CaveProductions Apps

Cave Packer Sokoban 1.4
CavePacker is a Sokoban (WarehouseKeeper/Puzzle) game.It is a puzzle game where you have to move the packages ontotheir targets without getting stuck. The lesser steps you made forsolving a level, the better.You may only push but not pull packages.The game includes more than 1000 puzzles. You can skip singlepuzzles to get back to them later.
UFO: Alien Invasion
Squad-based tactical strategy game in thetradition of the X-COM games.It is the year 2084. You control a secret organisation charged withdefending Earth from a brutal alien enemy. Build up your bases,prepare your team, and dive head-first into the fast and flowingturn-based combat.
Cave Express 2.4
Cave Express is a classic 2D platformerwithphysics-based gameplay and dozens of levels. Masteryourpedal-powered flying machine to pick up packages fromyourcave-dwelling clients and drop them off at the collectionpoint.But beware! Mighty mastodons, terrifying pterodactyls andotherswould rather see you extinct.How to playThe primary goal of CaveExpress is to pick up the packageswithyour helicopter and drop them off at thecollection point. You can swing and drop the package to speed upthedelivery.You get more points and stars the faster you manage to dothis.There are also waysto get some extra points when you daze a dino or deliver apackagevery fast.Hitting walls too hard might crash your flying machine andyouwill have to restartthe map.Depending on the difficulty level you have chosen, you mighthaveto restart a campaignif you lose all three lives for a campaign.You can carry multiple packages - but controlling yourflyingmachine might get harder.Placing a stone close to the collection point can help youwhentrying to throw the package into place.The package:Pick up packages from your clients and drop them off atthecollection point.The collection point:This is the point where you should drop off your packages.The tree:Get items from the tree by throwing the stone onto it. Items canforexample regenerate your health.The stone:Use the stone to daze dinosaurs or get items from the tree.The sleeping dinosaur:This is a lazy dinosaur - but still don't get too close if youdon'thave too. His snore can cause trouble.The mighty fish:The water is his territory... and he will defeat itagainstintruders.The pterodactylus:You should not get too close to this nasty pterodactylus. Hedoesn'tlike other flying things.The angry dinosaur:Even hovering over him might make him angry. He will destroyallpackages on his way to you if he's enraged.The mastodon:A little bit slower than his friends, but still dangerous.Don'tland your flying machine too close too him. He will alsodestroypackages on his way to you.Touch devices:Use a second finger to drop collected goods (stone, package).Whilethe first finger is in touch with your device, tap thesecondfinger on your screen to trigger the drop.