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Car Escape 1-5 1.1
What would you do if you are trapped in a REALcar or in a REAL room? Can you operate real cars to get out? CarEscape is a special game designed for reality. Everything in thegame is real.With the best quality image, good cars, mystery rooms andinteresting puzzles, you are going to experience 9 real cars androoms. Cars are BMWs, Buick, Volkswagen. Rooms are hotels andbasement. If you like room-breaking game, puzzles, cars, this gameis a must-play for you. And it's totally FREE!The 9 levels are:1. Locked in a sedan.2. Trapped in a BMW 3 series.3. Locked in a Buick.4. Can't open the door of Super 8 Hotel.5. Hands tied in a BMW 1 series.6. Escape the warehouse.7. Rescue your friend from Volkswagen CC.8. Go deep into the mystery basement.9. Escape from the love hotel.All these levels are FREE! Try Car Escape 1-5 Today!Contact us:Email: hongliang@bamajia.comTwitter: @CarEscapeGameFacebook: