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Jiff - Health Benefits 4.2019.1011.4384
All your health benefits. All in one place. Jiff directs you to thetools offered by your employer to manage your health andhealthcare-- and rewards you for using them. Note: To use Jiff youmust receive a valid employer id from your employer. - Jiffconnects you to all of the health benefits offered by your employerand makes it quick and easy to find what you need - Personalizedprograms mean you only see the benefits that are most relevant andmeaningful to you - One simple, easy-to-navigate program allows youset goals and rewards you for staying on track - Our smart,points-based rewards system offers new ways to redeem your pointsfor amazing prizes - With over 50 of the most cutting edge benefitsproviders already pre-integrated, Jiff makes it easy for youremployer to offer you the latest and greatest
Castlight Mobile 6.9.1
Do you have access to Castlight through your employee benefitsplan? If so, you and your dependents can download Castlight Mobile:a personal healthcare dashboard that helps you find affordable andhigh quality care, anytime, anywhere. Key features: Find care -Search for a doctor near you. Results are always in-network andinclude personalized cost estimates and quality data so you canmake choices that are right for you. Past care - Track your healthcare spending and claims with at-a-glance information about whatyou’ve spent and why. Plan status - Track how much of yourdeductible you’ve met, see your HSA balance, and review basicinformation about your health coverage all in one place. eCard - Amedical insurance card is part of the app so you’ll never bewithout your insurance card again. Please note: The CastlightMobile app is available exclusively to individuals and theirdependents who have access to Castlight’s services through theiremployee benefits program. If you’re not sure if Castlight is partof your employee benefits, contact your employer’s HR or Benefitsleader. About Castlight: Castlight Health is a trusted third partythat connects directly to your insurance plan and does not shareyour personal information with your employer. Your healthinformation is always confidential and secure.