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Pic Search 0.0.5
From the creators of PicCollage, PicSearch isa visual browser that allows you to search for collages that havebeen tagged with stickers and images. Discover works of art andusers who have the same interests and styles as you.Tap on the "tag" icon at the bottom of a collage and choose thetag that you would like to see more of. PicSearch opens up a worldof visual expression through stickers and pictures by allowing youto search for things and images that you like just by tapping (notyping)!Explore the world of visual browsing with PicCollage's latestapp - PicSearch!
Here 0.2.3
HERE is the fastest and most fun and visualwayto remember your favorite places. Snap a photo, swipethroughlocation-based templates and geofilters, and share toyourInstagram and Snap Stories, Facebook and Messenger friends. Tapthemap to see your visual "footprints" as you explore thecity!Let people know that you are HERE.