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Hyperlight 1.4.5
★ "Hyperlight EX" is NOW available in theGoogle Play Store!!★ Hyperlight has got nominations for "Most Innovative Game of theYear" and "Xperia PLAY Game of the Year" by PocketGamer!★ Sony Xperia™ PLAY optimized!Take control of the Hyperlight and burn your enemiesfaster-than-light in this innovative, psychedelic and super-fastretro arcade space shooter!********************"A brilliant, fast-paced ram-'em-up that fits perfectly onto XperiaPlay, and offers hours of high score-chasing fun.""Factor in tight controls and sharp neon graphics, and you have aleading candidate for App Store game of the year.""Hyperlight is a unique experience with outstanding HD visuals, allfor a low price. It might be difficult, but it can easily bemastered with some practice. Definitely check it out!""Hyperlight is a feast for the senses and a worthy successor to thetwin-stick shooters that led up to this title.""Beyond a doubt, Hyperlight offers an immense amount of gameplay.Add a tasty difficulty and two different game modes, and what youhave is a piece of iOS gaming art.""Overall the game gives you complete value for your money.Hyperlight is a kind of game you will end up playing for hour’snon-stop.""It’s an exciting, adrenaline-pumping game that eschews traditionalshooter gameplay!""Hyperlight for Android definitely ranks in my top threeexperiences with a arcade space shooter"********************Take control of the Hyperlight in this psychedelic cosmicenvironment where countless evil beings try to destroy you, thelast human fighter. However, your ship posses an incredible power!If successfully used, it can wipe out all your foes: it can travelat faster-than-light speed (FTL) making it impossible for anyone tocatch it and is also able to disintegrate everything ittouches!With simple gestures, you can move your spaceship at regular speedbut also turn on its FTL engine to perform incredibly rapidattacks! Controls are simple and you can choose from touch onlycontrols, tilt only or the exotic tilt & touch.There are also dozens of power-ups and weapons you can easilyactivate simply by gathering them on the battlefield. Hyperlight iseasy to play but hard to master, there are so many ways to improveyour skills that you will find yourself playing it for months! Fora complete list of all the gameplay secrets of this game see theguide included!Can you survive these incredible hordes of enemies?Enemies will try to do everything to stop you, assuming severalattack formations, different strategies, also leaving powerfuldimensional trails on the battlefield that only at FTL speed youcan cross!And watch out for the evil commanders: huge bosses await theHyperlight in the dark corners of the universe!★ Features ★* Universal App: runs in HD on high-res Android devices.* Extremely innovative gameplay: burn your enemiesfaster-than-light!* 3 Control systems to meet your taste: Virtual Joystick, Tilt onlyand Tilt & Touch.* Stunning 2.5D neon-style graphics, effects and animatedbackgrounds.* Arcade mode with 40 different levels.* Infinity mode for an endless fun.* Several huge bosses to face.* Exciting techno and rock musics!* Google Play Games support with leaderboards and 24achievements!For any question about this game contact us
Deadly Moto Racing 1.1.2
What happens when two rival gangs of riderscome into conflict? Well, they do battle racing through the streetsat top speed!Ride your trusty moto, face rivals in the streets of the cityzipping between vehicles at reckless speed and kick your opponentsuntil they fall to the ground!Become the reckless moto king of the road! But watch out for thecops, do not get caught!How long can you last without getting caught by the cops whiletraveling at breakneck speed between a vehicle and the other,chasing your rivals?If you manage not end up crushed under some vehicle then you'llhave a variety of items that will grant you an advantage overothers, first of all your special supply of super-beer that willmake you indestructible!Reckless moto riders, start your engines and .. engage in thisinsane and deadly race!★ Features ★- Enjoy the beautiful full HD and 3D graphics with spectacularspecial effects!!- Collect coins to buy several items and power-ups in a wellassorted virtual store!- Speed-up, slow-down, zip through traffic, evade cops and sprintto kick your opponents to death!- Two game modes and several unlockable items!!- Supports Google Play Games with two global leaderboards!- Supports both smartphones and tablets!For any question about this game contact us
Ninja Slash! Runner 1.1.1
Are you tired of always and only slice fruits?No problem! You're one step away from starting the final runningand slicing experience!In a world of chaos populated by monsters and demons, only aninja with her legendary katana can restore order! Run, jump andslash with your fingers in this innovative and fast-paced ninjarunner game!************************"Ninja Slash looks to deliver a good amount of variety andvalue." PocketGamer"Ninja Slash is the new must-have cutting game for youriOS/Android device. Get your fingers ready, Ninja Slash's coming!"Best10App"Ninja Slash for Android deserves a spot among the cuttinggames, for people who want to have a unique slicing experience,this game shouldn't be ignored." -"Puts Fruit Ninja To Shame" 5/5 by MrVariant************************In the shoes of Ran the kunoichi (a ninja girl) and armed withthe legendary Zantetsuken, literally "Iron-Cutting-Sword", you willbe able to slice ​​everything in your path, from the most dangerousenemy to the smallest element of the surrounding environment!Nothing will be saved from your bloody rage!Your goal is to reach the end of each level, crossing bambooforests, rice fields and many other environments, fighting demonsof all kinds, dodging traps while trying not to fall fromplatforms. Absorb the souls of the fallen to strengthen your bloodysword and look for the bonuses hidden in the environment toincrease your strength and agility... and to invoke the help ofyour mighty beast, the demon tiger!★ Features ★* Universal App: runs in HD on High-Res Android devices.* New gaming experience, slash and run at the same time!* Limitless cutting ability, you can slice everything, even thesmallest environment elements!* High quality graphics with spectacular 2.5D effects.* 50 game levels split in 5 different worlds.* Many different enemy types to fight.* Many bonuses and power-ups to enhance the heroine skills.* Google Play Games support with several leaderboards!For any problem with the game contact us at: our LATEST games:- Rocket Racer- Brave Knight Rush- Devil Slayer Gunman- Caveman Dino Rush- Alien Apocalypse- Zombies After Me!- Deadly Moto Racing
Let's Play Ball 1.0.3
Have fun playing this classic arcade gameenhanced by a modern neon / glow style graphics and by an enrichedand improved gameplay, designed to provide hours and hours of funin both single player, where your goal will be to reach the top ofthe world rankings, and two-players mode.Enjoy playing ball in this exciting cyber ping-pong game!★ Features ★- Fantastic 2D graphics with animated backgrounds and specialeffects!- Extremely fun gameplay with two game modes: single player and twoplayers mode (local)- Supports Google Play Games: compete with players all around theworld thanks to leaderboards and achievements!- Supports both smartphones and tablets!For any problem with the game contact us at: our LATEST games:- Rocket Racer- Brave Knight Rush- Devil Slayer Gunman- Caveman Dino Rush- Alien Apocalypse- Zombies After Me!- Deadly Moto Racing
Rocket Racer 1.0.5
Race at the crazy rockets competition atamazing speed for an adrenalinic and exciting experience never seenbefore!Overcome all the various tracks surrounded by fantasticenvironments ranging from colorful tropical beaches to supertechnological metropolis, passing by beautiful and snowy mountainlandscapes.Choose your character between Fox Rock and Sheena Ramone, jump inthe competitions by pushing hard on the accelerator and using allsorts of weapons and special items to stop hopelessly youropponents race!Finally, remember to accumulate money and use it in the shop toupgrade your racers to become a real fury impossible toovercome!★ Features ★- Complete all the 3 Cups (Beach, Mountain, City) and 27Tracks!- Use a variety of weapons and super powers to win everyrace!- 3D graphics of the highest quality and in Full HD!!!- Collect coins to buy several items and power-ups in a wellassorted virtual store!- Supports Google Play Games: compete with players all around theworld thanks to leaderboards!- Supports both smartphones and tablets!- Supports any HID Gamepad!- Supports Android TV!For any question about this game contact us
Brave Knight Rush 1.0.7
Ready for an high intensity action / runner /combat game?Demons have infested the once peaceful human kingdoms and now is upto you, as the Brave Knight, to put an end to this evil andreconquer the land by traveling through dark forests and infestedtowns in order to defeat monsters! Watch out for the evil possessedcastles, terrible boss awaits you!Use your knight spear to fight the horde of skeletons or find andequip more powerful weapons like the silver dagger, the holy water,the magic sword or the magic arrows. With those weapons you will beable to face the terrible devils and big cyclops that will try tostop your holy mission! Became the king of the land onceagain!However, a Dragon friend will help you during your journey! Whileriding your spit-fire friend you will become a force of nature ableto destroy horde of enemies and entire undead armies!You can also make good use of the fire-ring that unleashesdevastating fireball magic attacks!★ Features ★- Complete all the 40 missions and fight huge Dragons and DevilsBoss!- Equip a variety of weapons and smash to pieces all the monstrousenemies!- Ride the Dragon to defeat monsters and activate the FireballMagic to incinerate them!- 3D graphics of the highest quality and in Full HD!!!- Collect coins to buy several items and power-ups in a wellassorted virtual store!- Supports Google Play Games: compete with players all around theworld thanks to leaderboards and achievements!- Supports both smartphones and tablets!- Supports Gamepads (Android HID)For any question about this game contact us
Jewel Cut Ninja 1.1.4
Looking for a slicing game really unique,innovative and with a depth never seen before? Well, you've justfound it!Tired of slicing fruits? Now it's time to slice jewels!Become the richest jewels cutter in the world!*************************"Unique gameplay, great ambient music as well as impressive visualsand smooth animations all make Jewel Cut the best choice forkilling time and having fun" -*************************Jewel Cut finally introduces a strategic and reflexive component tothe classical ‘no brain’ gameplay where you must slice anything onthe screen, capable of putting a strain on both your reflexes andyour quick thinking ability.Wrapped in new age atmospheres, prepare yourself to live a relaxingand frantic experience at the same time, familiar and intuitive butalso very technical.In Jewel Cut you will not have to limit yourself to simply cut thejewels that appear on the screen, but it is important to understandHOW to slash them in the shortest time possible. There are over ahundred of different combinations of jewelry and each requires itsown way to be sliced correctly!Earn as much $$$ money as you can by slicing the jewels, competeagainst other players and become the richest person in theworld!A top quality audio-visual realization with beautiful CGbackgrounds, atmospheric music and very realistic sound effectsprovide a timeless experience from which it will be very difficultto leave!★ Features ★* Universal App: runs in HD on high-res Android devices.* Innovative, strategic and reflexive jewels slicingmechanics.* Intuitive gaming experience, deep, relaxing and frantic at thesame time.* 100+ different jewels combinations to slice and spectacularpower-ups to use!* Original Slow-Motion mode to get out from the most dangeroussituations.* Quality musics and graphics, with CG backgrounds and specialeffects!* Compete with players all around the world thanks to Google PlayGames leaderboards!For any question about this game contact us
Elemental Galaxy Dx - Match3 1.0.9
We are proud to present you the 3D editionofthe famous game Elemental Galaxy! This is a fresh puzzle gamethatrepresents the latest evolution of match-3 games!Feel the universe in this innovative, addictive andexcitingpuzzle game! You will feel amazed after playing thisrevolutionarymatch3 game!!The universe, in its primordial state, needs your help tospreadelements in all worlds to bring life to everything. Havefunblasting elements, make elemental chains to maximize theeffect,and use shadow and light elemental powers to your advantageto moveup the levels to the endless galaxy!************************“This is definitely an addicting game and makes for agreatcasual time killer."************************★ Features ★* Universal App: runs in HD on High-Res Android devices.* Innovative gameplay with nice 3D graphics andanimatedbackgrounds.* 50 levels filled with fun plus an Endless mode.* 7 Unlockable new graphic skins!* Supports Google Play Games leaderboards with tonsofachievements!For any question about this game contact us at
Real Benchmark PRO (CPU, GPU) 1.0.4
Tired of wasting your time runninguselessbenchmark?With Real Benchmark PRO you can finally test your deviceperformancein a real world context evaluating all the necessaryaspects thatmakes games and apps run smoothly.This app is especially optimized for evaluating 3Dgraphicsperformance of your GPU so it's the best to determine ifyourdevice is good for games and 3D applications. Allgraphicsbenchmark are executed until the frame rate dropsconsistentlyunder 30fps because that is the minimum acceptablevalue ingames.Real Benchmark PRO comes with several STANDARD benchmark.- Graphics: GPU Polygons count per sec, Pixels Fill-Rate persec,Draw calls per sec, Shaders computation- Processing: CPU single core and multi cores computationsAll results are saved in the cloud so you can easily compareyourdevice performance with any other device in the world! Justtry itfor yourself! With several scoreboards at hand you cancomparefreely any results.IMPORTANTBecause this app execute a "REAL-WORLD" suite of tests youmayexperience lower performance results if your device is busyatdoing extra tasks. So before testing, for the best resultwesuggest to:- Disable bluetooth, gps, hotspot, nfc and any other capabilitythatmay take extra cpu time (WIFI or a data connection are stillneededto send your results to the cloud).- Close any running app and service (like the music player) andfreethe device ram as much as you can.- Be sure there aren't any downloads/updates underway fromGooglePlay!For any question about this app contact
Tiny Comet 1.1.8
You've been captured by Earth's gravity andseparated from your family, you must reach the open space and findyour loved ones before it's too late!Race against time, fly in the skies as fast as you can and reachfor the stars, your home!**********************"Fans of Whale Trail or Tiny Wings would do well to give this gamea try.""Overall it’s a great game with top notch production values.""Overall, I really liking this one. It’s great for all ages sinceit’s fairly easy to grasp.""Tiny Comet as a whole is a fantastic game that pairs terrificgameplay and controls with fluid graphics, and engaging sound andmusic.""This app is going to suck you in. You’ll want to unlock all theapp’s features in no time flat.""Tiny Comet is fun and exciting game with 18 different levels in 6worlds and a variety of powerups that make you smarter andstronger!"**********************One day, a big mama comet leading the school of her children waspassing near the orbit of an unknown beautiful planet. At thattime, one of her children, a small blue baby comet left in the backof the school tail, charmed by the colorful near planet came tooclose and was accidentally caught by planet’s gravity field fallingtowards its surface, without anyone noticing him.From now on, as the tiny comet, his goal will be to reach for thestars, that is, accumulate as much sun energies as he can on theplanet’s surface to overcome the gravity field and finally rejoinwith is mother and siblings.Fly toward green hills, oceans, jungles, deserts and across snowymountains, absorb as much sun energy as you can to avoid fadingaway, dodge obstacles and watch out for the terrible birds, theywill do anything to stop you from leaving the planet.Fortunately, there are numerous power-ups that make your lifeeasier, thanks to them you can turn yourself into a glowing ball offire capable of carbonizing any enemy, a bulldozer that can breakdown every wall, a “attract-energy” magnet and much more… and whenyou have the opportunity do not hesitate to turn yourself into agiant and indestructible supernova of unimaginable power!★ Features ★* Universal App: runs in HD on high-res Android devices.* Offers a fun game with easy tilt controls.* Delivers 18 hand-made stages split across 6 different worlds forhours of entertainment.* Provides physics-based environment and game play.* Features high-quality cartoon style graphics and 3Delements.* Includes original music and sound effects.* Google Play Games support with leaderboards and 28achievements!For any question about this game contact us
Rainbow Trail - Bubble Shoot 1.1.6
A swarm of colorful comets arefallingeverywhere, crashing onto our beloved planet! Feed thecomets withsun energies and shoot them away towards the outerspace!Enjoy this brand-new bubble shooter game filled with fun!Newenjoyable power-ups at almost every level!Rainbow Trail is a truly innovative puzzle game that upsetsthefoundation of the old bubble-shoot genre by creating agameplaythat has never been so smooth, dynamic and explosive at thesametime. You will be engaged in calculating the trajectories ofyourcomets, trying to make them collide with as much energiesaspossible to create devastating combos, which are essentialtocomplete each of the 48 game levels.To enrich the gaming experience there are many bonus itemssuchas super bombs, laser beams, comets duplicators,screen-freezingice sheets and many more... but you should payattention to thetrajectories of your comets! Some items may havevery unpleasanteffects when hit!★ Features ★* Universal App: runs in HD on high-res Android devices.* A truly innovative bubble shooter game withphysics-basedgameplay.* Cartoon-style graphics with beautiful and colorful effects.* 48 unique levels and 6 different worlds!* Many power-ups and special items.* Google Play Games support with 22 achievements!For any question about this game contact