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Zombies After Me! 1.1.3
Your city has been invaded by hordes of hungry zombies, your onlygoal is to escape and save yourself as fast as you can before beingeaten by some horrible undead!Make your way through the walkingdead slaughtering them with your Chainsaw and blasting their brainswith the Shotgun before it's too late!Use the Skateboard and youracrobatic skills to get through obstacles and avoid the runawaycars, and take advantage of the explosive barrels scattered aroundthe environment to create a devastating hellfire!Run like hell inthis adrenalinic adventure with horror / splatter atmosphere, thesurvival of the human race depends only on you!★ Features ★- Dodgeobstacles and perform stunts of all types by swiping your finger onthe screen!- Use the Chainsaw and the Shotgun to smash thezombies!- Use the Skate Mode to run at full speed between thezombies and trample everything!- 3D graphics of the highest qualityand in Full HD!!!- Collect coins to buy several items and power-upsin a well assorted virtual store!- Supports Google Play Games:compete with players all around the world thanks to leaderboardsand achievements!- Supports both smartphones and tablets!For anyquestion about this game contact us
Hyperwave 1.1.0
★ Now supports any Android Controllers / Gamepads (HID) !!★ Fromthe creators of Hyperlight!★ Built for NVIDIA Tegra! (includingShield)★ Hyperwave is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at majorretailers, carrier stores and online at"Hyperwave certainly doesn’t put a footwrong when it comes to visual presentation.", after over an year, the battle againstthe evil aliens invaders continues with Hyperwave, the new neonretro space shooter of the hyper-series created by the same team ofHyperlight!Hyperwave combines the mechanics of classic arcade gamesof the old 80’s with those of modern sci-fi shooters, offering aboth familiar and innovative gameplay which includes all theelements that make great a traditional shoot 'em up, but reproposedin a different context in which a strong strategic component isadded to fast-paced action!!Your goal is to defend the last shieldthat protects humanity by destroying all the endless waves ofcosmic enemies before they can damage it.Hyperwave’s space-fighteris really powerful and is able to enhance its attack powersignificantly also using a wide assortment of weapons,special-powers and useful drones that will give you an hand in thedifficult mission of containing the alien horde.★ Features ★ *Universal App: runs in HD on Hi-Res Android devices. * Greatgameplay, attack and defend at the same time! * Stunning 2.5Dneon-style graphics, effects and animated backgrounds. * Arcademode with 50 different waves. * Infinity mode for an endlesschallenge! * 12 vulcan upgrades and 5 different special weapons. *3 devastating special-powers and smart friends drones to command. *Wide variety of enemies to face, each with its own peculiarbehavior. * Several exciting techno musics! * Google Play Games forachievements and global leaderboards!! For any question about thisgame contact us at
Hyperlight 1.4.5
★ "Hyperlight EX" is NOW available in the Google Play Store!!★Hyperlight has got nominations for "Most Innovative Game of theYear" and "Xperia PLAY Game of the Year" by PocketGamer!★ SonyXperia™ PLAY optimized!Take control of the Hyperlight and burn yourenemies faster-than-light in this innovative, psychedelic andsuper-fast retro arcade space shooter!******************** "Abrilliant, fast-paced ram-'em-up that fits perfectly onto XperiaPlay, and offers hours of high score-chasing fun." "Factor in tight controls and sharp neongraphics, and you have a leading candidate for App Store game ofthe year." "Hyperlight is a unique experience withoutstanding HD visuals, all for a low price. It might be difficult,but it can easily be mastered with some practice. Definitely checkit out!" "Hyperlight is a feast for the senses anda worthy successor to the twin-stick shooters that led up to thistitle." "Beyond a doubt, Hyperlight offers an immenseamount of gameplay. Add a tasty difficulty and two different gamemodes, and what you have is a piece of iOS gaming art." "Overall the game gives you complete valuefor your money. Hyperlight is a kind of game you will end upplaying for hour’s non-stop." "It’s anexciting, adrenaline-pumping game that eschews traditional shootergameplay!" "Hyperlight for Android definitely ranksin my top three experiences with a arcade space shooter"******************** Take control of the Hyperlight inthis psychedelic cosmic environment where countless evil beings tryto destroy you, the last human fighter. However, your ship possesan incredible power! If successfully used, it can wipe out all yourfoes: it can travel at faster-than-light speed (FTL) making itimpossible for anyone to catch it and is also able to disintegrateeverything it touches! With simple gestures, you can move yourspaceship at regular speed but also turn on its FTL engine toperform incredibly rapid attacks! Controls are simple and you canchoose from touch only controls, tilt only or the exotic tilt &touch. There are also dozens of power-ups and weapons you caneasily activate simply by gathering them on the battlefield.Hyperlight is easy to play but hard to master, there are so manyways to improve your skills that you will find yourself playing itfor months! For a complete list of all the gameplay secrets of thisgame see the guide included!Can you survive these incredible hordesof enemies? Enemies will try to do everything to stop you, assumingseveral attack formations, different strategies, also leavingpowerful dimensional trails on the battlefield that only at FTLspeed you can cross! And watch out for the evil commanders: hugebosses await the Hyperlight in the dark corners of the universe! ★Features ★* Universal App: runs in HD on high-res Android devices.*Extremely innovative gameplay: burn your enemiesfaster-than-light!* 3 Control systems to meet your taste: VirtualJoystick, Tilt only and Tilt & Touch.* Stunning 2.5D neon-stylegraphics, effects and animated backgrounds.* Arcade mode with 40different levels.* Infinity mode for an endless fun.* Several hugebosses to face.* Exciting techno and rock musics!* Google PlayGames support with leaderboards and 24 achievements!For anyquestion about this game contact us
Deadly Moto Racing 1.1.2
What happens when two rival gangs of riders come into conflict?Well, they do battle racing through the streets at top speed!Rideyour trusty moto, face rivals in the streets of the city zippingbetween vehicles at reckless speed and kick your opponents untilthey fall to the ground!Become the reckless moto king of the road!But watch out for the cops, do not get caught!How long can you lastwithout getting caught by the cops while traveling at breakneckspeed between a vehicle and the other, chasing your rivals?If youmanage not end up crushed under some vehicle then you'll have avariety of items that will grant you an advantage over others,first of all your special supply of super-beer that will make youindestructible!Reckless moto riders, start your engines and ..engage in this insane and deadly race!★ Features ★- Enjoy thebeautiful full HD and 3D graphics with spectacular specialeffects!!- Collect coins to buy several items and power-ups in awell assorted virtual store!- Speed-up, slow-down, zip throughtraffic, evade cops and sprint to kick your opponents to death!-Two game modes and several unlockable items!!- Supports Google PlayGames with two global leaderboards!- Supports both smartphones andtablets!For any question about this game contact us
Ninja Slash! Runner 1.1.1
Are you tired of always and only slice fruits? No problem! You'reone step away from starting the final running and slicingexperience! In a world of chaos populated by monsters and demons,only a ninja with her legendary katana can restore order! Run, jumpand slash with your fingers in this innovative and fast-paced ninjarunner game! ************************"Ninja Slash looks to delivera good amount of variety and value.""Ninja Slashis the new must-have cutting game for your iOS/Android device. Getyour fingers ready, Ninja Slash's coming!""NinjaSlash for Android deserves a spot among the cutting games, forpeople who want to have a unique slicing experience, this gameshouldn't be ignored." -************************In theshoes of Ran the kunoichi (a ninja girl) and armed with thelegendary Zantetsuken, literally "Iron-Cutting-Sword", you will beable to slice ​​everything in your path, from the most dangerousenemy to the smallest element of the surrounding environment!Nothing will be saved from your bloody rage!Your goal is to reachthe end of each level, crossing bamboo forests, rice fields andmany other environments, fighting demons of all kinds, dodgingtraps while trying not to fall from platforms. Absorb the souls ofthe fallen to strengthen your bloody sword and look for the bonuseshidden in the environment to increase your strength and agility...and to invoke the help of your mighty beast, the demon tiger!★Features ★* Universal App: runs in HD on High-Res Android devices.* New gaming experience, slash and run at the same time!* Limitlesscutting ability, you can slice everything, even the smallestenvironment elements!* High quality graphics with spectacular 2.5Deffects.* 50 game levels split in 5 different worlds.* Manydifferent enemy types to fight.* Many bonuses and power-ups toenhance the heroine skills.* Google Play Games support with severalleaderboards!For any question about this game contact us
Caveman Dino Rush 1.0.7
Oh my God! All the girls of the village were kidnapped by thatthugs of those cavemen! We can not leave them in their hands, poorthings!Go out in search of the lost girls and run through junglesand canyons inhabited by deadly prehistoric primordial beings,scary dinosaurs like the terrible T-Rex, and face the damn gang ofscoundrels cavemen!Equip the armor, grab your precious weapons likethe boomerang, the spear and the axe and face the danger withouthesitation. Use the weapons to hunt cavemen and creatures!In caseof extreme need you can always count on two archaic magic itemsalways at your disposal: the Dino Crystal that allows you to ridemany dinosaurs such as Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus to charge anddevour your enemies without mercy, or triggers providential MeteorShowers to exterminate every dinosaur around you!★ Features ★-Complete all the 40 missions and save all the Girls!- Equip avariety of weapons and smash to pieces all the monstrous enemies!-Ride Dinosaurs to eat the cavemen or trigger powerful MeteorShowers to eliminate hostile Dinosaurs!!- 3D graphics of thehighest quality and in Full HD!!!- Collect coins to buy severalitems and power-ups in a well assorted virtual store!- SupportsGoogle Play Games: compete with players all around the world thanksto leaderboards and achievements!- Supports both smartphones andtablets!For any question about this game contact us
Alien Apocalypse 1.0.9
The invasion of Earth has begun!The Alien invaders are setting uptheir bases in the heart of the tropical jungles of the planet andeverything now seems lost... but fortunately the human race haveZambo on their side!Zambo, the arsenal man, alone is worth a wholearmy! Equipped with bombs, pistols, machine gun, plasma gun,flamethrower and bazooka ...He is an unstoppable force! And what ofhis powerful robot "the pulper" that he can drive in battle?Who canstop you? Run through the jungle to fight the horde of horrible andslimy alien creatures from other worlds! The mission is to destroyall the alien spacecrafts's cores and eliminate the enemy.The warhas begun, play as Zambo and go down in battle now!!★ Features ★-Complete missions and destroy all the alien spaceships!- Equip avariety of weapons and smash to pieces all the monstrous enemies!-Enter robot mode, become invulnerable and get the maximumfirepower!- 3D graphics of the highest quality and in Full HD!!!-Collect coins to buy several items and power-ups in a well assortedvirtual store!- Supports Google Play Games: compete with playersall around the world thanks to leaderboards and achievements!-Supports both smartphones and tablets!For any question about thisgame contact us at
Devil Slayer Gunman 1.0.9
Shoot and survive or you will be dead before dawn eaten by anhorrible creature in this horror yet exciting first person shooter!As a devils hunter you will adventure through dark forests andundead cemeteries to kill zombies and vampires! Beware of thepowerful werewolves and blood-thirsty vampires, fight them withyour arsenal of guns, machine guns and shotguns or use your specialpowers to cast enchantments and devastating magics! Shoot withaccuracy and reload your weapon fast to keep the monsters away, tryto hit the monster's head to make an head-shot or shoot at themonster's arms to blast them! Also try your best to save the poormaidens before they are turned into deadly vampires! But will yoube able to reach the demons mansion where a great evil await you? ★Features ★ - Complete all the 20 awesome game stages! - Equip up to12 different weapons and kill all the monstrous enemies! - Make thebest score and collect stars making deadly combos or by blastingthe enemy's head! - Upgrade your weapons, stats and magic powers tobecome the ultimate gunman! - 3D graphics of the highest qualityand in Full HD!!! - Collect coins to buy several items andpower-ups in a well assorted virtual store! - Supports Google PlayGames: compete with players all around the world thanks toleaderboards and achievements! - Supports both smartphones andtablets! For any question about this game contact us
Let's Play Ball 1.0.3
Have fun playing this classic arcade game enhanced by a modern neon/ glow style graphics and by an enriched and improved gameplay,designed to provide hours and hours of fun in both single player,where your goal will be to reach the top of the world rankings, andtwo-players mode.Enjoy playing ball in this exciting cyberping-pong game!★ Features ★- Fantastic 2D graphics with animatedbackgrounds and special effects!- Extremely fun gameplay with twogame modes: single player and two players mode (local)- SupportsGoogle Play Games: compete with players all around the world thanksto leaderboards and achievements!- Supports both smartphones andtablets!For any question about this game contact us
Rocket Racer 1.0.5
Race at the crazy rockets competition at amazing speed for anadrenalinic and exciting experience never seen before!Overcome allthe various tracks surrounded by fantastic environments rangingfrom colorful tropical beaches to super technological metropolis,passing by beautiful and snowy mountain landscapes.Choose yourcharacter between Fox Rock and Sheena Ramone, jump in thecompetitions by pushing hard on the accelerator and using all sortsof weapons and special items to stop hopelessly your opponentsrace!Finally, remember to accumulate money and use it in the shopto upgrade your racers to become a real fury impossible toovercome!★ Features ★- Complete all the 3 Cups (Beach, Mountain,City) and 27 Tracks!- Use a variety of weapons and super powers towin every race!- 3D graphics of the highest quality and in FullHD!!!- Collect coins to buy several items and power-ups in a wellassorted virtual store!- Supports Google Play Games: compete withplayers all around the world thanks to leaderboards!- Supports bothsmartphones and tablets!- Supports any HID Gamepad! - SupportsAndroid TV!For any question about this game contact us
Brave Knight Rush 1.0.7
Ready for an high intensity action / runner / combat game?Demonshave infested the once peaceful human kingdoms and now is up toyou, as the Brave Knight, to put an end to this evil and reconquerthe land by traveling through dark forests and infested towns inorder to defeat monsters! Watch out for the evil possessed castles,terrible boss awaits you!Use your knight spear to fight the hordeof skeletons or find and equip more powerful weapons like thesilver dagger, the holy water, the magic sword or the magic arrows.With those weapons you will be able to face the terrible devils andbig cyclops that will try to stop your holy mission! Became theking of the land once again!However, a Dragon friend will help youduring your journey! While riding your spit-fire friend you willbecome a force of nature able to destroy horde of enemies andentire undead armies!You can also make good use of the fire-ringthat unleashes devastating fireball magic attacks!★ Features ★-Complete all the 40 missions and fight huge Dragons and DevilsBoss!- Equip a variety of weapons and smash to pieces all themonstrous enemies!- Ride the Dragon to defeat monsters and activatethe Fireball Magic to incinerate them!- 3D graphics of the highestquality and in Full HD!!!- Collect coins to buy several items andpower-ups in a well assorted virtual store!- Supports Google PlayGames: compete with players all around the world thanks toleaderboards and achievements!- Supports both smartphones andtablets!- Supports Gamepads (Android HID)For any question aboutthis game contact us at
Jewel Cut Ninja 1.1.4
Looking for a slicing game really unique, innovative and with adepth never seen before? Well, you've just found it! Tired ofslicing fruits? Now it's time to slice jewels! Become the richestjewels cutter in the world!*************************"Uniquegameplay, great ambient music as well as impressive visuals andsmooth animations all make Jewel Cut the best choice for killingtime and having fun" -*************************JewelCut finally introduces a strategic and reflexive component to theclassical ‘no brain’ gameplay where you must slice anything on thescreen, capable of putting a strain on both your reflexes and yourquick thinking ability.Wrapped in new age atmospheres, prepareyourself to live a relaxing and frantic experience at the sametime, familiar and intuitive but also very technical.In Jewel Cutyou will not have to limit yourself to simply cut the jewels thatappear on the screen, but it is important to understand HOW toslash them in the shortest time possible. There are over a hundredof different combinations of jewelry and each requires its own wayto be sliced correctly!Earn as much $$$ money as you can by slicingthe jewels, compete against other players and become the richestperson in the world!A top quality audio-visual realization withbeautiful CG backgrounds, atmospheric music and very realisticsound effects provide a timeless experience from which it will bevery difficult to leave!★ Features ★* Universal App: runs in HD onhigh-res Android devices.* Innovative, strategic and reflexivejewels slicing mechanics.* Intuitive gaming experience, deep,relaxing and frantic at the same time.* 100+ different jewelscombinations to slice and spectacular power-ups to use!* OriginalSlow-Motion mode to get out from the most dangerous situations.*Quality musics and graphics, with CG backgrounds and specialeffects!* Compete with players all around the world thanks toGoogle Play Games leaderboards!For any question about this gamecontact us at
Scarecrow In Zombie Land 1.0.5
Lost his life in a tragic accident, he found himself in theunderworld as an inanimate scarecrow hanging from a tree... but amysterious external force decided to give it new life and newpowers as well as a chance to redeem himself and escape fromhell!Enjoy this new awesome action/platform for your Androiddevice! Play as the Scarecrow in the zombie land!Run through theunderworld land of the zombies and evil pumpkins, fight them usingthe powerful death scythes and try to escape from hell jumpingbetween platforms while avoiding obstacles and the dangerousdevil's forks!!Take advantage of the many power-ups available suchas the friendly crows, enhanced scythes and more. Keep collectingcoins to power-up the Scarecrow and reach the top players inthe global leaderboards across the world!★ Features ★- 3D graphicsof the highest quality and in Full HD!!!- Many power-ups such asfriendly crows, powerful scythes and much more!- Collect coins tolevel-up the Scarecrow!- Supports Google Play Games: compete withplayers all around the world thanks to leaderboards andachievements!- Supports both smartphones and tablets!For anyquestion about this game contact us
Elemental Galaxy Dx - Match3 1.0.9
We are proud to present you the 3D edition of the famous gameElemental Galaxy! This is a fresh puzzle game that represents thelatest evolution of match-3 games!Feel the universe in thisinnovative, addictive and exciting puzzle game! You will feelamazed after playing this revolutionary match3 game!!The universe,in its primordial state, needs your help to spread elements in allworlds to bring life to everything. Have fun blasting elements,make elemental chains to maximize the effect, and use shadow andlight elemental powers to your advantage to move up the levels tothe endless galaxy! ************************“This is definitely anaddicting game and makes for a great casual time killer."************************★ Features ★* Universal App:runs in HD on High-Res Android devices.* Innovative gameplay withnice 3D graphics and animated backgrounds.* 50 levels filled withfun plus an Endless mode.* 7 Unlockable new graphic skins!*Supports Google Play Games leaderboards with tons ofachievements!For any question about this game contact us
Real Benchmark PRO (CPU, GPU) 1.0.4
Tired of wasting your time running useless benchmark? With RealBenchmark PRO you can finally test your device performance in areal world context evaluating all the necessary aspects that makesgames and apps run smoothly.This app is especially optimized forevaluating 3D graphics performance of your GPU so it's the best todetermine if your device is good for games and 3D applications. Allgraphics benchmark are executed until the frame rate dropsconsistently under 30fps because that is the minimum acceptablevalue in games.Real Benchmark PRO comes with several STANDARDbenchmark.- Graphics: GPU Polygons count per sec, Pixels Fill-Rateper sec, Draw calls per sec, Shaders computation- Processing: CPUsingle core and multi cores computationsAll results are saved inthe cloud so you can easily compare your device performance withany other device in the world! Just try it for yourself! Withseveral scoreboards at hand you can compare freely anyresults.IMPORTANTBecause this app execute a "REAL-WORLD" suite oftests you may experience lower performance results if your deviceis busy at doing extra tasks. So before testing, for the bestresult we suggest to:- Disable bluetooth, gps, hotspot, nfc and anyother capability that may take extra cpu time (WIFI or a dataconnection are still needed to send your results to the cloud).-Close any running app and service (like the music player) and freethe device ram as much as you can.- Be sure there aren't anydownloads/updates underway from Google Play!For any question aboutthis app contact us at
Tiny Comet 1.1.8
You've been captured by Earth's gravity and separated from yourfamily, you must reach the open space and find your loved onesbefore it's too late! Race against time, fly in the skies as fastas you can and reach for the stars, yourhome!**********************"Fans of Whale Trail or Tiny Wings woulddo well to give this game a try.""Overall it’s agreat game with top notch production values.""Overall, I really liking this one. It’s great forall ages since it’s fairly easy to grasp.""TinyComet as a whole is a fantastic game that pairs terrific gameplayand controls with fluid graphics, and engaging sound and music.""This app is going to suck you in. You’ll want tounlock all the app’s features in no time flat.""Tiny Comet is fun and exciting game with 18different levels in 6 worlds and a variety of powerups that makeyou smarter and stronger!"**********************One day, a big mama cometleading the school of her children was passing near the orbit of anunknown beautiful planet. At that time, one of her children, asmall blue baby comet left in the back of the school tail, charmedby the colorful near planet came too close and was accidentallycaught by planet’s gravity field falling towards its surface,without anyone noticing him.From now on, as the tiny comet, hisgoal will be to reach for the stars, that is, accumulate as muchsun energies as he can on the planet’s surface to overcome thegravity field and finally rejoin with is mother and siblings.Flytoward green hills, oceans, jungles, deserts and across snowymountains, absorb as much sun energy as you can to avoid fadingaway, dodge obstacles and watch out for the terrible birds, theywill do anything to stop you from leaving the planet.Fortunately,there are numerous power-ups that make your life easier, thanks tothem you can turn yourself into a glowing ball of fire capable ofcarbonizing any enemy, a bulldozer that can break down every wall,a “attract-energy” magnet and much more… and when you have theopportunity do not hesitate to turn yourself into a giant andindestructible supernova of unimaginable power!★ Features ★*Universal App: runs in HD on high-res Android devices.* Offers afun game with easy tilt controls.* Delivers 18 hand-made stagessplit across 6 different worlds for hours of entertainment.*Provides physics-based environment and game play.* Featureshigh-quality cartoon style graphics and 3D elements.* Includesoriginal music and sound effects.* Google Play Games support withleaderboards and 28 achievements!For any question about this gamecontact us at:
Jetpack Piggies Bros 1.1.0
Fly with the craziest characters ever seen in a video game, flywith the jetpack piggies! Thanks to their crazy jetpacks they donot need any flappy wings!In the role of Dante, Oscar, William andEdgar, the four jetpack piggy brothers, you have to pass throughlevels filled with dangerous obstacles and go where no one has gonebefore to be able to excel in the world rankings of the mostskilled players.Jetpack Piggies is a game of pure skill, it is sosimple that it can be played with only one finger, but at the sametime it is complex enough to require many hours of practice toachieve mastery of the art of flying with a jetpack.But our heroescan do much more other than fly! Each of the four pigs has anunique super-power that will help him to overcome the obstacles andalso deal with the evil gray aliens who will attempt to prematurelyend their adventure.★ Features ★* Universal App: runs in HD onHigh-Res Android devices.* Basic controls, you can play with justone finger!* Procedurally generated levels provide an alwaysdifferent gaming experience.* 4 unlockable difficulty levels, foran endless fun.* 4 funny super-powers to get out of dangeroussituations.* High quality graphics and sounds, with cartoon-stylecharacters and backgrounds!* Compete with players all around theworld thanks to Google Play Games leaderboards!For any questionabout this game contact us at
Rainbow Trail - Bubble Shoot 1.1.6
A swarm of colorful comets are falling everywhere, crashing ontoour beloved planet! Feed the comets with sun energies and shootthem away towards the outer space! Enjoy this brand-new bubbleshooter game filled with fun! New enjoyable power-ups at almostevery level!Rainbow Trail is a truly innovative puzzle game thatupsets the foundation of the old bubble-shoot genre by creating agameplay that has never been so smooth, dynamic and explosive atthe same time. You will be engaged in calculating the trajectoriesof your comets, trying to make them collide with as much energiesas possible to create devastating combos, which are essential tocomplete each of the 48 game levels.To enrich the gaming experiencethere are many bonus items such as super bombs, laser beams, cometsduplicators, screen-freezing ice sheets and many more... but youshould pay attention to the trajectories of your comets! Some itemsmay have very unpleasant effects when hit!★ Features ★* UniversalApp: runs in HD on high-res Android devices.* A truly innovativebubble shooter game with physics-based gameplay.* Cartoon-stylegraphics with beautiful and colorful effects.* 48 unique levels and6 different worlds!* Many power-ups and special items.* Google PlayGames support with 22 achievements!For any question about this gamecontact us at
Hyperlight EX 1.0.2
☆ SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE!! ☆Hyperlight is an high intensity arcadeaction game in which you control a spaceship that fights againsthordes of evil alien monsters in a virtual cosmic environment. Yourspaceship has a special capability: it can travel at a Faster ThanLight speed (F.T.L.) becoming itself the final weapon. By collidingwith enemies in this state the ship can instantly destroyeverything it touches! In the game there are also plenty of otherbonus, weapons and entities that can help you overcome the manydifficulties you’ll be facing, including the battles against theterrific final bosses that await you in the dark side of theuniverse!☆Features:- Gamepads support (recommended) or Touchcontrols.- Stunning HD graphics, rich in special effects, enemiesand explosions!- Innovative gameplay, immediate and highlyrewarding!- Arcade Mode with 50+ levels, 8 mid-boss stages and 4final boss battles!- Infinity Mode with tons of new levels andseveral mid-boss stages.- Panic Mode with its peculiar tilt control(uses accelerometer)- 3 Bonus entities (Drones, Turrets and PlasmaBarriers) that will help you in fighting the continuous waves ofenemies.- 7 Bonus weapons (Bomb, Laser, Globe, Crystal, Machinegun,Missle and Virus) that will help you in pulverizing everything onthe screen.- Global Online Leaderboads for Arcade, Infinity andPanic game modes.- Achievements system: 40 unlockablemedals!"CatfishBlues Games has taken the score attack shooter genreand taken out most of the shooting, resulting in a fun, frantic,difficult game that arcade fans will surely enjoy.""Hyperlight is a feast for the senses and a worthysuccessor to the twin-stick shooters that led up to this title.While the learning curve is likely to put off some players, thechallenge is well worth tackling head on and is recommended forthose after something a bit more exciting than the usual shooter."--