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Cellica Database WiFi MS Access,SQLServer form
Use MS Access, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle, MS Excel databases onyour android. Carrying the databases from your Server/PC on theSmartPhone is never been so easy. - With Cellica Database, read& write to any desktop side database Wirelessly with yourAndroid Phone/Tablet(using local WiFi, VPN or USB/WiFi Tethering).- Synchronize the changes on device and in desktop database,wirelessly and instantly. - You will always have the most currentinformation at your fingertips. Download & install desktopsoftware on windows based PC from the following link.http://www.cellica.com/DownloadforWiFi.html What our clients says:http://www.cellica.com/Testimonials.html Features: • No changesrequire in existing database design for syncing directly withdatabase, which helps it be the easiest, most user-friendlysolution available. • View and update data on device, which willreflect to Server database immediately while in network. • Supportsoffline access to data and Changes will be synchronized later oncenetwork is available. • Synchronize Table/View or Stored Procedureof your database. • Only the changed data is synchronized incompressed and encrypted format, resulting in reduced wireless datatraffic and improves battery life of the devices. • “ChangeDetection Logic” searches only updated data in desktop database anddevice to synchronize it. • No record or size limit. It depends onspace available on device’s internal memory(/SD card). • Use SQLSelect queries, Filters and Sorts to refine specific data set. •Supported Databases: Microsoft Access(*.mdb,*.accdb)(97 andonwards), Microsoft Excel(*.xls,*.xlsx)(97 & onwards), Oracle,SQLServer, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro, dBase, R:BASE,Sybase,FileMaker Pro, Firebird & any ODBC Compliant RelationalDatabase. • Password protection for Profiles/Forms(SOHO/EnterpriseEdition) & Application. • Make a phone call for the selectedfield's numeric contents. • Find and Find again option to search arecord. • Data is secured as 128 bit AES use for Encryption. •Support Unicode language database such as Japanese/Chinese/German/Russian etc. • Transfer data to SD Card or Main memory. • SupportsMulti Record and Single Record View as default views for DatabaseProfile on device. • Supports Form: Design Custom user interfaceusing simple and easy to use form builder interface. • Design formon desktop with Label, TextBox, Button, Checkbox, Radio button,Combobox, DateTime, Page, Container, Location and Shape controls. •Design a master/detail form or a parent/child form using subformcontrol. • Synchronize Image/Signature/PDF data with desktopdatabase. • Supports Time/Stamp feature to find when user updateparticular record. • Supports Barcode Scan using inbuiltcamera/External Barcode Scanner. • Use Print functionality onforms. • Create form in Portrait/Landscape mode Extra Features forSOHO/Enterprise Edition • Set permissions for each users likeAdd/Edit/Delete records for each “Database Profile” and SyncPermissions to specify one way sync or both way sync to Controldevice side records updates capabilities for individual users. •NFC Scan. • Macro Programming feature. • Graphs(Pie,Bar,Cluster,Stack,Area,Line). User Guide:http://www.cellica.com/AndroidCellicaDatabaseWiFiUserGuide.pdfDevice side is free to download. User needs to purchase desktopsoftware after 10 days evaluation period. Cost of desktop softwareis $44.99 Purchase the full version software from the followinglink. http://www.cellica.com/WiFi.html Quick steps for initialsynchronization setting between desktop and device.http://www.cellica.com/CellicaDatabase_Desktop_Android_SyncSettings.pdfIf you have a Firewall on your computer,open a port in Firewallusing following steps. - Open Control Panel-> WindowsFirewall-> Exceptions(Tab)-> "Add Port" -> "Add a port"dialog. - Select the "TCP" option. - Name this port information in"Name" Textbox and Add "8585" in "Port number" textbox.
Cellica Database Anywhere MS Access,SQLServer form 5.1.7
Carrying the databases from your Server/PC on the Android is neverbeen so easy.- With Cellica Database, synchronize data usingInternet on your device(3G/4G/Wi-Fi). - Read and write to your MSAccess, Excel, My SQL, SQL Server databases without any programmingchanges. - Quickest and easiest way to go paperless. - You willalways have the most current information at your fingertips. Whatour clients says: http://www.cellica.com/Testimonials.htmlFeatures:Databases Supported: • Supported Databases: MicrosoftAccess(.mdb,.accdb)(97 and onwards), Microsoft Excel(.xls,.xlsx)(97& onwards), Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro,dBase, R:BASE,Sybase, FileMaker Pro, Firebird & any ODBCCompliant Relational Database.Form Designing: •Supports Forms.•Design form on desktop using Label, Text Field, Buttons, Checkbox,Radio buttons, Combo box, Page, Formula, Location Image/Signaturecontrol. •Supports Sub forms, Design a master/detail form, or aparent/child form using sub form. •Create form in Portrait/Landscape mode. •Import/Export form design. •Supported Signaturecontrol. •Synchronize image and signature data with desktopdatabase. Supported Jpg, bmp and png image formats. Security: •Datais not stored on any Intermediate Server. •While synchronizationdata is AES encrypted and compressed. •Data is more secured as itis transfer through SSL. •Password protection supported for deviceside application. Additional Features: •Instant Synchronization.•Support Time/Stamp feature to find when user update particularrecord. •Support QR Code (Bar code) Scanning. •Supports Unicodelanguage database such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian etc.Download and install Desktop component on your Windows based PCfrom the following link:http://www.cellica.com/DownloadForAnywhere.htmlUser Guide:http://www.cellica.com/AndroidCellicaDatabaseAnywhereUserGuide.pdfPleasepurchase our full-featured product athttp://www.cellica.com/anywhere.htmlFor demo of multiuser server(Enterprise Edition),Please contact [email protected]
Cellica Database Internet MS Access,SQLServer form 6.0.7
Sync MS Access, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle, MS Excel databaseson your android.Read and Write to any desktop side MS Access, MSSQL Server, My SQL, Oracle, MS Excel database Wirelessly with yourAndroid Phone/Tablet(3G, GPRS, EDGE or Wi-Fi). Changes on Androidcan synchronize wirelessly and instantly to desktop database. Also,any modifications to the desktop database can wirelessly andinstantly send to Android, so you will always have the most currentinformation at your fingertips.Cellica Database Server on your PCcan be connected to internet via your Wi-Fi router in another room,or desktop can be in your office few miles away connected to theinternet.What our clients says:http://www.cellica.com/Testimonials.htmlAgain, even if your Androidis not connected to Wi-Fi router, Android side Cellica Databaseapplication will use your cellular data network (3G/ 4G/ EDGE/GPRS) to send data to/from your Android from/to your Desktop.Usercan work Offline when network is not available and submit data whennetwork will available.Features:* Synchronize any MS Access, MS SQLServer, My SQL, Oracle, MS Excel database Wirelessly on yourAndroid phone/Tablet(3G, 4G, EDGE or Wi-Fi).* Add/Edit/Delete dataon Android Phone/Tablet, which will be immediately transfer todatabase on your Computer wirelessly.* Update data on the field,which will reflect to Server database(Desktop database).*Synchronize Table/View or Stored Procedure of your database withAndroid phone.* Apply SQL select queries, Filters, Sort the fieldsand sync data according to it.* Supported Databases: MicrosoftAccess(.mdb,.accdb)(97 and onwards), Microsoft Excel(.xls,.xlsx)(97& onwards), Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro,dBase, R:BASE,Sybase, FileMaker Pro, Firebird & any ODBCCompliant Relational Database.* Create your own custom database onAndroid Device, or choose from one of the pre-designed templatessuch as VehicleInfo, BankAccount,MembershipInfo etc.* Data issecured as 128 bit AES used for encryption.* Supports Unicodelanguage database such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian etc.*Supported Forms on Android phone and Tablet.* Design form ondesktop with Label, Text Field, Buttons, Checkbox, Combo box, Page,Sub-form control.* Supports Sub forms, Design a master/detail form,or a parent/child form using sub form.* Send single record data onform as a .png image by Email.* Image control on form, Select imageon device for each record.* Create form in Portrait/ Landscapemode.* Import/Export form design.* Support Bar codescanning.Software has 10 days evaluation period. Download andinstall desktop component of this software on windows based PC fromthe followinglink.http://www.cellica.com/DownloadforAndroid.htmlUserGuide:http://www.cellica.com/AndroidCellicaDatabaseUserGuide.pdfDeviceside is free to download. User needs to purchase desktop softwareafter 10 days evaluation period. Cost of desktop software is$39.99Purchase the full version software from the followinglink.http://www.cellica.com/internet.htmlDifference betweenInternet version and Wi-Fi version:Following are the additionalfeatures in this Wi-Fi version.1. Supports Signature control.2.Support images synchronization with desktop database.3. Instantdata synchronization in both direction.4. No need of internet ondevice.Internet version allows to synchronize data from anywhere.Wi-Fi version supports synchronization of data only in localWi-Fi area. Wi-Fi only version is not compatible with the Internetversion in terms of Syncing. For Wifi Onlyversionhttp://www.cellica.com/wifi.htmlFor Internetversionhttp://www.cellica.com/internet.html
Cellica Meter Reading Solution 1.0.3
Most of the meter monitoring agencies send an employee – a meterreader – to Every home, office building, municipal building, andindustrial plant to read the meter reading of consumption.The meterreader records the reading along with the meter picture in cameraso the agency can bill the customer correctly.The company needs tomanually punch the readings in a central system using reading takenby meter reading staff and the meter photos.Cellica's meter readingsolution simplifies the task of meter reading and billgeneration.Cellica Meter Reading Solution can be used for themonthly meter reading of GAS, Electric, Solar, Water Utilities. ##TRY FREE FOR 30 DAYS - Use demo/[email protected] as CREDENTIALS TO ACCESS THEDEMO ACCOUNT FROM DEVICE APPLICATION##Our Meter Reading Applicationconsists of two parts.1) A cloud solution2) A Meter Readingapplication for android.The solution is capable of,- Calculatingconsumption bills- Calculating Arrears- To generate customer billreceipts- To generate Various Reports1) Using the cloud solution,-The organization can manage all the agencies appointed to handlethe meter reading tasks. - Agency supervisor can create and assignthe meter reading jobs for the particular area, all the consumerswithin the selected area are getting considered in this readingjob. - Agency Supervisor can check reading statistics at any times,like - List of Consumers whom readings are taken, readingremaining. - List of Consumers has disconnection status, has Houselock status - Agency Supervisor can check billing statistics at anytime. - The supervisor can generate the billing of the reading jobafter validating the readings.- Reports - Consumption Reports. -Reading Job Statistics Report - Category wise Billed On AverageConsumer List - Reading Validation Reports - Reading Error Report.- Duplicate Bill Option. - Route Management B) Meter readingandroid Application. - Meter Reader Users have credentials forlogin. - A user can view and update only the assigned reading jobwith all required consumers information. - Meter readers can takethe meter reading along with meter photo to verify the meterreading in the web application- While taking readings, a user cansee the consumers previous billing information to understand theactual meter reading status. - Allow working in offline meterreading mode if internet connection is not available on androiddevice.The readings can be uploaded later once the internetconnection becomes available.