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VIP Spades - Online Card Game 3.6.97
PLAY SPADES FOR FREE WITH THOUSANDS OF PLAYERS FROM AROUND THEWORLD IN OUR MULTIPLAYER, SOCIAL, GAMING PLATFORM! IMMERSE YOURSELFIN THE WORLD OF TRICK-TAKING GAMES! LEARN HOW TO BID PROPERLY,BREAK SPADES, TRUMP AT THE RIGHT TIME, AND HONE YOUR SKILLS TOBECOME THE BEST SPADES PLAYER POSSIBLE! AWESOME GAMEPLAY FEATURES!• Play across all your Mobile Device with a single account! • PlaySolo or Pairs! • Thrilling gameplay with other players near yourskill level that provides a fair experience for everyone! • Choosebetween “Whiz”, “Suicide” and “Mirror” in Custom Games! • Playagainst Bots for FREE to train yourself and learn the game! •Participates in either of the TWO Tournaments we offer each week! •Work your way up the Leaderboards to show you’re the best! • Startplaying right away! Choose “Continue as Guest” to play our freegame without having to register! • Log-in every day to claim yourfree, daily bonus! • Win even more free chips by using the Scratchcard and the Wheel of Fortune! • If you ever get disconnected,you’ll be able to jump straight into your game as soon as youre-establish a connection! MAKE THE GAME YOUR OWN! • Upload yourown Avatar! • Customize your Profile! • Pick your Frames, Decks,and Backgrounds in the game! • Pick different Game Types in theCustom Room! • Invite others to play your Custom Games throughGlobal Chat! • Build a group of friends to play with! USE SOCIALFEATURES WITH A VIP SUBSCRIPTION! • Public Chat: Participate inthreads with the Community! • Self-Moderate any threads that youcreate! • Private Chat: Talk to your friends and keep in touch! •Send Emoji’s, gifts, and pictures to all of your friends! • Meetand play with new players from all over the world! • View otherplayers’ accounts and send them likes and friend requests! • Get a15% Bonus to all Chip purchases!
Spades Offline - Single Player 2.0.42
Spades Offline - Single Player Card Games is a free version ofclassic free spades trick-taking card game. Spades is a 52-cardtrick-taking game similar to Hearths, Bridge and Euchre. This is afree spades game and easy to play! Spades Offline - Single Playeris very fast and responsive, with card animation for a morerealistic gameplay. 👑👑👑WHAT ARE THE KEY FEATURES OF THIS FREEGAME👑👑👑 ♠ Play singleplayer ♠ Play offline ♠ No need for Internetconnection ♠ Entertaining gameplay and high quality card physics! ♠HD graphics, amazing Card Physics! ♠ The most real and correctofficial rules for pairs and solo! ♠ Play against computer players(AI) ♠ Improved AI and score summary ♠ Nice and simple gameplay ♠ 5game modes ♠ Game design is optimized for all smartphones ♠ Can beplayed on both Tablet and Phone ♠ Portrait and Landscapeorientation 5 GAME MODES • Pairs • Solo • Mirror • Whiz • SuicideSpades Offline - Single Player Card Games allows you to play atyour pace and level. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, SpadesOffline is ideal for all Spades players and card games lovers.Spades Offline - SinglePlayer Card Games Options: • Option toenable disable nil and blind nil • Penalty for 10 bags (5 if solo)• Penalty for failing nil/blind nil • Requiring spades to be broken• Round limit - endless to 15 • No turn limit - take as long as youlike for a turn • Multiple winning/losing scores Love trick takingcard games? This free Spades game is just for you! Download SpadesOffline - SinglePlayer for free ! 📣📣📣NEED TO PLAY SPADES ONLINE?📣📣📣We offer you a step beyond! Go Online, Meet real people, play withthe best players! If you want to play with real players - CHECK OUTSpades Online: VIP Free Spades. Spades Online: VIP Free Spadesoffers you amazing multiplayer experience with the best spadescommunity! ♠ Play Spades plus friends and strangers alike - sendgifts and socialize; ♠ Invite your Facebook friends to play and getFree Chips! The rules are not that hard when you play with friends!♠ Enjoy free chips every day and weekly/monthly raffles andrewards. ♠ Meet new people - easy dating functionality. ♠ BlitzTournaments - Classic and Quick with Huge prizes! 🎉🎉🎉TRUE FANS OFSpades Offline - Single Player Card Games?🎉🎉🎉 Your opinion isimportant to us! Contact us at or write us onFacebook - This game is intended for an adultaudience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunityto win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gamingdoes not imply future success at real money gambling. Disclaimer:The game is optimized for high-end devices, however you will getgreat experience with all other phones and tablets. On some low-enddevices is possible to see flicker or the screen.
Belote Offline - Single Player Card Game 2.0.32
Play Belote Offline! Enjoy Belote free, the most popular card gamein France! There are several variants of Belote, namely: ★ ClassicBelote ★ Coinche ★ Belote with declarations Play Belote singleplayer anywhere, anytime! Download your favorite card game - BeloteOffline! The game of belote attracts many card players thanks tothe fun, engaging and strategic aspect of the game. Solo playershave the opportunity to measure their skills with robots and learndifferent strategies that will be useful when the time to duel withreal belote players comes. Belote is a card game suited to allskill levels. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional,this free Belote card game is perfect for you! *** Maincharacteristics of Belote Offline *** ★ Play Belote withoutinternet anywhere ★ Enjoy our high-level artificial intelligence ★Free Belote is a game with rules that are easy to remember! ★ Theopportunity to train and improve your skills ★ Play solo against AIrobots ★ Belote Offline utilizes HD graphics *** A real offlineBelote experience *** ★ Improve your skills as a Belote player onthe move ★ Play the game Belote at any time ★ No WiFi connectionnecessary ★ Train without the pressure of competing with otherplayers ★ Experiment and try different strategies A version ofBelote that is very appreciated by the players is Coinche. Thisgame can also be considered as the most famous variant of theBelote card game. Many players love it because of how easy it iswhen compared to other card games. Coinche and Belote can be foundon any card games forum, blog or website. The games are extremelypopular and there are coinche and belote players all over theworld. While there are many belote apps and games, few can compareto Belote Offline. All of the many versions of this card game arepopular and played by millions of amateurs and even professionalsevery day. That's why the popularity of belote and coinche isalready quite large and continues to increase daily. DownloadBelote Offline and start playing right away!
Coinche Offline - Single Player Card Game 2.0.25
*** Coinche - the most loved version of Belote by card game playersfrom all over the world *** Coinche can also be considered as themost famous variant of the Belote card game. Many players love toplay Coinche because of how easy it is when compared to other cardgames. While Belote comes in different modes and ways of playing,in this case, Coinche Offline is meant for solo players to practicetheir coinche and belote skills against robots and artificialintelligence. Our FREE Coinche offline game is the best way toimprove as a coinche player. Experiment with different strategies,get familiar with bidding properly, as well as the trump cards. ***Main features of our free game Coinche *** ★ Play Coinche withoutan internet connection ★ Enjoy our high-level artificialintelligence ★ Free Coinche is a game with rules that are easy toremember ★ The opportunity to train and improve your skills ★ Playfreely against good robots ★ Offline Coinche comes with HD graphicsCompared to other single player card games, Coinche Offline can beconsidered as a better replacement to them, as it is both free andmore accessible than its alternatives. *** A real offline Coincheexperience *** ★ Improve your skills as a Coinche player on themove ★ Play the card game Coinche at any time ★ No WiFi connectionnecessary ★ Train without the pressure of competing with otherplayers ★ Experiment and try different strategies ★ Versions ofthis variant of the Coinche card game are popular worldwide ★Played by millions of amateurs and even professionals card gameplayers ★ The popularity of the coinche is already quite large andcontinues to increase daily The goal of 1000 points to win a gameof Coinche is a real challenge. The big difference is essentiallyin the existence of declarations which explains the preference forthis game compared to other versions of Belote. Coinche Offlineinvites the player to show his abilities, his reactions, hisflexible mind and his passion, his nerve during the game againstartificial intelligence. These types of players are endowed with astrategic and fast mind. Coinche and Belote can be found on anycard games forum, blog or website. The games are extremely popularand there are coinche and belote players all over the world. Whilethere are many coinche apps and games, few can compare to CoincheOffline. Wait no more! Download our FREE Coinche Offline game nowand become a Coinche expert!
VIP Backgammon Free : Play Backgammon Offline 1.16.49
Backgammon Offline is the newest and most excitingsingle-playerboard game. Also known as Tabla, Tawla 31 ( طاولة زهر), Tavla,Длинные нарды, Gamão, Fevga, Moultezim, Portes, Tavli,Πόρτες,Πλακωτό, Φεύγα. The game is played offline with a backgammonset,consisting of a board, which has a track of 24 longtriangles,called points, two sets of 15 checkers, and a pair ofdice. Whatmakes our Backgammon app so exciting? - A famous boardgame withhigh-quality AI opponents, which you will like and enjoy!- It isavailable on all mobile devices! - It has a modern designandhigh-quality graphics! Why play Backgammon Offline and whicharethe key features of the game? - True RNG system for throwingdice -no advantages, just pure luck. - Different game modes -Tabla,Tapa, and Backgammon (with Doubling Cube). - Play in bothportraitand landscape mode of your device. - Practice offline on aniPhoneor an iPad and keep your progress. - Daily bonus - Come backeachday to claim your free bonus chips! - Rewarded videos - Watchashort video and enjoy another free way to earn even more chips!-Invite your friends - Share the joy of playing Backgammonandreceive free chips! - Play anywhere without fear ofbeingdisconnected. - Train your skills against superb AI botsanytime.Even more benefits of choosing our Backgammon app: - Tip ofthe day- Enjoy a variety of professional advice that will take yourgameto the next level. - Challenges - With our challenges, youwillalways have something to do! Earn chips when you completethem,have fun and progress! - High-quality AI - Ourstate-of-the-art AIensures a unique experience against bots, makingevery gamechallenging but rewarding! - More games - Whenever youfeelconfident in your skills, you can start playing Backgammonwithother players in our online social gaming platform VIP Games!Findthe most played card, board, and dice games all in oneplace.Backgammon Offline - Enjoy the best possible gameplayandenvironment tailored to beginners and professionals alike.Takeyour time to learn the rules and do not be afraid toexperimentwith different strategies against our AI. Take control ofyourgameplay and get better in no time! What is planned nextforBackgammon Offline? We will continue to evolve with plannedupdatesand new surprises. We are not just the team behindBackgammonOffline, we are avid players and members of the globalbackgammoncommunity! Are you a true fan of backgammon? Your opinionisimportant to us! Contact us at to improve the game will be highly appreciated andtakeninto account so together we could develop the bestsingle-playerbackgammon! Thank you for your support!
VIP Tarot - Free French Tarot Online Card Game 3.6.20
Play Tarot online for free! The best multiplayer card game! ThefreeTarot game is played by 4 players using the traditional deckfortarot with 78 cards. Play online Tarot for free with officialrules,find new friends and make unforgettable memories! Earn a lotof freechips and browse our updated item store! Join us at VIPTarot andstart playing one of the most played card games inFrance, just likeBelote! *** The advantages of VIP Tarot *** -Play Tarot multiplayeronline - Game modes with very high quality -The most social cardgame of French Tarot - Rooms for all levels ofskill - Private rooms- decide who can or can not enter the room -Set the minimum levelfor a game *** Main characteristics of thegame *** - The game oftarot has a social and interactive aspect,thanks to theeasy-to-remember rules. - VIP Tarot is free, easy touse, very fastand responsive. - The animation quality is enhancedwith HD graphicsto provide a more realistic game. - Take advantageof ourpromotions, earn daily bonuses and receive likes from otherplayers.- Return immediately to your last game if your internetconnectionfails. - In order to make sure you have an excellentexperience witheach game, our integrated artificial intelligencewill directlyreplace any disconnected players. - Many ways to earnadditionalfree chips - watch Rewarded videos and win more. - Newand ImprovedEnd-Game Screen! *** A true social network *** -Moderate topics inthe general chat. - Send animated emojis. -Invite friends for BonusChips! - Upload pictures from yourcomputer or mobile device. - Findnew friends from all over theworld. - Send private messages to yourfriends or share ideas withthe online community in the public chat.- Send and receive gifts.- Receive and send likes to other players.- Rate your partner. -Mute, report and block players. - Earn freechips from eachaccepted invite by your Facebook friends. PlayFrench Tarot online!One of the best free card games designed by thecreators of VIPBelote! Discover VIP Tarot, started by the tarot ofMarseille, thegame of tarot is currently the #2 popular card gamesin France. VIPTarot is a free card game where you need to utilizestrategy to winand at the same time you can have fun with the otherplayers.Passionate about VIP Tarot? - We value your opinion! -Write us atour support email : Follow VIP Taroton socialmedia: Tarot is a free game,however In-app purchases are available,granting access toadditional content, as well as Premium virtualcurrency. Pleasenote that prices may vary according to exchangerates in yourcountry of residence. You will also have theopportunity toparticipate in special offers and exclusive eventsorganized byCasualino Games and its partners.