Catalunya Ràdio Apps

iCat 3.0.7 is Catalunya Radio’s music and contemporary culturechannel. Catalan music and independent pop make up the backbone ofits programming. This app lets you listen to iCat fm. The appincludes also audio on demand, podcast and notifications.
Barcelona 1714 1.1
BCN1714 is an audio-guide app, designed toaccompany you on your visit around 14 of the most emblematic sitesin Barcelona, all related, in some way or another, with the 1713-4Spanish War of Succession.And, to show you around, our audio-guide is privileged to boast acollection of the best guides in town: Toni Soler, Santi Millán,Sergi López, Benedetta Tagliabue, Mathew Tree and Hideki Matsuhishaall await you. Each will explain the sights in a differentlanguage: choose who you want your guide to be, lace your trainers,and off you go!And you’ll find our app has a few fun surprises for you ... If youanswer its questions, you’ll be rewarded (Tip: take the tour withall the family and see who is first to be awarded the CastellvíMedal!).To enhance your audio experience on the tour, the app includes aselection of sound bites taken from Catalunya Radiobroadcasts.Built for locals and tourists alike, the app interface is availablein Catalan or Castilian Spanish, or English.* Crafted by Catalunya Radio and Barcelona City Hall.
RCD Espanyol a Catalunya Ràdio 2.10
Aquesta aplicació et permetràescoltaríntegrament i en directe la retransmissió de tots elspartits del'Espanyol. Podràs saber els resultats dels partits iestar al casde la classificació i el calendari.A més, és indispensable per participar en les votacionsdelTrofeu Dani Jarque, una iniciativa de Catalunya Ràdio que premiaelmillor jugador de l'Espanyol de cada temporada.*Nota 03/2015: el nou format dels directes d’àudio estàsuportata partir de la versió 4 d’Android.This application letsyoulisten fully and live broadcast of all matches of Spanish. Youknowthe results of the matches and be aware of the standingsandschedule.It is essential to participate in the voting Trophy DaniJarque,an initiative that rewards the best Catalonia Radio Espanyolplayereach season.* Note 03/2015: the new format of direct audio is supportedfromversion 4 of Android.
cat.catradio.eng 2.3.2
Thanks to Catalunya Radio’s new mobile app, you can listen to allof the stations in the Catalunya Radio group. It lets you downloador stream all of our audios on demand. Share them with your friendsthrough social networks or via e-mail. Search for content in ourextensive archive library. Consult all of our stations’ programmingschedules. Set alerts to remind you when your favorite programstarts. Subscribe to our radio podcasts.