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Dual WhatsWeb: 1 WhatApp Acc in 2 Phone(Multi WA)
Multi Messenger for WhatsApp - Clone/SyncWhatsApp Account to another phone. Access same WhatsApp fromcloned/synced phone.- Clone WhatsApp account from 1 phone to another phone. Access,read chat and send messages from cloned WhatsApp account usingMulti Messenger.- Same WhatsApp Account on 2 devices- Works on phone and tablet- No need root. Very fast and easy to use. Just scan QR code.Dual WhatsApp Account on 1 deviceRun 2 WhatsApp account in 1 device!Multi WhatsApp. Multiple WhatsApp account in one phone.Sync your WhatsApp account to 2 phones/tablet.With this app, you can:1. Open the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices- WhatsWeb. Finally! You can run WhatsApp Web on your phone& tablet!- Double WhatsApp. Scan the QR code to sync your account toMulti Messenger.- Dual WhatsApp. Use your WhatsApp Acc on dual devices. Beit your phone, tablet or multiple devices simultaneously.- Multi WhatsApp. Run multiple WhatsApp account on a singledevice. You can have 2 WhatsApp in 1 device.- WhatsTablet. While at home, sync from your phone totablet, so you can chat and reply from your tablet. Tablet forWhatsApp.- OGwhatsapp Clone. You can clone your work account to yourpersonal phone/tablet or vice versa.- 2 WhatsApp Account. Access same WhatsApp from anotherdevice.2. Full access:- Have all your contacts, chats list, messages, photos and files onmultiple devices.3. With our unique "Mobile Mode", it looks gorgeous and fullyoptimised for smartphones4. Easy-to-use, Easy-to-setup, No ROOT required!5. Works on ALL devices!Multi Messenger for WhatsApp allows you to run two WhatsApp accountin a single device OR You can also run the same WhatsApp account onmultiple devices. It is entirely up to you!- Double WhatsApp, double the fun!- You can have dual WhatsApp in 1 device!- You can have your WhatsApp account on dual devices!- You can have multiple WhatsApp account on a single device!- Multi WhatsApp, Dual WhatsApp, you name it, all one phone /tablet.- 2 whatsapp in 1 device!----------HOW TO USE----------1. Install and Open Multi Messenger on the device (Phone/Tablet)you want to sync/clone your WhatsApp to2. Open WhatsApp on your main phone (the account you want toclone)- On Android: Scroll to the Chats screen -> Menu -> WhatsAppWeb.- On iPhone: Click Settings -> WhatsApp Web.- On Nokia S60 and Windows Phone: Go to Menu -> WhatsAppWeb.- On Nokia S40: Swipe up from bottom of screen -> WhatsAppWeb.- On BlackBerry: Go to Chats -> Menu -> WhatsApp Web.- On BlackBerry 10: Swipe down from top of the screen ->WhatsApp Web.3. After clicking "WhatsApp Web", you should see a camera QRscanning screen.4. Now scan the QR code displayed on Multi Messenger5. Done! Sync complete! Now you can access the same WhatsAppaccount on both devices!6. Enjoy 2 WhatsApp in 1 device!For more info, see the video: ensure best performance:1. Ensure that the main phone with the WhatsApp account you wish tosync to is connected to the internet. Wifi is best.2. Remove un-used chat list and chat groups. This reduces the datarequired to transfer, therefore speeding up performance.PS: Multi Messenger is a third party app and is not affiliated toWhatsApp Inc.