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Carousell: Snap-Sell, Chat-Buy 2.173.720.754
Carousell is a community marketplace that lets you buy and selleverything from fashion, clothes, accessories, beauty products,furniture, art, books, branded goods, cars, bikes, and antiques tohouses. Declutter your closet, room, or home of old stuff byputting them up for sale on Carousell - it's the best place to finda new home for your pre-loved items. Running out of storage spacefor new purchases? ★ Create beautiful listings in 30 seconds tosell or shop from a massive online marketplace wherever, whenever.★ No listing fees, commissions, or extra charges... Its totallyfree to buy and sell! ★ Customised search with keywords for fastand easy shopping ★ Chat with local and foreign sellers &buyers with a single tap ★ Let go of your preloved and make money,while discovering great deals ★ With Carousell Groups, you can buyand sell in interest groups, neighborhood groups, school groups andmore! It’s more trusty and fun to buy and sell in a community thatyou and fellow members care about! ★ Set up your very own mobileand web e-commerce store quickly and seamlessly – its as easy asposting on Instagram For Sellers… ★ Offer up your preloved items -free up garage / storage space and make money at the same time ★Snap, List, Sell: free listings with up to 4 photos to sell yournew and used / second-hand items + in-app editing features ★ Whenlisting something for sale, you can post it to multiple CarousellGroups to reach more buyers! ★ Instantly share listings on FacebookPages, Groups and Timeline, Twitter, and Instagram ★ Raise the baron your street cred by accumulating positive member feedback fromother Carousellers. ★ Earn a verified badge to boost yourcredibility by connecting via Facebook and verifying your email ★Beautiful promotional images magically generated based on yourCarousell profile that you can share across all your socialnetworks and interact with friends through likes and comments. ForBuyers... ★ Effortless catalog-like browsing for unique items ★Great variety of second-hand branded goods like designer bags,shoes, makeup and beauty products, to watches and automobiles. ★Private Chat feature within the app to talk to sellers to buy anitem and negotiate on prices, or ask for more images of the productbefore you make an offer ★ Safe transactions with trusted sellers:Get the lowdown on other users' experiences on any seller bychecking out their member feedback ★ Get the best deal or bargainin your neighbourhood or country across over 18 categories ★ Sortitems by Nearest, Recent, and Popular, and by Location ★Personalize your marketplace by following your favourite communitymembers to get updates on new listings To get the full experienceof the app, grant us the following permissions: •WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : so we can save used photos on yourexternal storage • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: so we can upload photosthat are saved on your external storage • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION:so we know where you are located to show you nearby listings andtag your own listings to the right location • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION:we need your exact location to provide you with a hyperlocalexperience • CAMERA: used to access camera for snapping photosbefore you can list and sell them! Carousell is currently supportedin Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan,Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Also available from Carousell:CarouBiz - Carousell for Business, a new subscription service Termsof Use:
Carousell Motors—Buy/Sell Cars 3.9
Search from thousands of car listings • Don’t have a clue what toget yet? Start browsing vehicles by popularity, make, model, salesprice and even direct owners • Search and filter cars by price,depreciation, downpayment, manufacturer • Narrow down your searchby adding more filters such depreciation, registration date andmonthly installment Get some surprising car finds by tapping on the“Discover” filter based on your lifestyle Check out info on qualityvehicles & trusted sellers • View details such as depreciation,road tax, owner count, QP Paid and more • See loan terms, loanamount and even calculate your loan, our easy to use loancalculator lets you know your affordability • Check the seller’sprofile and their other car listings Shortlist and compare yourfavorite cars • Shortlist and compare your top car choices witheach other • Get a quick comparison overview of each car’s prices,downpayment, interest, depreciation as well as its specs detail(road tax, owners & more) • Get your family or friend’s opinionabout the car, share the comparison details with them. • Getnotified when there is a price change in your saved vehicle Chatdirectly with buyers and sellers • Talk and negotiate with sellersvia chat, email or call them directly • Schedule test drives,inquire freebies, ask about loans, etc. • Save your conversationsfor later reviewing Manage your driving profile • View your roadtax expiry immediately • Check any parking fines • Monitor the carsyou’re selling easily • Instantly view your shortlisted cars Sellyour vehicle in a snap • Add your vehicles for your personalinventory • Choose from your vehicle listings for easy posting andselling • Add and edit your contact number, car photos and cardetails
Carousell Pro 1.2.0
Carousell Pro is an exciting new platform for Professional Sellerslike yourself to create, manage and analyse your marketing effortson Carousell. Gain access to Pro Insights, Enhanced Chat, and manymore features specially designed to help you find success onCarousell! * Gain insights into your listings’ performance, topsearches, users’ peak hours and more. * Create reply templates,cross-sell your listings and other upgraded chat functionsexclusive to Carousell Pro users. * Manage all your listings withease, convert more leads into sales, analyse performance, sort& filter listings on-the-go and more! * Sell better! Pro userslike yourself will be able to upload more photos. For quickersuccess, share your listings on Facebook and other social mediaplatforms. * Reach out at your convenience via our in-app live chatfor support related questions, or selling tips & tricks. *Receive monthly reports of your listings’ performance by email.Carousell Pro is currently available in Singapore only. Morecountries coming soon, so stay tuned! -------- Learn about ourupcoming updates & say hello: https://www.carousell.com Follow us on Instagram at@thecarousell Shoppers have commonly searched for us under thenames Carousel, Carou-sell, Snapsell and Snap Sell.