Catur Ramadhan Apps

Tic Tac Toe Touch 1.0
Tic Tac Toe Touch is The most attractive and the smartest versionof the classic Tic Tac Toe game ever! It adapts to your play styleand is highly unpredictable. No need to waste paper! you can playTic Tac Toe on your Android device for free.Features:- Optimizedfor all android device- Supports Android 2.3 up- Very funny
WiFi Walkie Talkie Direct 1.0
WiFi Walkie Talkie Direct is a best app to communicate free on samewi-fi network. With this application, you can transmit your voicedata to all devices which are on the same network or to any devicewhich you know its IP address.If you are in a dorm, cruise ship,hotel, building or any other facility that charges internetridiculously then you need this to avoid heaps of charges on SMSand voicecalls.This is a broadcast utility when you are in a singleWifi Network, truly amazing.Download this FREE app now!Features:-Broadcast Audio on all the devices.- Multi Cast Audio on Deviceswhich are registered on particular IP Address you have chosen.-Unicast Address which will get audio only for one device.- Touch toTalk or Just Tap on Walkie.- Free to use.
Photo Background Editor 1.0
Photo Background Editor is a advanced tool to change the backgroundof your photos. Now you can add beautiful and interestingbackgrounds to your photos. With your creativity and imaginationyou can have fun changing backgrounds, erasing unwanted portions ofyour photos.Cut your photo and replace it with any background fromgallery or from in-built images. Adjust your photo as you wish andsave the photo on your phone.Features:• Attractive UI.• Selectimage from camera/gallery.• Crop image.• Delete unwanted backgroundwith your finger scratch.• Give effect to your image like opacity,brightness, contrast.• Adjust your image with zoom in ,zoom out androtate in any direction with 2 fingures.• Select background fromlot of attractive background.• Save share image to your friends.
Magic Hoarding Photo 1.0.0
More Hoarding Frames, more fun!Feel like a celebrity with yourpicture in funniest ads. Simply choose the frame that best suitsyour image and easily create a original work of art. This app letsyou add Hoarding frames to your favorites pictures from gallery ortake it from your camera. Create in seconds a fantastic photocollage in which you are the protagonist!Features:• Cleanattractive UI• Splash screen• Camera/gallery selection• Rate us •Share app• Selection of frame• 25 + hordings frames in code• Leftright image rotation• Edit image with aviary library and set editedimage in hoardings• Set as wallpaper• Share hording image withwhats app, mail etc
Fancy Text Symbols 1.0
Do you want various symbols?Fancy Text Symbol is a free and smarttext symbol for Android that help you to fast input over hundredssymbols. This Application allows fastly inserting lots of differentspecial chars to your messages everywhere. Just open the app andselect a symbol!You can use this symbols anywhere in your phone,like sending SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,etc.Features:• Direct Copy to clipboard option.• Insert Text inbetween symbol and share directly.• One click to share cool symbols( Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, Email and more).
Color Lines 98 1.0
Color Lines 98 is a game play on board with balls of sevendifferent colors. The player needs to arrange 5 or more bubbles ofthe same colour consecutively in straight lines (vertical,horizontal or across) in order to make scores and clear the bubblesfrom the board. It is easy to play, but to become a master is achallenge.A line can be: Horizontal, vertical, cross up or crossdown. Try to make as many lines as you can.FEATURES:• Similar asoriginal game• Nice animation• Nice graphics• Easy to play, hard tomaster• Addictive gameplay• Compatible with old android devicesfrom 1.5+
Ultimate Music Player 1.0
Ultimate Music Player is an advanced music player for your androidphone. You can manage your musics easily, Music player will guideyou easy to find all the music in your phone. Please enjoy thehigh-quality mobile music playback experience.Features:• Powerful music play control• Powerful equalizer• Quick search all music and audio files• More than 6 desktop widgets to easy control the music play• This music player is not only based on artists or albums, butalso based on the folder structure
Shape Photo Editor 1.0
Shape Photo Editor lets you create best Photos with awesome shapes.Select a Photo from Photo Gallery or Take a new Photo with Cameraand create any of the awesome looking shapes. In this Photo Shapeapp you will get lots of shapes, option to add color to your shapesand in built photo editor to make your image even more appealing.Currently in Shapes we have Heart, Nature, Animal and Star shapescategories are available. In each of those categories we have manymore shapes available.Add all sorts of cool and interesting newshapes to your photos, edit the ordinary into the extraordianary.Quick and easy to use.Features :• App is exclusively designed foradding Shapes to your beautiful Images• It takes less then a minuteadd Awesome shapes to your image• 60 shape & 4 unique category•Custom color apply on shape• Custom photo editor• Crop with aspecratio• Orientation-Crop & Rotate• 25 + Effects• 15 + Vintage& Overlay Background• 15 + Frame & Custom Color• Sharefacebook & Instagram• Option to Zoom in, Zoom out, Rotate,arrange image position inside the Shapes• Built in Image editor toedit your image easily in the app
Pink Piano Tiles 1.5
The Original, Famous and Wonderful Game-Piano Tiles!Girls favoritecolor is Pink. so we have develop special piano games forgirls.Pink Piano Tiles games for girlsNo special skills needed, allthis game asks of you is an attentive mind and fastfingers!pianotiles is 2017 best and free games.Pink Piano Tiles isan fun and highly addictive pink game suited for everyone. Testyour reflexes and speed against time and movement. Tap on the blacktiles while listening to music. Avoid the pink onesGame features:-multi color piano tiles games- multiple sound collections- ColorPiano Pink tiles have +120 levels- Piano tiles game is colorfulgame- awesome sound available in piano Pink tiles.- Smoothgameplay- Responsive Design- The game saves the Best Scores on theuser’s Device- Optimized for high resolution screensEnjoyed PianoPink Tiles : Piano Game - Don't Tap White Tiles with listingheartless music.
Better Scientific Calculator 1.0
Better Scientific Calculator is a fully featured scientificcalculator with elegant graphic user interface that can be used forscientific as well as day to day calculations.A calculator for allpurposes, just write the mathematical expression on the screen thenlet scientific calculator technology perform its magic convertingsymbols and numbers to digital text and delivering the result inreal time. Works on three different modes – Float, Fixed andScientific and calculate almost all scientific and non scientificcalculations in a fly. Now try calculation with scientificcalculator on your android devices.Features:• Simple convenientprecise.• Three modes - Float, Fixed and Scientific.• Memory System- Where you can store multiple values and retrieve them whenrequired.• History - Unlimited amount of history of previouscalculations is saved.• Various constants - no need to remembervalues o constants, now they be used directly during calculations.•Supportable for both phones and tablets.• Customise the number ofdigits you want in the answer.• Saves your state of mode and angletype (deg or rad) last used.• Allows user to keep their screen onwhile using.• Hide or show notification bar in the app.• Horizontalscrollable display to suppport small screen phones.
Piano Tiles Blue 1.1
Piano Tiles Blue is a fun piano tiles style game with piano rhythm.Test your reflexes and speed against time and movement. Tap theblue squares instead of the white ones. Don't miss out any one ofthe blue squares. No time limit. The game includes 4 modes:Classic, Arcade, Zen and Bomb.Features:• Smooth gameplay•Responsive Design• Easy to play, fun for all ages, a good stuff tokill time • The game saves the Best Scores on the user’s Device•The app includes sound fx recorded from an actual piano• Share onFacebook and others• Optimized for high resolution screens•Leaderboard included, so you can compare your scores to that of themillion players outside
Tap Violet - Piano Tiles 1.8
The Original, Famous and Wonderful Game-Piano Tiles!Girls favoritecolor is Violet. so we have develop special piano games forgirls.Tap Violet - Piano Tiles games for girlsNo special skillsneeded, all this game asks of you is an attentive mind and fastfingers!piano tiles is 2017 best and free games.Tap Violet - PianoTiles is an fun and highly addictive violet game suited foreveryone. Test your reflexes and speed against time and movement.Tap on the black tiles while listening to music. Avoid the violetonesGame features:- multi color piano tiles games- multiple soundcollections- Color Piano violet tiles have +120 levels- Piano tilesgame is colorful game- awesome sound available in Piano TilesViolet.- Smooth gameplay- Responsive Design- The game saves theBest Scores on the user’s Device- Optimized for high resolutionscreensEnjoyed Tap Violet - Piano Tiles : Piano Game - Don't TapWhite Tiles with listing heartless music.
The Impossible Rush 1.0
The Impossible Rush is a addictive game to entertain in thosemoments of boredom. Simply tap to rotate the cube and collect theincoming balls. Its nicely created layout makes it pleasurable tolook at and easy to play. How long can you last in The ImpossibleRush? Focus is key to achieving a high score.features:• Suitablefor tablet and phone• Thoughtful Design• Simple to Adjust• Easy toPlay• Hard to Master
Cool Tattoo Camera 1.0
Do you like tattoos? Now you can try any tattoo in your own bodywith Cool Tattoo Camera.Cool Tattoo Camera lets you try new tattoodesigns without any pain in a singly touch! Make your own virtualTattoo making studio! Just choose your tattoo design, take a shotand check it out inside app gallery. Show off your friends or yourparents with your brand new tattoo. You can share your brand newtattoo images via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Twitter,Gmail, and any other social or messaging service you have installedon your device.How to use:• Stand in front of your devices camera•Select your favorite tatto design from the tattoo studio• Rotate,shrink, enlarge, ilumine and darken the selected tattoo.• Take apicture and share with your friends!Features:• Cat tattoo andtribal tattoo designs!• Switch between devices front and backcamera• Personalize all the tattoo designs and adapt them to yourbody Save photos in your SD CARD or phones gallery• Share yourtattoo using Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Twitter, Gmail,etc.
Rolling The Ball 1.0
Rolling The Ball is a very addictive casual arcade game withaccelerometer controls. The goal of the game is to move all theballs into a hole. To roll the balls, you incline the telephoneleft/right or up/down. The difficulty is that among white ballsthere is a one blue ball that should be rolled up last. Number ofballs and holes increases with each level and the holes begin tomove. Features:Supports Android 2.2+30+ levelsAddictivegameplayAccelerometer controls
Funny Face Editor 1.0
Funny Face Editor is the best entertainment application for allthose who love creating funny photo. This app has large number offunny objects to make your photo funniest. One can create funnyselfie too.Create the craziest ever looking faces in just fewseconds! Create funny faces from your existing photos or take newfrom your mobile camera. Funny face Editor is best photo editingapplication with in built funny face objects. This app is very fastbecause of in-built objects.With this fantastic tool you will beable to create funny pictures to send to social medias andmessengers.Features:• Very easy and attractive UI• Large collectionof funny objects• Dual photo selection option• Supports multipleobjects on one picture• Drag and drop system for moving or resizingobject• Easy navigation for adding/removing funny object• Sharephoto on social medias and messengers• Save photo on SD card ormobile phone• Supports all screen resolutions of mobiles andtablets
Funny Selfie Camera 1.0
Make your daily moment more funny with funny selfie camera. Now youcan take photos of you and your friends with this app.Funny SelfieCamera is an app to turn every Selfie into a funny Selfies, itincludes a set of funny icons (glasses, hats, magician kit…) willbe selected randomly which make it more fun and surprising. Itsimply helps you take a selfie in the easiest possible manner. Youcan access your photos anytime in the future: They are stored inyou phone’s Photo Gallery.Features: Easy to UseSet of FunnyiconsThis app start your front camera Simple button to take selfiephoto.Save photoSave photo on SD card or mobile phone
Accurate GPS Speedometer 1.0
Accurate GPS Speedometer is an advanced speedometer applicationthat shows useful speed and distance information for your journey.Built in GPS system to show your current, maximum and averagespeed, as well as the direction, total distance, and timetraveled.A perfect companion whenever you need to know your speedinformation. Gps Speedometer can be used efficiently fordriving,riding,hiking,cycling,walking,racing etc. It also allowsyou to easily switch between units of measurement (miles/hour orkm/hour).Features:• Full screen Analog Display.• Also providesupport for Digital Display.• Keeps track of your distance (tripand total distance) and top speed.• Showing Average and MaximumSpeed of the trip.• Reset data will reset all the travelling datarecorded in the app.• User can select font types such as simple ordigital.• User can set the maximum speed limit here.• User canselect speed measurement unit such as km or mile.• User can selectaltitude measurement unit.• GPS Speedometer using Speedometer,Distance Tracker, and Average Calculator.
Drop Marbles 1.0
Drop Marbles is the latest fun and most addictive murble game foreveryone. The goal of the game is to fill moving cups with fallingmarbles by opening the gate of the pot by touching on the screen.For each marble you manage to get through the glass you’re rewardedwith a different amount of points, depending on its color. If themarbles misses the glass, it disappears.There are 2 modes for youto play with: Arcade and Survival Mode.Throughout the levels thedifficulty of the game progresses by increased speed of the glassesand decreasing their size.Features:• Simple and clean UI.• Solidand fun physics!• Simple yet enjoyable gameplay, just a singletap!• Never boring, find out a brand new cup or a ball further youreach in the game!• Endless Gameplay.• Drop Marbles can improveyour sense of timing and reflexes.
5 Clues One Word 1.0
Are you enjoying with guessing game?5 Clues One Word is definitelyanother little game to challenge your mind. Each bite-size puzzleconsists of 5 Clues: synonyms, popular expressions or wordassociation.The gameplay is simple, Solve the words from cluesgiven and win. You have hints to help you and you can get furthermore FREE hints. The only hard part is to stop! Amazingbrainteaser!PURE, FAST ENTERTAINMENT It’s instant fun, andridiculously easy to play. Can you guess them all?Features:•Beautiful Designing• 100 + Level• Learning for kids and all people•Ask friend on facebook option available• keeps your mind sharp
Math Memory Match 1.0
Are you searching a fun way to practice math ? This is the app foryou!Math Memory Match is a Fun brain training game to learnAddition & Subtraction. It is a nice, simple, and fun. Thismemory game is going to activate some areas of your brainresponsible for memory acquisition which therefore can help youimprove your memory.Features:• Mathematics Memory game will keepyou updated• Provides making practices both for children andadults• Mathematics knowledge practice• Share score as screenshot•Beautiful graphics
Player Piano 1.0
Player Piano is an Piano Simulatorapplicationwith real effect sound and beautiful graphic interface.PlayerPiano is the easiest way to play piano. Just tap anywhere onthepiano to play your songs. Try it and master your piano songswithno hard practice.FEATURES• Tablet support• Multi Touch• Real sound effect• Touch pressure detecting• Hardware acceleration• Window animations• Piano Tiles• Support Full Keyboards of Piano
Color Flood It 1.2.3
Color Flood It is a addictive and easy to play puzzle game for yourandroid device! The aim of the game is to flood the entire boardwith the same color. Initially you control the top left square andyou have to combine it with the other squares pressing bottombuttons to flood every squares with the same color. The less movesyou do, the better you are.You will definitely enjoy this ColorFlood game, be ready to be flooded with colors!Game Features:•Random colors generated in every board• 24 Levels, each harder thanprevious• 3 difficulties for trainning. In these difficulties, thebest score is stored• Single and Multi Player mode
Mirror Photo Editor 1.0
Do you love mirror effect in photos? Then this is yourapplication.Mirror Photo Editor is a amazing app to create photoswith awesome mirror effect. With photo mirror, you can create manyleft-right, up-down, repeat, reflection style of photos.Furthermore you can apply several photo effects and designer photoframes to these mirror photos for making them more attractive.Mirror photo is an easy-to-use and powerful photo editor! Features:• You can select photos from camera/ gallery • Crop/rotate yourimage • Choose your effect from mirror/water effect• 10 filters forphoto effects. • Move left /right/up and down to mirror photos•Share photo• Save photo in sd card
Chess Fighter 1.0
Chess Fighter is the best looking chess game available for Android.This game is based on the traditional Chess and combined with thefancy design, this is a exciting game of strategy and puzzle thatcan not be ignored.Chess Fighter supports playing with human andcomputer, so you can play against friends or test your skillsagainst a challenging computer opponent. Unlimited free chess gamesahead of you. No better way to play, learn and improve your Chessskills.Features:• Great graphics• Player with human (1vs1)• Playwith computer (AI is very intelligent)• Save played game• Reviewrecord of played chess game
Minesweeper Ultimate 1.0
Minesweeper Ultimate is a logic game where mines are hidden in agrid of squares. Exercise your strategic and logical thinking whilehaving fun along the way! The goal is to uncover all cells that arenot containing mines.The player is initially presented with a gridof undifferentiated squares. Some randomly selected squares,unknown to the player, are designated to contain mines. Typically,the size of the grid and the number of mines are set in advance bythe user, either by entering the numbers or selecting from definedskill levels, depending on the implementation.Kids and people ofall ages love playing Minesweeper! Try it for yourself and you willlove it!Features:• Clean UI• Classical gameplay.• adapted to thescreen.• Advanced gameplay designed for accuracy and fast times•Tablet support
Daily Sudoku 1.0
Daily Sudoku is a simply easy-to-use sudoku game with beautifulgraphic, very acceptable difficult levels, suitable for sudokubeginner to sudoku expert. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid withdigits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3sub-grids that compose the grid contains all of the digits from 1to 9.Daily Sudoku has been polished to perfection and boasts anintuitive, touchscreen game board that’s easy to navigate and funto play!Features:- 90 levels- Install on SD card- Beautiful graphic
My Color Book 1.1
Every child likes drawing and coloring game very much, which canmotivate and develop children’s imagination. Mindful coloring is agreat way to relax and be creative with a quick five minute fix, orfor many hours of pleasure.My Color Book is particularly designedfor kids with super easy-to-use painting on photo or canvas. A lotof nice images for kids: Animals, vehicles, number, alphabet,cartoon, etc.Unleash your kid creativity, have some coloring funwith the whole family and share your work with relatives! Coloringpages on your phone or tablet in this virtual coloring and paintingbook!Features:• Flat UI• 50+ Pages• Tap to Fill• A lot of images todraw, sort by categories.• You will be able to choose the colorsyou want for your coloring book.• Save colored drawings using yourSmartphone or tablet memory to watch them in any size and sharethem with your friends or family
Don't Touch My Android 1.0
Don't Touch My Android - Keep curious fingers on your phone! Thisapplication helps you to alert whenever any unknown person moveyour mobile phone without your permission.To use, tap the “start”button then set the phone on the desk. Once you activate the alarm,no one could touch it, because the alarm will be triggered if anyone try to take the phone.Features:• Run in background.• Set timerto start/stop alarm or endless.• Use phone’s current ringtone (likethe fake call)
Brain Rush! 1.0.7
Brain Rush! is a intuitive game to entertain in those moments ofboredom. The aim of the game is to get the maximum number of pointswith hold or release the screen to shift to either a square orcircle and matching the incoming shapes. This game includes GooglePlay Leaderboards so you can compare your scores with otherplayers.Challenge the Impossible!Features:• Random figure (squareor circle) generated for every figure• The dificulty is increasedgradually• Best score and games played
Blackjack Winner 1.0
Blackjack Winner is an entertaining blackjack card game on yourAndroid phone.The basic premise of the blackjack game is that youwant to have a hand value that is closer to 21 than that of thedealer, without going over 21. Each cards has different values.Aces can be 1 or 11, which makes the game become more interesting.Define your strategies, practice using this app and get toperfection.Features :• Beautiful graphic with classical Game Play•Install on SD card• Beautiful graphic• Real casino feeling
Beetle Fly Smasher 1.0
Beetle Fly Smasher is a timekiller game with infinitive number oflevels, that able to cheer up in any situation. We know you willlove it and this game is also suitable for your children. They willlove this game very much.The player’s task is to kill beetles andfly with tapping on them. Beetles and fly are moving to the bottomof the screen and if one of them eats a piece of cake, the playerloses 1 life. Bees make the game harder, player loose when tapthem. The game is accompanied by funny sound effects, and theability to save your best score.Features:• Supports Android 2.3+•Uses AndEngine GLES2 Anchor Center (Latest Version)• Infinitivenumber of levels• A lot of moving algorithms for beetles• Coolgraphics