Carbone software Apps

Marble Solitaire Free 29
Marble Solitaire Free is the European versionof the marble Solitaire game. Try to remove most of the marbles asyou can, but choose carefully because each marble will increaseyour score differently. The maximum score is 121.
Call recorder 32.0
This application manages your phone calls(incoming and outgoing).1) Define for which phone contact you wish to record the phonecalls (incoming and outgoing).2) Define for which phone contact you wish to reject the phonecalls.3) Functionalities to play the recorded phone calls, send by emailthe recorded phone calls.4) Flashlight.
Mysterious Island Adventure 11.0
Explore the most mysterious island byboat,submarine or train, Enter in the mines and pyramids to lookfor thefabulous treasures.
Marble solitaire free game 4.0
Fight the dragon and try to solve allthelevels of this game of solitaire. Put the last pawn in theredcircle to defeat the dragon. This is certainly the mostbeautifulversion of the classic marble solitaire game and of thepegsolitaire.