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Catawiki Online Auctions 3.23.4
Catawiki is the world's fastest growing online auction platform.Buy and sell with the Catawiki auction app in over 300 weeklyauctions for special objects. With over 80 categories such asBooks, Fashion, Jewellery, Stamps, Classic Cars, Whisky, Design,Art, Wine, Ceramics, Musical Instruments, and Antiques, Catawiki isthe number one platform for buying and selling collectables. UsingCatawiki’s Auction App, buy and sell in our unique auctionsanywhere, anytime. How does it work? ✔ Instant access to our latestauctions ✔ Simple process to upload your lots ✔ All bidding startsat €1 ✔ Create your personal “Favourite List” ✔ Receive up-to-dateinfo about your auctions straight to your phone Catawiki’s auctionsstart every Friday, with each one ending on a particular night ofthe coming week. The auctions are supervised by specialisedexperts, guaranteeing varied and high-quality lot listings. Ourpayment method lets you buy and sell securely. About Catawiki: ✔Weekly auctions with special objects ✔ Experts guarantee thequality of all items at auction ✔ Large international audience ✔Secure and easy to use payment process ✔ Special themed auctionsevery week (e.g. Tintin, Beatles, Dinky Toys, Champagne, Swarovski)✔ Safe shipping worldwide ✔ Available for buying or sellingCatawiki’s auctions are visited by over 14,000,000 interested usersevery month. With over 80 categories Catawiki has something ofinterest for everyone. Classic Cars Cruise through our collectionof truly unique classic cars, accessories and automobilia to bereminded of generations past. Watches Browse our stunningcollection of designer timepieces, vintage watches and pocketwatches to always be on time. Jewellery Adorn yourself or a lovedone with our huge variety of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earringsand brooches. Art Spruce up your blank walls with our auctions thatinclude modern art, classic art, photography, Asian art and more.Stamps An array of international stamps spanning across many timeperiods. A joy to browse for any philatelist. Books From literatureto travel, art to science and nature, our auctions cover all facetsof the written word. Antiques Traditional antiques and curios over100 years old, our auctions cover a huge range of styles andcategories, incorporating specialised craftsmanship and valuablematerials. Whisky A single malt scotch or a rare whisky from Japan,we have truly unique bottles of whisky on auction. Wine Ourspecialist auctions of vintage and exclusive wines cover all grapevarieties and blends. Discover unique and rare sauvignon blancs,chardonnays, merlots and cabernet sauvignons. Download the CatawikiAuction App now and start bidding and selling today! Feedback: Ifyou have any questions or comments, please contact us