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Tyrannosaurus Dino Simulator 1.0
Crazy T-Rex dino is noticed on Cartoon city streets! Plunge thiscity into a total mess, wrecking, smashing and destroyingeverything on your way with this crazy dino simulator in 3D!Tyrannosaurus is a huge dinosaur and can cause a massive damage!Control crazy dino monster and feel the power of destructionsmashing cars, crashing buildings and making rampage!Start your owndinosaur adventure with this rampage style 3D animal simulator.Bring up your T-Rex dino doing crazy thing and upgrade itsdestruction skills plunging this city into a total mess! Show howwild your Tyrannosaurus Rex is – crash, wreck and destroy streetstuff and smash cars going down the cartoon street. The more youplay, the more the Dino grows and wilder it becomes! Seems like areal Mayhem! Have fun destroying and crashing houses, cars andother things playing Tyrannosaurus Dino Simulator 3D in 3D! Feelthe power of huge monster animal and show how wild your are! Beinga Jurassic dino is a bit funnier than playing usual animalsimulators, huh?Mind T-Rex dino indicators – crashing cars mayinjure him! Walk around the Cartoon City being a Jurassic dinosaurand start a Mayhem! Remember that Tyrannosaurs is the most powerfuldino, so you can destroy everything you want! Have fun crashing,smashing and wrecking with this T-Rex dino simulator in 3D! Upgradedino’s destruction skills annoy citizen and turn this place into apanic! Huge Jurassic dino came from an ancient forest and justwants to have fun! Are you will enough to turn this Cartoon Cityinto Mayhem? Get to know playing crazy dino simulator! Crash, wreckand destroy being a T-Rex with Tyrannosaurus DinoSimulator!Tyrannosaurus Dino Simulator features:- Crazy dinosaursimulator in 3D- Huge cartoon world to explore - crash houses,smash cars, wreck stuff and have fun- Upgrade T-Rex destructionskills to become more powerful- Amazing 3D graphicsIt’s high timeto destroy! Play as a Tyrannosaurus Rex - the most powerful andfrightening creature! Tired of usual animal survival simulators?Make a Mayhem, crash houses, wreck stuff and show how crazy you areplunging Cartoon City into a total mess with this T-Rex dinosaursimulator! Don't let citizens a chance to survive! Crasheverything, wreck stuff, scare people and show that dino rampageis! Can you make a fun of being a crazy Dino? Enjoy TyrannosaurusDino Simulator! If you ever wondered what it would be like to takecontrol of a Dinosaur, this is your chance.More games, rates andreviews on our FB page -
Island Survival Simulator 3D 1.4
To save your game progress tap «save» button in the pause menuWhatis it like to be a man, lost and lonely, spending his time on vastsurvival island? Enjoy picturesque ocean views, wading through thejungles inhabited by wild animals and try to stay alive! You arethe only survivor stranded alone on this desert island, so it’shigh time to fight for your life! Battle against wild islandpredators, hunt or go fishing to find food, find special survivaltools and weapons and try to discover all the secrets of thishostile environment with Island Survival Simulator 3D!ExploreCartoon Island with this amazing survival simulator in 3D! Thisplace is desert and sometimes might be dangerous. Try to makesurvival island your home, staying alive also would be great… Findsurvival tools and try to quarry stone or hew trees – it would helpyou to craft your own tools and weapons. Hunt for wild islandanimals barehanded or craft primitive gun, make a fishing rod toprovide yourself with fish, build shelters to hide from predators,gather or plant ground food! Live a life of a hunter battlingagainst animals or try to survive as a tiller – it’s up to you todecide. Spend time on this survival island waiting for help to comeand try to upgrade your exploration, battling and survival skills!Face dangers and prove your bravery with Island Survival Simulator3D game!Find survival tools such as weapons, axe, fish rod orquarry resources exploring Cartoon Island and be ready for amazingsurvival adventure full of dangers! Use resources to craft weaponsfor hunting wild animals, as well as materials for building ashelters. Upgrade your battling, hunting, fishing and survivalskill spending time on this godforsaken place! Train yourselfcharacter hunting and battling against predators, but don’t forgetto mind indicators! Survivor has health, energy and fullness rates.If one of them drops – there is no chance to survive! Various toolssuch as axe or cartoon fish rod would help you to stay alive! Hunt,fish or gather plant food to make it your next meal! Findtreasures, quarry resources, use powerful weapons and stay alive atall costs playing this ultimate survival simulator in 3D! Enjoyyour time on Cartoon Island waiting for help with Cartoon SurvivalIsland 3D! It’s high time to get your survival skills to work, butbe careful – this island is full of wild predator ready to attackyou! Battle against animals to save your life, use powerful weaponsand guns and make this desert harsh place your home! Check IslandSurvival Simulator 3D and gain ultimate experience exploringtropical jungles! Use all your exploration, battling and huntingskills and feel like a real survivor!Island Survival Simulator 3Dfeatures:- Great survival simulator in hostile environment –Cartoon Island- Health, energy and fullness indicators for yourblocky survivor to mind- Find or craft survival tools and weapons,craft resources, build houses – do anything possible to make yourlife safe and comfortable- Hunt for wild animals, gather plant foodor go fishing to find food- Amazing 3D graphicsSpend time in thisvast dangerous place with Island Survival Simulator 3D! Upgradeyour hunting, fishing, battling and exploring skills with thissurvival simulator and spend time waiting for help to come Discoverall secret places to find useful items, hide from wild predatorsand try to escape from this dangerous place (if it’s possible, ofcourse) Thrive in this hostile environment – Cartoon SurvivalIsland. Being a survivor is not easy as it seems!More games, ratesand reviews on our FB page -
7 Nights at Pizza House 3D 1.3
Spend seven night at scary old house inhabited by strange robotpuppets! Are you ready to survive few nights of danger? Meet scarypuppets - angry bears, chickens, bunnies and foxes and enjoy 7Nights at Pizza House 3D! Work at strange Cartoon Housesafeguarding yourself until the morning comes!Survive nights at oldcartoon house inhabited by bears, bunnies and other animal puppetsready to attack you! Are you afraid of these robot puppets walkingaround? Puppets were made to work at Pizza House, but during thenight, they might become unpredictable and dangerous! Open or closethe doors and switch on the light not to let robot bears, foxes andbunnies attack you! Use the flashlight to protect yourself frompuppet’s attack! It will scare away angry this strange cartooncreatures that may be creeping at the far end of the hallways!Watch out using your cameras or just relax sitting on your securityguard’s chair eating pizza. If any robot puppet has crept tooclose, it will be the end of your guarding career… Moreover, thelife! Are your ready to survive five nights in this house occupiedby bears, foxes, bunnies and other animal robots? And is thispuppets actually? Stay alone, hide from bear robots (and are thesepuppets robots, actually?) and survive at all costs with 7 Nightsat Pizza House 3D!Who else could be in this nightmare mines? Get toknow being a security guard in old cartoon house for long scaryseven nights. These aggressive puppets are ready to destroyeverything on their way! Save Cartoon House from a totaldestruction watching monitors in your security office. Use camerasand switch on lights to stop these puppet animals – foxes, bears,bunnies and other. Remember, you have limited amount of electricityto use per night. When you run out of power for the night - allcameras and light are off and these scary robot animals are able tomove! Beware of scary bear robots, aggressive fox puppets orwhoever they are… Escape from your nightmare with 7 Nights at PizzaHouse 3D! Get ready for the scariest adventure in your life!Working as a security guard is even harder that it seems,especially if you are trying to survive the night at old houseinhabited by strange robots! Don’t allow bear monsters or angrybunnies and foxes to get close to your security office!7 Nights atPizza House 3D features:- Aggressive robot puppets– bears, foxes,bunnies and other animals are hiding ready to attack you- Old pizzahouse in cute cartoon environments- Seven nights to survive workingas a security guard- System of cameras, security monitor and lightsto watch robot puppets- Amazing 3D graphicsRobot bears are tryingto get close, so beware of these puppets, scary and aggressive!Survive seven nights working as a security guard and finish yourwork safe, it would surely be the most horrible nights in yourlife! Escape from your nightmare with 7 Nights at Pizza House 3D!Being a security guard is a kind of easy job, bears are closer thatit seems…Face your nightmare spending five nights at old Cartoonhouse!More games, rates and reviews on our FB page -
Crazy Cow Survival Simulator 1.0
Live the life of a crazy cow exploring the farm with ultimateanimal simulator in 3D! It’s high time to show what cow rampage is– just ruin everything on your way! Are you mad enough to make aMayhem?Explore realistic animal farm and run over fields makingmadness everywhere! Make mess, wreck stuff and have fun controllinga crazy rampaging cow! This countryside farm looks calm andpeaceful. Show how mush destruction this cute farm animal cancreate with this cow simulator in 3D! Panic, destruction, rampageand total mess are the things that makes your crazy cow happy!Explore realistic cartoon farm inhabited by other domestic and wildanimals and show how crazy cow could be! Tired of usual animalsurvival simulators? Crazy Cow Survival Simulator in 3D is yourchoice! Ruin cartoon farm, destroy stuff, wreck things, annoy otherfarm animals and have fun with this ultimate cow simulator in 3D!Explore wilderness being really wild!Cartoon world was a calm cuteplace, inhabited by people and different wild animals. In fact, itwas so before this wild animal - crazy cow appeared on the farm.Control a farm cow gone mad, destroy fences, wreck lawns and doother crazy things. Destroy everything around and get bonuses forplunging this cartoon farm into a total mess, but don’t forget tomind cow’s indicators! Your crazy cow has food, health and energyrates. Mind it to survive in this crazy cartoon world and becomemore rampaging! Crazy Cow Survival Simulator in 3D is awesomeanimal survival simulator that will give you tones of fun! Survivein this cruel world and prove that farm cow could be reallyrampaging!Crazy Cow Survival Simulator features:- Act like a crazyfarm cow – wreck stuff, destroy things, annoy animals and make arampage- Mind cow’s indicators to survive- Explore huge brightCartoon World- Unusual wild animal simulator in 3DIt’s high time toshow how crazy you are, even if you are just a crazy farm cow! Tryour animal survival simulator and show the power of totaldestruction! Be crazy enough to leave this cartoon farm in a mess!What is it like to be a cow, crazy farm cow? Grazing in the meadowis so boring, so wreck everything on your way! Being a wild crazycow is even funnier that it seems!Try Crazy Cow Survival Simulatorand experience the craziest farm animal simulator ever! Beat, bite,crash and destroy! Loves animal survival simulators? Come on andtry its mad version - Crazy Cow Survival Simulator in 3DMore games,rates and reviews on our FB page -
Home Dog Simulator 3D 1.0
Try yourself being a house dog staying at home alone! Wreck andcrash everything on your way just to have fun!Live a life of a cutepuppy and bring it up to an adult dog! Destroy and wreck everythingat home with Home Dog Simulator 3D! Explore house, find food tosurvive and collect stars hidden around to unlock new rooms formore rampaging fun! Are you bored? Just break stuff to findsomething to eat! Get your dog simulator now to enjoy the petsimulation with your favorite puppy. Ever had a dog as a pet? Tryamazing dog simulator in 3D – great game made for all animals’lovers! Stay at home alone and misbehave! Explore your home being ahouse dog and find some food to make it your next meal! You don’tneed to survive in harsh conditions as a wild dog, so just have fundestroying and breaking stuff! Make a rampage and plunge your houseinto a total mess! Being a pet is fun! Be a varmint house dog andenjoy the power of destruction with Home Dog Simulator 3D!Tired ofusual dog simulators? Be ready to make a rampage playing amazingpet simulator in 3D! Feel like a house dog staying at home aloneand wreck, destroy and crash stuff just to entertain yourself! Playat home, run, jump and hit objects to cause mischief! Make mess allaround the house as real dogs do! Earn points hitting and breakingobjects and collecting special stars! Sometimes pets (andespecially dogs!) might be varmints! Try yourself as a real housepet with Home Dog Simulator 3D game! Bring up your puppy crashingeverything on your way and just enjoy your time being a pet withthis animal simulator! Do what your dogs do when you live yourhouse playing this ultimate dog survival simulator in 3D!Home DogSimulator 3D features:- Be a house dog – crash, wreck, destroy andmake rampage- Bring up your pet from a little puppy to an adultvarmint dog- Explore house, collect stars and unlock new rooms-Mind dog’s indicators to survive – food, water and energy- Greatanimal survival simulator in 3DDo you like dogs or other housepets? Play Home Dog Simulator 3D – amazing pet simulator for allages! Crash, wreck and destroy! Animals might be real varmints, youknow… Make a rampage as real house dog, but don’t forget to mindindicators! Find food and water to survive and sleep well to haveenough energy for total destruction! Get to know what your pet doeswhile you’re living your home! Bring up your own dog from a littlepuppy to an adult rampaging one! Try ultimate animal survivalsimulator for everyone - Home Dog Simulator 3D!More games, ratesand reviews on our FB page -
Motocross Bike Stunts Race 3D 1.0
Be ready for ultimate hill climb adventure in 3D! Drive cartoonmotocross bike and perform extreme stunts full of adrenaline!Explore cartoon world’s roads full of dangers, jump otherobstacles, get past uneven terrains with hurdles and upgrade yourstunting skills to the top level! It’s time to climb high andconquer each hill and mountain with Motocross Bike Stunts Race 3Dgame!Step up and display your courage through twists and turns andfeel pure adrenaline playing this racing game in 3D! Explore cutecartoon environments driving a motocross bike through dangerousroads and make fun of stunts! Dodge risky obstacles and get unusualhill climbing and driving experience! Ride your bike and upgradeyour jumping and stunt skills to the highest level!Perform craziestbike stunts with this racing hill climb game and collect coinsdriving through hurdles, twists and other obstacles! Upgrade yourmotocross bike or buy new one to perform more stunts each race!Collect coins to upgrade your motocross bike! Explore roads,upgrade your bike and perform new stunts full of adrenaline withMotocross Bike Stunts Race 3D game! Feel the adrenaline whilejumping, climbing and racing steep cartoon hills. Discover wholeworld – roads, hills and mountains! Riding a bike has never been sofun!Enjoy playing our extreme racing game that will keep youengaged in some extreme bike riding action! It’s high time toconquer hills with Motocross Bike Stunts Race 3D!Motocross BikeStunts Race 3D features:- Powerful motocross bikes to climb highhills – race fast, but don’t forget to collect coins- Extreme bikestunts full of adrenaline - drive through hurdles, twists and otherobstacles!- Amazing 3D cartoon environment to explore – roads,hills and mountains for high speed racing- Modern upgrades for yourmotocross bike – drive faster, jump higher and perform crazierstunts being a bike driverBe ready for a hill climb race full ofadrenaline! Take your bike riding skills to the next level! Drivefast, explore new roads with hundreds of obstacles for you toovercome! Hills, mountains, hurdlers, twists and obstacles! Whatshould a bike rider dream of? Try Motocross Bike Stunts Race 3D andgain the craziest racing experience in your life! Are you gifted inriding motorbikes? It’s high time to perform stunts with MotocrossBike Stunts Race 3D!More games, rates and reviews on our FB page -
Crazy Surgery Simulator 3D 1.0
Welcome to the Cartoon Hospital! Work asacrazy surgeon, perform operations and save patient’s lives! Cureormake a patient your victim! Are you going to perform greatsurgeryor just replace one of organs with your medical glove? It’sup toyou to decide playing this surgery simulator in 3D! The bellsareringing in EMERGENCY! Make diagnosis, use different medicaltoolsand live the life of a crazy doctor with Crazy SurgerySimulator 3D– great game for those who is interested in medicine!What is it like to be a crazy doctor? Get to know playingsurgeonsimulator in 3D! Treat patients performing operations orhave funinstead! Complete different missions - take an urgent careof yourpatient, make injections, transplant organs and makemedicalcheckups! Hmm, does this organ looks strange? It’s a kindofdiagnosis for a crazy surgeon! Remove or transplant diseasedorganswith new 3D surgeon simulator and upgrade your skills beingadoctor! Are you ready for the first crazy surgery in your life?Curepatients, remove and transplant organs, perform operation andhavefun with Crazy Surgery Simulator 3D!Ever dreamed of becoming a doctor? Make your dreams cometruewith this crazy surgeon simulator in 3D! Explore Cartoonhospitalfull of crazy doctors, cure patients or use all your skillstoperform the craziest surgery ever! Is it possible to save livesofyour patients? Get to know with new medical simulator! Startyourcareer being a crazy doctor and make a name curingillpatients!Crazy Surgery Simulator 3D features:- Various missions – make a diagnosis, remove ortransplantorgans to cure patients- Realistic modern hospital to work at- Upgrade your doctor’s skill or show how crazy you are- Ultimate surgeon simulator in 3DJoin our crazy doctor’s team with this ultimatesurgeonsimulator! Try medical tools, perform different operationsavingpatients’ lives, but don’t forget how crazy you are! Mixorgans,transplant it with anything around or treat your patient!What areyou going to do today? Cure, operate, checkup and have funwith newCrazy Surgery Simulator 3D! Perform all kinds of crazysurgeriesand enjoy!More games, rates and reviews on our FB page -
Ninja Panda Fighting 3D 1.3
Learn Kung Fu playing Ninja Panda Fighting 3D game! Protect yourhomeland – peaceful valley from aggressive wild animals ready toattack! Battle against pandas, tigresses, bears, monkeys and otherto become a real Kung Fu master among pets and animals! Trydifferent fighting styles including Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Kung Fuor Boxing, learn powerful strikes, punches and kicks and protectthe Valley of Peace from enemies attack! Let panda populationsurvive with Ninja Panda Fighting 3D game! Be ready for ultimatepanda survival experience playing this eye-to-eye combat simulatorin 3D! This Panda came from China so it’s trained by Kung Fuprofessionals! Do your best playing Ninja Panda Fighting 3D game,step into the ring to become the best Kung Fu fighter among wildanimals! Participate in panda survival contest, beat all theopponents and prove your worth as a Master Ninja! Battle againstsamurai tigress, wild crazy monkeys and other pets and wildanimals! Earn points winning each fight and unlock new rivals,locations, punches and super strikes! Become a master, use Boxing,Taekwondo or Mauy Thai kicks and strikes and survive in this cruelworld being a Kung Fu Panda! Get rid of aggressive wild animals,protect the Valley of Peace and let whole panda population survivewith Ninja Panda Fighting 3D game!Think you can defeat the DragonMaster? Or a Samurai Tigress? Check your skills in this hilariouseye-to-eye combat simulator. Survive on the ring as long as youcan! So, let this animal Kung Fu contest begin playing Ninja PandaFighting 3D game! Ninja Panda Fighting 3D features:- Become a PandaKung Fu fighter – step into the ring to battle against DragonMaster, Samurai Tigress and other pets and wild animals ready toattack you- Level up your skills - try different fighting stylesincluding Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Kung Fu or Boxing, learn powerfulstrikes, punches and kicks- Earn points fighting on the ring tounlock super strikes, new rings and locations or new enemies tobattle against- Protect your homeland - the Valley of Peace andbecome more and more powerful with each win- Amazing eye-to-eyecombat simulator in 3DTake your chance and turn your panda in KungFu master with this eye-to-eye combat simulator in 3D! Build up apowerful hero through strength and cunning in this amazing pandasurvival game! Earn points winning in this animal Kung Fu contestbattles, unlock new punches and characters and level up yourskills! Defeat or try yourself as a Dragon Master, Samurai Tigress,crazy powerful monkey or other wild creatures! This pets andanimals was trained in China to become real Ninjas and Samurais, sodo your best to win all the battles with Ninja Panda Fighting 3Dgame!More games, rates and reviews on our FB page -
Easter Bunny Runner 3D 1.0
Explore the forest and find Easter eggs as alittle rabbit! Run faster to have time before holidays! Hunt alleggs and save the Easter with this bunny runner game! Run, slide,jump and enjoy our cute Easter runner for all ages!Someone stole Easter eggs and hid them in the forest. Littlechildren wouldn’t get their holiday gifts on time if you wouldn’thelp them. Save the Easter - run fast as a little bunny whose dutyis to collect all decorated eggs with Easter Bunny Runner game in3D!Feel yourself like a furry bunny! Avoid obstacles, run through theforest and hunt for eggs, hidden in the grass! Don’t forget aboutpower-up – the could help you to grab more eggs! Run as fast as youcan with with Easter Bunny Runner 3D game and prove your worth as areal egg hunter!Use your reflexes to help the Easter bunny grab more Easter eggs byjumping, sliding and avoiding obstacles! Be careful – the forest isfull of dangers and obstacles! You just a little nice rabbit, butyou’re quick and nimble, so just jump over it or roll below! Findor unlock different power-ups to boost your bunny or to ease yourtask – egg magnet, for example, would let you collect eggs withouttouching them!Become an Easter savior – collect all eggs and get them to thechildren with amazing action packed bunny run game!Easter Bunny Runner 3D features:• Amazing egg hunt and bunny runner game• Different decorated eggs – collect them all to save Easterholidays• Grab power-ups to ease your task and collect more eggs• Run, jump, slide and glide to get maximum point and avoidobstacles!• Nice furry rabbit as protagonistReady for challenging bunny run? Try exciting fast-paced runninggame being a cuddly bunny rabbit! Run, jump, slide and glide tosave Easter holidays! Enjoy Easter Bunny Runner 3D made for allrunner games lovers!
Snap Animals Hunting 1.1
Join our wildlife and countryside adventure, seek for animals, takesnapshots and have fun with Snap Animals Hunting!Discoverextraordinary, funny and quirky animals, snap their photos and getthe largest animal photos collections in the world! Exploredifferent routes for different animals – cows and bulls, wolfs andbears, hens and roosters, horses and pigs, and others. Rumors say,that you even could find an alien – classical gray man – somewhereon this island!Earn points for successful shots and buy differentaccessories at the in-game store – different kinds of zoom, variesshooting modes and a wide range of film types. You even can unlocknew routes with new animals there! Try to make the perfect photosto get the maximum points!Explore island, take shots and have funwith Snap Animals Hunting game!Snap Animals Huntingfeatures:Ultimate nature photographer simulator!Funny and cutecartoon animalsLarge beautiful island to exploreHidden alien andother easter eggsWide range of camera upgradesLoad your camera withfilm and make the first step on the way to becoming the best naturephotographer ever with Snap Animals Hunting!
Xmas Santa Parking Simulator 1.0
The Christmas Eve is coming! It’s time to start delivery of gifts!Help little Santa fly above city streets, park on the roofs, avoidcrashes into chimneys and have fun with Xmas Santa ParkingSimulator!Help Santa driving and parking his sleigh! Complete yourdelivery missions successfully – or there will be some unhappychildren on Christmas day!Have a real holiday feeling with XmasSanta Parking Simulator! Make sure Santa will deliver the joy ofChristmas - Holiday Gifts - to all the children before Christmasevening is over!Check your parking and driving skills with ourgame! Get behind the ropes of the sleigh and try to park your Santasleigh according to the arrow in the parking place withoutscratching it! Earn points for each successive mission to unlocknew locations and buy new sleighs!Enjoy this winter holiday parkingsimulator and help Santa Claus with Xmas Santa Parking Simulatorgame!Xmas Santa Parking Simulator featuresUltimate Santa sleighsparking driving simulatorFunny Christmas atmosphereRealistic Santasleighs parking ControlsSimple but addictive gameplaySanta knowswho’s been naughty and who’s been nice but is he able to geteveryone his present they are waiting for? Check it with Xmas SantaParking Simulator!
Gunner's Wars: Battle Area 3D 1.0
Join the duel of professional turretoperators,rule the battlefield and fight against surpassing wavesof enemyarmy forces with Gunner's Wars: Battle Area 3D!Forget about miseries and sorrows of ordinary infantry soldier-your task is to control mighty four-barreled gun! Shoot outwavesof enemy army forces in jungles, city streets or militarybases –defend a tactical point from incoming enemies!Feel no mercy killing enemies with your gun to earn pointsandupgrade your gun arsenal, shooting skills and war tactics tokillenemies once more! Shoot first and don’t let enemy soldiersshootback! Destroy enemies to save your soldiers’ lives!Aim, shoot and upgrade your skills with Gunner's Wars:BattleArea 3D action game! Feel like a war god of ancient timesusingmodern high-tech weapons!Gunner's Wars: Battle Area 3D features:Ultimate shooting simulatorOperate massive mounted gun and kill enemies of your landUnlock varies gun turrets and add it to your arsenalFace massive waves of enemies – try to kill all of them!Unleash your fury and rage on the enemy soldiers with theleadrain of large-caliber bullets! Upgrade your gun or buy a newone,kill enemies and ensure the victory of your side withGunner'sWars: Battle Area 3D game!
Christmas Santa Snow Racing 1.0
Different Santas from all over the world gathered together todetermine the best one! Find out the fastest sledge racer and havefun with Christmas Santa Snow Racing!Join these funny unusualracing contest, choose your Santa, feed your reindeer and start theride! Do your best, ride as fast as you can, achieve the bestresult and collect all awards! Show these Santa parodies who is thebest friend of each human child!Earn points to raise upcharacteristics of your deer or Santa Claus, unlock new tracks andsledges!Enjoy the snowy wind and be ready to deliver all gifts ontime!Christmas Santa Snow Racing features:Funny ChristmasracingVaries Santas as your charactersUnlockable tracksAmazinggraphicsLet’s start the race! Choose the best Santa Claus in thewhole world!
Farm Horse Survival Simulator 1.1
Live a life of a farm horse with this animal simulator! Gallop intoa new wildlife adventure raise, and customize your horse! Tryyourself as a wild animal, scavenge forests and fields to findfood, beware of predators and survive in this cruel world to buildyour horse family! Try this horse survival simulator in 3D!Explorewilderness of amazing Cartoon World, start your own herd and breed,raise your farm horse from a little foal to an adult one! Defendyourself and your herd from wild predators walking around thiscountryside farm! Try Farm Horse Survival Simulator and feel thepower of beautiful wild animal, gallop into forests and fields tofind food, protect you and your horse family from wild animals, andraid the farm for tasty crops!As a wild horse you have freedom todo what you want, go to the village to explore farms and find cropsor run into the forest or mountains to graze in the meadow! Ride toexplore wilderness, but beware of wild predators – they mightattack you! Being accurate is the best way to survive! Rememberthat even a farm horse is a wild animal and loves freedom, butneeds to mind its indicators! Maintain horse’s health, energy,water and food indicator to stay alive! Explore fields, forests andfarmlands to find fresh grass or even crops to get stronger! Meetwild horses, foals, animals, pets and predators! Mind health,water, hunger and energy rate if you're going to survive in thewilderness! Enjoy this farm horse simulator and upgrade your wildanimal to the top level!Defend yourself and your horse family fromdangerous predators! Start your own horse breed, meet other farmanimals, pets and horses and recruit them to your herd! Do you likesurvival games or animal simulators? You will surely love FarmHorse Survival Simulator game in 3D!Farm Horse Survival Simulatorfeatures:- Explore wilderness of amazing Cartoon World full ofdangers and wild predators- Raise your farm horse from a littlefoal to an adult one and start your own herd and breed- Maintainhealth, hunger and energy rate – explore farms, forests and fieldsand eat crops and grass- Amazing wild horse simulator in 3D- Meetfarm animals, pets and horses, but avoid predators to surviveFarmHorse Survival Simulator – 3D simulation game made for those wholoves horses and wild animals! Enjoy amazing views of Cartoon World– blooming fields, picturesque forests and cute farms full of cropsto eat. Enter the wilderness as a wild horse and survive in such aharsh conditions. Choose your own life style - graze on farmer’spasture or explore with unusual world full of wild predators!Create your own herd, search for food, battle against other wildanimals and have fun! Love animals simulators? Start your own horsesurvival adventure with our new game! Explore the world, find foodto survive, breed your horse, raise foals and have fun playingultimate animal simulator in 3D!More games, rates and reviews onour FB page -
Crazy Goat Survival Simulator 1.2
How much destruction can you create? Get to know playing Crazy GoatSurvival Simulator in 3D! Try yourself being a stupid cartoon goatgone crazy! Make the biggest rampage Cartoon World has ever seenwith this animal simulator in 3D! Just hold the joystick to directthe goat, crash into obstacles to earn points, but don’t forget howcruel this world is! Meet other animals, find food and try to stayalive being really wild with this animal survival simulator in 3D!Start a Mayhem today!Watch out for the enemy animals! Wreck stuff,annoy citizens, smash cars and destroy everything on your way withthis goat simulator! What could be funnier than a goat gone crazy?Push and head butt people, attack other animals do other crazystuff and plunge Cartoon City into a total rampage! Tired of usualanimal simulators? Try Crazy Goat Survival Simulator – being crazyis even funnier that it seems!Explore Cartoon Cityy with this goatsimulator and find something you haven’t destroyed yet! Overcomedifficulties making rampage, meet other wild animals and fightagainst them to save your live! Start ultimate goat adventureplaying unusual animal survival and have fun being really bad!Destroy things, make mess, find weapons and other tools that couldhelp you to crash everything around! Seems like a real Mayhem!Don’t forget to mind crazy goats indicators! Find food, water andmind energy rate with this goat simulator to be powerful enough tomake total rampage! Upgrade your destruction skills and plunge thisCartoon City in the atmosphere of chaos being just a goat, cutecrazy goat. Have you ever thought that a goat could be sodangerous? Show how crazy you are using all the destruction skillswith this amazing goat simulator in 3D! Check Crazy Goat SurvivalSimulator! Crash, attack, smash, destroy and survive! Be a crazygoat and instead of grazing in the meadow wreck and destroy citystuff!Control a crazy goat and wreck fences, destroy lawns andother cartoon street stuff. Crash everything and get bonuses forplunging this city into a total mess! Meet wild animals and attackthem just for your joy! Anyway, you will never forget this goatsimulator!Crazy Goat Survival Simulator features:- Crazy animalsurvival simulator in 3D- Huge cartoon city to explore – wreckstuff, smash cars, destroy fences and lawns and annoy citizens-Mind goats indicators and earn point to get more crazy skills,powers and weapons- Amazing 3D graphics- Smooth and easycontrolsFeel like a goat, act like a wild crazy animal and havefun! Try this goat simulator with amazing entertaining gameplay andfeel the power of destruction! Plunge Cartoon City into a totalmess playing Crazy Goat Survival Simulator in 3D simulator! Crash,wreck and break – there is no rules and limits for a crazy goat!It’s high time to make a rampage!More games, rates and reviews onour FB page -
Cute Home Cat Simulator 3D 1.0
Live a life of a cute kitten, wrecking and crashing everything onyour way! Little home cat just wants to play! Explore house, earnpoints destroying stuff, hunt for mice and find food to survive!What is like to be a cute pet? And what are your going to dostaying alone? Get to know playing this cat survival simulator in3D! It’s high time to misbehave!Destroy objects, wreck furnitureand have fun misbehaving or just enjoy your time being the cutestpet ever – little house kitten! Use your paws to break differentobjects and climb the walls to get to the highest ones! Makerampage and show your naughty reality crashing everything on yourway with Home Cat Survival Simulator 3D game! You don’t need tosurvive and thrive in harsh conditions, hunt for wild animals orhide from predators as a wild cat, so enjoy your time playing thispet simulator! Be a cute house cat, stay at home alone andmisbehave! Enjoy Cute Home Cat Simulator 3D – great game for allkitten lovers! Are you ready to become a varmint?Explore huge housefull of secrets (and items to crash, of course) and show what realcat rampage is! Earn points destroying things, hunting for mice andmisbehaving and unlock new rooms! Don’t forget to mind indicators -find food or hunt mice to make it your next meal with this kittensimulator. If one of indicators decays the zero – there is nochance to survive! Try yourself being a little cute cat making funof crashing things! It’s not like playing survival simulators,enjoy the pet life!This cat simulator will let you become a realcat and break objects just with a touch of your paw! Break maximumobjects around you to bring up your cute kitten to a real rampagingcat! Tired of usual survival simulators and animal games? Tryyourself as being a cute pet! Stay at home alone, meet other petsor animals, hunt for mice and just do anything you want! Feel likea real house varmint- misbehave, destroy things, wreck stuff, huntand chase mice just for fun! Live the life of a kitten and grow itto a real home cat – varmint and rampaging! Mind cat’s energy,health and hunger rate to survive! Hunt for mice or find foodhidden at home to stay alive and enjoy amazing cat simulator forall ages! Try Cute Home Cat Simulator 3D – smash, crash, wreck anddestroy! Become real reason of destruction playing this kittensimulator in 3D!Cute Home Cat Simulator 3D features:- Ultimate petexperience – crash, wreck and destroy being a cute house cat- Mindkitten’s indicators to grow it to a rampaging cat - maintainhealth, energy and hunger rate- Huge house for your cat tomisbehave – unlock new rooms for more destruction- Amazing catsurvival simulator in 3DTry yourself being a cute kitten orrampaging cat playing this pet simulator in 3D! Live the life of acute varmint cat, stay at home alone and enjoy life full ofadventures! Survive in this place full of dangers, explore house,unlock new rooms to crash and wreck more items! It’s not likeplaying usual cat simulator - level your kitten up to become amature cat and increase health and energy rate, upgrade survivalskill, destroy and wreck house staff to become more varmint! Live alife of a pet with Cute Home Cat Simulator 3D! Are you ready todestroy everything on your way?More games, rates and reviews on ourFB page -
Aquarium Dolphin Show 3D 1.1
Do you like dolphins or aquatic shows? Join the dolphin show at the“World of Sea Creatures” park, perform stunts, entertain the crow,earn money, improve your skills and have fun with Aquarium DolphinShow 3D!Try different tricks with your dolphin - donut jumping,hurdle jumping, jump through rings, basketball, volleyball andother – don’t forget to feed it with fish after a successfulperformance! Complete all missions without failings, but don’t bedisappointed by your mistakes – just try again, and you’d succeed!Earn money to buy new dolphins – bottlenose dolphin, beluga whale,porpoise, pink river dolphin and other famous species - and raiseup their attributes - improving your dolphin means the improvementof your results, so don’t forget about it! Change your traineroutfit to be more beautiful while your dolphin performingtricks!Train your dolphins do improve their skills and participatetournament to test them! Do your best and challenge the besttrainers in the world to win the prize and become thechampion!Check our Aquarium Dolphin Show 3D – great app for allaquatic show simulator lovers!Aquarium Dolphin Show 3Dfeatures:Unlockable species of dolphins - bottlenose dolphin,beluga whale, porpoise, pink river dolphin and otherDifferentrealistic elements of show – from donut jumping to volleyballTwogame modes – simply train your dolphin or participate inshowAmazing 3D graphicsSimple and intuitive controlsFeel like areal dolphin trainer with Aquarium Dolphin Show 3D and have fun!
Pirate Battleship Fight 3D 1
Get ready for ultimate pirate adventure to become the scourge ofthe seas! Sail overseas, attack other pirate ships and plundercargo ships to get rich loot! Grab the steering wheel to sailthrough battles and raids with Pirate Battleship Fight 3D game!Areyou ready to conquer the seven seas? Participate in extremehead-to-head pirate battles to sink all the ships! Live the life ofa pirate captain, take part in ultimate naval battles and earn goldplundering cargo ships to level up your weapons playing ultimatepirate ship simulator in 3D! Unlock new pirate ships, try morepowerful cannons, armor and weapons and build up your own fleet ofpirate ships! Test your shooting and navigation skills with PirateBattleship Fight 3D game and sail high seas – it’s the time ofblack flags and white skulls, ocean breeze and the hold full oftreasures and gold!Ahoy! Lead your army of pirates to wealth –bottles of rum, the hold full of gold, powerful weapons and evennew pirate ship to sail all over the world! Take over ships takingpart in naval battles or buy it in special shop using the moneyyou’ve earn plundering cargo ships or sea ports! Show your skills,defeat legendary ships in battle and become a true pirate legendplaying Pirate Battleship Fight 3D – great app for those who lovesnaval battles and ship simulators! Command your fleet of pirateships! Recruit fine crew, navigate realistic pirate ship, aim rightto the target and prove your worth as a pirate ship’s captain! Useall your tactics, navigation and shooting skills to take over andplunder ships, enjoy this pirate simulator and good luck,captain!Embark on an epic pirate adventure to rule the high seasand sink all the ships around! Be ready for fierce fights, bloodynaval battles, powerful weapons and ocean around. Navigate yourship through seas and oceans, aim right to the target and proveyour worth as a pirate ship’s captain! Capture enemy's ships, butmake sure you are also defending your own one! Turn your piratecrew into a real army or even the scourge of the seas! Upgrade yourpirate ship, weapons and crew with a various equipment andammunition to defeat the enemy! Sail the high seas, attack, takeover, plunder and sink ships! Plan your strategy attacking enemy’scargo ships to get rich loot of gold and weapons with PirateBattleship Fight 3D!Learn different pirating techniques andtactics, buy cannon and sail upgrades to become the best captainever! Prove your worth as master of naval battles - attack first asa fierce pirate ship captain with this ultimate pirate shipsimulator!Pirate Battleship Fight 3D features:- Ultimate piratesimulator in 3D – enjoy the advantages of ship simulator andshooting war game in one app- Recruit crew and build a fleet ofpirate ships - sail overseas, attack, take over, plunder and sinkcargo ships- Level up your navigation, strategy, tactics andshooting skills – use upgrades, new weapons, armor and more- Leadthe army of pirates and take part in epic naval battles- Upgrade apirate ship, take over or buy new ones – test unique ship’scharacteristics, powerful weapon and different navigation system tobecome the real scourge of the seasRule the sea with PirateBattleship Fight 3D – great ship simulator for all ages!Picturesque naval battles, cargo ships full of goods and gold andunprotected sea ports… Awe the high seas plundering an attackingships, stealing good and winning epic naval battles! Use powerfulweapons, command huge fleet of pirate ships and become the mostpowerful captain all over the sea with Pirate Battleship Fight 3Dgame! Yoo-hoo!Show your power over the oceans and seas throughbattles and strategy and sink ship just to have fun! Act like areal pirate captain – shoot, attack and plunder every cargo ship onyour way with this ultimate pirate ship simulator in 3D!More games,rates and reviews on our FB page -
Christmas Hoverboard Simulator 1.0
The Christmas Eve is coming! It’s time to start delivery of gifts!Only nice children would get gifts – but there so many nice kids inthe world… Your sleigh has broken and most of the reindeer areseek… But you’ve to find out how to save the Christmas! Take thishoverboard and start the delivery race!Join the unusual Christmasrace with Christmas Hoverboard Simulator! Ride on the hoverboard –modern trendy wheeled device! Feel like a real hipster, delivergifts and have fun! Ride on the hoverboard is an uneasy task, butyou can handle it! Try different board – and different riders, notonly Santa Claus but also Mr. Ginger Cookie, Snowman, and evenRudolph The Reindeer would help you to transfer all boxed giftsfrom the North Pole to nice children!If you like urban sports -parkour, skateboard and street bike racing – this app was madeespecially for you and your pleasure! Try Christmas HoverboardSimulator – unusual combination of hoverboard simulator andChristmas gifts delivery game!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year toall vapor-lovers and hoverboard racers!Christmas HoverboardSimulator features:Unusual gift delivery simulator!Varieshoverboards for your pleasureDifferent racers like Santa, reindeerRudolph, snowman and othersRealistic hoverboard physicsBeautifulwinter viewsTake the bag with gifts and start delivery racing! Savethe Christmas Eve and have fun!
Island Survival Simulator - 2 1.0
Welcome to the Cartoon Island once again! You are still the onlysurvivor stranded alone on this desert island, so fight for yourlife against wild nature! Discover all the secrets of this hostileplace with Island Survival Simulator - 2!Be a man, lost and lonely,spending his time on the vast tropical island! You don’t rememberhow you came here, but you should try to know it! Try to makesurvival island your home, staying alive also would be great… Findsurvival tools and try to quarry stone or hew trees – it would helpyou to craft your own tools and weapons. Hunt for wild islandanimals barehanded or craft primitive gun, make a fishing rod toprovide yourself with fish, build shelters to hide from predators,gather or plant ground food!Hunt and fish to get food or plantfruit trees! Get different material component such planks, skins orstone. Use resources to craft weapons for hunting wild animals, aswell as materials for building shelters. Upgrade your fighting,hunting, fishing and survival skill spending time in thisgodforsaken place!Don’t forget to mind your character’s indicators- health, energy and fullness rates. If one of them drops – thereis no chance to survive! Various tools such as axe or cartoon fishrod would help you to stay alive! Find treasures, quarry resources,use powerful weapons and stay alive at all costs playing thisultimate survival simulator in 3D!Enjoy your time on Cartoon Islandwaiting for help with Island Survival Simulator - 2! Keep yourselfalert – this island is full of wild predators ready to attack you!Struggle against animals to save your life, use powerful weaponsand guns and make this desert harsh place your home!Upgrade yourhunting, fishing, battling and exploring skills with this survivalsimulator and spend time waiting for help to come! Check IslandSurvival Simulator – 2 and gain ultimate experience exploringtropical jungles!Island Survival Simulator – 2 features:Second partof famous island survival simulatorNew island, full of dangers andsecrets!New craft recipes – weapons, tools, even buildingsNewcreatures inhabiting this islandNew puzzles – try to survive andcomplete it allAmazing 3D graphicsSurvive on this strange islandfull of secrets and dangers! Use all your exploration, battling andhunting skills and feel like a real survivor!
Creepy Clown: City Destruction 1.0
Be a giant crazy clown smashing anddestroyingpublic property! Chase peaceful citizens and have funwith CreepyClown: City Destruction!Are you afraid of clowns? These horrific pale red-nosedfiendsare so dreadful, that many children screaming in fear justnoticingany clown around! Even the King of Horror have written afamousnovel about the demonic clown! And with our game you can beone ofsuch creatures!Unleash your rage and fury around the city blocks to find anewprey for your mad clown! Start a hunt in the big city withCreepyClown: City Destruction! This city is full of dangers – andyou’reone of such dangers!Chase humans, cats, and dogs and have fun! But beware – copsandSWAT are waiting when you become reckless to kill you withoutanysign of mercy! Moreover, they can summon military forces here –andyou’re still not so strong to stand against tank orarmyhelicopter!Stay alerted all the time – maintain your clown’s healthandenergy rate to survive and have fun playing this citydemolitionsimulator! Earn points for successive completion ofmissions toupgrade your demon clown - change the color of skin andhair, buynew attack or weapon, or other boosters!Creepy Clown: City Destruction features:Unusual city demolition simulatorHunt for citizens and animals, chase carsAvoid aggressive policemen trucks, tanks, andarmoredtroop-carriers!Earn points and customize your clown as you want
Santa Jetpack Skydiving Race 1.0
Santa knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice but is he ableto get everyone his present they are waiting for? Check it withSanta Jetpack Skydiving Race!It’s time to start delivery of gifts!Put on your jetpack and ride the wind – tumble and whirl, hurtlethrough the sky and perform different tricks and stunts! Helplittle Santa fly above city streets, avoid crashes into chimneysand have fun with Santa Jetpack Skydiving Race!Rush through the skyand earn points to unlock new types of jetpacks and new locationsto fly over! Complete your delivery missions successfully – orthere will be some unhappy children on Christmas day! Have a realholiday feeling with Santa Jetpack Skydiving Race! Make sure Santawill deliver the joy of Christmas - Holiday Gifts - to all thechildren before Christmas evening is over!Fly over the roofs,streets and chimneys, feel the wind and have fun with Santa JetpackSkydiving Race!Santa Jetpack Skydiving Race features:• Unusualflight simulator – help Santa deliver gifts!• Varies jetpacks totry – unlock it all• Funny Christmas atmosphere• Simple andaddictive gameplayThe Christmas Eve is coming! Deliver Christmasgifts and have fun!
Animal Quest: Pet Niche Game 1.0
Live the life of a horse in the Magic Forest – cut off yournormality and become the talking beast! Save other animals fromhunters, befriend them and have fun with Animal Quest: Pet NicheGame!Start your own horse adventure, explore forests and plains!Find Bear – wise and kind animal, who wants to protect these landsfrom human hunters! Complete his quests, break cages, and freecaptured animals!Try to survive in this cruel cartoon world! Meetother animals to make friends with them and fight against huntersto protect your animal neighbors!Raise up your stallion (or mare)characteristics and buy power-ups to made it stronger! Earn pointsand customize your horse to make it unique! Choose gender, name,and color and have fun playing Animal Quest: Pet Niche Game – greatgame for those who loves animal simulators!Be a brave talkinganimal, gallop into forests and fields to find food, protect youand your friends from hunters, and save the Magic Forest fromdestruction with Animal Quest: Pet Niche Game game!Animal Quest:Pet Niche Game featuresUltimate horse adventure game!Unusualrole-playing system of improvementDifferent missions and questsFullcustomization of your horse – choose any gender, color of skin,mane and cutie mark!Interactive 3D worldDo you like horses and wildanimal simulators? Then, check Animal Quest: Pet Niche Game – greatapp about friendship, loyalty, honor and bravery!
Ninja Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting 1.0
Fight with different kinds of rivals, level up your battling skillsand become the real star of the martial arts tournament in NinjaShaolin Kung Fu Fighting game!Welcome to the most famous battletemple in the world – Shaolin! Martial artists from all over theworld come here to clash in bloody fights for the Champion’s title!Kick, punch, jump, and slash your way to victory! Use differentfighting styles, earn points to raise up your fighting skills orbuy new strikes and punches to ensure your victory on thebattlefield!If you ever wanted to be super-fast and dexterousfighting master, performing various martial arts – it’s your turnnow! Face different kinds of rivals - they are as skillful as youare, so use appropriate blows and strikes to damage more! Gain morepower and experience and find out everything about the life ofninja!Complete every mission with the highest amount of points andbuy new super blows, weapons or armor! Drive your way to theglorious victory moving through the dead bodies of your defeatedenemies! Feel your martial art skills increasing during your gameand have fun with Ninja Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting!Step on the trueWay of Ninja filled with blood, gore, and bodies of beatenopponents! Check two game modes – survival mode, where you shouldhold out against every enemy’s attack; and story mode, where youwill learn the real ninja path!Ninja Shaolin Kung Fu Fightingfeatures:• Amazing Shaolin temple ninja fighting• Various martialarts to learn – Kung Fu, Karate, Boxing and others• Unique superstrikes for each character• Colorful 3D-graphicsUnleash your furyNinja Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting game! Become the most brutal ninjawarrior ever, use your special blow properly and defeat all yourenemies one by one!Privacypolicy:
Diving Mermaid Swimming Race 1.2.1
Welcome to the wonderful ocean mythic world! Beautiful andabsolutely lovely mermaids are waiting for you to start thegreatest race ever! Join Diving Mermaid Swimming Race and becomethe fastest and prettiest mermaid ever!Experience this fantasticfeeling of free swimming being the one of the most interesting andmysterious creatures in the world – mermaids! A mermaid is alegendary aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a femalehuman and the tail of a fish! Be the main hero of the Hans CristianAndersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ tale and take part in this unusualracing tournament!Turn round the underwater rocks, be as fast asyou can and beat up all your charming contestants! Collectpower-ups to increase your speed level and you’ll find yourself atthe top of the tournament list! Enjoy fascinating submerged viewsduring the race, but don’t forget that your main goal is to reachthe finish line in first! Have fun playing Diving Mermaid SwimmingRace!Watch colorful fish, dolphins and even powerful whales duringyour little underwater trip and have fun! Earn points collectingsmall sea shells and unlock all beautiful mermaids to play for!Check two game modes – racing mode, where you should leave behindall your mermaid opponents; and scouting mode, where you’ll be ableto explore the ocean mythic world!Diving Mermaid Swimming Racefeatures:• Ultimate mermaid racing simulator• Different prettymermaids to play for• Wide range of fascinating underwater tracks•Two game modes – racing and scouting• Amazing 3D graphicsExplorethe ocean mythic world being a beautiful and mythical creature –mermaid! Try different game modes and have fun playing DivingMermaid Swimming Race!Your use of Diving Mermaid Swimming Race isfree of charge in exchange for safely using some of your device'sresources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only when youare not using your device. You may turn this off from the settingsmenu. Please see our TOS for further information:
Life of Cockroach: Insect Sim 1.0.0
Keen on insect smash apps and different animal life simulators?Become a little cockroach trying to survive in this cruel humanworld! Live your insect life right in the large human house and doeverything possible to survive as long as possible! Check this newultimate Life of Cockroach: Insect Simulator game and have yourinsect fun!ENJOY THIS EXCITING MICRO WORLD INSECT LIFE• If you areinterested in such fantastic insects as flies, beetles, bees,dragonflies, butterflies, rhino bugs and ladybugs, this awesomecockroach simulator is made exactly for you!• Explore this largehuman house filled with mysteries, interesting objects and cruelhuman beings;• Find your little insect cockroach mate, craft yourown lair and create a family of little cockroaches!FIGHT WITH THENOST DANGEROUS PREDATOR – A HUMAN BEING• Watch your mini mapcarefully, ‘cause this is the human territory and they are ready todestroy you at the first moment of seeing!• Avoid anti cockroachrepellents and fly smashers – they may cause maximal damage toyou!• Power your little insect cockroach up to become reallypowerful and challenge these dangerous creatures!EARN POINTS ANDCUSTOMIZE YOUR LITTLE INSECT CREATURE• Collect points for allsuccessfully done life and survival quests and customize yourlittle cockroach to make it look really unique;• Use your owninsect cockroach survival strategy and live as long as it evenpossible passing through all stages of maturation;• Enjoyfantastically colorful 3D graphics, amazing surviving challengesand simple and intuitive controls!Start you insect survival questright here and right now being a little cockroach in Life ofCockroach: Insect Simulator and just have fun!Privacy policy:
Cartoon Alien UFO Simulator 3D 1.0
Have you ever dreamed of being caught by the aliens? Or maybe youjust wanted to BE that aliens? Then this wonderful game is madeexactly for you! Steal cartoon humans and cows, destroy cars andhouses and have fun with Cartoon Alien UFO Simulator 3D!Enjoybird’s eye views from you extraterrestrial flying saucer! Explorethe Earth, fly above plains filled with grazing cows! Wreak panicon people from the city and steal them for your crazy cartoonexperiments! Make them all shake with fear! Attack them from above,but don’t forget to mind, that human beings had invented their ownpowerful weapon! Be attentive and careful assaulting backyards andskyscrapers! Battle with helicopters and gain the real power!Earnpoints for successfully done missions and upgrade your flyingsaucer with new mighty weapon! Unlock new types of super attacksand buy new interesting UFO! Level up your skills in stealing,hunting and destroying and become one of the best cartoon aliensever with Cartoon Alien UFO Simulator 3D!Complete different flightand battling missions, perform flips and tricks, steal humans andanimals or just destroy everything! Be a cartoon alien pilot fromanother planet and have fun!Cartoon Alien UFO Simulator 3Dfeatures:• Unusual cartoon alien flight simulator• Steal animalsand human beings or destroy everything alive!• Perform differenttricks and weapons to gain the best results• Enjoy amazing cartoon3D graphicsJoin the army of extraterrestrial creatures with yourown UFO, steal people for your crazy experiments, destroy humanbuildings and have fun with Cartoon Alien UFO Simulator 3D!Privacypolicy:
Ninja Panda Fighting 2 - Kung Fu Animals Cup 1.0.0
Join the tournament of the strongest wild animals ever – and defeatthem all! Watch the rise of the kung fu animals’ empire fightingfor its standards as a real ninja panda – skillful and powerful!Download this new Ninja Panda Fighting 2 - Kung Fu Animals Cup gameand be ready to stop the army of felines and canines – and win thisstrange war!KUNG FU IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER• Choose your bear to startthe fight of your life – this challenge is going to be the mostdifficult ever for you;• Protect your empire from every attack –you will face many difficulties on your way, but your spirit isstrong;• Use the wide range of stunning martial arts – muay thai,judo, karate, wrestling, boxing, jiu-jitsu, taekwondo and, ofcourse, kung fu!DEFEAT THEM ALL WITHOUT MERCY• You’ll start thegame with a certain number of characteristics and stats, so choosewisely what to check and power up;• The rivals can be absolutelydifferent - wolves, hyenas, tigers, leopards or even other bears,so fight them all;• Stand against the large incoming wave ofvarious beasts and prove that you’re the best fighting bearhere!BECOME A MASTER OF MARTIAL ARTS• White polar bear, classicpanda, brutal black bear or even the dangerous grizzly – unlockthem all to watch their skins;• Power all your skills up earningsome points from the endless battles and fight and soon you’ll beable to neutralize the first rebel;• Just tap the screen to controlyour movements – the controls are simple and intuitive, so you canenjoy the story to the full!Throw off the invasion of aggressivewild animals, protect the Valley of Peace and enjoy the spirit ofbattle with Ninja Panda Fighting 2 - Kung Fu Animals Cup!Your useof Ninja Panda Fighting 2 - Kung Fu Animals Cup is free of chargein exchange for safely using some of your device's resources (WiFiand very limited cellular data), and only when you are not usingyour device. You may turn this off from the settings menu. Pleasesee our TOS for further information:
Craft Island Adventurous Survival 1.0.0
Emerge into the magical medieval atmosphere – fightagainstfantastic monsters and ordinary animals, survive as long asyou canon this tropical island and have fun with Craft Land ChibiBoySurvival game!Feel like a brave and bold fantasy hero,wannabeadventurer! One day you’ll become a sneaky rogue, amightybarbarian, a careful scout, a wised druid, a cautious ranger,oreven a hideous necromancer or someone else – now you are here,inthe middle of nowhere, on the small tropical islandhiddensomewhere in the warm water of Ghostly Ocean. Your mentor hassentyou here, but he forgot to beware you about a littlevillage,filled with ork grunts and goblin peons.Roam about theforest, findresources to make your own shack and survive as long aspossible!Dig out interesting things to craft special tools for yourweapons!Do your best to survive here! Hunt different animals likeox,bulls, deer, and pigs or seek for watermelons to get food!Fightfor your life against aggressive predators like fox, bear orwolf –they gonna eat you!Thanks, God, there are no cruel magicalmonstersat these wild places, but you’ve got enough rivals likecarnivoresor goblins already! Beware of orkish patrols and goblintrappers –these beasts can hide even inside the trees! Avoid oftheir axesand arrows, fight back without mercy – it’s all for yourownsurvival!Check your personal hunger, sleep and healthindicators:if one of them drops, you’ll find yourself in a realtrouble atthese inhospitable medieval lands! Earn points forsuccessfullydone missions and battles and unlock new types ofpowerful weapons,skills, and recipes!One day you will save theworld from the armyof the Demon Lord, but now your strongest foe isGiant Troll Kingin the swamp! Find your own adventures here!Missions and quest arevery interesting and creative, so you canunravel all secrets ofthis island! And, of course, you can stop theinvasion of GreenskinHorde!Survive at this tropic island, fightagainst orcs andgoblins, and have fun with Craft Land Chibi BoySurvival!Craft LandChibi Boy Survival features:• Fantastic tropicalisland survivalsimulator and PRG in one game!• Wide range ofinteresting armorsand weapons• Amazing craft system• Lots of rivalsand cruel bosses•Outstanding 3D graphicsPrivacypolicy: