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Case Simulator Ultimate - CS go skins box crate 2 9.1
Open cases and unbox the most valuable weapons and knives in thisbrand new addictive app. Includes every released case, Skin quiz,Crash, Upgrader, Roulette, Coinflip, Contracts, Mines and muchmore! Best features: ★ Case Opening ★ Souvenir Opening ★ Upgrader ★Roulette ★ Coinflip ★ Crash ★ Contracts ★ Skin quiz ★ Minesweeper ★Tech tree ★ Ranks ★ StarTraks ★ Experience Progress ★ Market ★Achievements ★ Inventory ★ Money ★ Player Stats ★ Item Qualities ★Real Item Prices ★ Data and drop rates based on thousands ofsamples ★ Intuitive UI and simple controls And more to come - Leaveyour feedback in app and stay tuned for more features! • Cases -here you can choose the case or souvenir you would like to open.Simply tap the crate you wish to open. Opening cases is completlyfree! If you feel rich, you can even choose to open a premiumcustom case! • Inventory - all your weapon and knife skins in oneplace. Review and sell your skins you do not want in your inventoryby tapping on them. • Market - purchase any weapon or knife ofdesired quality you want! You can use search the skin by name orbrowse it in five weapon categories. Beware: items in market are50% more expensive, so choose wisely before buying one! • Menu -all games at one place. Play one of the gambling games by tappingon the button. Or look at stats on your success rate in every gamehere! • Crash - increase your funds by playing Crash! Selectammount you want to bet and start the game. The bet multiplier isshown and increases fast - how far can you go before closing thebet? You can review your game history below the graph. • Upgrader -upgrade your skins up to 10x times more compared to their originalvalue. If you succeed, you win the new skin - if not, you will lostthe original skin! • Coinflip - play 50/50 duel online or with thebot. Place up to 25 skins to increase the winning pot value andfind the game when you are ready. Winner takes it all! • Roulette -spin the wheel of fortune and win big money! Bet on one or morecolors and multiply your earnings! If you do not have enough moneyto play, go to Inventory and sell some skins. • Contracts - tradeup your skins for the higher quality item! Select 10 skins fromyour Inventory for the Trade up Contract, sign it and submit. Newweapon skin of the next highest grade tier chosen randomly from oneof the collections will be rewarded! • Tech tree - unlock bonuses,boost your chances and claim great rewards! Each time you level upyour rank, you receive one rank point you can use to research thetechnology in the tech tree! • Skin quiz - show your knowledge andwin big money in the csgo Skin Quiz! Correctly name the skin yousee by selecting the right answer. The reward is raised every timeyou guess it right! How far can you get? Make sure you like ourFacebook page! Thiscsgo opener is a free 2 play clicker with casino games. Rocketchase hill skins, hellcase, and climb & raise the league.Farmskins crates, go obtain standoff chest opskins, call and growthe empire, counter the odds. Strike the global duty! Please note:All weapon and knife skins obtained in Case Simulator Ultimate aresimulated and cannot be used in the official CS game.
Blockfield - Puzzle Block Logic Game 1.2
Experience a completely new game style for free with simpleandintuitive controls. The goal of the puzzle is to place alltheblocks on the screen to the game field such a way, thatexactnumber of cells are occupied in each row and column. Thegameoffers dozens of unique hand made challenging levelswithincreasing difficulty from easy levels to hard and expertones,including different gamefields and block shapes - let's seehow farcan you get! A perfect game for kids and adults, casualusers andeven experienced gamers alike. Train your brain! Bestfeatures: ★100 Hand made levels ★ From Easy 2x2 levels up to 9x9Expert maps ★Simple intuitive touch controls ★ Addictive gameplay ★Beautifulblock colors ★ Automatic game progress save ★ Lovelydesign ★ Hoursof fun! Mix of well known games and flow ready toplay for free!Leave your feedback below and share your thoughtsabout the game.We are looking forward to see your opinion!
Stunt Wheels - Happy wheels monster truck stunts 1.4
Get behind the steering wheel and show your driving skills ondozensof interesting maps! Jump the ramp, climb up the hill, stayon thetracks! The game is easy to play, but hard to master. Canyou finishall the levels? There is no time limit - just do notfall out of mapand stay on the track way to the finish! Try outthis hot new gamenow! You drive the car completely on your own -there are no helpersand the level difficulty increases as youprogress. This brand newsimulator comes with many challenginglevels, intuitive userinterface, great music, colorful ultra hdgraphics and auto savefeature. Enjoy the full experience of truckdriving right now forfree! Offroad 4x4 truck is ready to drive!Try this euro trucksimulator today! Choose your vehicle color anddrive towards thefinish! Enjoy the open world atmosphere acolorful graphics. Themonster truck driving is available withdevice tilt or buttons onthe screen. Make the hot wheels and stepon the gas! In this casesimulator will make your happy wheelsdrive fast! Make sure you likeour Facebook page! We lookforward to hearyour feedback! Happy driving!
Sliding blocks logic game relax chillout puzzle 1.0.8
The goal is to get all colored stones on the game board tothetarget areas by simply swiping to four direct ways. Cubismoffersdozens of unique challenging levels with increasingdifficultyranging from Beginner to Expert. Find the best solutionin theleast moves as you can in this brain-teaser game! Each stageoffersdifferent play style, well designed bundle of levels andhours offun! Key features: ★ Challening puzzle mechanics ★ Simpleintuitivetouch controls ★ 4 different game modes ★ 80 fantasticpuzzles -solve them all! ★ Addictive gameplay ★ Over 20achievements ★Leaderboards - compare yourself to your friends! ★Hints, in caseyou get stucked ★ In-app purchases Support &Feedback: If youhave any technical problems or something to say,please email us In case of issues,provide your deviceinformation and app version, eventually sendscreenshot. Thank you.If you would like to see this app translatedin your language,please email us. So, get ready and go solve! Notmany people finishthis game all the way to the end!
Ball Bump 3D - Color Ball Bump Game Block Ball 3D 1.2
Touch the color ball and lead it through all the levels. Avoidhitting other block colors than yours! Control the ball with yourfinger and bump to the color blocks. Your task is to make a goodjob and touch the ball safely through all the levels. Color jumpright in to the action! Beware of the switch color holes, enemycolors and various obstacles. Moving and rotating blocks, patrols,unexpected block forces. Face the challenge and rush ball color!Crush the blocks, bump the ball, bounce blocks, rocket ball colorthe stake ball 3D. Best features: ★ Huge pack of levels ★ Paintgates (switch color ball) ★ Various color platforms ★ Optimizedperformance ★ Simple intuitive touch controls ★ Beautiful blockcolors, multiple color themes ★ Addictive gameplay This arcade gameis easy to play, but hard to master. Can you finish all the levels?The Bump Ball game - your favorite addictive game - now comes forfree in 3D! Play it now!