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Spartans Bubble Shooter
Ready yourself to join the high ranks of the ancient Greek phalanxin Spartans Bubble Shooter. The enemies are at the gate wantingnothing more to sack your city for all it's worth, enslave itspeople, and steal its knowledge accumulated through thegenerations. Defend Sparta from the onslaught of its enemies usingyour skills to burst the bubbles in this exciting and addictinggame. With high definition graphics inspired by ancient Greece,this game is sure to remind you of that famous group of ancientcity-states. Use your spear sitting atop your shield and takeperfect aim and to send the bubble flying forward. With over 2600levels and more added each day you are sure to find hours of fun inthis exciting and unique bubble shooting experience. Hit three ormore of the same colors to break them apart and remember to shoothigh so the ones beneath will fall down. Prove yourself a worthywarrior of Sparta in infinite addicting fun Arcade mode. Plan yourstrategy even further by tapping you spear to switch the color ofbubble you shoot next to ensure you get exactly what you need tothwart the invaders. You can also enjoy two different and excitinggame modes. Classic where you battle your way through level afterlevel or arcade where you pop until you lose. Whatever your playstyle is, Spartans Bubble Shooter has something for you. The gamealso comes equipped with integrated auto save so you never have toworry, which makes this game perfect for on the go fun. Sign inwith Google Play to show the rest of Greece what a great warriorand defender of the states you are with leaderboards and manyachievements to earn.
Piggy Bubble Shooter
Blast your way through thousands of levels fighting to returning tothe embracing arms of your mama pig in this addictive Piggy BubbleShooter.Line up your shot perfectly or else your progress will befurther hindered as your mother slips further and further away. Allyou need to is shoot and group 3 or more of one color together.Should you hit a group of bubbles with a branch coming down off itall the bubbles below will come crashing down. On the run? Don'tworry! Piggy Bubble Shooter comes equipped with auto save so younever have to worry about losing your place.With over 2500 levelsin this fantastic bubble shooter, you'll enjoy hours upon hours ofgame-play to keep you occupied while trying to pass the time. Withautomatic saves and the ability to choose which level you want toplay from the ones you've beaten already the replay ability of thisgame massively increases.For a never-ending stream of fun playarcade mode and try to stop a constant stream of bubbles fromreaching the bottom. Prepare to be blown away by beautiful uniquehigh definition graphics in an array of different environments.With Google Play integration to compare against your friends, thereis no reason to not join in the hours of fun that is Piggy BubbleShooter.
Dino Match and Pop 1.0.1
Quickly beat the clock by lining up and popping 3 similar matchingdinosaurs in a raw to clear the whole screen before time is up.Scroll the left and right lines and once you have a raw of matchingdinosaur’s quick tap the middle one to make the entire raw pop.
Dino Match and Pop 1.0.1
Quickly beat the clock by lining up and popping 3 similar matchingdinosaurs in a raw to clear the whole screen before time isup.Scroll the left and right lines and once you have a raw ofmatching dinosaur’s quick tap the middle one to make the entire rawpop.
Ant Bubble Shooter
Just like ants in their colony, the mania never stops in Ant BubbleShooter. Terror has struck your home as an anteater is descendingon you and your fellow ants and digs deep into the colony suckingup ants the whole way down. As a worker ant you've been pushed downto the deepest parts of your home it is your job to dig deeper.Ifyou aim isn't true and you miss too many shots the anteaterterrorizing your colony may succeed and destroy you all. Shoot yourbubble into groups of three or more of the same color to help clearthe path. If you're feeling risky shoot higher and see if you cansend a whole group of bubbles falling down in a chain reaction ofpopping. Plan your strategy by tapping the anthill to change whichcolor bubble you have. Pop your way through over 2600 levels inthis awesome free mobile game. Choose the way you play with theclassic mode where you play through each level or the new twist ofarcade mode where you stop a neverending stream of bubble flowingdownward trying to fill the hive up and destroy the ants forever.Remember to sign in with Google Play to get the full Ant BubbleShooter experience with leaderboard to top and achievements tounlock. If you want a fun free game then hop into the world of AntBubble Shooter.
Kings Bubble Shooter
The classic bubble shooter comes back with a whole new look andgameplay in Kings Bubble Shooter. In this fun-filled puzzle game,you play as a the ruler of your empire, King Henrick, defending itfrom outside invaders. Take command of your crossbow and vanquishthe invaders who try and steal you from your throne.Shoot yourcolored bubbles at groups of three or more of the same and watchthem explode away. Aim high to break off a whole branch of colorsbelow to make sure you get rid of as many as possible. If you misstoo many shots you may end up losing your kingdom! Are therebubbles in a hard to reach spot? No problem. Take aim and bounceyour bubble off the wall to get those tricky to make shots. Colornot the one you want? Tap the crossbow to change them.With two gamemodes, arcade and classic, and over 2600 levels and more added eachday to enjoy, you'll find there are hours of fun in Kings BubbleShooter. Sign in with Google Play to access all the features of thegame such as leaderboards and achievements. This game also comesequipped with built-in autosave so you never have to worry ifyou're on the go. If you enjoy getting challenged in puzzle afterpuzzle in a beautiful HD game download Kings Bubble Shootertoday!Save your kingdom from invaders in Kings Bubble Shooter
Vikings Bubble Shooter
You are Grundi, the smartest of all the Viking warriors from thegreat Viking city of Nozgodia.You have been sent by the highcouncil of the city deal with the advancing of hordes of intruders.As you are vastly outnumbered you must use your wit to deal withthe encroaching enemy. Take aim with your trusty sword and shieldand trust your instincts to send that bubble right where it needsto go.The task is simple, combine three or more bubbles of the samecolor to clear them from the board. Use the walls to your advantageas you can use them to bounce the bubble to hit the trickier shots.If you aim is true you may even get a high shot at a group ofbubbles with more cascading below and you will be rewarded with thesight of all of them, regardless of color, come falling down. Planyour shots better by tapping your sword to switch the bubbles forthe perfect one essential for your plan.With a perfect bubbleengine integrated you don't have to worry about shots not goingwhere you need. Spend hours working through over 2000 levels thisgame offers or just play until you lose with a neverending streamof bubbles in arcade mode. See how you compare with the rest of theViking warlords and sign in with Google Play for leaderboard andachievements. All of this in a package that includes stunning highdefinition visuals that are sure to take your breath away, sodownload Vikings Bubble Shooter today and join the adventure.
Bubble Shooter Mystery Thief
You've just executed one of the biggest heists of the century.During it, you've cleaned out the entire bank vault, but when youtried to escape, you were been trapped by the police and cut offfrom your prize.You'll have to use your bubble cannon to blast yourway out and retrieve your cash. Shoot a cluster of 3 colors andwatch them explode away helping you clear the path to your cash.Aim high for clusters at the top of branches so you can cause achain reaction and send swathes of bubbles crashing down. Rememberto tap your shooter to change colors so you can better plan youmoves and get that money.Shoot your way through hundreds andhundreds of levels in this addictive bubble game or choose from thearcade mode where you blast your way through a neverending streamof bubbles. You better make each shot count though because the moreyou miss, the further from your winnings you'll become. Withbeautiful and unique high definition graphics you are sure to bestunned by the beauty of Bubble Shooter Mystery Thief.Sign in withGoogle Play to fully access the game with achievements andleaderboards to compare your score with other players around theworld. Don't sweat losing your progress either because BubbleShooter Mystery Thief comes equipped autosave feature thatconstantly tracks where you left off. With hours of addictivegameplay to burn time download Bubble Shooter Mystery Thief today.
Blocks Rush Fever 1.0.0
The temperature is running hot in Blocks Rush Fever right now as anendless stream of four blocks in amazing shapes comes falling down.The blocks don't fall for no reason though, they're trying to buildtheir way up the top of the screen and then it's game over for you.Only you can stop them. Fill and entire row and watch all theblocks hard work disappear. With the left and right arrows youguide that block to just where you want it, you'll be sure to scorehigh. The block didn't come out perfect? Have no fear, press therotate button that's centered below the playing area and the blockwill get just the way you want it. Be ready to increase the pace ofthe game with the down arrow and you make the block race down evenfaster. Choose from an array of block colors to have a fullypersonalized game play experience. Ensure you sign in with GooglePlay on the home screen so you can track your high score againsteveryone from around the world on the leader board. Download now tosee if you can stand the Blocks Rush Fever!
Mafia Bubble Shooter
Impressed with the mafia theme, the free Mafia Bubble Shooterdownload is developed to meet your crime style gaming taste.Uncover the underworld of mafia life by playing this awesome bubbleshooter game. The bubble popping experience with mafia mob bosswill simply turn your boredom into something exciting andthrilling. Join the trending crew of mafia and become the boss byditching all security organizations. The multi color bubblesfeaturing interface of the game actually hides down the secretweapons and money that mafia uses to influence its territory. Gameplay:Become a capo mob leader by solving the Mafia Bubbles Bashpuzzle! As a tough mafia big boss you must be in charge of secretwarehouses filled with your crew merchandise hidden in cratesshipped to you from other Mafia's branch in Italy ( Without beingpinched of course! ). For the naked eye it seems the cratescontains beautiful expansive set of shiny bubbles collection art,but only you know that hidden inside these bubbles are the actualwealthy valuables, weapons and tools of your gang. The only way toextract the goods from the bubbles, share them with the crew andgain popularity is by popping all bubbles by grouping 3 or more ofthe same color ones. Use the special, old school mafia bubbleshooter caliber cannon to shoot and match 3 or more bubblestogether for them to completely pop, retrieving your hiddenmerchandise inside the bubbles, far from the eye of the law!As atough and strict mafia boss, your goal in the game is to discoverthe hidden weapons and money in the multi color balls by matchingthree similar color balls. Control of the mafia running machine gunwill be in your hand. Your job in the game is to control supply ofthe weapons and other equipment to your mafia group by blastingdifferent colored bubbles. The more bubbles you blast togethermeans the more supply routes you clear for your mob. The gamecreates a mysterious story by taking you into a mafia themed worldwhere each level is accompanied with a mafia background andthrilling sounds. The difficulty level of each game level changeswith time and as you reach some significant levels, the game getsmore challenging and difficult with time. The cool mafia themeanimation gaming experience loaded with some high quality 3Dgraphics make this game a must download for every arcade stylegamer out there. The interface of the game is simple and loadedwith lots of easy to navigate menu options. Players can selectbetween Arcade and regular mode to twist between easy and toughgame play. The perfect animation handling and awesome gamemechanics of this mafia themed free Mafia Bubble Shooter game makeit worth downloading and playing for hours. Unique features:• Morethan 2600 exciting mafia themed game levels• Arcade Vs Regular modeto enhance game play• Perfect mafia themed animated game play•Arcade mode comes with extra tough game handling features• Swiftgame physics require quick action from the players• Quick movesguarantee your access to next levels• Each level loaded with newscenes and artistic graphics• Become the mob mafia leader byreaching maximum number of levels• A never ending gaming experiencefor everyone• Perfect game for adults and youngsters• A perfectboredom killer for all busy people • Available to download at anyandroid device• Free Mafia Bubble Shooter game comes with a digitalera of mafia world• Explore the dark world of Mafia in each newlevelTired of simple and plain bubble shooter games? Download thisfree Mafia Bubble Shooter game now on your android device and startbecoming boss of your mafia crew. Maintain supply chains of weaponsor spread your influence in the area; the gun is in your hand Boss!
BlackJack Champion 1.0.2
Become the Champ of BlackJack 21 in this unreal BlackJack!Experience the real time casino style BlackJack Champion gamingexperience from Hitting deals to taking stands and doubling downthe bets, everything requires undermine rush lovers to beat thedealer in the game. The game is a true replica of what goes insidethe real casino environment.
Ant Tap Mania 1.0.0
Be a tiny but a mighty ant! Quickly tap, jump and avoid obstaclesto reach higher and higher to the top in this new Ant Tap Mania agame that beats any game on your phone as it is fun and superaddictive to play. The ant is not flappy but the challenge is veryfeisty! To achieve a new high score you will need to really getinto the ant tapping Mania so train your fingers to tap the screenas fast as possible because the game deserves its name fully. AntTap Mania provides you with a unique experience for your androidphone and can be downloaded FOR FREE on Google Play Store. The Freegame is a great stress reliever with a simple but also veryexciting interface. You can play Ant Tap Mania with your friendsand whole family as it's really fun to compete and the winner willgain respect as being the fastest finger tapper of all - which isnot an easy task. You and an ant are going to reach to the toptogether and not a single obstacle will be able to stop you. Goodluck!
Words Search Head Spin 1.0.0
Your heads about to feel like it's on a top with Words Search HeadSpin. Laid out before you are a sprawling grid of randomly assortedletters, or so it seems. Hidden amongst the chaos is a series ofwords to discover. Each one of these words is laid out in perfectorder, and it's up to you to find where they lay out on thegrid.Search through with whatever method you find best andhighlight the words. Once every word has been found the level iscompleted but don't get too comfortable, another search lays ahead.Choose from a variety of languages for the puzzles to be generatedfrom ensuring that the game fits perfectly. The pen color is alsoadjustable giving you complete control for an entirely customizableexperience. You can even adjust it for words to lay in other wordsmaking the gameplay that much more challenging.You can also entersetting and vary the size of the grid to make the puzzles andchallenging or easy as you desire. If you're looking for a wordsearch game sure to challenge you that's entirely customizable,there's no reason Words Search Head Spin shouldn't already be onyour phone.
BlackJack Mania 1.0.0
Join the crazy mania of smart, authentic BlackJack experience forbetting lovers!Earn (virtual) millions of dollars by busting downor beating the dealers in this real like Blackjack bettingexperience. The famous BlackJack Mania is a true blackjack casinogame designed by the ever popular Mango King developers. The gameis a free download for android OS running devices and it offers agreat deal of joy and pleasure for casino games lovers.Get yourselfready for the most realistic betting rush experience from your homeor office for free now. How to play?Score near 21 or exact 21 tobust down the dealer. An ace with some 10 number card can help youwin the jackpot at once. Snatch the money from dealers in the gameby using your tricks and clever mind. You can easily learn theenvironment of the game but beating dealer requires real talent andskills. Master the fun of betting before you start it in the realcasino world. Win as much virtual money as you can by beating thedealer in the game. Main features:• Easy to use interface with softmoves• Reality based gaming experience with complete betting rulesto follow• No excuses for losers- Set your own records in the game•Detailed Statistics feature to compare your progress over time• Allrules of real time Black Jack betting in casinos• Place and play asmany bets as you can• Reset Chips counter from settings• Allfeatures like Hit, Double Down, Insurance, Split and StandavailablePlease note that this game does not offer any kind of realmoney as rewards.
Birds Frenzy Mania 1.0.5
Birds Frenzy Mania is an exciting game that’s meant to be played byeveryone, no matter your age. The game has more than one hundredlevels, and going up to the level of two hundred. The game isreally one of the best and can keep you quite busy for days.Thegame starts with an easy level, although the more you play, theharder it gets. From the Birds Frenzy Mania menu, you can choosedifferent types of game play which includes arcade and classic, andyou also have an option to share with other friends so later youcould compare scores and see who’s the best. The cute crazy facesof the birds will make you laugh and falling in love with themwanting for more. All you have to do is align birds of same colorand funny face and watch as they explode. Like they say “birds ofsame feathers, will always flock together”.Birds Frenzy Mania isbuilt with a different style of game play, its smooth, have a verycatchy music and very easy to play. Are you up to the challenge?Once you’ll pick it up and starting playing an irresistible forcewill likely get you quite addicted to it.Enjoy
Robot Frenzy Mania 1.0.2
The year is 2357. Wars fought by men have been over for severalhundred years, and now the weapon that does the dirty work is themassive robot armies. The nations have erupted in quarrel again anddispatched their innumerable robot minions to handle it. In thisepic struggle, you decide who wins and who loses.Match the deadlyrobots faces in each level to clear them out. Achieve this byswiping in any direction including diagonals to match them all. Thegreater the group you make, the bigger the score. Hurry as you playthough because you only have so much time to make the target scorein each level. How high your score reaches directly impact thenumber of stars you get on each level so even after you've beatenthem all you can go through and replay them to master themall.Bigger matches also equal bonus pieces that have specialabilities to increase your score and make even more significantcombinations. Humanity is on the edge in this robot war, and youcan directly decide its fate. Take up arms and choose your robotside in Robot Fighting Game.
Volcano Hitch 1.0.0
Quickly urge your mind by figuring how to correctly rotate thepipes and connect the fire fighter truck hose to extinguish theerupting volcanos preventing them to flood whole cities withburning lava.Make sure you solve this exciting puzzle and challengeyourself with varying levels of difficulty as you move ahead in thegame.This Free endless combinations of challenge and mind bogglingHOT puzzles are perfect for all ages.With 0 Clutter Volcano Hitchis available for all android devices, so make your iPhone friendsjealous - the download is a few clicks away!Get Ready, Set And GO!
Royal Roulette Master 1.0.1
Roulette has long been a game of royalty where the highest of thehigh ranking in society come together and gamble a portion of theirsmall fortune on the roulette wheel to see who can best the other.In Royal Roulette Master you join one of these privileged few inthe roulette hall putting down your money in a friendly game ofgentlemanly gambling. Place your bet on any one of the 36 numbersor chose from a series of numbers to increase your odds such aseven or odds and red or black.Bets come in 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100increments so you can place your bet to be just as large as youwant it. Once you bet has been set hit play and watch the wheelspin and the ball roll. Once it has settled, you'll see just howwell you did. If lady luck is on your side, then you may just takehome more than you bet. Don't worry, the money isn't real in thishigh stakes game for royalty, and you have nothing to lose witheach spin of the wheel.If you think you're a winner with justenough luck to make it out on top download Royal Roulette Masterand join those of high status in a game of chance.
Fruits Blossom 1.0.3
Fruits Blossom is the best Free-to-Play Switch and Match GameFruitsBlossom is a delicious journey through a fruit farm where you haveto arrange fruits to fill your juice tanker. This game is differentthan all the other switch and match games available out there as itdoes not restrict the number of matches that you can make. However,if you take a lot of time in one level, you may have to lose onyour bonus points. The game is all about how many similar fruitsyou can arrange in a line. The more the fruits are, the better isthe score and rewards. Just switch and match 3 or more fruits andmake your way through hundreds of levels of farms unlocking oneafter the other. The game is absolutely free to download andpossesses stunning graphics. It is set in a beautiful farm underthe sky. It runs very smoothly and does not hang when you play. Theinterface is easy to use and hassle free in design. With each levelyou will get a new puzzle to solve. And sometimes, you can even geta chance to burst multiple fruits with a single strike!The game isvery addictive which can be played in transit or when you arewaiting for someone or whenever you are bored. The best thing isthat you do not have to pay a penny for it.What are you waitingfor? Just download the game and become the master of FruitBlossom!Fruits Blossom Features:• An Addictive Game which can beplayed anywhere at any time without the need of Internetconnectivity• Absolutely Free• Engaging game with 2 different gamemodes: Arcade and Classic and around 300 levels at each mode• Match3 or more fruits to burst the juicy fruit and fill your container•Different and increasingly challenging puzzle at every level• Beatthe high score by crossing all the levels
Veggie Blossom 1.0.7
Get ready to crush all the Veggies! Are you getting bored andsearching for a fun puzzle game? Then Veggie Blossom is exactlywhat you are looking for. It consists of hundreds of levels of funpuzzles which is easy to solve but challenging to master. Once youstart playing the game, you will be addicted to it. You will forgetabout boredom and start thinking about how you can earn three starsat each level and beat your own previous score. The main aim of thegame is to interchange the adjacent cells to group similar veggiesin number of three or more to crush them. The more the number ofveggies in a group the more is the score and bonuses. The game islocated in a picturesque farm and is loaded with vivid veggies suchas cute tomatoes, smiling carrots, grumpy beetroot's, amazedcabbages and many more. It runs smoothly and does not lag inperformance instead of being absolutely free. The background musicis engaging and motivating. The interface is clean and colorful. Ithas two gaming modes: Classic and Arcade. Classic mode lets youplay at a leisurely pace without any time bound, which is not thecase in Arcade Mode. In Arcade mode there will be a bar at the topwhich will indicate how much time you are left with to get thetarget score. If you fail to achieve the target score within thestipulated time then you will lose. Veggie Blossom Features: •Group three or more veggies of similar kind to crush them and win •Two different gaming modes with around 300 levels at each mode •Non repeating puzzles at every level • Free to download and play •Can be played without Internet connectivity • Lively farmbackground and crisp colors • Easy to play but hard to masterDownload now and Challenge your friends to see who scores themaximum!
Candy Bubble Temple 1.0.4
Candy Bubble Temple – The wonderful world of delicious candies! Doyou love clashing candies? Do you love solving puzzles? Then CandyBubble Temple is what you are looking for. In this game, theluscious candy world is perfectly infused into the adventure worldof match-3 puzzles. The game is located in a sweet and yummyfantasy land which is filled with mouthwatering candies. It comeswith two different gaming modes: Puzzle and Endless. So, do I haveto apply different strategies at each mode? Yes and No! NO becausethe main objective to play the game remains same. You have to aim,match and shoot to combine three or more candies of similar kind tosmash them. And YES because in each gaming mode you have to do thisdifferently. In Puzzle mode, you need to free the tiny birds stuckin between the candies with a limited number of candy bubbles givento you and in Endless mode, Bubbles are not limited but you have toprevent the free-falling bubbles from touching the horizontal linepresent on the screen. Sounds simple. Isn't it? It is simple whenyou start, but when you cross level after level, the puzzles willbecome increasingly challenging to solve. The game is anever-ending fun with spectacular visuals and vivid graphics. It isfree to download and is loaded with hundreds of levels. CandyBubble Temple Features: • Match-3 or more bubble shooting game •Two different gaming modes: Meaning more fun to unlock • Yummygraphics and delicious animations • Cute and colorful candies •Luscious fantasy land • Free to download and play! • No Wi-Fineeded to play • Suitable for all age groups
Birds Bubble Garden 1.1.1
Play the exciting and addictive bubble shooting game in the palm ofyour hand. Shoot to free the birds trapped in the bubbles of thiswacky bubble shooter madness. Multiple game play modes to choosefrom that one of them even include unlimited bubbles.Clear all thebubbles or play endless mode to see how long you can survive.How toplay:1. Aim where you want the bubble.2. Tap precisely in thatspecific part of the screen and shoot bubbles with same color.3.Grouping 3 or more same bubbles will make them pop.Features:-Simple fun shooting aim that easy for all ages- 108 Levels to playwith various bubble structures- Endless unlimited game mode forextreme enjoyment.- Wacky bird’s graphics inside the bubbles.- 100%Completely FREE!
Candy Mania 1.1.3
Get ready to explore the adventure filled puzzle world of CandyMania. Swipe through over 290 levels as you play your way throughthis deliciously challenging game. With two separate game modes, awide array of bright and colorful candies, and a host ofcombinations to make, you're sure to have a blast in this fun freegame.Start the classic arcade made to explore your way through theworld of Candy Mania, all you need to do is to tap a level todecide which one you play next. Each level is in a new environmentand becomes more and more difficult as you progress. For a moretraditional play style start a never ending classic game where youadvance through level after level with ever shortening time.Slide acombination of three candies together to clear to make a combo andscore, more than three and you will unlock special candies. Don'tbe slow, there is a timer in every game that you have to beat orelse you lose the level. Once you've cleared the level a star willdrop in and the only thing stopping you from winning is getting itto the bottom. Controls are swift and responsive as you enjoybeating each level and unlocking a brand new area to play through.
Tennis Chase 1.0.0
It was little more than a sunny Sunday afternoon when you hit thecourts to knock the tennis ball around. A few games got you warmedup, but a bit of over excitement caused you to swing too hardsending the ball flying. In order to not lose another ball, you gochasing after it. Take control of the ball in Tennis Chase controlits descent back.Use your phone's tilt controls to move the tennisball left and right and drop through the never ending gaps. Actquickly because if you get held up and don't make it down your ballwill hit the top of the screen causing you to lose the game. On theway through the game, different power-up items will spawnincreasing your points and raise your score ever higher.A built inhigh score tracker on your phone will log your best scores givingyou a new goal to go for every time you play. With randomlygenerating levels the fun never stops, and you'll be hooked fromthe first play. Tennis Chase has you in hot pursuit of a tennisball and if you're skilled enough, you may just get the high score.
Prehistoric Stone Fall 1.0.0
The land before time is coming to an end. Volcanic eruptionsspurred by the asteroid that collided with Earth is forcinganything that wants to survive underground. Roll as deep and asfast as you can, or else you'll be another rock forced toextinction in the fiery lava above. Don't stop once as you racedownward because the surface of the earth becomes more and moreturbulent and you will have to go ever deeper underground.It's upto you to ensure your rocks survival, can do it? The game has notouch controls because all movement is done with the accelerometer,and you must tilt your phone to roll your character down the gapsinto the ground. Collect stars and other bonuses on your way downto ensure the highest score possible.If you don't roll down fastenough, though, and your character touched the top of the screen,it's game over. If you think you're up to the challenge ofsurviving the end of dinosaurs, and you can make it to the saferecesses underground, then try your hand at Prehistoric Stone Fallnow!
Blossom Bubble Clash 1.0.3
Shoot all the bubbles and beat the high score! Blossom Bubble Clashis an exciting bubble shoot game where you have to combine threeflowers or buds to crush them and get points. After you achieve acertain target score you can move forward to the next level. Thegame comprises of two fun gaming modes: Puzzle and Endless. Inpuzzle mode you have to release all the captured birdies which arecaught in between the flowers and buds. You will be given adefinite number of bubbles to achieve your goal. If you use it alland still have not freed all the birdies then also you will lose.Hence to win, you have to free the birdies and do it with a certainnumber of bubbles that’s given to you. In endless mode however allthe flower or bud bubbles will be falling freely and you have tocrush them before those hit the horizontal line on the screen. Inorder to clash the bubbles in both the modes you have to groupthose in number of three or more of same kind. The game is free todownload and fun to play. It features hundreds of non-repeatingchallenging levels. The interface is clean and sleek. The bubblesare colorful and eye-catching. Blossom Bubble Clash: • Free BubbleShoot Game with challenging levels • Two gaming modes and hundredsof different levels • Appealing interface with vivid bubbles • Canbe played off-line • Easy to play but not so easy to mater!