Cartoon and Caricature Masquerade Apps

Live Cartoon Camera 1.0
Live cartoon camera will allow youcreateawesome clorofull caricature selfies in real time.Application is as simple and wonderfull for it'sscetcheffects.You just open it and camera is ready for cartooning.After cartoon face short is taken share screen is opening.You can easily share your photo to different social networks orsenffor tuning in another photo editing app.At the cartoonize camera screen you can select different colorstoadd photo effect to your picture.Photo to cartoon will be created immidiately.This app id one of the most powerful and configurable app,created to get a photo or any kind of picture into anastonishinglypencil sketch in real time or other type of detailedart, forexample like the ones made by the best professionalofflineartists.Altering the drawing parameters, you can get different kindsofcoloring, so it's possible to produce a piece of art lookinglikemade by using pencil, ink and pen, charcoal,chalk andcrayon,chalk, warmcolor, pastel, or others...
Daily Horoscope - zodiac astrology, moon calendar
Horoscopes by zodiac signs app fortoday, tomorrow, week 2017 year freeAstrology app is a zodiac based predictions from famousastrologersWe also offer maya, chinese, zodiac, druids and japanese horoscopedivinations.Some of them are every day notifications and tips.Another ones include descriptions of different signs andinstances.Zodiac signs are main theme of our free application. Bestastrologers from Tibet are working with us.Astrology compatibility will help you to find you love andget acquainted with you person