is ideal to find support, seek advice place, and meetpeople to openly discuss your health problems, concerns or shareopinions! Thousands of people contribute daily with a mixture ofusers and medical experts. 6 REASONS WHY JOIN A TREAT 1. 🙌COMMUNITY: Join an active community with people from all over theworld. Seeks advice, chat with experts and specializedprofessionals in your chronic disease or health problem.2. 🏥 GUIDEHEALTH AND WELFARE: In Treat can check the following items for alldiseases: Definition, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment andPrevention. For men and women.3. 📰 NEWS: When you follow a theme,you can choose to receive the most important news about it on yourphone. Would not you like to know if a cure for cancer? ;)4. 🖐️always at hand: Chat in your private groups and easily through yourAndroid phone. You also have a dictionary handy health andmedicine.5. FREE 🆓 Neither charge subscriptions or no publicity,Treat is free and free. We want to make a community through chatmuch like WhatsApp groups where people are on board each.6. 💬PRIVATE MESSAGES: If you ever need to move from a group chat aprivate conversation with someone, you can easily do all yourprivate messages are safe and no one has access to them. CHATSORGANIZATION AND DISCUSSION FORUMS * Treatments: Discussesmedications, remedies, products and disease-related treatments, gettips from other users.* Lifestyle: Analyzes diets, physical andemotional effects of the disease in relation to lifestyle andwell-being.* Your story: Tell your case with the community. Keep ajournal and find emotional support with others.* Top Stories:comment on the most outstanding news about drugs and advances intechnology.* General: Write anything that does not fit in the othersections, chat for men and women. MORE ACTIVE COMMUNITIES WITHUsers- acne and pimples:I acne our community provides theopportunity to discuss and share their personal experiences andsupport others who are facing the very real physical and emotionalissues surrounding acne and pimples. Products, pills, masks, creamsand skin solutions.- Pregnancy in women:Ask our female communityabout symptoms, how to tell if you're pregnant, fertility andmore.- Diabetes:Discuss diabetes problems, get help, share yourexperiences, offer support, meet other diabetics and learn moreabout diabetes. FIND SUPPORT AND ADVICE in these communities -Health and Medicine in General- Remedies and Medicines- Muscleaches in the body- Aches and Malaise- Headache and Migraine-Chronic diseases- flus, colds and Colds- Fatigue and Sleep- Allergyand Virus- Cancer- Amnesia and Insomnia- Overweight, Obesity andWeight LossCOMMUNITY:Treat team is constantly involved in gettingsafe, friendly and reliable environment with our team of moderatorsto monitor daily all threads. If you think that has passed us by,or seen behavior or inappropriate language in our App, please letus know at
Myst Psychic Reading - Tarot, Video & Chat 1.2.11
Myst is the first app in the world that offers Tarot, Astrology& Psychic Readings with professionals through video chat andcalls.** € 10 OFFER ** We give you € 10 in your first session.Someusers ask:- Is there an app for psychic reading in video chat?- Cantarot or astrology help me understand my destiny in terms of love,money, fortune?The answer is Myst, discover everything that our appoffers: TYPES OF PROFESSIONALS ⭐ PSYCHICS⭐ MEDIUMS⭐ CLAIRVOYANTS⭐TAROT PROFESSIONALSCATEGORIESOur professionals and experts offervideo chat service and calls in the following categories:* Tarotreadings in video chat* Psychic readings* Live RelationshipCoaching* Consultations on family and spirituality* Astrology andHoroscope* Live Oracles Guide* Reading of Hands* Keys to theAngels* Dream AnalysisPsychic Readings and DivinationReal Psychicshave many divinatory tools at their disposal. From looking intocrystal balls, reading tea leaves or reading your palm - there arecountless ways to predict the future. So in addition to cartomancy,Myst offers more tools in their live video sessions:⭐ Card reading:To be a part of a tarot reading, you must first concentrate, be ina quiet place without distractions. That is so you can meditatewith tranquility the tarot answers.⭐ Visualize people, events,situations of the past and future present.⭐ Tarot of Marseille,Egyptian, Cosmic, Love, Angels, Ridder and Spanish Letters.⭐Cleaning of the aura, chakras, reiki, astral chart.⭐ Emotional andTherapeutic Support⭐ Find predictions made by astrologers with morethan 30 years of experience helping people. Absolute experts inmatters of love, health, money, work and family. Do you want toknow your free weekly horoscope?Horoscope: Zodiac Signs🌑 Meet anddiscover your daily horoscope totally free: Love, Health, Familyand Money. Also look for the horoscope of your friends, family,colleagues or partner. Are you looking for love? Check what thestars say🌑 Zodiac Sign Predictions: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer,Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius andPisces. All the horoscopes in the palm of your hand!🌑 Checkcompatibility between all the zodiac signs: Love, money, health,work, luck ... Are you compatible? Will there be love in 2018?Coming soon- Receive notifications when your preferred expert isavailable- User comments about the professionalsCONTACTIn Myst wetake great care of quality and we try to make sure we have the bestlevel of our experts and professionals. For any questions you canfind us at support@myst-app.comIMPORTANT: Astrology, horoscopes andtarot are not things that should be taken lightly. Interpret thepredictions carefully and study your horoscope and that of yourloved ones to act accordingly. All the Horoscope for 2018!If youwant to know more about Tarot, Daily Horoscope, Zodiac Signs,Astrology, this Horoscope app is for you! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
Myst Tarot - Professionals 1.0.9
MYST - APP FOR PROFESSIONALSWith Myst you can perform tarot andastrology readings with users from anywhere in the world.Simplysignup through the app and we will contact you to follow on yoursuccessful registration.
Bizup - Conocer Profesionales y Gente de Trabajo 1.0.12
Bizup es una Chat App que te permite ampliar tus vínculosprofesionales de una forma sencilla. Conoce profesionales yemprendedores con intereses afines, queda en persona a tomar uncafé o una cerveza, progresa en el mundo laboral haciendonetworking.¿Como Funciona?Te mostraremos perfiles profesionales,tendrás que indicarnos cuales te interesan, si la otra personamuestra un interés recíproco se producirá un enlace y tendrán laoportunidad de empezar a chatear.Nuestros usuarios utilizanperfiles de LinkedIn reales y complementan la información con otrosdatos que pedimos en Bizup. Toda su información profesional yeducativa está validada por LinkedIn.Perfiles Profesionales✅ CEOs,Directivos e inversores.✅ CMOs, CSOs, Marketing y Ventas.✅Doctores, Enfermeros, Arquitectos, Turismo, etc.✅ Informáticos,Ingenieros, Desarrolladores, Programadores✅ Y MuchosmásOportunidades de Colaboración• Realiza alianzas estratégicas conusuarios de Bizup, nuestra App está llena de directivos ytrabajadores con los cuales podrías conseguir colaboraciones paratu empresa.• Invierte en tu marca y ten más notoriedad con genteprofesional de tu ciudad.Conocer Gente Profesional de Trabajo yNegocios• Chatea con Expertos y Profesionales de tu sector. Bizupte ayuda a Ampliar tus vínculos profesionales.• Haz networking congente con intereses afines, consigue contactos clave para triunfar.• Conocer gente con tu mismo ritmo de vida, gente optimista oconocer gente con poco tiempo libre es algo con lo que Bizup puedeayudarte.Encontrar Trabajo y Buscar Empleo• En un contexto en elque las dificultades del mercado laboral para generar empleo hanido en aumento, la colaboración y la ayuda mutua pueden marcar ladiferencia a la hora de emprender un proyecto de forma autónoma oacceder a un empleo. Bizup te ayuda a conectar con Headhunters,Recursos Humanos y Directivos de empresas clave.Networking•Relacionate con otros emprendedores, tomate una cerveza conprofesionales de tu ciudad, habla de negocios, y amplia tu circuloprofesional. Sin networking no hay cartas de recomendación y, sinéstas, las posibilidades de superar una entrevista de trabajodisminuyen enormemente. Aprovecha Bizup.• La base de una carreraprofesional exitosa es el networking. Hacer y mantener loscontactos en todos aquellos trabajos por los que pasamos, así comointensificar los vínculos con otros profesionales del sector al queuno se dedica, es imprescindible para medrar profesionalmente Otrosdetalles- La App funciona a través de LinkedIn Connect, de estaforma nos aseguramos que el uso es de profesionales y expertos.Nunca publicaremos nada en tu muro de LinkedIn.- Bizup está activoen Madrid y España- Nuestra App es gratis de usar aunque limitamosla cantidad de gente que puedes conocer por día para mantener lacalidad en el servicio. Si quieres ver a más personas puedessuscribirte a nuestro plan Premium.Bizup Chat is an App that allowsyou to expand your professional links in a simple way.Meetprofessionals and entrepreneurs with similar interests, is himselfa coffee or a beer, progresses in the working world by networking.How It Works We'll show professional profiles, you must tell uswhat you are interested, if the other person shows a mutualinterest there will be a link and have the opportunity to startchatting.Our users use real profiles LinkedIn and complement theinformation with other information we ask for in Bizup. Hisprofessional and educational information is validated by LinkedIn.Professional Profiles ✅ CEOs, managers and investors.✅ CMOs, CSOs,Marketing and Sales.✅ doctors, nurses, architects, tourism, etc.✅computer scientists, engineers, developers, programmers✅ and manymore Collaboration Opportunities • Make strategic alliances withBizup users, our App is full of managers and workers with whichcollaborations could get for your company.• Invest in your brandand have more notoriety with professional people in your city.Meeting People Working Professional and Business • Chat withexperts and professionals in your industry. Bizup helps you expandyour professional links.• Make networking with people with similarinterests, get contacts key to success.• Meet people with your samelifestyle, optimistic people or meet people with little free timeis something that can help Bizup. Find Labor and Employment Search• In a context in which the difficulties of the labor market togenerate employment have been increasing collaboration and mutualaid can make a difference when undertaking a project autonomouslyor getting a job. Bizup helps you connect with Headhunters, HRexecutives and key enterprises. Networking • Interact with otherentrepreneurs, have a beer with professionals in your town, talkbusiness, and expand your professional circle. Without networkingno letters of recommendation and, without them, the chances ofovercoming a job interview greatly decrease. Bizup advantage.• Thebasis for a successful career is networking. Make and maintaincontacts in all those jobs that we, as well as intensifying linkswith other industry professionals that one is engaged, it isimperative to thrive professionally  Additional info - The Appworks by LinkedIn Connect, this way we ensure that the use is forprofessionals and experts. We never post anything on your wallLinkedIn.- Bizup is active in Madrid and Spain- Our App is free touse but limit the amount of people who can meet daily to maintainservice quality. If you want to see more people you can subscribeto our Premium plan.