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Super Bunny Man - Classic 1.02
This is the original version of Super Bunny Man from 2016.The bestgame ever made about a guy in a rabbit costume jumping throughwormholes, traversing time and space in a challenging journey insearch of something non-specific that will leave you with intensefeelings of [INSERT FAVORITE EMOTION HERE].Super Bunny Man is anintense action platformer where your only abilities are rolling andjumping. Beat levels, time attacks, find hidden carrots, all whileevading spikes, boulders, pitfalls, and otherchallenges!Features:-Mind-blowing 2.5D computer-generated graphicalimages.-Evocative musical soundtrack, with grooves so radical it'salmost illegal.-30 levels of stimulating challenges, spread across3 amazing worlds! -Coins! 3 per level! Complete the challenges toget coins to unlock more levels! -Hidden carrot on every level!High in vitamin C! Take it to the wormhole and you win!Hurray!-Unbelievable dance moves.-Demo version? What?!The first 10levels can be played for free, and the full game is unlocked by asinglein-app-purchase._____________________________________________________________________________________Anew and greatly improved PC version is now available on Steam!Includes multiplayer game modes (co-op, deathmatch), more levels,better controls (controller support), grabbing things, better dancemoves! Get it here: SteamURL: