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Desert Sniper Shooting: 3D 1
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Mastering the realistic bullet trajectoryphysics of Desert Sniper Force Shooting won’t be easy alone. Thishardcore FPS simulates bullet fall over great distances, wind, andtrigger-pull.That’s right, you’ll have to smoothly pull the triggerfor an accurate shot. Sounds tricky, right? The Sniper games arevery popular on the App markets because of their interests. Here ison Sniper action game full of addiction, attracting beauty and real3D High definition graphics build in Unity 3D.The air force, helicopters, war ships and military vehicles arethe part of the operation when Russian forces approached andoccupied the city one by one. So, the enemy is big, you have to beattentive and brave to compete and kill soldiers on frontier. Asniper is chasing the soldiers to shoot them one by one desertsniper shooting game is best free games in sniper shooting games2016 . A real action games with real shooting experience of sniper3dThis is real 3d sniper shooter combat right in the warm desertwhere enemies commandos are equipped with ak-47 , bazooka , rpg ,pistols , chopper , artillery , m16 , us American sniper shooter ,tanks , f16 , f18 raptor jet fighters. Show yourself immortal andbecome soldier of duty.Check out the great 3D graphics and realistic physics. Open 3DWorld! Desert sniper shooting: 3D Features :* Real 3d graphics with island , desert , city , snow , navy ,mountain sniper shooting missions* Real heavy weapons with modern sniper 3d weapons to competegunship helicopters* Stunning 3d graphics* Helicopter mission* Realistic sniper shooting effects* Tanks missions* Shoot to kill!
Crazy Archery 1.0
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Crazy Archery is a very fun and addictivegame.It takes archery to another level. The goal of the game isverystraightforward. Use your archery skills together with a bowandsome arrows, and save the innocent guys who are hanging. Seemseasy?Let's see how many of them you can save.The guys are running out of time. You have to save them beforetheybreathe their last. There are several props in differentlevelswhich you must learn to take advantage of. For example, sheeporeven dynamites. All of this together creates an immense leveloffun. So, grab this amazing game for FREE now.How to play:- Touch and drag on the screen to adjust the arrow directionandspeed- Release to shoot the arrow- Hit the ropes above the guys' heads to save them before timerunsoutFeatures:- Easy controls- Increasing difficulty with time- Amazing graphics- Cool sound fx- Addictive game play- Endless game playCrazy Archery ensures that you never get bored. It has anendlessgame play because of its large number of levels. And itsincreasingdifficulty with time keeps you engaged.Feel free to send us your precious feedback.
Don't Tap The Mouse Trap 1.3
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Don’t Tap The Mouse Trap is a fun fastpacedgame. You have to challenge your hand eye coordination to seeifyou can get the highest score. The main objective of thisaddictivearcade game is to tap the cheese and avoid the traps.Competeagainst your friends to see who can get the highest score.Will yoube fast enough to claim number 1.Don't tap the mouse trap is an awesome endless game, onethatrelies on your speed and reflex to get highest score. Improveyourhand eye coordination as you play the game.Why you need to download and install Don't tap the mouse traponyour smartphone instead of other speed endless games?✓ We made some Cool, awesome and smooth high quality graphicstogive you the best experience while playing the greatestendlessgame ever! You will enjoy it!✓ Our game is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there isNohidden fees, no special memberships and no annualsubscriptionfees.✓ Our game is endless. Yes, Endless! You will enjoy playingourendless game and test if you will be really able to scorethehighest possible score.✓ We have 3 modes in our game:- Endless: This mode goes until you you get caught.- Time Attack: See how fast you can hit a set number oftiles.- Zen: In this mode you can play without time count. Also yourscorewill be in number of cheese collected not time.So, what are you waiting for ? Download Don't tap the mouse trapandenjoy the best free speed game ever!